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Remain Nameless by Heyjude19, a Dramione Audiobook
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Remain Nameless by Heyjude19, a Dramione Audiobook

Author: ETL Echo Audiobooks

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How did it feel? It felt like he was barely holding it together. She, of all people, should shun him. Or yell at him. Curse him. Spit at him. Take out her wand and blast him off the face of the earth. It was crushing guilt and relief and confusion all at once when he looked at Hermione Granger.

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57 Episodes
Chapter 6: You Are the Morning When It's Clear
Chapter 5: All My Stumbling Phrases
Chapter 4: We Will Never Be Afraid Again
Chapter 3: A Language of Its Own
Chapter 2: Your Heart Is the Only Place That I Call Home WE LOVE YOU JUDE! HAPPY ONE YEAR OF THE REMAIN NAMELESS PODFIC!!
ETL Echo presents Ceremonials by Heyjude19 One-shots, outtakes, and short stories from the Remain Nameless universe. Chapter 1 - In the Smallest of Gestures
ETL Echo presents Remain Nameless by HeyJude19.  Chapter 50 “It’s just jitters mate, it’ll pass. This is normal.” “No, no. Theo, no. This is not normal, I am not normal, I do not feel normal.” I am okay with this. I am okay with this.
ETL Echo presents Remain Nameless by HeyJude19.  Chapter 49 “Narcissa Malfoy is my future mother-in-law.” Ginny made her say it out loud three times in succession and found it increasingly hilarious each time Hermione finished that preposterous sentence
ETL Echo presents Remain Nameless by HeyJude19.  Chapter 48  February 2010 Growing up, Draco never really gave much thought to the activity of wedding planning. He would have been given very little say in the whole ordeal. After the requisite courtship period, he’d be presented with a betrothal contract from his intended’s family (or vice versa), and then the negotiations would begin between parental units. Narcissa would ensure some clause or other about heirloom jewelry or house elves be included. Lucius probably would have a purity check done on the bride’s line and also amass future blackmail material should they prove uncooperative. The bride’s family would counter with compensation requirements based on how many heirs the marriage produced and whether they were male or female, and it would all go round and round on a carousel of horrific yet meaningless drivel forever recorded on official parchment and probably then sealed with a blood rite.
ETL Echo presents Remain Nameless by HeyJude19.  Chapter 47  January 1, 2010 According to Draco’s watch, the hour now approached one in the morning, but he doubted even a well-brewed Sleeping Draught could dull his energy. They’d just returned from his mother’s New Year’s gala and Hermione had already disappeared into her bedroom to change into comfy pajamas, while Draco dithered behind her, still in his dress robes and cloak. Crookshanks peered up at him through one yellow eye from an armchair. Go on then, are you waiting for a formal invitation? You’re already dressed the part.
ETL Echo presents Remain Nameless by HeyJude19.  Chapter 46 August 2009 What was the proper reaction or facial expression to have when seeing one’s dream realized? Hermione couldn’t say, nor could she have properly prepared herself for the sight before her. She stood on the front steps of Hogwarts, looking down upon the vast grounds, and everywhere she looked she saw Muggle parents and family members and young, eager magical children. Down by Hagrid’s hut, she saw Rolf Scamander introducing a group of children to nifflers and crups while Hagrid himself showed off a unicorn in the paddock.
ETL Echo presents Remain Nameless by HeyJude19.  Chapter 45  June 2009 It was only for a brief moment, but Hermione had the strangest sensation, akin to an out-of-body experience. For just a minute, she allowed her mind to wander away; carried along on a thread until she felt as if she viewed the scene around her as an outsider. Draco and she hosted a dinner party for his recent birthday with some of their friends and only half of them were pureblood.
ETL Echo presents Remain Nameless by HeyJude19.  Chapter 44  Hermione picked up her mobile. Never before had she needed to have the device constantly on her person, but she’d promised her friend to answer any and all concerns, day or night. “You’re famous,” Sasha stated bluntly when Hermione answered. “You’re a war heroine.”
ETL Echo presents Remain Nameless by HeyJude19.  Chapter 43 Trigger warning for this chapter: discussion around past child abuse and violence. January 1, 2009 It was the first day of a brand new year and instead of waking up alone and slightly hungover like last year, Draco had Hermione wrapped around him while Crookshanks squashed his shins. Draco gave his lower limbs an irritable shake, dislodging the obstinate creature who had rendered his legs partially numb. The ginger furball gave him a mutinous glare before flouncing off the bed.
ETL Echo presents Remain Nameless by HeyJude19.  Chapter 42 December 31, 2008 Only Draco Malfoy could carry off all this frippery with a distinct air of grace. Any other man would have been uncomfortable, would have looked odd and unnatural buried under layers of silk, black velvet, gold brocade, and numerous brass buttons, but not Draco. No, this man wore an honest-to-gods cape around his shoulders and somehow managed to appear in his natural element, as if he were born to be clothed in multiple layers of extraneous formality. Born with a goblin-made spoon in his mouth.
ETL Echo presents Remain Nameless by HeyJude19.  Chapter 41 Hermione didn’t know whether she wanted to laugh, cry, or scream. She settled for a startling combination of all three, which was probably why Harry stood frozen in a mixture of concern and fear at the threshold of her bedroom. “Hermione are you… what have you got on?” An excellent question. “I—I—I have no bloody clue!” she shrieked and flapped her arms at her reflection in the mirror.
ETL Echo presents Remain Nameless by HeyJude19.  Chapter 40 November 2008 More than a month had passed since the inaugural gala for the Hermione J. Granger Fund for Students of Non-Magical Parents, and Hermione waited for the other shoe to drop. But as time rolled on from their sort-of public debut as a couple, Hermione had yet to experience any fallout from the shocking revelation. Of course, she didn’t rightly care about the public’s opinion of her choice in romantic partner, but surely by now someone from the ball would have blabbed to the press? Hiring Dennis Creevey as the photographer had been an inspired choice on Hermione’s part; the young man eager to help and a faithful friend. Hermione approved each picture he sold to various publications, none of them of her with Draco.
ETL Echo presents Remain Nameless by HeyJude19.  Chapter 39 October 2008 He absolutely did not need to be here this early in the evening, but if he’d stayed one second longer pacing his bed chambers like an agitated, caged animal, he’d either go insane or wear a hole through his wood floors. Draco leaned back against the marble bar and cast his eye around the lavishly decorated Great Hall of Hogwarts. Leave it to Narcissa Malfoy to spare no expense, even if she might not openly approve of what Hermione’s fund represented.
ETL Echo presents Remain Nameless by HeyJude19.  Chapter 38 If Draco thought Hermione nervous about the dinner with the Weasleys, it paled in comparison to how out of sorts she seemed now. They would join her parents for Hermione’s birthday dinner this evening and Hermione would be lucky if she had any nails left with the way she’d gnawed at them all day. Contrary to her normally over-informative nature, Draco had been given a rather scant picture of what to expect from the Grangers.
ETL Echo presents Remain Nameless by HeyJude19.  Chapter 37 Draco glared at the looming stack of parchment beside Healer Browning’s chair. If the old healer wanted to make a point about the weight of Draco’s omissions then consider it well-made. Apparently Draco had talked quite a bit about Hermione over the years, the evidence piled several feet high on the floor. “Draco,” Browning began in greeting, and though Draco desperately wanted to throw out a snide “Atticus,” in response, he stuck with “Healer Browning.”
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