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Renegade Talk Radio is more popular than ever. Over 2 MILLION listeners tuned in every month. We cover subjects that the Ostrich media (mainstream media) simply will not cover. We go into detail and ask the questions that you are thinking about. And because we're online, and free of the FCC we can, and do, cover subjects that fall outside of the Ostrich Media. Renegade Talk Radio broadcasts live programming daily, offering edgy and provocative political, religious, sexual and alternative content designed for listeners who believe in the First Amendment and value free speech. Renegade Talk Radio is committed to freedom of speech and having conversations that no one else is having in Talk Radio Today. 
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In the latest John Miller Program, John and Phil talk about where they were during O.J. Simpson's low speed chase thirty years ago. Then, we meet Bernie Lubbers, The Whiskey Professor: a long time touring comedian turned ambassador to the makers of fine Kentucky bourbon. We learn about the history of whiskey and Blue Grass music and how to best enjoy America's own beverage, whiskey.Then, we hear from John's old friend and political reporter Mark Curtis is he talks about his decades covering Capitol Hill and we get his take on what the O.J. story meant to America. We laugh, we learn and we bitch... You punks get off my porch!
Breaking! New Revelations In FBI/CIA Plan To Destroy Alex Jones Released
Alex Jones WW3 Alert! Iran Threatens to Directly Attack Israel In Next 48 Hours!
The American Journal: Freeing Julian Assange Becomes A Top US Election Issue
We can justify anything but the truth always wins. Everyone can believe the lie. You can change your life even when you feel there is no hope.
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CIA Officer Brags How Feds Use Social Media to Spy on Americans, Freeze Assets of Foreigners
The American Journal: Biden Admin ‘Considering’ Pardoning Julian Assange
Into an egg container and then a product is a result. What to do with the conundrum of the product.It is not the choice of only one. Your jeans omit CO2. Guang Dong.
War Room LIVE: Trump Calls to “Kill FISA” as Speaker Johnson Moves to Enable Deep State Surveillance 
Alex Jones Breaks Latest on Campaign to Sue FBI, CIA After CIA Agent ADMITTED Agency Targeted Jones to Destroy His Career
The American Journal: Canadian PM Trudeau Triggered Alex Jones Supports His Opponent
Before we delve into today's episode, it's important to address a critical aspect: an extra word of caution if you will. Here at Dark Enigma and Renegade Talk Radio as a whole, we unequivocally denounce violence of any kind, especially against women. The tale we're about to unravel is not for the faint of heart, and this is unfortunately chock full of such abhorrent acts. The Toy box Murders represent a dark and sinister chapter in human history, where innocence was shattered, and lives were irreversibly altered. Some of the details discussed may be deeply disturbing and potentially triggering. If you're sensitive to graphic descriptions of violence and trauma, we implore you to approach this episode with caution or perhaps consider skipping it altogether. Our commitment is to share these stories with respect and empathy for the victims, while also acknowledging the reality of the horrors they faced. Your mental well-being is our utmost priority, so please take care of yourselves as we navigate through this unsettling story together. Now, let's venture forth into the darkness of From Playtime to Crime time – but remember, you have been warned, twice in fact. 
War Room  Bombshell Undercover Video Shows How FBI and CIA Targeted J6 and Alex Jones
US Intelligence Warns Of Potential Terror Attacks At Large Gatherings
On this episode of The Terrorist Therapist Show, psychiatristCarole Lieberman, M.D., your Terrorist Therapist®, coins her new term to describe what the Pro-Palestinian and Pro-Hamas protesters are suffering from: ’terrorist envy’. She was inspiredto create this ‘diagnosis’ for them when even the Hamas founder’s son, Mosab Hassan Yousef, said they “need to go to a mental asylum.” When she explains the rationale for this term and its connection to Freud’s theory of ‘penis envy’, you’ll understand how it fits. The protesters in Dearborn, Michigan, America’s Jihad Capital, calling “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!” exemplify this psychosis.  Next, you’ll hear the true story of the two unfortunate events,occurring after October 7, that the world is pretending to misunderstand so that they can blame Israel: the drone attack on the World Central Kitchen convoy and the bombing of anIranian ‘consulate’ that wasn’t a consulate, but a Damascus building where military - including the Iranian mastermind of October 7 - were planning their next attack. This episode’s psychological take on terrorism will end with an analysis of the top egos involved: why Obama and Biden hold grudges against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and why Obama is stepping up his efforts to destroy Israel and Americabefore Biden loses. Since Netanyahu just declared that Israel will invade Rafah, things will be heating up. 
American Journal: Biden To Defy SCOTUS, Forgive Student Loan Debt To ‘Buy Votes’
Eclipse sickness' hits the US - as Americas report 'weird feelingsVegas Trump Hotel Gift Shop Selling Joe Biden Toilet LightsCheater, 39, gets back together with partner, 36, who chopped off his PENIS after he had an affairFormer Bodyguard Says Diddy ‘Had Every Room Taped and Bugged’: Politicians, Princes, Preachers Are Implicated
The two things needed to prove a crime. Not if your on the left. Listen and learn howthey get away with it. It will change your listening habits
ECLIPSE WATCH: World Exclusive Coverage & Revelations of the Celestial Event Globalists Want Kept Hidden! MondaySKY PILOT RADIO Classic Oldies
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3.25 years later, the aclu is pushing for tampons in the men's restroom. 🤦

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