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Parenting is hard and messy, but help is here. With videos and teachings enjoyed by many millions, Sean Donohue - the world-famous Family Coach & viral social media sensation - has helped countless parents for 25 years transform their parenting and build connected, healthy homes...and raise amazing adults.Filled with edgy story-telling, intense scenarios and Positive Parenting tools to fill your toolbox, enjoy unfiltered coaching from the man himself.Go Deeper with Sean at
148 Episodes
Who is going to teach your children to be patient? For better or worse, you are already teaching them. Every parent should do the inner work to grow in patience. Patience is a key to a healthy home and being a healthy parent. Allow Sean to coach and inspire you. Go deeper with Sean at 
Our kids can bring out the worst in us! But when you have this ratio down, you will see so many amazing things happen to your parenting and your family. Go deeper with Sean at
Our kids should listen to us. It's no fun reminding. Yelling. Feeling ignored or unheard. This episode will show you how! Go deeper with Sean at
Sean and Jordan bring in author and expert Richard Capriola to have a meaningful conversation about how to keep our kids off drugs, how to respond if you find drugs, and some great strategies to raise healthy, lovely kids! Buy Richard's book: The Addicted Child Go deeper with Sean at
We all want a peaceful home. No yelling, screaming, arguments. Peace and love. But in the stresses of everyday life, we parents can develop an avoidance pattern. We make excuses for why we appease our kids or give in to them. In time, this causes MAJOR problems. If you are having a hard time stepping into the conflict of everyday parenting and home life, this will help. Go deeper with Sean at 
Parents are teachers and every home is a school...and one of the most important lessons a child need to learn is about trust. And how trust is the backbone to every healthy person and healthy family. This episode will help you increase your teaching. Go deeper with Sean at     
Parenting is so hard, but when you and your partner/co-parent are not on the same page, it can be even more difficult! Painful. If you want to have a healthy, happy family, you are going to have to do your part - and be a great partner! Sean and Jodan share some great tools, skills and insights! Go deeper with Sean at
Parenting is so hard. Sooo hard. But here are 5 hard that the BEST of the BEST do. Listen and ask yourself, "Do I do these 5 hard things?" Go deeper with Sean at 
You love your kids! You want them best for them! Join Sean as he encourages and empowers you! Go deeper with Sean at
There are five stages of parenting....and we parents MUST shift our parenting strategy and approach as we go through the stages! Join Sean and Jordan as they discuss the five stages and give you the TOOLS you need to thrive. Go deeper with Sean at
Whether you love The Office or not, you will love this podcast! Jim and Pam are two of the most iconic tv characters of all time! We can learn a lot about good parenting from their interactions with the craziness of Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute and The Office characters. Go deeper with Sean at 
Parenting is less about how to speak to your kids... ...and more about how to speak to ourselves. It's a constant mind game. And it's hard. And gets harder during the teen years. Our ego gets triggered. Our fears. Our past. Our morals. This episode will help you to thrive. Go deeper with Sean at 
We all feel lost and hopeless at times. Discouraged. We've all been there! Every parent should listen to this podcast..and save it for when those dark times hit hard. Go deeper with Sean at
Reactive parents...this episode is for you! If you get triggered...this episode is for you! Or send this to a parent you love and want to help to become less reactive, less triggered. Go deeper with Sean at
Authoritarian parents can be strict. Intense. Harsh. Like drill Sargents. Or police Sargents. But your home is not an army barrack. Or a firehouse. Or a business. Or a competition. It's a place where little humans live and learn. Join Sean as he talks about intense parenting and how to best move past it into more, gentle, flexible, authoritative practices. Go deeper with Sean at
Parents - what do you think about? Why? Your thoughts matter. Why? Because your thoughts become your reality. Your moods. Your emotions. Your actions and reactions. Your thoughts matter..but most of all, your Top 10 Thoughts matter! Go deeper with Sean at
Parents, we hate feeling powerless! Parents, we love feeling powerful! And they are both a normal part of everyday parenting. And if you can thrive with these two emotions....good things will happen. Go deeper with Sean at
Your child is never going to take a class on "trust". What it is. What it isn't. How to build it. How to break it. Why it's the key to every healthy relationship. Why it's the key to having a healthy family. Why it's the key to thriving the teen years. So who will teach them? Parents are teachers and every home is a school. Go deeper with Sean at
"Leave me alone" One word answers. "I'm fine." "Please stop talking to me." "This is why I don't talk to you!" Fight. Flight. Freeze. It's hard when your child shuts down. Avoids. Flights. Freezes. Here are some tools. Gp deeper with Sean at
When you were a child, did you have a parent who could hold your emotions? This is a hard thing to do... They can be angry. Salty. Rude. Nasty. Mean. They can also be quiet. shut down. Avoident. We get triggered. We can feel attacked, rejected, disrespected, scared and many other things. We want to change them. Fix them. Stop them from...feeling. This episode will help. Go deeper with Sean at
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