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Just B Dating with Bethenny Frankel

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Just B Dating is Bethenny's lifetime of advice for how to handle the crazy world of dating.

Get with the program, learn the "Jedi Mind Tricks" and make yourself the prize!

This series is full of real talk on how to get the most out of dating straight from the one who's seen it all. This is a must listen for anyone and everyone looking for real advice about dating.
122 Episodes
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RHOBH - S7, E17 “From Dogs to Diamonds” Bethenny is joined by The Golden Bachelor’s Kathy Swarts! Find out intimate details about Kathy’s dating life since the show ended and what she picked up on during filming that we never knew.  Plus, how does a woman with a lifetime of experience look at the chaos of the Real Housewives and who could she never see herself married to!?See for privacy information.
Details on what went wrong when Denise’s guest appearance on Real Housewives took a turn for the worse!See for privacy information.
RHOBH season 11, ep 8 “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Leather Pants” From Selling Sunset to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…Mary Fitzgerald Bonnet joins Bethenny to discuss the price of partying in their scene, Mary shares never-before-heard details of hers and other TV weddings and what happened during production that left her in utter disbelief.  Plus, find out who Bethenny refers to as “the most beautiful version of a cockroach.”See for privacy information.
RHOSLC - S2, E21 “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” The ladies of LadyGang join Bethenny to take on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City! Find out which one of them has a personal connection with a housewife, who they think has the best label presentation and who is fashion challenged. Plus, split personalities, suspicious behavior and naked art!   See for privacy information.
RHOC - S5, E15 “That’s All There Is” This episode had its serious trigger moments for both Cheryl and Bethenny. They reveal what moments resonated with them and why. Plus, find out what happened to make them believe the production should have been immediately shut down and what the lasting effects of it have been.See for privacy information.
RHONJ - S10, E8 “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” Exploitation and physical altercations are front and center as Bethenny and Elisa break down the drama from Jersey. Find out what rubs Elisa the wrong way and whose side Bethenny is forever on, and why!See for privacy information.
Denise and Bethenny dig into the reality of the Real Housewives. Find out what caused Denise to do the show, who she’s friends with in real life, as well as who she’ll never speak to again!See for privacy information.
Denise Richards (Part 1)

Denise Richards (Part 1)


The first time Bethenny and Denise met each other things didn’t go so well.  They reveal why as they attempt to hash it out. Denise opens up about her childhood, what brought her into modeling and what once caused her to call her father in tears.   Plus, details about the beginning of her relationship with Charlie Sheen and her daughter’s Only Fans page! See for privacy information.
Bethenny takes the text that Kyle sent to Dorit on RHOBH under the microscope…and there’s so much to unpack, that she even surprised herself! Plus, could this be the end of Watch What Happens Live!?See for privacy information.
Bethenny weighs in on Brandi Glanville's accusations against Andy Cohen.See for privacy information.
An incident from the Ultimate Girls Trip sparks Bethenny to share details on scary, real-life, Real Housewives situations that she was involved in.   Plus, a revelation about the Beckhams superpower and what makes them un-cancelable.See for privacy information.
Marriage isn't what it used to be and Bethenny has all the receipts to prove why, and what (if anything) can be done about it.  Plus, all the details on the latest scandal to hit Tik Tok!See for privacy information.
Find out why Bethenny was brought to tears over some Real Housewives and their claim to fame. Plus, is there bad blood with Lisa Vanderpump?!?See for privacy information.
Bethenny questions the RHOBH feud and the real story behind Erika’s shading of Denise. Plus, find out what Bethenny really thinks about repeat offenders (guys that date more than one Real Housewife).See for privacy information.
Bethenny gets down, deep and dirty into what has become the  Denise Richard's pressure cooker on Real Housewives and OnlyFans. See for privacy information.
Bethenny has decided to give herself a true and raw watching experience of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City finale. Find out her thoughts and expectations before watching it and then hear her reveal after. Will her initial take hold up or will she even shock herself? It’s the ultimate before and after experience…all in one episode!See for privacy information.
See for privacy information.
The holidays are both a time to reflect on the past and a time to look forward.  Bethenny takes time to do both as she makes a plan for herself, while also helping others to do the same.See for privacy information.
Find out the real reason Sonja mentioned Bethenny on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip and how did it ultimately land with Bethenny! Plus, the butterfly effect of the Real Housewives on their children.See for privacy information.
Comments (15)

Kirstin Ross

Omgaaaaaaaawd! I'm sorry you went through this, but I'm so glad you're talking about it. It's going to help so many people. ❤️

Apr 16th


I don't think ur wrong I think ur very right but I also don't think it's surprising , I've been watching bravo for years and of course they want the housewives to cause drama they have a show to create , and when those stars start to give bravo a bad name they drop them like a hot potato! that's reality tv. I personally wish Romona was dropped years ago. being racist should be where line is drawn.being an awful person makes great TV, being racist doesn't.

Nov 3rd

mimi 37

bethenny you did it again, thank you for standing up for the underdogs. like you nene is a truth talker your both the real deal. keep doing what you are doing . lots of love from Denmark 🇩🇰 ❤️

Oct 2nd

mimi 37

Thank you bethenny for giving her the space and time to explain herself, she was treated so unfair and so unkind on her show. I wish Rachel the best of the world and send lots of love ❤️ to both. and thank you again aswell for your amazing work in Maui the world needs more people like you

Aug 16th

Alexandra Mckinley

Bethanny you mentioned how base the RHoNY housewives were regarding toilet habits, you said it was never you... However, you seem to forget actually urinating on a pregnancy test in full view. 🙄

May 17th

Alexandra McKinley

has this podcast finished?.. Disappointed and let down tremendously, simply not to hear Bethanny embarrass herself anymore; by informing every guest how amazing she is and how rich. Money talks, wealth whispers....

Mar 19th

Liz Flagler

Gross body shaming in this episode. Shouldn't be surprising given the choice of co-host but a little shocking to hear some of the things being said.

Feb 19th

Bri Aguiar

Love this Podcast, but Susanne Somers is NOT an ideal Co-host. Nope nope nope Bethenny was literally pulling yanking teeth! hahaha 😆 hilarious. That was difficult!

Feb 14th

mimi 37

love it best start in the week ❤️

Feb 13th

Bri Aguiar

Is this Part one? where's the rest of the episode?

Jan 9th


B and LVP are THE greatest HW's ever!! Nuff said!! 💜💜

Dec 11th

mimi 37

love it ❤️

Dec 8th

Janine Johnson

Enjoying your podcast! Yes!!!!

Nov 27th

mimi 37

I find you just such a inspiration, a reason to not give up and believe in myself

Nov 17th

Susan Brown

I love the moments where B puts the inferences and tight lipped comments into a proper context. Very well done!

Nov 12th