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Every Tuesday best friends Jason Alexander and Peter Tilden are joined by experts, newsmakers and celebrities in an attempt to find answers to the things that make us go…"Really? no, Really?” We invite you to join us, subscribe and even suggest topics, as we search for the answers to life’s most baffling, intriguing, confusing and annoying questions
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Have you heard about Wally the 5-foot-long, 60-pound emotional support alligator? Wally’s owner sleeps with him, walks him on a leash, and even hosts children’s pool parties featuring the supposedly docile reptile. With their inhuman eyes, prehistoric looks, razor sharp teeth, and propensity to eat small dogs (and sometimes their owners), most of us have concluded that alligators are mindless, aggressive killing machines. Today’s guest says…we’re wrong. Really, no really! We wanted to know if Wally’s antics represented the tip of the iceberg when it came to alligators demonstrating intelligence, receptiveness to petting and scratching, and if gators could express affection towards their human companions. Thousands of videos on Instagram and Tik Tok show people interacting lovingly with alligators so to understand the dichotomy of a predator with feelings we sought out Paul Bedard, one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to understanding the psyche of wild alligators and how humans can interact with them in a safe and…get this… fun way. Paul was featured on Animal Planet’s “Gator Boys” for 6 seasons where viewers saw him catch and rescue alligators that were deemed a threat to people, pets, or livestock. Outside of the reality show, Paul leads The Gator Boys Alligator Rescue Sanctuary housed in the Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. ON THIS EPISODE: The improbable altruistic inclination that led Paul to become a savior to alligators. Why some gators can be successfully trained! Are gators capable of feeling affection, frustration, pleasure, anxiety, distress and able to plot and plan? The unusual way Paul catches wild alligators, while swimming in canals…Really! Paul reveals what went through his mind when an alligator clamped down on his skull!!! Do alligators sense your fear? Do humans care more about the welfare of cute animals?   Google-heim: Play along with the game, “Can you do THIS in Florida?” *** FOLLOW PAUL: Everglades Holiday Park: Instagram: @gatorboysalligatorrescue YouTube: @gatorboysoutdoors Facebook: @GatorBoysPaul *** FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads XSee for privacy information.
Today’s episode is all about our frustration with customer service… which by anyone’s standards is getting worse and worse! You experience it every time you encounter a phone tree, interact with a chatbot, or deal with increasingly longer hold times. The truly shocking fact, the apparent ineptitude of most customer service departments is by design. Really, no Really! Jason and Peter had to find out the reason a company would intentionally offer unsatisfactory customer service and became even more bemused when they realized that A.I. is going to impact the entire sector. That’s why they sought out Amas Tenumah, a customer service expert and technologist who has advised DirecTV, Fastly, Wendy's, Teleflora, and Coca-Cola. His work has been featured on NPR, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and other business journals. IN THIS EPISODE: Poor customer care is part of the design! Amas’ secret trick to navigating customer service. How companies treat customer service employees: bathroom time tabulated, tethered to headsets, ridiculous scripts, terrible pay, and worse! Part of the customer service problem… YOU, the consumer! Every Call Center has one: the profanity policy. Correlating CEO tenure and inferior customer service. Can AI and technology improve people’s customer service experience? Peter’s “million-dollar idea” to revolutionize customer care. The growing number of companies that have terminated ALL phone interaction with customers. When chatbots go rogue! Why Amas almost got his hand cut off. Really! Google-heim: The Oldest continuously operating company in the world must have the best customer service, right? You will be shocked to learn how long these folks have been in business. *** FOLLOW AMAS: Website: Instagram: @AmasTenumah YouTube: @AmasTenumah Facebook: Amas Tenumah X: @AmasTenumah LinkedIn: Amas Tenumah *** FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads XSee for privacy information.
Dr. Robert Sapolsky a MacArthur Foundation “genius” grant winner and professor of biology and neurology at Stanford University has rankled the scientific and philosophic communities by arguing one simple point: There is no free will! We only THINK we’re making our own decisions. Really, no really! When Jason and Peter heard this, they realized that they had absolutely no choice but to contact Dr. Sapolsky so they could get him to explain his thesis…in a simplistic way…that even they could understand. And he did! Dr. Robert Sapolsky is a research associate with the Institute of Primate Research at the National Museum of Kenya, and the author of: Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers, A Primate's Memoir, The Trouble with Testosterone, Monkeyluv, and his latest is Determined: A Science of Life Without Free Will. He is a regular contributor to Discover. IN THIS EPISODE: Why a 14-year-old Robert Sapolsky concluded there is no free will. Misunderstanding what free will is; Dr. Sapolsky provides his definition. Determinism verses anti-determinism. How our sense of smell can affect our beliefs and choices. Thanks mom! How your pregnant mother’s elevated stress levels gave you a 20-fold likelihood of developing an anxiety disorder. Minority Report’s “pre-crime” idea is real and being implemented. Professor Sapolsky realizes that most philosophers and scientists reject his conclusions. Sapolsky says the world becomes more humane when we accept his hypothesis. Right, wrong, ethics, morality, compassion – What do we do with those concepts in a world without free will? Google-heim: No free will BUT the best things in life are free! (Sort of.) *** FOLLOW ROBERT: His latest book: “Determined: A Science of Life Without Free Will” TikTok: @ aprimatestiktok *** FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads XSee for privacy information.
The cannabis available today is much, much stronger than the weed grandma was smoking back in her day and the effects on our brains are much more significant than previously thought. Really, no really!  Jason and Peter sought out Dr. Ryan Sultan an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University to understand the underlying reasons for our growing inability to get along but when we had him in studio we also picked his brain relating to his expertise in cannabis. He's also an expert in the areas of anxiety, mood disorders, depression, ADHD, and substance abuse. Ryan graciously agreed to help us understand why Peter has been so edgy lately since he's gone cold turkey off marijuana. IN THIS EPISODE: Peter isn't alone in having a hard time coming off pot. Lung cancer, stroke, anxiety, a shrinking brain? The new huge study on long-term cannabis use. The effects of long term cannabis consumption. What happens to your brain when you stop regular use of pot. Cannabis, rebound anxiety + ADHD. The reason kids should stay away from pot until at least age 25. *** FOLLOW DR. SULTAN He is the director of Integrative Psych, as well as being director of Sultan Lab at Columbia University. Instagram @rsultanmd X @DrRyanSultan *** FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads XSee for privacy information.
It’s becoming impossible to ignore the epidemic of public incivility. Tirades in supermarkets, performers pelted with projectiles, drunken movie goers brawling, tantrums on airplanes, and of course, the Oscar slap seen around the world! This can’t all just be coincidence. Social media constantly churns out evidence of this growing trend which begs the question: Which came first, the incivility or the smartphone cameras capturing it all? Really, no really? Jason and Peter sought out an expert in human behavior to help discover the underlying reasons for our growing inability to get along. And Dr. Ryan Sultan an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University graciously agreed to help us understand society’s current decline in decency. IN THIS EPISODE: What is “Main Character Syndrome” and is it real? Performers who’ve spectacularly called out disrespectful audience members. How COVID affected people’s temperament and children’s ability to mature and develop. How our reality has been impacted by smart phones, social media, and curated feeds. Anger, happiness and the algorithms that feed us. The restorative power of interpersonal relationships - can they be replicated online? Airplane tantrums, toxic Yelp reviews, prolific road rage, are there common threads instigating these behaviors? Is the “Karen phenomenon” new or are we just catching it on camera more? Broadway memories – How Jason dealt with onstage outbursts. Google-heim: Stemming the tide of incivility using the 4 Agreements. *** FOLLOW DR. SULTAN He is the director of Integrative Psych, as well as being director of Sultan Lab at Columbia University. Instagram @rsultanmd X @DrRyanSultan *** FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads XSee for privacy information.
Harvard is teaching a course on…Taylor Swift? Yes! Harvard University, the one in Cambridge, Massachusetts has a new course about T-Swizzle whose Eras Tour has earned over 1 billion dollars so far. And whose latest album just broke multiple streaming records within hours of its release. Really, no Really! Our initial reaction was to poo-poo the Harvard course because we happen to be congenital born poo-poo-ers. But when we investigated the course syllabus, we found it fascinating, and an easy A it’s not. Jason and Peter have enlisted the talents of Professor Stephanie Burt -who teaches the Taylor Swift course at Harvard - to not only discuss her class, but to also take a closer look at the woman, her music, the music industry she has upended and her rabid fan base, the Swifties. Professor Stephanie Burt is the Donald and Catherine Loker Professor of English at Harvard University and has published various collections of poetry and a large amount of literary criticism and research. The New York Times has called Professor Burt "one of the most influential poetry critics of her generation". You’ll also hear how Jason and Peter gave Taylor a job, way back in the day. Really, no Really! IN THIS EPISODE: How Prof. Burt sold Harvard’s Administration on doing a Taylor Swift course. Is Taylor Swift just about skewering her x-boyfriends? Do you have a Hermeneutic Friendship with Taylor? And what does that even mean? Does Taylor use “lects”? And what does that even mean? How Swift’s social media consciously builds and deepens community with her fans. Taylor Swift’s success: amazing business acumen or smart consultants? The songs a Swift novice should listen to first. GoogleHEIM: Quiz: Who sung it - Taylor Swift or the Sex Pistols? *** FOLLOW PROFESSOR BURT:X: @accommodatingly BlueSky Social: Podcast: *** FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads XSee for privacy information.
This episode attempts to answer the question… “Are airlines putting dangerous planes into the sky?” Recently, a Boeing 737 Max 9 had a door plug blow out at 16,000 feet, creating a gaping hole that sucked out, among other things…the shirt off the back of a startled teenager. Really, no Really! That incident (along with a few others) reminded us of that Netflix documentary exposing the egregious decline of Boeing, a once great American manufacturer. 2023 was considered a travel nightmare for many and 2024 looks to be no better with shortages of air traffic controllers, pilots, and planes. To enlighten us about the current state of air travel, Jason and Peter invited CNN’s, always entertaining - aviation expert and correspondent- Richard Quest. Richard has interviewed every major airline executive and covered the crashes of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, and the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. IN THIS EPISODE: Aviation’s surprising “Do Not Pair” list! Safest seat on the aircraft is…? Ailine pilot statistics you hope aren’t true. Richard breaks down why Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 & Lion Air Flight 610 went down and what’s changed. Why airlines outsource critical maintenance overseas. What happens when a plane depressurizes at 35,000 ft? Are pilots being pushed to the breaking point? True/False: Water and ice on an airplane are safe to drink? Is it possible to be sucked out a broken window? “Sully” Sullenberger’s genius! Jason’s favorite Seinfeld plane episode. GoogleHEIM: How far can a commercial airline glide without engines? *** FOLLOW RICHARD QUEST: X @RichardQuest Quest Means Business, airs weekdays at 3pm ET / 12pm PT on CNN International Pick up Richard’s book: 'The Vanishing of Flight MH370: The True Story of the Hunt for the Missing Malaysian Plane' *** FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads XSee for privacy information.
Fame! That mystical quality that often leads young stars to crushing downfalls, addiction, financial ruin, even personal tragedy. So, is it better to become famous later in life, when you hopefully have the wisdom and experience to handle it? For one Tennessee housewife and in-home jewelry salesperson Leanne Morgan, success didn’t happen till her late 50s. That’s when her incredible talent, perseverance and whit enabled her to go from playing small comedy clubs, to arenas, landing a Netflix special, and getting the part of Reese Witherspoon’s big sister in her upcoming comedy with Will Ferrell! When Peter saw Leanne perform, it evoked memories of comedic timing reminiscent of Joan Rivers. When Jason caught her stand-up act, he immediately fell in love. And apparently, he’s not the only one. Her first YouTube comedy special reached - over 50 million views! Really, no Really! And we’re happy to say Leanne is joining us to talk about her special brand of Southern-inspired comedy and what it’s like to hit it big… later in life. IN THIS EPISODE: How a woman peeing on a couch led Leanne to a her successful career in comedy. Really! Dealing with kids leaving home, beagles’ buttholes and menstrual mishaps. Popcorn tubs, hernias & plantar fasciitis aka, date night at a Journey Concert! Learning what a table read is with “little” Reese Witherspoon & Will Ferrell. Talking about family in your act-even when they don’t want you to! What it’s like for Leanne to ‘make it’ in her late 50s. GoogleHEIM: The top 10 things you SHOULD NOT DO…If you don’t want to look old (#10 is controversial) *** FOLLOW LEANNE: Netflix Special: Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman Website: Instagram: @LeanneMorganComedy TikTok: @LeanneMorganComedy YouTube: @LeanneMorganComedy Facebook: @Leanne Morgan X: @LeanneComedy Pre-Order Book: “What in the World?!: A Southern Woman's Guide to Laughing at Life's Unexpected Curveballs and Beautiful Blessings” Watch her on Amazon Prime’s forthcoming feature, You’re Cordially Invited, alongside Will Ferrell & Reese Witherspoon. *** FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads XSee for privacy information.
As celebrities bask in their own fame, they are frequently offered exceptionally lucrative endorsement deals, often worth obscene amounts of money. But as this trend has grown over the past decade, many of the deals seem to be encountering significant problems! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wine brand may take a hit due to their acrimonious divorce. Diddy (formerly Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Puffy and more) reportedly lost 18 brand partnerships due to assault allegations. And Adidas’s billion-dollar deal with the controversial Ye (formerly Kanye) may end up costing them over a billion dollars…Really, no Really! So, is it worth hiring a well-known star to create awareness for your brand or has it now become a recipe for disaster? To help find the answer, Jason and Peter invited Mark Haas to join them. Mark is the CEO of The Helmsman Group which helps brands navigate the world of consumer-packaged goods and he’s helped over 200 new product platforms enter the commercial market— representing more than $2 billion in sales over the last decade. IN THIS EPISODE: Would you buy a Jason Alexander rum called “No Rum For You”? What makes a celebrity and a product the right fit? The amazing story of how Don King committed Michael Jackson to do a Pepsi commercial without his permission. The one thing Samsung DIDN’T want to hear from celebrity endorser LeBron James. Do celebrities really need to enjoy the brands they’re shilling for? How celebrities get involved with food and alcohol brands. The quality of the product or the veneer of the celebrity, which is more important? The difference between Ryan Reynold’s remaking the gin market vs Orson Wells selling wine form a chair he’s clearly been sitting in for quite a while. Jason pitches products that don’t have a celebrity endorser…yet! GoogleHEIM: More brilliant Jason Rum ideas! *** FOLLOW MARK: Web: Instagram: @HelmsmanGroup Facebook: The Helmsman Group LinkedIN: Helmsman Group *** FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads XSee for privacy information.
Today’s episode could be titled, “Hello Newman” because the internationally loved actor, Wayne Knight visits Really, no Really to talk about his iconic roles... including Seinfeld’s scheming Postman Newman, and Jurassic Park's techno-wiz Dennis Nedry. In this episode, Jason and Peter get Wayne to discuss what it’s like to get cast in projects based on his weight, being held hostage on the set of Oliver Stone’s JFK, and his bizarre audition with the director of Basic Instinct - Really, no Really! In addition to the credits listed above, Wayne has appeared on Broadway in the plays Gemini, Mastergate, Art and Sweet Charity plus the movies… Dirty Dancing, Born on the 4th of July, Dead Again, JFK, Space Jam, For Richer or Poorer, Rat Race – and the list goes on! He also voiced the villainous toy collector Al McWhiggin in Toy Story 2, plus characters in Tarzan, Kung Fu Panda, Harley Quinn and many other animated projects. IN THIS EPISODE: Wayne Knight the biochemist? Wayne Knight, private Investigator, and his real-life case: “The Husband, The Wife & The Pregnant Au Pair! Why he wore a fat suit…Really, no really! Meeting Steven Spielberg at the entrance to Jurassic Park. The disgusting reality of being spit on by a dinosaur. Jason & Wayne compare notes on losing weight. Warm? Cold? Unwelcoming? Guest star’s views on the Seinfeld set. Googleheim: Who wore it worse? Fat suits in Hollywood. *** FOLLOW WAYNE: X: @iWayneKnight Wayne’s upcoming shows: Amazon Prime’s season 2 of Them and Max’s Bookie. *** FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads XSee for privacy information.
This episode is all about trying to figure out if TikTok - the video hosting platform owned by the Chinese company Byte Dance should be banned or not. Over 70% of young Americans use TikTok, which critics claim is spying on, manipulating, and spreading misinformation to its users. But is TikTok any different than Meta, Google, or X? Our guest’s answer may surprise you… Really, no really! Bruce Schneier is a cryptographer, computer security professional, privacy specialist, who has been writing about security issues since 2004 and is a fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University; a Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School; a board member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and AccessNow; and an Advisory Board Member of the Electronic Privacy Information Center and He is the Chief of Security Architecture at Inrupt, Inc. IN THIS EPISODE: Surveillance as a business model is 100% legal. Breaking down the types of information companies are collecting, and what they’re doing with it. Why does China want to know about our affinity for puppy videos? Social Media’s ability to manipulate is greater than you might think. Russia and China’s preferred platform for transmitting misinformation is…? (Spoiler Alert: It’s not TikTok) Facebook has data on you… even if you aren’t on Facebook-RnR! Data Privacy is a national security issue, but not treated like one. The European Union leads the world in protecting data privacy. The unsettling future of A.I. and personal data surveillance. Cougar hemorrhoids? Googleheim: What you are missing… if you’re NOT on TikTok! *** FOLLOW BRUCE: Bruce’s Blog: X: @schneierblog Facebook: Bruce Schneier *** FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads XSee for privacy information.
This episode should be titled “Mission Insanity” because it’s all about exploring how Tom Cruise performs his own death-defying stunts…and why! Jason and Peter were determined to find out the real reason Tom “risks it all” in every film. How he trains for a stunt that’s never been done before and whether he’s going to continue to try and outdo himself with each new film now that he’s in his 60’s! And they succeeded in finding the person with the answers… Wade Eastwood. He’s best known as the Action Director and Stunt Coordinator for the Mission: Impossible franchise. He’s also a fixed wing & helicopter pilot, sky diver, rescue scuba diver, accomplished black belt martial artist, boxer, fencer, yacht skipper, highly graded horse rider who has advanced weapons skills… plus he races cars internationally, with a string of wins! And - he knows the secret to how Tom Cruise creates and executes jaw dropping, mind-blowing stunts. IN THIS EPISODE: The film star considered the original Tom Cruise. Train for deadly stunts that’ve never been done before. Has Tom Cruise ever said no to a stunt because it’s too dangerous? There’s much more to fight scenes than you know. Fatalities still happen. How can stunts go wrong? Wade comments on the tragedy on the Rust set. Is Tom Cruise actually going to space? Jason shares his death-defying stunts! Seinfeld’s stunt that went very, very wrong for Jason. Googleheim: The first stunt woman!   FOLLOW WADE: Instagram @wadeeastwood *** FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads XSee for privacy information.
In case you haven’t noticed, there appears to be a subtitle revolution, with current research showing that as many as 61% of us are using subtitles regularly. And that number is rapidly growing! Really, no really! Everyone hasn’t suddenly become hard of hearing, so why are subtitles suddenly becoming the norm? This global entertainment trend is transforming the way we watch television and movies…and content creators secretly admit there is a problem that necessitates subtitles! So, we had to unravel the reasons why more of us are opting for on screen text. To help us explain the subtitle takeover, Jason and Peter enlisted the services of film researcher and producer Ed Vega, who specializes in - as his bio says - all things cinema, from the intricacies of film history to the nuts and bolts of filmmaking AND prolific dialogue editor and sound designer Austin Olivia Kendrick whose notable work includes - Star Trek Discovery, the HBO series Barry, Monster High, Rugrats, Transformers: Earthspark among many others. IN THIS EPISODE: The pros and cons of using subtitles. How today’s actor’s vocal performances differ from those in the past. Generational reasons and differences in subtitle use. Why the 1970’s era -inferior technology- seemed to work better. Do modern TVs really have speakers facing the wrong way? Is A.I. the answer to better sound mixing? Wait…competing streaming services have no audio standards! What about the George Lucas created THX? Which do we prefer in foreign language movies-Dubbed or subtitled? Have subtitles and audio descriptions made entertainment more accessible? How Jason accidentally watched the original Squid Game. Googleheim: Other cutting-edge technologies that have made life worse! *** FOLLOW ED: Website: Instagram: @edfromqueens *** FOLLOW AUSTIN: Instagram: @aok.wav TikTok: @aok.wav Facebook: Austin Olivia Kendrick *** FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads XSee for privacy information.
MrBeast aka 25-year-old Jimmy Donaldson is the biggest solo performer on YouTube. He’s followed by over 400 million people who watch his insane stunts and his enormous acts of philanthropy. So, who is this introverted twenty-five-year-old and what makes him tick? Did he really figure out the YouTube recommendation algorithm, and what makes him different from thousands of similar creators on YouTuber? For answers we contacted a writer who for three days, embedded herself with MrBeast, in his enormous compound, in Greenville, North Carolina…Ej Dickson. Ej is a Senior Writer for Rolling Stone and covers internet culture. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, New York Magazine, Elle, GQ, and Playboy, among others. She's also been featured on NPR's All Things Considered and This American Life, as well as the Hulu docuseries "Only Fans: Selling Sexy," The New Yorker once called her "ineffably cool."   ON THIS EPISODE: YouTube was birthed after a wardrobe malfunction. What's MrBeast’s strategy for becoming the biggest YouTuber? How he created an old-school, Hollywood-style, studio system. MrBeast’s parents, his house, and seeing 1 million dollars in cash. MrBeast cracked the YouTube algorithm. Or did he? Some call MrBeast’s charitable videos - “inspiration porn” Is it? MrBeast and Tyler Perry - What they have in common. How long can MrBeast dominate? Ej introduces us to the odd world of Skibidi Toilet. Really??? Googleheim: The most popular social media star across ALL platforms is… *** FOLLOW EJ: Web Podcast: Pod…CATS with Ej Dickson Instagram @ejdickson X @ejdickson *** FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads XSee for privacy information.
In 11 years on ABC’s Modern Family, Jesse Tyler Ferguson never won a Primetime Emmy even though he was nominated 5 times. Jason, who reminds us often, was nominated 7 times for Seinfeld so in this episode, we find out who lost it, better. And Jesse’s show is so popular there are even versions in Chile, Greece, Russia, and even Iran! Really, no really? Actor, author, podcaster, philanthropist, restaurateur, and activist Jesse Tyler Ferguson is best known for his portrayal of Mitchell Pritchett on the hit sitcom Modern Family. He’s also done a variety of stage and screen work including “Cocaine Bear”, and “Ice Age: Collision Course.” He won the Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play for his performance in the 2022 Broadway revival of Richard Greenberg's “Take Me Out” and for his performance in 2016’s “Fully Committed”, Jesse won a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Solo Performance. IN THIS EPISODE: The strange commonalities between Jason and Jesse. The documentarian on Modern Family finally revealed! Jesse on the responsibility of representing the Gay Community. When you podcast from a restaurant, is the food free? Straight actors cast as LGBTQ characters? Jesse came out to his dad 3 times. Really! Living an actual “Modern Family.” How to play 40 roles in a one-man show? Jesse responds to criticism for “wearing a fat-suit” in Cocaine Bear. How Jason and Jesse fostered such collaborative ensembles. In Hollywood, being gay is no longer included as a diversity hire, RnR?     FOLLOW JESSE: Website: Podcast: Dinner’s on Me with Jesse Tyler Ferguson Instagram: @jessetyler TikTok: @jessetyler X @jessetyler FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook   Threads XSee for privacy information.
There’s a brand-new, George Carlin comedy special, which is mystifying and disturbing since he died in 2008! Legendary comedian George Carlin was unceremoniously resurrected from the grave by a comedy podcast claiming to have created an AI-generated Carlin, based upon decades worth of his existing material. The special they created - “I’m Glad I’m Dead”- had the AI created legend commenting on current issues such as mass shootings, America’s class system, streaming services, social media…even Taylor Swift’s sex life…Really, no Really! But the computer-generated version lacks Carlin’s brilliance and has created a brouhaha that leads us to an unsettled legal question…whether training A.I. language learning models on publicly available written, visual and audio content infringes on the copyrights of artists and authors. Is it ethical or legal for someone to create a new George Carlin, without his or his estate’s permission? Jason and Peter needed to find out, so they went to the source, Carlin’s daughter, Kelly Carlin to discuss the controversy, her lawsuit, her dad’s legacy, and what she feels her father would have to say about the current controversy? Kelly Carlin is a storyteller, writer, performer, photographer, a practitioner of Zen Buddhism and the daughter of the legendary comedian George Carlin who died in 2008. Since then, Kelly has upheld his legacy by spreading his life’s work through many media, protecting his work and image in the public sphere, and stepping into the limelight in her own right. IN THIS EPISODE: What’s the purpose of ANY AI-written or performed standup? Was this truly AI-written and performed - does it matter? Future protections for performers and their likenesses. The true story behind George Carlin and his 7 dirty words. Which would you trust more: An experienced doctor or an AI diagnostician? When the AI Carlin feeds the future AI, what happens then?  An AI with empathy, does it exist? The upside to AI hacking comedians, is there one? FOLLOW KELLY: Website: Memoir: A Carlin Home Companion: Growing Up with George Podcast: Waking from the American Dream Instagram: @KellyCarlinisHere X: @kelly_carlin SiriusXM: The Kelly Carlin Show on Sirius XM’s Raw Dog (ch.99)   FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads XSee for privacy information.
Author Mary Roach is a hands-on writer specializing in science related topics that tap into some of the more curious and unexpected nooks of our lives. But “hands-on” doesn’t fully capture the lengths she’ll go to capture her stories – for her book examining the intricacies of sex, science, and relationships, she convinced her husband to have sex while monitored and recorded in an MRI, Ultrasound, Sonogram-like device…Really, no Really! Mary Roach is an author specializing in popular science and humor having written seven New York Times bestsellers, including Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex, STIFF: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers; GULP: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal, and PACKING FOR MARS: The Curious Science of Life in the Void and her latest book, FUZZ: When Nature Breaks the Law. Mary has written for National Geographic, Wired, The New York Times Magazine, Vogue, GQ, and the Journal of Clinical Anatomy, among many, many others. Her 2009 TED talk, "Ten Things You Didn't Know About Orgasm", made the organization's list of top 10 most popular talks of all time. IN THIS EPISODE: How Mary chooses esoteric and often taboo topics. Women’s sexual arousal can be measured…or can it? Mary embraces the taboo, including researching how astronauts avoid “fecal decapitation.” The shocking places where donated cadavers can end up. Using the Scientific Method to “prove” the existence of a higher power. India’s battles with elephants and monkeys. Googleheim: Science Myth vs. Science Fact   Website: X/Twitter: @mary_roach   FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads X (Twitter)See for privacy information.
Snakes…why'd it have to be snakes? There’s a Burmese Python problem in Florida’s Everglades which is dramatically altering the ecological balance in the Sunshine State. Currently, the only way to control these non-native, invasive snakes, is to send hunters deep into allegator infested swamps to find, capture, and kill these apex predators. Really, no Really! You might imagine these Hunters as burly “Crocodile Dundee-types” with sophisticated equipment, night vision, Rambo-style bowie knives, and guns, lots of guns. But reality is quite different. Our guest today Amy Siewe styles herself as the “Python Huntress;” she’s a 5’4, 120lbs. woman who by trade is a realtor, who regularly captures these beasts – some as big as 20 feet, 250 pounds - using only a canvas bag and her wits. She has killed over 400 pythons using a quick and humane method but the number of endangered or threatened native species being eaten by these pythons is getting longer each year. Is this really the best solution to this problem and what does she do with all those dead snakes? The answers might surprise you.   IN THIS EPISODE: How Amy transformed from mild-mannered Indiana-based realtor to “Python Huntress.” Does she speak Parseltongue…the language of snakes? Step-by-step instructions capturing a 17-footer…alone! What snake Periscoping means. Vipers, allegators, panthers, and bears oh my! All the things stalking Amy as she hunts. We analyze our collective fear and loathing of snakes. How do you humanely euthanize huge snakes while in the muck of Florida’s Everglades? Amy’s message to prospective buyers of commercial pythons and exotics… Jason’s close encounter with a snake at “America’s Stonehenge.” SEE one man’s emotional support allegator. Is this legit? Googleheim: Pythons are just one of the many invasive species harming Florida’s ecology.   FOLLOW AMY SIEWE: WATCH Amy take down a 17ft python Website: Instagram: @ThePythonHuntress YouTube: Python Huntress Amy Siewe X/Twitter: @AmySiewe Facebook: Amy Siewe   FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads X (Twitter)See for privacy information.
It’s an understatement calling it adventure tourism, at minimum its extreme travel, more accurately it’s insanely dangerous. Diving to crushing depths to glimpse the Titanic, sightseeing hostile dictatorships, postcard-shopping in active war zones – increasingly, people are choosing to go to these places…for vacation. Really, no really! What could possibly possess a person to willingly put their lives in danger for a few photographs and an unusual stamp on their passport? You might expect these reckless tourists to be former Special Forces or folks with cultural ties so deep that it neutralizes the danger. Well…maybe those people exist but today Jason and Peter are talking to Mike Reiss, a middle-aged, Emmy-winning, Simpsons writer-producer whose wife compelled him to visit 136 countries, including Iran, Syria, and even North Korea! Mike Reiss has won four Emmys and a Peabody Award during his twenty-eight years writing for The Simpsons. He ran the show in Season 4, which Entertainment Weekly called “the greatest season of the greatest show in history. And Mike claims to be happily married for over thirty years. We believe him…? ON THIS EPISODE: Why more and more people are doing these extreme activities… How Mike went from homebody to extreme world traveler. True tales from Iran, Iraq, Syria & Afganistan. Almost forced to make movies for Kim Jung Il in North Korea. Diving in the doomed Ocean Gate experimental submarine 4 times! That time he almost died on a Namibian sand dune on New Year’s Eve. Jason’s main travel fear - toilet uncertainty! Mike shares his top travel tips from his years as an extreme tourist. The one vacation so bad Mike had to cut it short – you’ll never guess the country. He’s willing to go to Mars, but THIS place he refused to go. Googleheim: The most dangerous places…in your home. FOLLOW MIKE REISS: Podcast: What Am I Doing Here? with Mike Reiss X/Twitter: @MikeReissWriter   FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads X (Twitter)See for privacy information.
The Eco-Consequences, Why We Overconsume and Deceptive Costs! If you’ve returned holiday gifts or things you bought but didn’t need or the pants you bought in multiple sizes that didn’t fit…you are part of what’s being called the “return tsunami” - which costs the planet about a trillion dollars annually. Really, no really! With free shipping and easy return policies, American’s are over-consuming and then sending stuff back in record numbers. But most buyers are completely unaware of what really happens to their returned items. When Jason and Peter discovered that many essentially ‘brand-new’ items end up in a pile so enormous that it can be seen from space…they had to find the expert who could break down the issues like a huge pile of Amazon boxes. Dr. Dale Rogers is a supply chain guru. He is the recipient of the Academic Giant Award from the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals and in the Supply Chain Hall of Fame. He is currently the Director of the Frontier Economies Logistics Lab and the Director of the Internet Edge Supply Chain Lab at Arizona State University.  IN THIS EPISODE: If returns are resold…how is there a giant pile you can see from space? Residue, stains, & nasty scents: Who’s sniffing and smelling your returned clothing? Retail secrets that allow the retailers of the last century to dominate. The unseen salvage dealers that making a fortune from your returns. How did 39,000 tons of unsold clothing end up in Chile? The real story behind Expiration Dates. Post-COVID, are American supply chains still dependent on China? The non-political reason why inflation has gone down. Walmart’s attempt to diminish sensory overload for shoppers. Explained: Why a huge box contains your tiny item? Googleheim: The top 5 returns in history! FOLLOW DR. DALE ROGERS: X/Twitter: @CariscaProf   FOLLOW REALLY NO REALLY: Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Threads X (Twitter)See for privacy information.
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