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Being a rockstar is a lot of hard work but it’s got nothing on being a dad; just ask Jaret Reddick + Gary Wiseman. You might know them from Bowling For Soup but behind the pop punk singalongs, they’re just two guys trying to get through bullies, vasectomies, and everything else that comes with being “Dad”.

Every week Jaret + Gary will invite other rockstar dads on air to talk about the highs and lows of parenting between band practice. Whether you’re a dad, you have a dad, or you just like dad jokes, The Rockstar Dad Podcast is about to make Monday so much better.
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On this week’s show, Jaret & Gary talk to Joey Murphy , you may know him as ‘SloppyJoey17’ on TikTok! You know, the guy who talks with his Dad a lot and was conceived in a pizza restaurant bathroom.  Joey is also an amazing single Dad of 3! Joey ‘SloppyJoey17’ Murphy TikTok: —— SUBSCRIBE on YouTube so you never miss a video  For MERCH:    Follow Us! Twitter:  Facebook:  Instagram:  YouTube:  TikTok:   Jaret Reddick Facebook:  Twitter:  Instagram:  TikTok:    Gary Wiseman: Instagram:  Twitter:    For... Read more »
On this week’s show, Jaret & Gary talk with Jason Harrell, who is a member of Jaret’s country band. Jason is a VERY talented dude and a Rockstar Dad.  Jason dives into telling his story about his young son surviving cancer.
On this week’s show, Jaret & Gary talk with our 2nd guest from the band, Good Charlotte – Billy Martin will be joining us to discuss coaching 4 basketball teams, playing music with Good Charlotte and drawing freaking Ninja Turtles!
  On this week’s show, Jaret & Gary catch up, they talk Christmas, bidets, cleaning out the garage and they talk about it all and more!  
On this week’s show, Jaret & Gary talk to Texas Country Musician, Chuck Wimer – An amazing guy who Jaret met recently at a Song Swap!
  On this week’s show, Jaret & Gary talk to BJ Barham from the band, American Aquarium.  BJ is fighting the good fight for bands all over the country! Find out what we mean by that, by tuning into this week’s episode!
On this week’s show, Jaret & Gary welcome back Howie Abrams , the guy who signed Bowling For Soup to a record deal, will be chatting about his new book, The ABCs of the Grateful Dead
MC Lars

MC Lars


On this week’s show, Jaret & Gary welcome MC Lars (Andrew Nielsen) with a great conversation about Nerd Core Rap, fatherhood and passing kidney stones on the Bowling For Soup tour bus!
On this week’s show, Jaret & Gary talk with young father, John Curtis-Sanchez of the band, Turn Zero about being a student at ASU as well as sharing 50/50 custody!
On this week’s show, Jaret & Gary talk with Alan Smyth, the co-author of “Men! Fight for Me: The Role of Authentic Masculinity in Ending Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking” – This is an important scary topic, you will NOT want to this miss this conversation! For more about Alan and the book, you can visit him at
On this week’s show, Jaret & Gary talk with Ray Causey from Netflix 28 Days Haunted, who was apart of one of three teams who spent 28 days in some of the most haunted locations in the United States for an experiment based on the theories of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.   Ray explains how difficult it was being away from his wife and 5 children for an entire month and living with no TV, internet, phone or any interaction with anyone outside of their lockdown!
Frank Bello (Anthrax)

Frank Bello (Anthrax)


On this week’s show, Jaret & Gary talk with one of their musical heroes, Frank Bello from the band Anthrax – Frank talks about his NEW book that he wrote during the lockdown, his NEW EP and what it’s like being a #RockstarDad
On this week’s Halloween episode, we have the return of Paranormal TV Personality/Expert Dave Schrader from Discovery Plus’ Ghosts Of Devils Perch and he REALLY creeped us out with some insane stories!  Check out Dave’s Paranormal 60 Podcast here
On this week’s episode, the guys talk with Nik Martin from Dadcast Podcast - That’s right! We are bringing in the competition! He will be talking about a pretty gnarly health scare that he recently had and now all 6 of his kids came into the world! This was such an amazing episode to be apart of and you don’t want to miss it!
On this week’s episode, the guys talk with Jason Fein from The Run Around Band , who’s also a Rockstar Dad…with cliche kids! Find out what that means - You dont want to miss out!
Joey Duffy (Cliffdiver)

Joey Duffy (Cliffdiver)


On this week’s episode, Jaret is confused on what day it is, then they catch up with Joey Duffy from the Tulsa based pop-punk band, Cliffdiver -  who they just got off a summer tour with, how much they all love disc golf as well as Joey discusses openly about his battle with depression - all that and more on this week’s episode! Don’t miss out!
Back To School!

Back To School!


On this week’s episode, it’s that time of the year again, Back To School! Let’s talk about it
On this week’s episode, our guest is Rob Felicetti, from the band Bowling For Soup. Rob is a new dad in 2022! Jaret and Gary also talk about tour buses and parents who spell their kids names in a really dumb way.  Come hang!
We Are Back!

We Are Back!


On this week’s episode, Jaret and Gary talk with Tobin Esperance of Papa Roach! They bro down about their favorite places to tour, bringing family out on the road and what he’s been doing to keep busy during Covid! They also made a covid destination record just like Bowling For Soup!  This is one you wont want to miss!    
Dawn Barclay (Author)

Dawn Barclay (Author)


On this week’s episode, Jaret & Gary are back! The guys talk about Dude Perfect and then talk to Dawn Barclay, author of the brand new book, Traveling Different: Vacation Strategies for Parents of the Anxious, the Inflexible, and the Neurodiverse. Head to for more info on Dawn and her brand new book!
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Alexander Huang

Loved hearing how so many artists balanced fatherhood and their music careers. Tom Higgenson talks about his balance. He has now added so much more to his plate. He's started a record label, Humans were here and his solo career, Million Miler.

Mar 23rd
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Stephanie Hellemeyer

This podcast gives insight into how singers, such at Times Higgenson, balance fatherhood and touring. Find out about his independent record label Humans Were Here, with artists like TLB.

Mar 18th
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