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Sauna Sessions is Prince EA’s next step in bringing enlightenment and healing to his global network of fans. The sauna has long been a place of contemplation, a place to clear one’s mind and body. The conversations here, recorded in a specially-built sauna studio, clear today’s toxic noise and get down to the searing truths about mind, body, and spirit to apply practical wisdom to our daily lives.
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 Ever thought about why your personal brand matters? Well, it goes beyond just a fancy logo or a catchy slogan. Your personal brand is your unique identity, and it plays a pivotal role in how you connect with others, both personally and professionally.Today is another solo episode where I answer questions about storytelling and the impact it can have in changing your life.  It's not just about spinning tales; it's about finding your voice, being authentic, and staying true to yourself. Your story isn't just words; it's an experience. It's about captivating your audience, and making your message relatable and engaging. It's about having the courage to be bold and share your story or message unapologetically.As we journey through the world of personal branding and storytelling, we'll touch on personal growth, the impact of social media on storytelling, and practical strategies to overcome negative self-talk. And before we wrap up, I want you to reflect on something: What's your calling, and what legacy do you want to leave in this world? Your answers hold the keys to shaping your personal brand and making a lasting impact.What We Talked About:00:00 Intro01:06 Why does it matter to have a personal brand?02:41 Storytelling - finding your own voice07:36 Maintaining authenticity in your personal brand12:28 To convey your message, make your story entertaining16:16 Be bold in sharing your story or message19:29 Personal growth23:52 Storytelling has evolved with social media29:45 How to get yourself out of negative self-talk34:35 How do you craft stories that are relatable?36:00 Clarity is a good start in building your brand38:23 What’s your calling?42:50 What will be your lasting impact on the world? Connect with Prince on:
Is there a way that you can shift your own identity? In this episode, we talk about identity and why it’s a huge important part of success.Today, we will welcome Anthony Trucks, a former NFL Athlete, American Ninja Warrior on NBC, international speaker, host of the Aww Shift podcast, author of the “Identity Shift” book, and the founder of Identity Shift coaching. He uses cutting-edge research in science and psychology to upgrade how you operate so you can elevate your life and business to reach your full potential. After being given away into foster care at 3 years old, being adopted into an all white family at 14, losing his NFL career to injury and more he learned how to shift at a very young age, and now his life mission is teaching others how to do the Dark Work to Make Shift Happen in their lives.Anthony shares his personal story of finding his own identity, importance of spending time with your family, your identity as a foundation of success, his personal productivity method, and how he became at peace with death. What We Talked About:00:00 Intro00:49 Importance of family time03:24 Having an identity crisis09:29 Identity as the most important part of success18:02 “I am who I am…”22:39 Identity with the beingness25:43 Anthony’s productivity method36:28 Why do NFL players go broke after retirement?41:31 You don’t get money, you get value44:44 Being at peace with death57:04 Anthony’s Five Best
Ever wondered about life's biggest questions and how they can shape our journey? Intriguing questions guide our path, sparking a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. From understanding the transformative power of silence and the art of inner peace to nurturing self-compassion and debunking the myth that spiritual growth opposes material progress, we'll unlock profound insights that can elevate our lives. Renowned Indian spiritual leader, humanitarian, and the founder of the Art of Living Foundation, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, often referred to simply as Gurudev, chats with Prince about life and the practices that matters most for personal growth. Gurudev confronts the enigmatic concept of death and explores various breathing techniques to enhance mindfulness and vitality. Join us on this journey of spiritual awakening as we seek answers to life's profound questions and empower ourselves to lead lives filled with purpose, wisdom, and boundless joy.What We Talked About:00:00 Intro01:34 The biggest questions you can ask yourself04:41 How important it is to be silent?06:30 How do you cultivate inner peace?09:51 How do you develop self-compassion?11:39 Spiritual journey doesn’t oppose material progress16:15 The practice of yoga and meditation20:05 How would you describe death?22:56 Different breathing techniques23:57 What is the art of living?28:28 The Best with Gurudev29:52 World Cultural FestivalConnect with Sri Sri on: with Prince on:
What if the key to unlocking your true potential lies in reshaping education, embracing mentors, and exploring unconventional sources of inspiration? Intriguing questions guide our exploration, urging us to challenge norms and tap into the wisdom of unconventional sources. From advocating for education system reform and investing in exceptional teachers to redefining success beyond traditional universities, we will look deep into the intricacies of knowledge acquisition and self-empowerment.Let's unpack the transformative impact of growth literature and the importance of taking action over mere ideas, the strategies for lifelong learning and the role of technology in self-education, and the essence of self-discovery true self-education. What We Talked About:00:00 Intro01:23 Education system reform03:04 Invest in better teachers07:27 Is going to university important?11:21 Inspiration from hip hop artists15:46 Music and white noise for productivity17:32 A mentor is a cheat code in life21:44 Top three books for growth25:48 Don’t get stuck in the ideas27:23 Staying on top of learning31:15 Technology on self education32:07 Discover who you really areConnect with Prince on:
What if the choices we make every day are either leading us towards vitality or a path of hidden harm? From hidden loopholes in ingredient lists to the paradigm of passing down food chemicals, we challenge the norm and set out to create a better future for ourselves and generations to come. Today, we will welcome Darin Olien, the co-host of the Emmy Award Winning, #1 Netflix docu-series, Down to Earth with Zac Efron. Darin is the founder of Barukas™, the most nutrient-dense nut in the world coming  from the Savannah “Cerrado” of Brazil. Through sustainable business practices, the company is committed to supporting this important biome by planting 20 million Baruzeita trees while getting out the most delicious nut on the planet. From his years of experience within the health space, he wrote his New York Times best-selling book, SuperLife: The Five Fixes That Will Keep You Healthy, Fit And Eternally Awesome. As we master the art of conscious living, we unlock the transformative potential of our choices, nurturing not only our well-being but also the well-being of the planet. And when it comes to food, the rise of plant-based meat is turning heads. But wait, there's more! Ever thought that how you eat matters just as much as what you eat? Now, let's address the elephant in the room: can we actually undo the damage caused by toxin exposure? The answer might just surprise you. You'll realize that wellness is about more than just what's on your plate.  What We Talked About:00:00 Intro01:21 What is a Fatal Convenience?11:36 Loopholes on the ingredient list in products15:16 We are born into a system of passing down food chemicals18:41 Top superfoods that are easy to access23:37 Small things have a big effect on our health28:41 Replacing cologne with essential oils35:52 Chemicals in scented candles37:04 Plant-based meat40:11 You consume more food when you don’t eat it properly43:06 Can we reverse the damage of toxin exposure?49:15 What should we know about makeup products53:00 The Five Best with Darin59:20 Benefits of eating baru nutsConnect with Darin on: Darin Olien ShowBooksConnect with Prince on:
Do you truly value each precious minute of your life? Intriguing questions ignite our curiosity, urging us to embrace the power of time, routines, and nourishment. From the transformative impact of continuous service to the keys of a purposeful morning and night routine, we unlock the pathways to productivity, vitality, and personal growth. Today's guest is a global entrepreneur, investor, New York Times #1 best selling author, philanthropist, and the world's leading life and business strategist, Tony Robbins. The quest for knowledge and empowerment takes center stage as Prince and Tony confront the current state of the educational system. With the "Own Your Future Challenge," we dive into a transformative journey of personal growth and empowerment, unleashing the limitless potential that lies within each of us. Explore the transformative power of navigating challenging emotions and embracing resilience as a catalyst for growth. This is an enlightening conversation about self-discovery and growth, as we embrace the transformative power of time, routines, and self-empowerment, empowering ourselves to live a life of purpose, impact, and fulfillment. What We Talked About:00:00 Intro00:26 Every minute counts so continue to serve03:05 Do you have a morning and night routine?17:43 When you burn a lot of calories, how do you replenish?23:30 Where are we at with the current educational system?34:34 The Own Your Future Challenge38:44 We live in a time where we easily get depressed if we don’t take control of the input we’re getting49:28 What do you need to do when you’re depressed?57:34 Sometimes not getting what you want leads to growth01:01:06 How do you keep a loving and inspiring relationship?Connect with Tony on: with Prince on:
What if you could take charge of your life like a CEO? What if you can be the boss of your own health? In this episode, we will open the path to health, leadership, and personal transformation. Today, we will welcome Robin Farmanfarmaian, a professional speaker and entrepreneur driving high-level business development for cutting-edge medical and biotech companies poised to impact 100M patients. With over 180 speaking engagements in 15 countries, she educates audiences on technology, the future of healthcare, patient empowerment, building thought leadership, and more. Robin shares the challenges of having Crohn's disease to stepping into the role of a proactive CEO of our lives, the revolutionary impact of AI in healthcare and exploring the technological frontiers that transform the landscape of well-being, and the keys to success for female entrepreneurs and unlocking the thought leader formula for inspiring others.  What We Talked About:00:00 Intro00:54 Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease04:47 We should be the CEO of our lives06:21 How do you build your own team?08:11 AI in healthcare transformation12:36 There’s always risks involve14:32 What changes would you make?16:23 Pushback from patients and hospitals19:02 Wearable devices to track health progress22:40 What’s your health protocol?24:35 Why is air quality a big deal?26:52 Challenges for a female entrepreneur30:09 What is the thought leader formula?32:25 How to master giving keynotes?34:26 How do you become a good speaker?37:52 Be considerate of the future you39:52 Switching to home care42:09 Strategies for better pain management45:40 The Five Best with Robin49:05 What is generative AI?Connect with Robin on: Patient as CEO: How Technology Empowers the Healthcare ConsumerConnect with Prince on:
Have you ever pondered the true nature of spirituality? What lies beyond the realm of ideas and concepts? Can spirituality be embraced by individuals of diverse beliefs, even atheists? These questions ignite our curiosity, urging us to transcend the confines of the familiar and embrace the extraordinary.Prince is back with another Solo episode where he will share his insights and thoughts on spirituality. We will uncover the transformative power of solitude and self-acceptance and we will tap into the incredible power of affirmations, shaping our reality and awakening the divine spark within.By cultivating awareness and acceptance, we awaken to the transformative energy of spirituality, navigating challenges with grace, resilience, and unwavering faith. It becomes a transformative force that illuminates our path and empowers us to transcend limitations, embracing a life of profound peace, purpose, and fulfillment. Ignite the divinity within and embrace the radiant light of spiritual awakening.What We Talked About:00:00 Intro01:28 How do you define spirituality?05:08 Spirituality is a dimension beyond ideas08:12 How can one start exploring their spirituality16:48 Can an atheist become spiritual?21:11 How do you become okay with being alone?26:52 The power of the “I am” state29:04 Spirituality is the panacea of our earthly problems32:38 Bringing awareness and acceptance to spirituality Connect with Dustin on: Connect with Prince on:
What if the path to healing lies within, waiting to be unlocked?  Intriguing questions ignite our curiosity, urging us to explore the cutting-edge world of infrared saunas and the complexities of chronic pain. From the intricacies of pain tolerance across cultures to the wellspring of inspiration that drives healers, we unravel the interconnected tapestry of healing and self-discovery.Today, let's welcome Dr. Tom Walters, a rehab scientist and specialist in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and movement disorders. Combining kinesiology education, manual therapy and individually tailored therapeutic exercise to treat orthopedic conditions.Education becomes the beacon of empowerment as we embrace its transformative role in the healing process. Prepare to harness the mind's creative power as we explore the art of mental imagery, using visualization to facilitate profound physical recovery. As we navigate the health challenges of our modern world, we empower ourselves with practical tips to stay pain-free and embrace holistic wellness. Let's unveil the secrets to aging gracefully, challenging the notion that growing older diminishes our vitality.  What We Talked About:00:00 Intro00:43 Is the infrared sauna big in rehab?02:07 Why is chronic pain hard to resolve?03:40 Pain tolerance differs around the world10:48 Where does the inspiration to heal people come from?12:32 What does education about pain do in the healing process?15:26 How the placebo effect works18:45 Stress and chronic pain20:22 Mental imagery - using visualization to heal the body23:59 How do we deal with more health issues we are facing today?26:25 Tips to help people stay pain free?32:26 Can supplements help with healing?35:51 How can we become stranger as we age?39:43 The Rehab Science42:51 The Five Best with Tom Walters Connect with Tom on: Science: How to Overcome Pain and Heal from InjuryConnect with Prince on:
Embrace the power of intimacy in your relationships, for it is the key that unlocks profound emotional connections and unyielding trust. Through intimate bonds, hearts intertwine, paving the way for open communication and understanding. Let the warmth of intimacy light your path to greater satisfaction, reduced stress, and an ever-deepening love that stands the test of time. Embrace intimacy, and discover a world of fulfillment, where souls unite and love flourishes in its purest form.Today, Prince EA welcomes Susan Bratton, a renowned relationship expert and intimacy advocate. With a passion for helping couples ignite and maintain the spark in their relationships, Susan has become a leading authority on sexual wellness and conscious intimacy. Through her extensive work in the field, she has authored books, created programs, and delivered inspiring talks that empower individuals and couples to cultivate deeper connections and fulfilling relationships. In this episode, Susan talks about the impact of media on relationships, different kinds of orgasms, and how you can elevate intimacy with your partner. What We Talked About:00:00 Intro01:27 “Sex is a part of who we are…”06:57 Language is powerful10:00 Media's impact on relationship and sex16:26 Different kinds of orgasms22:13 Sex vs. Intimacy27:06 Importance of technique and skill34:29 Expanding your sex span38:31 Sexual Soulmates46:22 The Five Best with SusanConnect with Susan on: with Prince on:
What truly excites you in life? Have you ever questioned the power of knowledge and how it shapes your reality? Prepare to question the very fabric of your existence as we explore the profound connection between consciousness and creation, liberating ourselves from the limitations of fear and embracing the transformative power of love and harmony.Prince welcomes Bruce Lipton, an American developmental biologist, author, and speaker known for his groundbreaking work in the field of epigenetics. One of Bruce Lipton's significant contributions was his book "The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles." He suggests that positive thoughts and beliefs can lead to beneficial changes in our bodies, while negative thoughts and stress can have adverse effects on health.At the heart of our exploration lies the profound understanding that we are not victims of circumstance, but creators of our reality. Through belief reprogramming and awakening from the programs we have downloaded from others, we step into our divine potential and design the life we truly desire. The duality of our minds, the conscious and subconscious, come into focus as we learn to harness their different functions for profound transformation. And as we delve into the interconnectedness of all beings, we embrace the power of community as the driving force of evolution. Unleash your inner potential and embrace the truth that heaven resides not in some distant realm, but within the consciousness we were born into. Step into a life of purpose, authenticity, and limitless possibilities as we awaken to the extraordinary power that resides within us all. What We Talked About:00:00 Intro00:47 What are you excited about these days?11:24 A lack of knowledge is a lack of power14:07 Let’s get out of the mindset, “I'm a victim of my heredity.”19:51 The mind is the creator of all matter25:23 Evolution was a result of random mutation29:49 People in power give us something to fear and offer a solution for a price37:36 Can you reprogram someone’s belief to a more harmonious and loving belief system?41:37 There are two minds with different functions45:58 The conscious mind can do two things: driving and thinking49:30 You’re not creating the life you want, you're just functioning on a program57:00 Each of us has a set of receptors and we all have our own signal01:02:15 We don’t die and go to heaven, we were born into heaven01:05:10 We must wake up from the program we downloaded from others01:08:01 Community is the nature of evolutionConnect with with Bruce on: with Prince on:
Discovering true alignment with ourselves is a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It's about unraveling the layers of who we are, embracing our authentic essence, and boldly living in harmony with our deepest desires. In this sacred dance of self-connection, we unlock the immense power within, radiating our unique brilliance and igniting a path of purpose and fulfillment. Embrace the call within and embark on the extraordinary adventure of finding alignment with your magnificent self.Today, Prince EA welcomes Aaron Alexander - a pioneering manual therapist and movement coach, founder and creator of the Align Method, author of the Align Method book, and host of the Align Podcast, which has ranked #1 in Nutrition on iTunes. Aaron shares the importance of trusting yourself, why and how you can be dangerous in order to protect the people you love, relationship and intimacy, and how to be find your alignment within ourselves.What We Talked About:00:00 Intro01:00 Opening your eyes to wonders03:04 Alignment07:07 Trust and fearlessness10:57 “To be healthy is to be whole…”13:26 Sitting is bad?16:53 Be dangerous21:49 The first thing that you need to do is run23:00 Power poses29:05 Smiling first thing in the morning31:27 Be open to vulnerability35:10 Relationship and intimacy 39:15 Embracing adaptive emotions41:09 Love’s a secret weapon42:07 Rolfing and Osteopathy45:03 Aligned Morning49:54 Breathing confidently51:51 How much free will do we have?1:00:45 Aaron’s Five BestsConnect with Aaron on: Align Method: 5 Movement Principles for a Stronger Body, Sharper Mind, and Stress-Proof LifeConnect with Prince on:
How does one find strength in the face of adversity? Today, we embark on a captivating journey through the life and passions of an extraordinary individual. Tyler Ransom is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist with a steep background in Jazz, Blues and Rock & Roll. His music defies boundaries as his sound is heavily influenced by John Mayer, Bob Dylan, B.B. King and UK artists Loyle Carner and King Krule. He’s an avid chess player and eats a ton of vegetables in his free time.Tyler shares his remarkable story of resilience and his journey of being diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. This didn't stop him from entering the world of mixed martial arts, venturing into the roots of jazz and blues and falling in love with it, exploring the profound impact yoga has on our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, and discovering the incredible impact a positive mindset can have on our lives.Join us as we explore the depths of the human spirit and discover the transformative power of overcoming life's challenges.  What We Talked About:00:00 Intro01:21 Diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome07:38 Mix martials and Jiu Jitsu09:48 When did your love for jazz and blues first begin?12:38 New album - Rosewood14:12 Is music your true calling?15:06 Developing a taste for music17:40 Chronically Positive, what is it about?22:00 Five steps of staying positive25:00 Has yoga positively impacted your life?27:11 In the Shed, the Healing Tyler documentary30:48 What’s next for Tyler?33:28 Music shows, concerts35:05 Let’s play the Five BestConnect with with Tyler on: the ShedChronically PositiveConnect with Prince on:
Unlock the key to everlasting happiness through the power of proper sleep. As you close your eyes each night, you embark on a journey that rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul. A restful slumber sets the stage for a joyous and fulfilling day ahead. Awaken each morning with a grateful heart and a renewed zest for life, knowing that a well-rested spirit is the gateway to true and lasting happiness.Welcome to another empowering episode where we tackle fundamental aspects of a fulfilling and successful life. Do you find yourself struggling to greet the day with a sense of purpose and vigor? We will unlock the path to kick-starting your day with intention, setting the stage for a triumph-filled journey ahead, look into the transformative energy of a purposeful morning routine and practice that cultivates gratitude and sets the tone for a day filled with abundance and joy.Your environment shapes your reality so surround yourself with visual reminders that reflect your aspirations and nurture your soul while we enumerate the tools to shatter old patterns and embrace a life of purpose and fulfillment. Embrace the path of growth, for within you lies the infinite capacity to thrive.What We Talked About:00:00 Intro01:25 What’s a good morning routine?11:13 How do you stay cool at night?13:22 Different frequencies to help you sleep deeper14:22 How do you start the day?18:09 What is a Thank You walk?25:13 When you travel, do you still follow your morning routine?27:43 How do you develop a habit?33:05 What are the best signs you can add in your house?34:19 Do you have bad habits?36:56 How do you break these unproductive habits?Connect with Prince on:
Join us for a captivating podcast episode that tackles the intriguing world of bodybuilding, spirituality, and personal growth. In this thought-provoking discussion, Prince engages with seasoned and retired bodybuilder, Frank Zane, exploring a range of topics. They touch upon what excites Frank in his fitness journey, the impact of body dysmorphia, the meaning of spirituality, and the role of the human brain in shaping our perceptions.The conversation also delves into practical aspects of bodybuilding, including diet and hydration tips, the benefits of amino acids, and techniques for developing muscular density in the legs. The episode concludes with a fun segment highlighting the five best exercises for specific muscle groups. Prepare to be inspired as you gain valuable insights into the pursuit of physical excellence and the profound connections between body, mind, and spirit.Frank Zane is a former professional bodybuilder and three-time Mr. Olympia champion. Zane's bodybuilding career spanned from the 1960s to the early 1980s. He competed in numerous bodybuilding competitions and earned a reputation for his incredible muscular definition and balanced physique. Zane was known for his emphasis on symmetry, proportion, and overall aesthetic appeal rather than sheer mass or size. After retiring from competitive bodybuilding, Zane remained involved in the fitness industry as a respected author, coach, and motivational speaker. He has written several books on bodybuilding, fitness, and personal development, sharing his knowledge and experiences with others.  What We Talked About:00:00 Intro00:41 What excites you these days?02:12 Do bodybuilders live shorter or longer lives?04:37 Don’t go to the extremes, don’t try to take shortcuts07:07 Have you ever faced body dysmorphia?08:35 How do you identify?09:44 What does spirituality mean to you?12:11 Is the human brain naturally negative?14:13 What’s the type of diet for bodybuilding?15:16 Do you drink water during your meals?16:14 Taking amino acids in free form21:34 How do you create muscular dense legs?25:34 Focus your mind on the muscle you’re training27:32 Let’s play the five best  Connect with with Frank on: with Prince on:
Being nice to yourself is essential for your emotional well-being and self-care. When you choose to speak kindly and compassionately to yourself, you create a nurturing and supportive inner environment. Remember, you deserve kindness from others, but most importantly, from yourself.Today, Prince EA welcomes Paul Gilmartin - a comedian and podcast host. Known for his witty and insightful humor, he has entertained audiences with his stand-up performances and television appearances. As the creator and host of the popular podcast "The Mental Illness Happy Hour," Paul has opened up important conversations about mental health, offering a platform for guests to share their experiences. Paul shares how he got into comedy, the importance of speaking kindly to yourself, setting healthy boundaries, and why is it hard for us to tell the truth to the people that we love.What We Talked About:00:00 Intro03:32 Understanding self-care06:12 Getting into comedy08:31 Sad clown syndrome12:26 Isolation vs. Solitude14:53 Seeking parent’s approval16:54 Being one of many18:12 Separating science and spirituality21:28 Not knowing is freeing24:40 Speak to yourself like how you speak to your best friend28:02 How our self-talk shapes parenting30:08 Let the universe help you31:52 Cutting off important people in your life34:10 Importance of boundaries36:35 Expressing yourself with timing and tone38:24 Why is it hard to tell the truth to people we love?41:22 The Five Best50:09 What is Paul’s magic wand wish?Connect with Paul on: with Prince on:
A toxin-free home is essential for safeguarding our health and well-being. Harmful chemicals present in common household products can lead to respiratory problems, allergies, skin irritations, and hormone disruption. By minimizing exposure to toxins, we can promote a healthier living environment, improve indoor air quality, and reduce the risk of chronic health conditions.  Today, Prince EA welcomes scientist Warren Phillips a.k.a. NonToxicDad for an open discussion about toxins that are slowly poisoning our body and are making us sick. He shares his research on the toxins found in our homes, especially the bedroom and the kitchen, and what we can do to avoid long-term exposure to these chemicals.What We Talked About:00:00 Intro04:07 How did you become the NonToxicDad?12:16 Mercury poisoning14:19 How can we protect ourselves from our phones?21:23 How much is too much?26:08 What are we doing wrong in our bedrooms?28:34 What about blue light blockers?33:53 What about our kitchen?39:13 What’s wrong with skittles?43:27 Are cars toxic?47:02 Detoxifying the body53:41 Be self responsible for your health55:19 The Five BestConnect with NonToxicDad on:Docuseries Home Sick Home:  Connect with Prince on:
Life's an incredible adventure, and part of the thrill lies in reinventing ourselves and diving headfirst into new experiences. Don't let fear hold you back from taking that leap of faith and trying something different. It's natural to feel a little scared, but the magic happens when you step outside your comfort zone. Embrace change, embrace the unknown, and watch as your world expands in ways you never thought possible. Remember, the path to growth is paved with courage, and the rewards are beyond imagination.Today, Craig Siegel joins Prince EA for an eye-opening conversation. They deep dive into the topic of conquering your fears and reinventing yourself. They discussed how your life will change by just starting with a small goal and why you should surround yourself with people who will help you become the better version of yourself. Craig Siegel, a charismatic entrepreneur and motivational speaker, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of personal development. With his infectious energy and captivating storytelling, Craig inspires individuals to break through their self-imposed limitations and unlock their true potential. As the founder of Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS), he has touched countless lives through his transformative coaching and motivational content. Craig's unique ability to connect with people on a deep level and his unwavering belief in the power of mindset and perseverance have earned him a devoted following. Through his relatable and authentic approach, Craig Siegel continues to empower individuals to embrace their inner greatness and create a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.What We Talked About:00:00 Intro02:04 Be excited about everything03:28 Awakening while working in Wall Street07:54 Conquering fear and taking the shot13:04 Why we’re so afraid of the unknown15:41 How to be confident?17:05 Thoughts are not facts22:22 Self-care practices27:01 Running in marathons30:44 “Goals will keep us alive”32:58 Start with a small goal34:39 The Philosophy of Kaizen37:10 Surrounding yourself with like-minded people43:14 The Reinvention Formula48:17 The Five BestConnect with Craig on: with Prince on:
Why are affirmations and self-belief so important? Affirmations and self-belief play a vital role in shaping our mindset and empowering us to achieve our goals. By repeating positive statements about ourselves and our abilities, we reinforce our belief in our own potential and capacity for success.Ally Petitti and Prince EA dive deep into the heart of personal growth and mental health awareness, shedding light on both the struggles and triumphs of their respective journeys. Opening up about their personal experiences, they touch on themes of self-love, acceptance, and the power of simple actions like smiling, which opens up intriguing avenues of thought about the connection between physical and mental well-being. Their candor creates a rare, intimate atmosphere that encourages us to confront our own experiences and perceptions about mental health.Moreover, their discussion transcends the personal to venture into cultural commentary. Ally Petitti's intriguing analysis of the horror movie "Smile" offers an unexpected but meaningful examination of the symbolism in media and its influence on mental health narratives. The episode promises not just insights about personal growth and self-care, but also a fascinating exploration of the deeper implications of popular culture. The conversation is a testament to the power of genuine dialogue in addressing crucial issues like mental health, making it a must-listen for anyone invested in personal growth and the larger discourse about mental well-being.What We Talked About:00:00 Intro00:52 Joining a women’s retreat04:57 Do you meditate?07:47 Who is Ally?12:05 I was a survivor18:22 Taking a break21:47 Sharing is healing23:56 Mental health awareness25:55 How do we de-stigmatize mental health?30:49 Advocacy32:40 Health scare34:16 The most difficult decision37:15 Biggest moments in the podcast42:11 Healing your inner self46:58 Mental health misconceptions51:56 Panic attacks58:12 Big smile58:50 The Best Connect with Ally on: with Prince on:
Compassion and love are super important in our world. They're all about understanding, connection, and genuine happiness. When we show compassion, we open our hearts to others' struggles and joys, and we really get each other. Love goes beyond boundaries, bringing us together and reminding us that we're all connected. It's like a ripple effect of kindness and understanding that can totally change our world, bringing healing and unity. Today, Jack Kornfield joins Prince EA for an insightful session. They talked about the power of compassion and love and how it can help us heal ourselves and others, how to stay awake in a world that will make you fall asleep, the practice of intention, and so much more. Jack Kornfield is a renowned American Buddhist teacher and author. He has played a key role in bringing Buddhist teachings to the West, and has focused on making Buddhism accessible to Western audiences by combining Eastern wisdom with Western psychology. Kornfield has written several books, including "A Path with Heart," "The Wise Heart," and "After the Ecstasy, the Laundry." He has also been featured on the radio series "The Other Side" by Joe Frank. Through his teachings and writings, Kornfield emphasizes the importance of compassion, loving kindness, and mindfulness in the path to spiritual growth and wisdom.What We Talked About:00:00 Intro01:25 The world needs more hope04:16 The power of the human heart06:16 Carencia08:00 Who is Jack Kornfield?10:47 “You’re not who you think you are…”14:29 What is Vipassana Meditation?21:07 Awareness of the state of consciousness25:34 The practice of intention27:40 Compassion33:52 The magic and mystery of things38:40 The Awe Theory39:29 Love will keep you aware44:59 After the Ecstasy, the Laundry51:03 Jack’s morning and night routine52:30 The Five BestConnect with Jack Kornfield on: with Prince on:
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The conversations here, recorded in a specially-built sauna studio

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Sauna Sessions is Prince EA’s next step in bringing enlightenment and healing to his global network of fans.

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I would recommend you to go to This site , because this is a very cool company that builds a torrent of pools. Namely, it makes the base itself, a mixture of sand and cement, which in turn, will help you achieve absolutely any shape of pool exactly what you want.

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