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Pull up a seat and get ready to step into the woman you’re about to become. Join alongside National Bestselling Author, Jordan Lee Dooley, for this workshop-style podcast uniquely designed to help working women (like you!) steward your home, health, and work well – whatever your work looks like in this season.
Each week, you’ll walk away with implementable steps to improve your everyday life as an ambitious woman. From cultivating a home to managing money well, women’s health to clean living, time management to goal setting, we cover it.
Rooted in faith, inspired by Proverbs 31, and jam-packed with practical takeaways, each episode will inspire and equip you to pursue your dreams while prioritizing the most important things, or as J likes to say, “own your everyday.”
Come invited, leave ignited.
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Have you ever had issues with your period or health and wondered… is this normal?Maybe you’ve wondered if the length of your period is normal or you’ve experienced major PMS symptoms or fatigue and you’re not sure why.Perhaps your doctor has dismissed your issues, or you feel uncomfortable asking certain questions.Wouldn’t it be great if there was just a manual that could walk you through everything related to women’s health? (Guess what? There is now!).In this episode, Jordan talks with naturopathic endocrinologist Dr. Jolene Brighten about her new book, Is This Normal, which walks you through all the questions you’ve been dying to ask about women’s health.If you’re ready to get to the root cause of your period problems and hormonal imbalances, or you’re just wondering what’s considered normal, then tune in to this episode to learn:The top three most commonly asked questions women have about period and hormonal healthWhat a “normal” period looks likeHow to track your cycleSymptoms that indicate hormonal imbalancesWhat endocrine disruptors are, where they are found, and how they affect your healthHow to support your body’s detoxification processWant to dig deeper? Check out these links mentioned in the episode:Dr Brighten’s websiteDr Brighten IG: @drjolenebrightenDr. Brighten’s book: Is This NormalJordan’s Lifestyle Overhaul Guide
Have you ever noticed how there are countless podcasts, books, and social media accounts dedicated to strengthening your marriage, becoming a better parent, and even dealing with your coworkers, but very few resources on how to foster adult friendships?Even as adults, friendships are not always easy, and they can sometimes be tricky to navigate. But they are essential, life-giving relationships that we should be intentional to nurture.In this episode, Jordan talks with author and podcast host Laura Tremaine about what adult friendships can look like and how to cultivate them.Grab a friend and tune in to learn:The importance of adult friendships and having multiple friendsTen types of friends every woman needsHow to create your own "life council" of friendsCommon friendship pain points and how to navigate themEasy tips for evaluating your friendshipsThree guidelines for making new friendsWant to dig deeper? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:Laura’s Book: Life Council: 10 Friends Every Woman NeedsWebsite: lauratremaine.comIG: @laura.tremaineJordan’s Book: Embrace Your Almost
Raise your hand if this sounds familiar… you go to the grocery store to pick up some food and notice that every item seems to have a different term on the label: organic, regenerative, cage-free, pasture-raised, local, grass-fed, grass-finished…There are so many buzzwords out there, but what does it all mean and why does any of it matter?How can you learn what’s important to you when it comes to food sourcing?Answering those questions is today’s guest, Justine Reichman, the founder and CEO of NextGen Purpose, whose goal is to educate consumers on how to understand the food system.In this episode, Jordan and Justine dig into what you need to know about the food system.Grab a snack and tune in to learn:The biggest issues challenging our farming, production, and supply chainsWhat questions consumers should be asking when choosing food sourcesWhat terms like organic and regenerative actually meanHow legislative policies affect the food systemTips for eating more local foodsThe benefits of eating locallyWant to dig deeper? Check out these resources mentioned in today’s podcast:Rodale Institute for organic and regenerative farmingEssential Ingredients podcastjustinerechman.comThe Lifestyle Overhaul Guide
Have you ever felt bad about making money as a Christian?Maybe you worry that wanting to make more money is selfish or greedy.Or maybe you want to make more money, but you don’t want to use slimy tactics.With all the corporate greed and materialism out there, it’s no wonder that we sometimes struggle with how to make money in a positive and life-giving way.In today’s episode, Jordan has a conversation with Kathryn Shubert, the co-CEO and master trainer at Guide Culture’s School of Sales.Together, they talk through the art of persuasion and how to feel good about making money as a Christian.Tune in to learn:Why some Christians feel weird about making moneyHow your values affect the way that you make moneyThe difference between persuasion and manipulationHow to provide more value without burning yourself outWhy it’s important to focus on people over processWant to dig deeper? Check out these resources:Guide CultureGuide Culture on IGPersuade for GoodUse THIS LINK for $10 off your first Crunchi order
Many of us want to be as healthy as we can to support our bodies to the best of our abilities - and one of the biggest ways we do that is by trying to choose healthier foods.But sometimes even good intentions can lead to poor outcomes.​​When trying to eat healthier, we may start to cut out whole food groups that we think are unhealthy.​And maybe in the pursuit of health, we even start limiting calories or restricting foods further, worrying that food intolerances may be affecting us.​Before we know it, our diet has become severely restricted. And with so much restriction, we may even start to develop a negative relationship with food, feeling stressed about our food choices and not being able to enjoy eating out.The question becomes: at what point does eating healthy do more harm than good? And how do we find the balance between choosing healthy options that nourish our body without being stressed or overly restrictive?In this episode, Jordan talks with clinical nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner Dr. Lauryn Lax about when eating healthy actually causes harm.Tune in to learn:Why following “healthy” diets or restricting foods in the name of health can lead to poor outcomesWhat orthorexia is and how to recognize itThe importance of having food freedom and balanceWhat it looks like to eat healthy without being too restrictiveHow dieting and overexercise affect our gut microbiome and hormonesTips for how to address unhealthy mindsets around food or your bodyWant to dig deeper? Check out these links mentioned in the episode:Eating Healthy is Killing YouTotal Gut Reset on InstagramLifestyle Overhaul Guide
When life doesn’t go how we thought it would, it can be difficult to navigate the tension between the hope and faith we have and the pain we are experiencing. How can we learn to trust God even when the outcomes aren’t what we hoped? And how can we lean into joy when our circumstances are far from happy?In this episode, Jordan speaks with author Nicole Jacobsmeyer about how to walk in joy and faith when life seems to give you more than you can handle. Tune in to this episode to learn:The difference between happiness and joy and what they look like in difficult seasonsHow to hold space for both positive and challenging emotionsThe difference between a theology of glory and a theology of suffering and why it’s important to understand the differenceHow being grounded in God’s Word can help us find joyWhat to do when you experience deep pain and suffering that doesn't match up with what they read in the BibleHow to support or comfort a friend who's facing something really painfulWant to dig deeper? Check out these links mentioned in the episode:@nicole.jacobsmeyer on Instagramnicolejacobsmeyer.comTake Back Your Joy by Nicole JacobsmeyerEmbrace Your Almost
For a while now, the health and wellness space has pushed a go go go mentality to women, often promoting intense workouts, dieting, and fasting.This, along with society’s idea of hustle culture has led many women into a never-ending hamster wheel of activity.But many of these ideas go against how the female body works - and can lead to poorer health overall.Many women are finding themselves exhausted and stressed. And the question is: how does this affect our thyroid, cycles, and metabolic health? And what can we do to better support and nourish our bodies?In this episode, Jordan talks with functional nutritionist and expert on all things metabolism and women’s health, Jessica Ash, about how to work with their body to support their metabolic and thyroid health.There is so much packed into this episode. Tune in to learn:The connection between the metabolism and the thyroidThe importance of getting enough protein in your dietTypes of stress and how they affect thyroid healthHow proper nourishment affects your cyclesWhat a pro metabolic style of eating looks likeDifferent methods you can use to track how your metabolism is functioningWant to dig deeper? Check out these links mentioned in the episode:@jessicaashwellness on Instagram@JessicaAshWellness1 on YouTubejessicaashwellness.comFully Nourished courseLifestyle Overhaul Guide
Does this sound familiar? 🙋‍♀️ ​​You decided to go on a fun trip, but you’re worried about how to eat healthy while you’re there. Whether you’re planning a week-long vacation or just eating out for the night, finding the balance between having the freedom to enjoy yourself and still nourishing your body to support your hormones can be tricky! In this episode, Jordan shares her top tips and ideas for how to eat healthy on the go (and they may not be what you think!). Tune in to this episode to learn:How to have the right mindset around eating outBest tips for eating healthy on road tripsHealthy and stress-free snack ideasTips for ordering healthy at a restaurantHow to support your blood sugar while traveling Ways to stay hydrated and support your mineralsWant to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle? Check out Jordan’s Lifestyle Overhaul Guide.
Most of us want to (and try to) avoid pain at all costs - and that includes reliving pain we experienced in the past.Yes, we want to find healing, but as great as that sounds, the reality is that the journey to get there is not always easy. In fact, the healing process itself can be pretty painful. Sometimes it seems easier to try and skip past the healing process altogether. But as painful as the healing journey can be, it’s worth it!In this episode, Jordan speaks with author, speaker, and founder of Broken Crayons Still Color, Toni Collier, about how to discover healing after pain.Toni shares practical steps and biblical wisdom that you won’t want to miss! Tune in to learn:The importance of addressing the hurt to find healing Why healing is often not quick, easy, or linear (and why numbing our emotions doesn’t help)Practical ways you can be more intentional about spending time with God even when you’re in the middle of your painHow to know when you’re ready to share something that you’ve been healing from The importance of healing before helpingMyths that people may believe about going to therapy and how therapy can make a differenceWant to dig deeper into this topic? Explore these links mentioned in this episode: on InstagramBrave Enough to Be BrokenEmbrace Your Almost
If you haven’t heard, we recently welcomed our son into our family, who came into our lives in the most divine way. I’ve been slow to share this news because over the last few years, I’ve really leaned into the beauty of maintaining privacy and boundaries with sacred things like this. So we’ve been taking time for just our family, soaking in these special moments, before inviting the whole world in. But I think it’s time to share this story and we wanted to do so in a podcast episode to give it its proper space. A simple Instagram caption just wouldn’t do it justice. A little backstory: back when we were engaged and had no idea what our family-building journey would look like, we agreed that we wanted to adopt one day. Adoption was always part of our family’s “plan,” we just didn’t know the timing. That said, adoption has never been a "Plan B" or a backup plan. It’s always been something we’ve felt called to — even before we began to struggle with recurrent pregnancy loss. Then through our involvement with Safe Families, as well as through loss, we felt the Lord nudging us to open our hands and hearts to adoption early in our family-building journey. We felt God was asking us to open all the doors to building a family and to trust Him with the order of how it would all play out.So, in January 2022, we started the adoption process and in January 2023, we were blessed to bring home our son, Noah.  We feel it’s important to share this story because it seems like all you ever hear is horror stories about adoption, but we truly had the most incredible experience from start to finish - and it’s important for those positive stories to be shared, too.So tune in to this episode to learn: Why we chose to pursue adoption early in our family-building journeyMore about the adoption processThe birth experience from our perspectiveOur answers to commonly asked questionsThe unexpected lessons God taught us along the wayThank you for celebrating this miracle with us. Every life is a miracle but there’s something unique and special and gospel-centered about the miracle of adoption… and we are humbled and honored that God would invite us into parenthood in this most redemptive and beautiful way. xo,Jordan and Matt 
How many times have you heard phrases like "you'll be fine," "don't cry," "everything happens for a reason," or "it could be worse"?When working through difficult emotions or challenging circumstances like loss, breakups, illness, or family issues, it can be frustrating when we are urged to be more positive.The truth is that even amid life’s challenges, we’re often pressured into being positive. We’re told to “look on the bright side” and be happy. And sometimes we ourselves tend to be overly positive because we just want to fix a friend’s hurt and help them feel better.While optimism is important and needed, there’s also something to be said for when positivity becomes toxic and prevents us from working through difficult emotions.But how can you recognize the difference between toxic positivity and optimism? And how can you find other ways to work through negative emotions?In this episode, Jordan talks with therapist and author Whitney Goodman about what toxic positivity looks like and how we can leave space for our real feelings.Grab your headphones and tune in to this episode to learn:What toxic positivity is and what it’s notWhy silencing negativity and difficult emotions doesn’t always workHow to recognize if our positivity is toxicWays to support someone going through a hard timeHow to complain and vent effectively / in a healthy wayWays to help your child regulate their emotions instead of resorting to toxic positivityReady to dig deeper? Learn more at If you haven't yet, make sure to grab a copy of Jordan's book, Embrace Your Almost.
Have you ever heard the term EMFs (electromagnetic fields)? Maybe you’ve heard that they can be dangerous to our health, but you’re unsure what you can do to protect against them.Or perhaps you’ve heard a lot of big talk about them and even seen tons of products marketed to “block EMFs” but to be honest, you’re skeptical that it’s really an issue at all. No matter which view you take, as more and more studies are done, and as technology continues to advance, chances are that you’ll continue to hear more about EMFs - and you’ll probably hear differing opinions on it.But the question remains: how do they actually affect the human body and is there any research that will help us better understand this issue?In this episode, Jordan talks with her brother, Nick Wawrzyniak, a certified EMF specialist, about EMFs and what the research is showing us.He breaks everything down and answers all the questions you’ve had about the topic.If you’re ready to truly understand this issue, then tune in to this episode to learn:What EMFs are and the science behind how they affect the body Common side effects that EMFS can causeWhat studies are showing about how EMFs affect reproductive health and children’s health4 reasons why it’s hard to find accurate information on EMFs (and where to find the research)3 different types of EMFs and where they are found inside and outside the homeWhat it means to remediate EMFs and why it’s better than blocking EMFs Steps you can take to protect against EMFsWant to dig deeper? Check out these resources mentioned in the"Take Back Your Power" documentary on Amazon PrimeNTP Study: Cancer in RatsIndependent Study: EMF Effects on Human CellsAdditional EMF studies and resourcesLifestyle Overhaul GuideEmail or go to for more info or to schedule a consultation (use the code JORDAN for 10% off of products)
Have you ever wanted to transform your house into the home of your dreams?Maybe you’ve got a long list of projects that you plan to do to really customize your space, but you’re trying to figure out the logistics and cost of it all.Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of building a home, but you’re not sure the price tag is in your budget.Enter Noell Jett, a seasoned home renovator and author of Create Your Dream Home on a Budget.Noell joins Jordan to share practical tips on how you can create your dream home too.Get ready to take notes and tune in to this episode to learn:Practical tips for saving money when building, renovating, decorating, and sourcing materials for a homeHow to figure out when to do something yourself or hire someone else Factors to consider for each room you’re designing and planning How to have real talks about money and budgeting when planning home projectsTips for modernizing your home without a major renovationHow to juggle being a wife, mom, and supervising the construction of a homeWant to dig deeper? Explore these links mentioned in the on InstagramCreate Your Dream Home on a Budget bookUse THIS LINK for $10 off your first Crunchi order
Many of us have goals and dreams that we’re passionate about pursuing (plus a lot of housework that needs to get done). So we put our heads down, create a to-do list, and try to make those goals happen.But at what point does trying to be productive leave you on a hamster wheel of never-ending work that sacrifices your mental health and relationships?While you may have started with drive and passion, the external pressure of trying to achieve it all can quickly turn into a chronic and unsustainable cycle of doing more - which can lead you to resent the work you once loved.So how can you lead a peacefully productive life that leaves room for rest, relationships, and what matters most?That’s what this episode explores! Jordan talks to Jess Massey, the founder of Hustle Sanely, about how we can pursue productivity while still prioritizing our health and relationships.Ready to pursue your goals without losing your mind? Tune in to this episode and learn:The dangers and negative effects of hustle cultureThe difference between hustle culture and peaceful productivityMyths that people believe you need to do to be productiveWhat work-life balance actually looks like Signs that you're burnt outHow to learn to slow down and enjoy restReady to dig deeper? Check out more from Jess at
Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced any of the following: heavy or painful periods, bloating, stubborn weight gain, dry skin and hair, brittle nails, PMS, or sleeplessness. 🙋‍♀️Did you know that all of these symptoms could be a sign of hormonal imbalance? So, what’s a girl to do? How can you figure out if your hormones are imbalanced and what habits can you incorporate to help improve them?Jordan explores the answers to those questions with hormone health educator Candace Burch. Together, they discuss easy ways to improve your hormonal health.Ready to get your hormones balanced again? Tune in to this episode to learn:The top hormone imbalances that women struggle with and symptoms to watch forRecommended testing to dig deeper into your hormonal healthCommon habits that actually contribute to hormonal imbalancesThe top non-negotiable habits to maintain hormonal healthThe dangers of toxins in household products and how they affect your hormonesHow to optimize your exercise for hormone balanceWant to dig deeper? Check out these links mentioned in the (use the code SHE50 for $50 off testing & rebalancing packages)Hormone Imbalance QuizSHE podcast episodes with Alisa Vitti (#169 and #170)Crunchi: get $10 off your first order through this link
Have you ever thought about quitting your job and building your own business? Maybe you’ve daydreamed about having more freedom and flexibility in your schedule so you can spend more time with your family. Or maybe you’re not feeling excited about your current work and you want to build something that you’re passionate about. But on a practical level, what are you actually supposed to do? Do you quit your job tomorrow and dive into the deep end or is there a way to build something on the side while you figure out what works best for you?And what if you don’t even know what kind of business you want to build?In this episode, Jordan talks with online marketing expert Amy Porterfield about her new book, Two Weeks Notice, which helps you make the transition from a 9-5 job to building your own business.If you’ve ever considered becoming an entrepreneur, but need some step-by-step help to guide you, this episode is for you! Tune in to learn:How to make the transition from a 9-5 job to building your own businessThe pros and cons to running a businessThe most common objections that hold people back from starting something newHow to know when its time to quit your current job and tips for giving your noticeTips to discover your business idea and your target audienceThree revenue-generating strategies that you can use to start a businessWant to dig deeper? Dig into these resources mentioned in the episode:Two Weeks Notice by Amy PorterfieldOnline Marketing Made Easy podcast with Amy PorterfieldGet $10 off your first Crunchi order with this link
If you’ve struggled with acne or skin issues or you know someone else who is struggling, this episode is for you! As someone who has struggled with adult acne for years, Jordan has tried everything from laser treatments and extractions to countless acne products and elimination diets (all of which didn’t help promote true healing).But after years of trial and error, and working with functional doctors and aestheticians, she has discovered seven things that have been the most effective for healing and transforming her skin.In this episode, Jordan breaks them down for you!Ready to heal your skin? Tune in to learn:7 effective strategies for improving your skinFoods that can have an inflammatory effect on your skin and how to choose better optionsThe danger of many skincare products marketed for acneHow to find non-toxic skincare products that actually workWays caffeine can affect your skin healthThe role microneedling can play in healing your skinWant to dig deeper? Check out these links mentioned in the episode:Realmilk.comRestorflora ProbioticI Am Polished by CrunchiGoldenlight Serum by CrunchiCrunchi SkincareUse THIS LINK for $10 off your first Crunchi orderPurity CoffeeLifeboost CoffeeModere BioCell Liquid CollagenCrucial Four Collagen Powder
Have you ever considered how you might be able to support vulnerable children and their families?While many people believe the only way to do this is by fostering or adopting, the reality is that there are still plenty of additional ways we can support foster children and vulnerable women.And who better to provide suggestions and share a peak into the reality of the foster care system than Tori Hope Petersen, a former foster youth turned foster and adoptive mom?In her new book Fostered, Tori shares her powerful story of growing up in the foster care system and finding faith.And in this episode, she joins Jordan to talk about how we can support foster families and children.Tune in to learn: Tori’s story of growing up in the foster care system and later becoming a foster mom, adoptive mom, and authorHow growing up in the foster care system can shape your identityWhat the Bible has to say about the Church's role in helping care for the vulnerableWays we can support those vulnerable children and their families, outside of fostering and adoptionWhat it looks like for the Church to be "radically hospitable"Struggles that are being seen in the foster care system and how it can be improvedHow to address the trauma that a foster child might faceWant to dig deeper? Explore these links mentioned in the episode to learn more: Fostered by Tori Hope on InstagramEmbrace Your Almost by Jordan Lee Dooley
Have you ever gotten stressed out trying to do ALL the things - like get your work done, do the laundry, meal plan for the week, clean the house, AND prioritize relationships and family members?Most weeks we have overwhelming to-do lists to get through and 50% of the time (okay, more like 95%), we still have dishes piled up in the sink, laundry left to fold, and no meals in the fridge. Maybe you’ve considered delegating some tasks to lighten the load, but you’re afraid that those tasks won’t get done at all or they won’t get done how you like them to be done.But the truth is that you have limited capacity. So, how can you learn to create systems in your home and delegate tasks so you can prioritize what matters most?In this episode, Jordan answers that question with guest Geomyra Pollard - a life and business coach known for being a systems and workflow guru. Together, they explore how you can better manage your household tasks and prioritize what (and who) matters most. Ready to let go of the overwhelm? Tune in to learn: Why “work-life balance” doesn’t exist and what to focus on instead Ways to better manage your time with household tasks like laundry and meal planningHow to schedule your week to help you prioritize what matters mostTips for delegating tasks to othersHow to recognize when it’s time to outsource and the top 5 things to outsource in your homeWhat it looks like to implement a "weekly reset" Want to dig deeper into this topic? Explore these links mentioned in the episode:Plan to Eat meal planning app@iamlivingwellrounded on Living Well Rounded podcastLifestyle Overhaul Guide
Let’s be honest. Setting boundaries is no easy task. In fact, for many people, the thought of having to set a boundary can feel downright scary. What if the other person doesn’t react well or refuses to follow the boundary you’ve set?As Christians, it can be even more challenging to set boundaries because we worry that we are unloving or selfish, or that our boundaries will get in the way of our ability to serve others.But never setting boundaries can easily lead to chaos, burnout, and unhealthy relationships.So how can we love others well while still establishing important (and needed) boundaries in our relationships?In this episode, Jordan talks with the head of Proverbs 31 Ministries and bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst about everything you need to know to set healthy boundaries as a Christian.Tune in to learn:What healthy boundaries actually look like and when to use boundariesWhy it’s unkind to NOT have boundariesThe importance of limiting how much “emotional access” we grant to people How to know when boundaries are needed and when they may hinder an opportunity to minister to someoneWhat to do when someone has a bad reaction to your boundariesHow to know when it’s time to say goodbye to an unhealthy relationshipWant to dig deeper? Explore the links mentioned in this episode:Good Boundaries and Goodbyes@lysaterkeurst on InstagramEmbrace Your Almost
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