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Buckle up as Frizz and Bob cheers some Chivas Mizunara to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the mega-hit album that completely shook up the industry, Linkin Park's Meteora. We get real about the secret combination that unlocked the brilliance of the band that almost never existed, reveal the most ridiculous nu metal band names, and bond over weird Eddie Murphy experiences before taking a track-by-track look at one of the most impactful records of the last 20 years, by one of the most innovative nu metal and modern rock bands of all time.
Come on and "Celebrate" with Frizz and Bob as we listen to Madonna's debut album alongside a hefty swig of JANE Walker. From cartwheeling through Midwestern high school halls, to a dancer in New York City, to an international superstar, we learn the magic behind how Madonna crafted her signature and ever-changing look, how a Jellybean helped produce banger singles, and how Madonna knew from the start that she had what it takes to go from another post-disco club kid, to the queen of pop and the voice of an entire decade.
Frizz and Bob diversify their bonds by embracing their Tiger Style with a new pour of Amrut Single Malt Indian Whisky. We celebrate the 30th anniversary of the debut Wu-Tang Clan album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), while learning what set the members apart and how they came together as Voltron, unveil the ingenious methods of RZA's daring production ethics and inspirations, find out how ODB got burned... twice, and chat about Hall and Oates, Barbra Streisand, Rudy Ray Moore, Nixon, and Nintendo.
Frizz and Bob dive into a single barrel of Glenglassaugh and spin Blondie's breakthrough album, Parallel Lines. One way or another, we highlight how Blondie changed music by daring to disco, learn how a Playboy Bunny became a funk-punk prowess, what band their producer thought was the least musically talented band ever, the hidden creepy meanings behind a few hit songs, and how the censors helped title one of the biggest songs of the decade.
Frizz and Bob reboot their digital dreams with Daft Punk's Random Access Memories for the album's 10-year anniversary and revel in some daring, AI-created cocktails. We discuss how two disco-dancing French kids became rhythmic robots, the list of legends that turned this album into the art of the future, the magic that happens at Madonna's parties, and cheer Frizz on as she faces off against the machines to save the planet. 
Howling Giant REDUX

Howling Giant REDUX


Frizz and Bob revisit last year's sit down with Zach and Tom from the band Howling Giant to talk about life on the road in a big white hearse, maple donuts, the art of a great cover, and building a community within an audience. This playlist has all the Howling Giant tunes, their favorite music, and the Grammy-award winning 1999 hit, "Smooth" By Santana Ft. Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty off the multi-platinum album Supernatural. These nice rock and rollers will be joining us again soon to promote their BRAND NEW ALBUM, Glass Future, so stay tuned.
Welcome to Frizz and Bob's working week as we dive head-first into a bottle of Talisker 10 and Elvis Costello's debut album My Aim is True. We check a new artist off of Frizz's list of musical blind spots, find out that Elvis Costello is a secret lemonade drinker, dissect his famously pointed and descriptive lyrics, and reveal the real magic behind one of Costello's best albums.
Frizz and Bob join forces with Lord Bael to dig into the depths of the heavy metal with Black Sabbath's monumental album, Paranoid, and share a hefty splash of Wilderness Trail Rye. Join us as we chat about Ozzy's lack of self awareness, the secret behind how Sabbath changed the way we heard rock music, Geezer Butler's encounter with the devil, Good n' Plenty and Necco wafers, and all things bad times. Cheers!
With Frizz and Bob both on vacation this week, we decided to revisit our chat with Tom Blankenship of My Morning Jacket as they are fresh off an international tour featuring a stop at Bonnaroo and a new album release. As we sip on Old Forester's 117 Series, we chat about life on the road, glitter puke, Garth Brooks, and a show called Duck Tales.
OH BABY BABY! We're celebrating Frizz's birthday in a TRULY radical way - hard seltzers and the first album she ever bought: Britney Spears', ... Baby One More Time! We dig into the humble beginnings of the Princess of Pop and her mall-era launch into global stardom, the bold moves that made her iconic, and how a 16-year-old girl would quickly change the climate of pop music forever.
Frizz and Bob celebrate the 4th of July by getting a one-way ticket to the Danger Zone. We soar straight into the Top Gun Soundtrack with a delicious pour of Eagle Rare bourbon. Join us as we pull the curtain back on the real romance in the movie, praise the brilliance of the 80s soundtrack king, hang with the boys and their volleyballs, and officially determine the best celebrity, white Jesus using the Birkenstock rating system. It'll take your breath awaaaaay~
You caught us at a good time! Frizz and Bob are joined by friends Hux and Jake from Star Viper to down doubles and rub buckles over Paul Cauthen's latest album, 'Country Coming Down.' We'll swig plenty of Makers 46 and battle over Ikea furniture, find out what Star Viper has up their rolled up sleeves, define what "F you money" means to us, and revel in the beauty of a big voice, big ego, and big personality- but ain't nobody ready for the real big velvet. This episode is made for good bad times only, friends.
Frizz and Bob celebrate Pride with a little faith and a lot of Dimple Pinch. We get "quite wacky" as we listen to the chart-topping debut album from solo artist George Michael, Faith. We dig into Wham! rap, the chokehold George had on the world with a pair of ripped jeans and a leather jacket, the astounding person behind the persona, and the importance of the harsh and beautiful journey to accepting and loving yourself. 
MORMON GOES METAL! Frizz and Bob crack open a bottle of sexy, smoky Ardbeg Uigeadail and dive head first into The Osmonds' banger of a rock album, Crazy Horses. We get to the bottom of how barbershop goes Tiger Beat... then goes headbanger, discover what makes Utah cool enough to get its own riffs, unravel the surprising political issue the brothers rallied against, and shock you with how Elvis and the Ninja Turtles completely changed how you'll see the Osmonds forever.
Frizz and Bob pour a totally rad new Cali whiskey and dig into Alanis Morissette's badass 90s breakthrough album, Jagged Little Pill. We're here to remind you of all the real details behind Uncle Joey in a theatre, unveil the realities for many young women in the music industry, stress the importance of friend-care and vulnerability... and most likely get banned by Taylor Swift, the Oxford Dictionary, and The London Times after this episode. Isn't it ironic?
PART 2: Frizz, Bob, and Kenyon continue the Rosé party we started on the Wine and Crime podcast as we get into round 2 of our most fascinating murder ballads. We jazz it out on the fattest Tuesday with the Mysterious Axeman, learn the deadly truth behind Merry Murderesses of the Cook County Jail, and dive into some CLASSIC Southern gothic with Reba and Momma - and possibly the worst music video ever made.  Note: Part 1 of this episode can be found on the Wine and Crime podcast feed! Go check it out!
Frizz and Bob pop the cork on Balvenie's DoubleWood to celebrate the 30th anniversary of a hip hop 101 staple, A Tribe Called Quest's Midnight Marauders. We'll take you on a crate diggin' journey of Tribe's most obscure musical references, the power of using positivity to turn pain into prosperity, the finesse of some of the finest sampling in music history, and smort worter.
Frizz and Bob revisit a single malt and talk about the world of writing and arranging jazz music, the infamous Buddy Rich tapes, Barry Manilow's jingle writing chops, and Chaka Kahn's mad skills on a basketball court with legendary jazz composer, John LaBarbera.
Frizz and Bob kick off Bob's birthday and celebrate another year of Jazz, class, and sass! Join us on this special occasion as we dig deep into one of Bob's favorite albums, John Coltrane's A Love Supreme, and cheers a favorite Old Forester, The 117 Series. We dig deep on the story of a born again and immortal Coltrane, unfold the greatness behind of one of the best Jazz albums of all time, and transcend our way into the literal church that Jazz created - oh, all while drinking an ice-cold, premium domesto.
Frizz and Bob pour Slane's Special Edition 40 Years of Music whiskey and celebrate a belated St. Patrick's Day with the mystical legends from Ireland, The Cranberries. We dig into their debut album, Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We. Join us on the journey of the "Onederful" evolution of the band's name, an unlikely audition filled with guts, sass, and a Casio keyboard, and a potential alternative meaning of "Linger."
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