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St Francis is known for caring about animals, great and small. But did you know he had his own pets too? Listen now! St Francis of Assisi, Pray for Us!
St Thérèse knew that even though she faced hardships and challanges, she never faced them alone. She knew God was there to help her and He could carry her cross when she needed Him. Listen now to hear her story! St Thérèse of Lisieux, Pray for Us!
St Jerome probably never expected a wild animal to wander into class as he sat outside with the other monks...definitely not a lion! What would you do? Would you run? Listen now to hear what St Jerome did! St Jerome, Pray for Us!
Padre Pio was known as a Saint while he was still alive. He could be in two places at once, he could fly, and he could miraculously heal people! Listen now to hear just one of Padre Pio's amazing miracles. St Padre Pio, Pray for Us!
St Ephigenia knew what she wanted for herself. She was sure that her life with Christ was exactly as it should be...and she didn't need anyone telling her differently. Listen now to hear her story! St Ephigenia, Pray for Us!
- Originally aired 9/14/19 - St Hildegard knew what God wanted her to do...her abbot disagreed. Sometimes you have to ask God to take control and help...but sometimes God decides to take control whether you ask or not. God used Hildegard to change the mind of her abbot who was strict and "inflexible" to say the least. Listen now! St Hildegard of Bingen, Pray for Us!
St Nicholas took a vow...he took several actually. But sometimes it's hard to keep your word. But God is always looking out for us...and He definitely had some help for Nicholas. Listen now to hear his story! St Nicholas of Tolentine, Pray for Us!
Ep. 127 St Dominic

Ep. 127 St Dominic


St Dominic had a close connection to God, and he knew that God would always take care of His people...even when others doubted. Listen now to hear his story! St Dominic, Pray for Us!
St Anthony had a special connection with people. He knew that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and he was always willing to protect them. Listen how to hear his story! St Anthony of Padua, Pray for Us!
St Anthony was known to be a great speaker. People came from far and wide to listen to him preaching. I wonder if he knew just how far reaching his words would be? Listen now to hear his story! St Anthony of Padua, Pray for Us!
St Peter had doubts just like everybody else. He didn't think he was doing a very good job. Do you know who did though? God! Listen now to hear his story! St Peter Celestine, Pray for Us!
Ep. 123 St Desiderius

Ep. 123 St Desiderius


Desiderius was just who the people needed...even if he didn't know it. Listen now to hear his story! St Desiderius, Pray for Us!
Ep. 122 St Isidore

Ep. 122 St Isidore


St Isidore always made time for prayer. But he never forgot about his other responsibilities...He did get a little help once in a while though. Listen now to hear his story! St Isidore, Pray for Us!
Ep. 121 St Odilo

Ep. 121 St Odilo


St Odilo knew that he could always count on God. He would always have his back...even on horseback! Listen now to hear his story! St Odilo, Pray for Us!
Ep. 120 St Antoninus

Ep. 120 St Antoninus


St Antoninus knew the value of words...and that words had weight. Listen now to hear his story! St Antoninus, Pray for Us!
Ep. 119 St Zita

Ep. 119 St Zita


St Zita always saw the best in people, even when things went wrong. Listen now to hear her story! St Zita, Pray for Us!
It seemed like sometimes all St Catherine did was pray and pray and...pray...because she did. No, really, she did! Listen now to hear her story! St Catherine, Pray for Us!
St John Joseph performed many miracles, but was very modest about it. He wanted people to know it was truly God's power that provided them, not his...but some people are harder to convince than others. Listen now to hear his story! St John Joseph, Pray for Us!
St Julian spent his time helping others to make up for things he'd done early in his life. He never really knew if the changes he made would make up for his sins though. Listen now to hear his story! St Julian the Hospitaller, Pray for Us!
Brother Juniper wanted to help his fellow brothers find more time in the day. He had a great idea...or so he thought. Listen now to hear his story! Servant of God Brother Juniper, Pray for Us!
Comments (3)

Jenn Ross

My son loves these so do I.

Jun 12th

Angela Devereux

Absolutely love these. We listen to them in the car each morning on the way to school. My kids (7 + 5) love them and remember the stories. They make the faith more real for them. Thank you!

Sep 2nd

Stephanie Forgacs

I love these. they are perfect length and great way to share the lives of the Saints with my little ones!

Jun 13th
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