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Pull up a seat and get ready to step into the woman you’re about to become. Join alongside National Bestselling Author, Jordan Lee Dooley, for this workshop-style podcast uniquely designed to help working women (like you!) steward your home, health, and work well – whatever your work looks like in this season.
Each week, you’ll walk away with implementable steps to improve your everyday life as an ambitious woman. From cultivating a home to managing money well, women’s health to clean living, time management to goal setting, we cover it.
Rooted in faith, inspired by Proverbs 31, and jam-packed with practical takeaways, each episode will inspire and equip you to pursue your dreams while prioritizing the most important things, or as J likes to say, “own your everyday.”
Come invited, leave ignited.
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In today’s society, “healthy eating” is often equated to eating more salads while cutting out gluten, dairy, and sugar.But are these trends really helping to nourish our bodies or are they causing us to eat less nutrient-dense real foods and instead consume more heavily processed, man-made, fake foods?As today’s guest says, “As a society, we’re eating more than ever before, but we’re starving on a cellular level.”So how can we learn how to read food labels and identify foods stuffed with fillers, preservatives, and synthetic ingredients? And how can we incorporate more real foods into our diet that nourish our bodies on a deeper level?That’s what this episode explores as Jordan talks with functional nutritionist Annika Duden. Together they talk about the fake foods infiltrating the standard American diet and why it’s so important to prioritize eating bioavailable and nutrient-dense whole foods instead.This is a juicy one! So grab your headphones and tune in to learn:What the metabolism is and what it looks like to pursue a pro-metabolic way of eatingWhat hyper-palatable foods are and how they’re causing us to be undernourishedExamples of real vs. fake foodThe problem with our gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free trends and how to source high-quality optionsThe best drinks to nourish your body and replenish mineralsCommon sources of toxins in the kitchen and swaps we can makeWant to dig deeper into this topic? Check out these links mentioned in the episode:Annika’s website and cookbooksAnnika’s IG: @iamannikanicoleJordan’s Lifestyle Overhaul Guide
Have you ever felt like your contributions don’t matter all that much?Maybe you’re knee-deep in loads of laundry or dishes in the sink, and it seems like the only thing you’ve done today is answer a couple of emails or feed your kids.Or maybe you tend to look at all the amazing things that others are doing with their lives and suddenly it feels like you can’t measure up.But the Bible shows that Jesus ministered to others through small moments. So why do so many of us struggle to feel like the little things we do matter at all?In this episode, Jordan talks with author Rachael Adams about why every moment, big or small, matters and how the little things we do can have a big impact.Tune in to this episode to learn:Why we often feel like our life and our contributions aren’t making a big enough differenceHow to shift our focus from the importance of big actions to small actionsHow Jesus demonstrated the importance of “a little” in His lifeThe role comparison plays in assessing what we have to offerHow our little offerings can drastically affect the people in our lifeWant to dig deeper? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:Rachael’s WebsiteRachael’s IG: @rachaeladamsauthorRachael’s Book: A Little Goes A Long WayJordan’s Book: Embrace Your Almost
The term “pelvic floor health” has been thrown around a lot in the past few years and chances are that when you read or heard about it, there was a lot of talk about doing kegels.But did you know that kegels are not always the right way to work on your pelvic floor? And did you know that the pelvic floor is closely tied to your breath, which means that focusing on how you breathe is really important?It turns out that there’s a lot to learn about this group of muscles - especially for women who often face pelvic floor issues during or after pregnancy.So in this episode, Jordan talks with pelvic floor physical therapist Dr. Mae Hughes about everything you need to know about the pelvic floor!Tune in to this episode to learn:What the pelvic floor is and why it’s so importantWhat happens to the pelvic floor during and after pregnancyWhat you can do to minimize pelvic floor issuesWhen (and when not to) do kegels and what may be more helpfulWhat research has to say about lifting and cardio in pregnancyDaily movements to help prepare for laborGuidelines for moving your body postpartumWant to dig deeper into this topic? Check out the links mentioned in this episode:Dr. Mae’s WebsiteIG: @dr.maehughesMovement Through Pregnancy courseMovement Through Early Postpartum courseUse THIS LINK for $10 off your first Crunchi order
When it comes to mental health, stress, and anxiety, we often talk about the need for self-care.But for believers, we can take things one step further by focusing on soul care and the usefulness of practices like Biblical mindfulness.But what is soul care exactly?And what evidence-based practices can Christians use when struggling with stress or mental health issues like anxiety and depression?That’s what Jordan explores in this episode with author Bonnie Gray. Together, they're exploring practical strategies for addressing stress and anxiety.Tune in to learn:What soul care isWhy you can’t outthink anxiety Tips for improving emotional and spiritual wellnessThe difference between Biblical mindfulness and secular mindfulnessHow to utilize the practice of breath prayerWhat it looks like to teach your children to prioritize their mental healthWant to dig deeper? Check out these links mentioned in the episode:Soul Care QuizIG: @thebonniegrayBonnie Gray's websiteBreathe: The Stress Less PodcastBonnie Gray’s book: BreatheJordan’s book: Embrace Your Almost
As consumers, it can be overwhelming to make conscious decisions about the types of companies we want to support.We want to give our business to companies that create clean and effective products AND support our values.But how do you know what to look for?The beauty and textile industries are some of the hardest to navigate, as products are often loaded with chemicals, overproduction creates large amounts of waste, and many garment workers are underpaid and have poor working conditions.So what can we do to select companies that not only produce clean products, but also promote chemical transparency, sustainability, and ethical practices?In this episode, Jordan answers that question with Lena Chao, the founder of Clean Circle. Together, they dig into everything you need to know about sustainability and transparency in the beauty industry.Tune into this episode to learn:Why the issue of overproduction and waste is important in the beauty industryTips for being more sustainable with beauty productsHow toxic chemicals used in the production of beauty products and fabrics affect our health and the environmentWhat chemical transparency is and why it's importantHow to find companies that use sustainable and ethical practicesWant to dig deeper into this topic? Check out the links mentioned in this episode:Clean Circle websiteIG: @cleancircleofficialUse THIS LINK for $10 off your first Crunchi order
If you’ve ever had to walk through recurrent pregnancy loss or infertility, you know how overwhelming it can be to figure out what doctors to see, what to test for, and what treatments to try.And, unfortunately, many women also experience doctors who gaslight them or insurance companies who won’t pay for testing until they’ve had a certain number of miscarriages.Even with additional testing, many women still get labeled with “unexplained” infertility or loss, which leaves them with more questions than answers.In this episode, Jordan shares more about her fertility journey and what she did differently with her fourth pregnancy, which resulted in her son, Shepherd.Together, she and her friend discuss how reproductive immunology played a role in their successful pregnancies and what the experience was like for them.Tune in to learn:Jordan’s story of recurrent lossWhat reproductive immunology isWhat it’s like working with a reproductive immunologist (RI) and what tests to expectWhy doctors may not be proactive in testing and how to advocate for your healthHow to navigate balancing modern medicine with a holistic approachResources to learn more about reproductive immunologyWant to dig deeper? Check out these resources mentioned in this episode:Derbala Institute for Reproductive ImmunologyReproductive Immunology Facebook groupPatients of Dr. Derbala Facebook groupIs Your Body Baby Friendly by Dr. Alan BeerUse THIS LINK for $10 off your first Crunchi order
Do you ever feel pulled in a million directions, like there’s just not enough time for everything you want to do?Your to-do list is always getting longer, but (as much as you try), you can’t get more time each day.Maybe it even feels like society’s message of “hustle harder” is the only way you’ll ever get anything done!But what if there was a better way?In this episode, Jordan talks with blogger and author Crystal Paine about how to maximize your time without being a productivity guru.Tune in to this episode and learn:Why hustling harder and being a productivity queen isn’t the answer to motherhoodA four-step system to organize and simplify your lifeWays to prioritize prayer during your busy dayHow to budget your time so you can be fully presentExample routines to help you better prioritize your dayWant to dig deeper? Check out these links mentioned in the episode:moneysavingmom.comCrystal’s IG: @themoneysavingmomCrystal’s book: The Time Saving MomMoney Saving Mom freebiesUse THIS LINK for $10 off your first Crunchi order
Ask yourself the question: are you enjoying motherhood or are you just trying to survive?Of course you love your kids and there are wonderful parts of motherhood.But modern motherhood is too often wrapped up in unrealistic expectations, mental overload, comparison, and guilt. Every parenting book and social media account gives you a list of things you need to do if you want to be a good mom.It’s no wonder mothers are increasingly reporting being burnt out and overwhelmed!It’s time to let go of the myths of what a good mom needs to look like, start embracing your own style of motherhood, and make time for yourself along the way.In this episode, Jordan talks with author Alli Worthington about her new book “Remaining You While Raising Them.” Together they walk through research-based suggestions for every mom to protect her spiritual, emotional, and physical health while raising children.You’ll learn:What a national survey of moms can teach us about “mom guilt”Why modern motherhood is broken and is breaking womenTips for not losing your identity in your mothering roleWhy motherhood is less about what you do and more about who you areSix simple mental health essentials for every momThe importance of discovering your own mothering styleWant to dig deeper into this topic? Check out the links mentioned in this episode:Alli’s book: Remaining You While Raising ThemAlli’s websiteAlli’s IG: @alliworthingtonJordan’s book: Embrace Your Almost
Have you ever been unsure of your calling?Maybe you’re in a difficult season that has left you wondering what God is doing and how He could work through your current circumstances.Or maybe you’ve gotten so caught up in your work that you’ve started to care more about the world’s measurements of success than God’s.Perhaps you’ve been trying so hard to replicate other people’s careers or trying to look impressive that you’ve forgotten to let God do what He wants through you.But what would it look like to surrender your doubt and let God lead?In this episode, Jordan chats with speaker, author, and spoken word poet Hosanna Wong about comparison and doubt in your calling.Grab those headphones and tune in to learn:What to do when you face doubt in your callingHow to focus on the consumer of your work more than the competitionWhy it’s more important to communicate effectively than communicate impressivelyWhat career success really looks like by God’s standards4 habits that Jesus exemplified in His daily lifeThe importance of prioritizing restWant to dig deeper into this topic? Check out the resources mentioned in this episode:Hosanna’s websiteHosanna’s IG: @hosanna.wongHosanna's spoken word piece: I Have a New NameHosanna’s book: You Are More Than You’ve Been ToldJordan’s book: Embrace Your Almost
Did you know that in the U.S. 1 in 2 children have at least one chronic health condition?Being intentional in the food we give our children, especially in their first few years of life, can play a huge role in supporting their gut health, metabolism, and immune health and preventing chronic illness.But how do we know which foods to feed our littles? And how can we take a more holistic approach to introducing foods to our babies?That’s what this episode explores! Jordan talks with holistic pharmacist and baby-led weaning expert Dr. Alyssa about how to take a holistic approach to feeding our children. This episode will provide countless tips and evidence-based practices to help you support your littles’ overall health.Tune in to learn:What baby-led weaning is and how to know when your baby is ready for solidsWhy our child's nourishment during their first few years of life is so important for their lifelong healthThe problem with our modern food systemTips for choosing real foods that prioritize nutrient densityWhat to do if your baby doesn’t like the foods you offer himHow to prepare things grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes in a way that makes them more digestibleDo’s and dont's for introducing common food allergensWant to dig deeper into this topic? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:Dr. Alyssa's WebsiteInstagram: @thrivingfoundationsFree Holistic BLW® Getting Started GuideFree Holistic BLW® WorkshopHolistic Baby-Led Weaning® CourseJordan's Lifestyle Overhaul Guide
Whether you’re sleep deprived with a baby fresh from the hospital or you’re trying to navigate the teenage years, parenting can be difficult and confusing.Every decision feels weighted, as you wonder how it might impact your child.Many parents often wonder if they’re making the right choices and if their kids will want to be around them when they no longer have to be.But what would happen if we filter all of our parenting decisions through the lens of fostering a relationship with our children and our spouses? How would this one shift affect how we make decisions, how we discipline, and how we manage our calendars?And how could this parenting direction change the relationship we have with our kids long-term?In this episode, Jordan talks with author Sandra Stanley about parenting with the goal of relationships in mind.In this candid conversation, you’ll learn:What parenting “with the relationship in mind” looks like and how it can inform every decision you make as a parentThe four stages of parenting and how to transition your parenting style from one season to the nextWhy behavior modification is not a healthy basis for building lasting relationships with your kidsHow to cultivate an environment that will encourage kids to talk to youWhy your marriage is important for your parenting and practical ways to strengthen your marriageWant to dig deeper? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:Use THIS LINK for $10 off your first Crunchi orderSandra’s bookSandra’s websiteSandra’s IG: @sandrawstanley
Surrendering and letting go of control is a challenging topic to hear, but it is central to the life of a Christian.While our fear or stress would lead us to try and control our circumstances, and society would have us manifest our way to happiness, the truth is that we can’t control everything.Surrendering to God’s plan, even in the midst of challenging circumstances, can bring much greater peace than our own control ever could.In this episode, Jordan talks with author Tara Sun about how to surrender to God and let Him take control.Tune in to this episode to learn:The difference between surrendering and giving upWhat the Bible says about surrenderEncouragement for those with unmet expectationsHow secular ideas feed into the myth of controlThe importance and value of patience and walking at God’s paceWant to dig deeper? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:Tara’s book: Surrender Your StoryTara’s WebsiteTara’s IG @misstarasunTara’s podcast: Truth Talks with TaraJordan’s book: Embrace Your Almost
Everyone talks about the importance of work-life balance, but is it even achievable?Maybe you’re in a really busy season at work right now and you feel guilty about it, so in an effort to balance your work time and your family time, you try to do more activities with your kids. But at the end of the day, you’ve added even more to your calendar and it doesn’t take long before you feel completely burnt out.So instead of adding more to your plate, what if there was a better way to navigate work and life?And what if there was a way that you could even find some time to do things that you enjoy (that aren’t related to work, productivity, or your family members)?In this episode, Jordan talks with business strategist and author Tina Wells about how you can find work-life harmony.You’ll learn:What work-life harmony looks like and how it’s different than work-life balanceThe importance of creating clutter-free physical, digital, and mental spacesHow inspiration plays a role in finding work-life harmonyWhy being unplugged and allowing yourself to be bored can help you be inspiredHow to create rituals that help you find time for yourselfWant to dig deeper? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:Elevation by Tina at TargetTina’s book: The Elevation ApproachTina’s websiteIG: @tinawellsUse THIS LINK for $10 off your first Crunchi order
Have you ever heard “workout more and eat less” or “less calories in and more calories out”?Maybe you’ve been taught to think that fat and red meats are unhealthy, carbs are evil, and skipping meals will help you.But much of this advice can actually work against you and leave you with poor nutrition.So how do you support your body’s nutritional needs in the midst of busy seasons and children running around demanding your attention?In this episode, Jordan talks with functional nutritionist Brooke Rozzie about what you can do to better support your health through nutrition (without beating yourself up to do it).Tune in to learn:Tips for being active and nourishing your body as a busy momSustainable actions you can take to meet your body’s foundational needsThe difference between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems and what you can do to deal with stressors5 myths that you may be believing about nutritionHow to nourish your body while travelingWant to dig deeper? Check out these links mentioned in this episode:IG: @brookerozzieThe Power of a Woman podcast10 Habits You Need to Support Improved Health & Feel Amazing in Your SkinSchedule a Clarity Call with BrookeLifestyle Overhaul Guide
Navigating pregnancy after loss is hard. Feelings of fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and even grief are often overwhelming.Some days you may feel some hope and the next day you may feel scared out of your mind. It seems that each week brings both relief and more fear.And while there is no perfect 3 step plan that will eliminate the negative emotions, there are some things that can help you walk through the difficult feelings that come up.In this episode, Jordan shares her experience navigating pregnancy after loss and the things that helped her the most.Tune in to this episode to learn:Why feelings of fear, anxiety, and grief are normal when experiencing pregnancy after lossThe role your brain’s trauma center plays in pregnancy lossHow therapy can help navigate your fearThe importance of connecting with others who have had a similar experienceWhy waiting to share the news can be helpfulHow your prayer life may look different when navigating lossWant to dig deeper? Explore the links mentioned in this episode:Use THIS LINK for $10 off your first Crunchi orderEmbrace Your Almost
Have you ever walked through suffering or something unexpected and felt like even your friends don’t know how to respond or help?And they’re not the only ones. You’re not even sure how to hold onto faith given the very real and perhaps painful circumstances you’re facing.Whether it’s a hefty diagnosis, a loss, a broken relationship, or life just not going how you expected it to, holding onto real faith in the midst of real life can be challenging.In this episode, cancer survivor and author Michele Cushatt walks through 10 practices that will help build up your faith in the midst of life’s challenges.If you’re ready to be inspired, tune in to learn:Ten practices that help walk through sufferingThe purpose of lament and what the practice of lament can look likeThe importance of giving ourselves time to grieve the unexpectedHow to reconcile phrases like “rejoice always” with the practice of lamentThe difference between relinquishment and giving upThe importance of sabbath rest and how to incorporate it into your lifeWant to dig deeper? Check out these links mentioned in the episode:Michele’s websiteMichele’s IG page: @michelecushattMichele’s book: A Faith That Will Not FailJordan’s book: Embrace Your Almost
Have you ever tried getting work done from home only to become distracted by your kids asking for help, the laundry screaming to be folded, or the food that won’t cook itself?Or maybe you're tired of feeling guilty for spending so much time on work and not doing all the activities with your kids that you see other moms doing on Instagram and Pinterest.Balancing work and family can be difficult - especially if you’re a work-from-home mom!In this episode, Jordan chats with productivity coach and podcast host Alyssa Wolff about how to simplify your home and create routines that will help you manage your time so you can have the space you need to be present with your family.Ready to create more space and presence in your life? Tune in to this episode to learn:Myths about what it looks like to be a work-at-home momHow to tackle mom guilt and the “mommy martyr” mentalityTips to balance the mission to serve your family with the need to take care of yourselfHow to deal with distraction and actually get work doneWeekly planning rhythms and daily to help get your week goingWhat an unbusy approach to parenting looks likeWant to dig deeper? Check out these links from the episode:yourunbusylife.comThe Unbusy Mom podcastUse THIS LINK for $10 off your first Crunchi order
Have you ever had issues with your period or health and wondered… is this normal?Maybe you’ve wondered if the length of your period is normal or you’ve experienced major PMS symptoms or fatigue and you’re not sure why.Perhaps your doctor has dismissed your issues, or you feel uncomfortable asking certain questions.Wouldn’t it be great if there was just a manual that could walk you through everything related to women’s health? (Guess what? There is now!).In this episode, Jordan talks with naturopathic endocrinologist Dr. Jolene Brighten about her new book, Is This Normal, which walks you through all the questions you’ve been dying to ask about women’s health.If you’re ready to get to the root cause of your period problems and hormonal imbalances, or you’re just wondering what’s considered normal, then tune in to this episode to learn:The top three most commonly asked questions women have about period and hormonal healthWhat a “normal” period looks likeHow to track your cycleSymptoms that indicate hormonal imbalancesWhat endocrine disruptors are, where they are found, and how they affect your healthHow to support your body’s detoxification processWant to dig deeper? Check out these links mentioned in the episode:Dr Brighten’s websiteDr Brighten IG: @drjolenebrightenDr. Brighten’s book: Is This NormalJordan’s Lifestyle Overhaul Guide
Have you ever noticed how there are countless podcasts, books, and social media accounts dedicated to strengthening your marriage, becoming a better parent, and even dealing with your coworkers, but very few resources on how to foster adult friendships?Even as adults, friendships are not always easy, and they can sometimes be tricky to navigate. But they are essential, life-giving relationships that we should be intentional to nurture.In this episode, Jordan talks with author and podcast host Laura Tremaine about what adult friendships can look like and how to cultivate them.Grab a friend and tune in to learn:The importance of adult friendships and having multiple friendsTen types of friends every woman needsHow to create your own "life council" of friendsCommon friendship pain points and how to navigate themEasy tips for evaluating your friendshipsThree guidelines for making new friendsWant to dig deeper? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:Laura’s Book: Life Council: 10 Friends Every Woman NeedsWebsite: lauratremaine.comIG: @laura.tremaineJordan’s Book: Embrace Your Almost
Raise your hand if this sounds familiar… you go to the grocery store to pick up some food and notice that every item seems to have a different term on the label: organic, regenerative, cage-free, pasture-raised, local, grass-fed, grass-finished…There are so many buzzwords out there, but what does it all mean and why does any of it matter?How can you learn what’s important to you when it comes to food sourcing?Answering those questions is today’s guest, Justine Reichman, the founder and CEO of NextGen Purpose, whose goal is to educate consumers on how to understand the food system.In this episode, Jordan and Justine dig into what you need to know about the food system.Grab a snack and tune in to learn:The biggest issues challenging our farming, production, and supply chainsWhat questions consumers should be asking when choosing food sourcesWhat terms like organic and regenerative actually meanHow legislative policies affect the food systemTips for eating more local foodsThe benefits of eating locallyWant to dig deeper? Check out these resources mentioned in today’s podcast:Rodale Institute for organic and regenerative farmingEssential Ingredients podcastjustinerechman.comThe Lifestyle Overhaul Guide
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Aakash Amanat

I just listened to the latest episode of "SHE with Jordan Lee Dooley" and I'm absolutely blown away! Jordan always brings such insightful and empowering content, and this episode was no exception. The way she discusses topics related to personal growth, authenticity, and navigating life's challenges truly resonates with me. In this episode, her discussion about setting healthy boundaries and prioritizing self-care really hit home. It's a reminder that taking care of ourselves is not selfish, but rather a crucial step towards leading a fulfilling life and being able to give our best to others.

Aug 21st
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Thank you so much for sharing ❤️

Aug 17th
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Amber Weekley

love love love this podcast ❤❤

Mar 31st

rajeev Varma

you are correct, i know a few of job listings. thank you for sharing. @

Jan 31st

Amber Weekley

I love this podcast & this episode definitely hit home with me. I'm so glad I listened to it, to start my day!

Dec 1st

Laura G Hayes

It is SO EASY and common to feel behind. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. your perspective is refreshing.

Jul 28th

Alexa Fox

Extremely grateful for this conversation. Thank you! ❤

Feb 16th

Amber Weekley

Yay! New episodes! I'm so happy & I needed these badly. Tysm JL! Your self help podcast helps me start my day in a good mental space.❤

Nov 25th

Megan Bourquin

Love this episode! Thank you for talking about this. Coming from a victor of sexual assault and domestic abuse.

Aug 18th

Midnight Waffle

Thank you for discussing this important topic.

Feb 24th

Samin Arzani

love it! that was exactly what I need

Feb 21st

Nicole Guerton


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Amanda Baskin


Jan 30th

Rachel Miller

I'm thankful for this message, thank you. maybe this topic should've been done at a little later date to where you would be able to portray your experience with less negativity and criticism :/ I just feel as if I listened to a rant more than a message. God bless your ministry

Jul 18th
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Ellie Ekatomatis

We need more of this topic. Excellence is a choice ... choose to be excellent!!

Jul 18th
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Coach BillieC

Thanks ladies, I so loved this show. Your honesty and tips about exercise and practicing wellness in key areas were on point. it requires consistent focus to create strong foundations and once they are strong you won't be derailed easily. Fit is a mindset that manifest in the physical too. Keep sharing and inspiring us to greatness. I am working on revamping my show and I know in my heart it is beneficial for those who listen and follow. Happiness and Many Blessings!

Jul 5th

Amber Weekley

this is my favorite podcast rn!

Mar 4th

Sharon Treharne

This is great!!! it's so important to chat about these things!

Jan 28th

Alexandra Gail

So helpful! Making it a priority to be more intentional at work with my time this new semester & at home too, less screen time when my husband comes home from work

Jan 4th

Emily Hystad

love the honesty Jordan gives in her podcasts, dont need to hide or cover our scars.. love it ! we're all beautiful !!

Dec 20th
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