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Bethenny believes the future of the Real Housewives lies in the past. Find out why she deems some more valuable than others and who falls where. It’s a conversation that’s more cutthroat than any moment you’ve ever seen. See for privacy information.
RHOSLC - S1, E1 "Welcome to Salt Lake City" Bethenny and Jenny McCarthy analyze details about certain housewives that don't seem to add up. What are they hiding...Fake wealth? Hidden families? Bethenny and Jenny think it could be all of the above. Find out who they're talking about.See for privacy information.
Bethenny is unveiling the Bitchy Blonde Housewives cast. While the criteria to make the cut may not be a compliment to some, her casting is SO good that we need it to happen. And it very well could! See for privacy information.
There are some texts that got Bethenny fired up and she'd prefer she never got…find out what they were and who sent them!See for privacy information.
RHONY - S8, E9 “December: Berkshires County” Nikki and Bethenny are each known for having opinions that could kill. Now those strong personalities have joined forces.  Find out why Bethenny is a “bitch on wheels”.See for privacy information.
With Kim Z’s house in foreclosure, Bethenny hits a breaking point and exposes all the BS smokescreens certain housewives and house-husbands put on to enhance their images.  Wait until you hear her list of reality checks!See for privacy information.
RHOBH - S5, E16 “Amster-Damn!” Jay Pharoah drops some shocking bombs from SNL and his own life that parallels the crazy drama of the Real Housewives. Find out who he and Bethenny call out for their petty, BS behavior.  Plus, details on a strange message he received the other day and what was behind it.See for privacy information.
Bethenny has rewritten the definition of ‘genius.’ It’s an A-list, all-star Fantasy Housewives cast. Find out all the names, all the details and all the drama!See for privacy information.
RHOC - S12, E3 “The Not So Quiet Woman” Bethenny and Suzanne talk...cheating scandals, "naked wasted," toilet bowl prayers, bitchiness and spouses that hate each other.   If there was a Super Bowl of ReWives... this would be it!See for privacy information.
Bethenny gets into the real story of the anxiety-inducing drama that went down between Caroline Manzo and Brandi Glanville in Morocco.  Plus, an insider’s view of the Real Housewives and what it’s virtually impossible to get away with (or not get away with). See for privacy information.
RHOP - S5, E9 “The Tipping Point” Bethenny said it best. This episode is “next level from anything she's ever seen.” Kristin Chenoweth shares details about a cheating agreement that she and her husband made and Kandi Burruss explains why she only speaks for herself.See for privacy information.
Bethenny comes clean as she runs down a list of her RH regrets she'd like to have back! How bad were they and what was the damage? Plus, hear why Bethenny struggled to fill the final spot on her RH's Mt Rushmore. See for privacy information.
RHOBH - S1, E9 “The Dinner Party From Hell” Dave Portnoy is the founder of Bartstool Sports and known for saying whatever the *F* he thinks…and that’s certainly the case on this episode! Dave gets real with what he thinks of the Housewives, who he thinks is a fraud and literally calls everyone out. Plus, find out about a close call he once had with the RHOM and… could his girlfriend ever convince him to join the cast?!See for privacy information.
Bethenny continues her construction of the Real Housewives Mt. Rushmore. Find out who made the cut and who finished a close second. (Do you agree?!)  Plus, Bethenny goes head to head with the players... and their games. Find out what’s genuine and what’s click bait. See for privacy information.
RHONJ - S1, E6 "Finale" Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi joins Bethenny with tales from the shore, including what caused her to quit the show for an entire year, why she ultimately returned and what part of her life she hides from her children!  Plus, find out Bethenny’s new nickname for her and could Snooki as a RHONJ Housewife ever happen?!? See for privacy information.
Meghan Markle is ripping pages straight from the Real Housewives hand book. Find out what it means for her future, as well as the future of the Royal family! And speaking of RH Royalty…Bethenny digs into the “not for air” drama regarding Lisa Rinna.See for privacy information.
RHONY - S6, E20 "The Last Leg" Bethenny and Paulina reveal the anatomy of the Housewives, exposing the line between natural storylines and the forced ones. Find out why Andy Cohen has to send Paulina an edible arrangement and which TWO Housewives Bethenny personally had a hand in casting.See for privacy information.
Bethenny digs deep to uncover her own past with Kim, Kyle and Kathy. How they met, the men they dated, her time as a personal assistant to one of them and everything in between. And why did Bethenny unfollow Kyle? Find out the truth here.See for privacy information.
RHOC - S11, E5 “Boogie Fights” Bethenny introduces Jillian Michaels to her first ever Real Housewives and it goes as you might expect…accompanied by a little bit of “I did NOT see that coming!” Two strong women not afraid to speak their minds…what could go wrong?!See for privacy information.
Ever wonder which Housewives are Naughty and which are Nice? Find out now.See for privacy information.
Comments (10)

Alexandra McKinley

has this podcast finished?.. Disappointed and let down tremendously, simply not to hear Bethanny embarrass herself anymore; by informing every guest how amazing she is and how rich. Money talks, wealth whispers....

Mar 19th

Liz Flagler

Gross body shaming in this episode. Shouldn't be surprising given the choice of co-host but a little shocking to hear some of the things being said.

Feb 19th

Bri Aguiar

Love this Podcast, but Susanne Somers is NOT an ideal Co-host. Nope nope nope Bethenny was literally pulling yanking teeth! hahaha 😆 hilarious. That was difficult!

Feb 14th

mimi 37

love it best start in the week ❤️

Feb 13th

Bri Aguiar

Is this Part one? where's the rest of the episode?

Jan 9th


B and LVP are THE greatest HW's ever!! Nuff said!! 💜💜

Dec 11th

mimi 37

love it ❤️

Dec 8th

Janine Johnson

Enjoying your podcast! Yes!!!!

Nov 27th

mimi 37

I find you just such a inspiration, a reason to not give up and believe in myself

Nov 17th

Susan Brown

I love the moments where B puts the inferences and tight lipped comments into a proper context. Very well done!

Nov 12th
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