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Bethenny Frankel is undeniably the breakout star of The Real Housewives franchise. More than a decade later, Bethenny is ready to rehash, revisit and rewatch the most iconic episodes from all of your favorite cities. 

The Real Housewives portrays lavish parties, over-the-top vacations, and extravagant excess. Beyond throwing drinks (and legs), exist lessons about marriage, divorce, friendship, money, parenting, business and fame… IF the right minds analyze and dig deeper. On ReWives, Bethenny is joined by unexpected thought leaders and celebrity friends to have insightful conversations, using the most notorious Housewives episodes as vehicles for hilarious and outrageous commentary on real topics. ReWives is a must listen watercooler podcast.

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54 Episodes
Vicki Gunvalson is the OG of the OC. She walked into the Housewives franchise with a successful business but what did she do after she got there? Bethenny takes out the microscope on her career and red pens it. Find out what she did right, what she did wrong!See for privacy information.
Bethenny has a warning for Andy Cohen. Can you guess what it is? We think you can and we also think you’ll have a strong opinion on her opinion. But which side will you fall on?  Plus, Bethenny has some words for Sonja Morgan as well.See for privacy information.
RHONY - S10, E17 “SHIP HAPPENS” As Leslie and Bethenny tackle what they call an “incredible hour of television” you’ll find out why they’ve been dubbed the “Dr. Phil and Oprah of the Real Housewives!” Details on the disastrous trip (including insane amounts of TMI) and the dissection of a friendship. Was it real or only for cameras?!See for privacy information.
Find out what happened when Bethenny recently ran into a slew of Real Housewives. She reveals what they talked about and tries to determine whether or not it was truly an coincidental meeting or not.  Plus, insider details on Sonja and Luann’s Welcome to Crappie Lake Trailer and Kim and Kroy’s custody battle.See for privacy information.
RHOSLC - S2 E19 “CINCO DE MAYHEM” Content Creator and Influencer Tinx joins Bethenny as they gossip on the business and fashion of Salt Lake City. And speaking of Real Housewives, Tinx believes she’s cracked a code in the franchise (is she right?!).  They break-down some cringeworthy moments and…did someone say Tom Brady?!  Plus, check out Tinx’s new book “The Shift” available now.  See for privacy information.
Bethenny has been candid about her love for Sheree (even going as far as to question her being let go), but we also know that Bethenny puts the B in business and that honesty is the ONLY policy.  How will that affect Bethenny’s breakdown of Sheree’s brand? You're about to find out. Class begins now!See for privacy information.
Bethenny reveals what to expect from the legacy show and drops a bombshell regarding how much of a heads up the girls get for damage control. Find out why some will soar and some will sink. See for privacy information.
RHONY - S11, E13 “IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S MIAMI” While Bethenny and Christine chat about RHONY, it inevitably leads into discussing their own lives.  Find out why Christine and husband Ben Stiller split and what brought them back together. Plus, Bethenny reveals the reasoning behind her actions after her divorce. See for privacy information.
Bethenny breaks down the Kim Zolciak news that dropped today. Find out what signs she saw and how she knew it was coming. Then, she goes over other Hollywood couples, where they stand and whether or not they can withstand a similar nightmare.  See for privacy information.
RHOBH - S9, E10 “BLACK OUT AND GET OUT” As Leanne and Bethenny dig into this episode something suddenly comes rushing back that Bethenny either forgot about…or blocked out altogether! Find out what the iconic moment was and what it caused in the aftermath! See for privacy information.
Today’s Housewives University case study is Teresa Giudice. Bethenny dissects Teresa and her brand. Find out what works, what didn’t and why.  Plus, did Teresa rip something from one of Bethenny’s businesses? There’s a lot to be learned here and luckily for you the losses won’t be your own!See for privacy information.
RHOBH - S3, E8 “VANDERPUMP RULES” part 2!   You didn’t think Bethenny’s rules were going to fit into just one episode did you?!  She’s got opinions and we’ve got the time! Part 2 begins now…See for privacy information.
RHOBH - S3, E8 “VANDERPUMP RULES” Bethenny makes her own rules! Find out who she believes deserves to be a Real Housewife, who needs to stay in their lane and what affair was actually worse than Scandoval!  Plus, Tori reveals which ex Housewife’s Husband she dated in the past…See for privacy information.
Welcome to Housewives University where Bethenny breaks down the harsh reality of how Real Housewives handled the business of fame. It may not always be flattering, it may not always be nice…but you can bet it’s gonna be the truth.  Today’s case study is Ramona Singer of the RHONY.  The lesson begins…now!See for privacy information.
Find out why some of the Real Housewives are catching Bethenny’s eye, but for all the wrong reasons. Consider this rant...a warning.See for privacy information.
RHOBH - S10, E12 “ROMAN RUMORS” Bethenny is joined by comedian Margaret Cho as they go open mic on the RHOBH! They address a glaring issue from the episode and how it would be even worse today and even call out some bad acting?  And that’s not all…Bethenny and Margaret even go as far as role playing to recreate how they think a dramatic interaction between a couple of the Housewives should have gone! See for privacy information.
Bethenny critiques (and praises) some of the major moves of the Real Housewives franchise. Find out what caused her to use the phrases “crashed and burned," "Titanic" and "disaster” AND of course, always with a plan to save the day...hear her plan to right the ship. See for privacy information.
RHONJ - S7, E1 “JINGLE BELLS AND PRISON CELLS”  As Teresa returns from prison, Bethenny and Kate take a look at the bizarreness of her first hug. Find out what happened that they found so odd.  Plus, they take a look at the families of RHONJ and reveal who’s real and who puts on a front!!  See for privacy information.
Find out what two Real Housewives run-ins Bethenny recently had and why the outcomes were completely different.  Plus, what lead to a dramatic early exit! See for privacy information.
Bethenny uncovers a bizarre connection between Kate Hudson and the RHOSLC. How will this discovery change things for each of them in the future?  And speaking of the future, Bethenny reveals what lies ahead for both Lisa Rinna and herself! See for privacy information.
Comments (11)

Alexandra Mckinley

Bethanny you mentioned how base the RHoNY housewives were regarding toilet habits, you said it was never you... However, you seem to forget actually urinating on a pregnancy test in full view. 🙄

May 17th

Alexandra McKinley

has this podcast finished?.. Disappointed and let down tremendously, simply not to hear Bethanny embarrass herself anymore; by informing every guest how amazing she is and how rich. Money talks, wealth whispers....

Mar 19th

Liz Flagler

Gross body shaming in this episode. Shouldn't be surprising given the choice of co-host but a little shocking to hear some of the things being said.

Feb 19th

Bri Aguiar

Love this Podcast, but Susanne Somers is NOT an ideal Co-host. Nope nope nope Bethenny was literally pulling yanking teeth! hahaha 😆 hilarious. That was difficult!

Feb 14th

mimi 37

love it best start in the week ❤️

Feb 13th

Bri Aguiar

Is this Part one? where's the rest of the episode?

Jan 9th


B and LVP are THE greatest HW's ever!! Nuff said!! 💜💜

Dec 11th

mimi 37

love it ❤️

Dec 8th

Janine Johnson

Enjoying your podcast! Yes!!!!

Nov 27th

mimi 37

I find you just such a inspiration, a reason to not give up and believe in myself

Nov 17th

Susan Brown

I love the moments where B puts the inferences and tight lipped comments into a proper context. Very well done!

Nov 12th
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