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Parenting is hard and messy, but help is here. With videos and teachings enjoyed by many millions, Sean Donohue - the world-famous Family Coach & viral social media sensation - has helped countless parents for 25 years transform their parenting and build connected, healthy homes...and raise amazing adults.Filled with edgy story-telling, intense scenarios and Positive Parenting tools to fill your toolbox, enjoy unfiltered coaching from the man himself.Go Deeper with Sean at
161 Episodes
Our children are the most beautiful, vulnerable, sacred, lovely beings in our lives. But how we view them, really matters. If your parenting mind is off, or in a bad place, it will impact your parenting and the relationship. Allow Sean to help you to see your kids the right way: In love and a healthy place. Go deeper with Sean at
If you ask 10 parents how to discipline a child/teen the right way, you are going to get 10 different answers! Discipline can be hard, confusing...and scary. But if it's done with love, strength and in the right way - it's very good. Allow Sean to coach and inspire you. Go deeper with Sean at 
In this epside, Sean and Jordan have a deep discussion about how to speak in such powerful and lovely ways that it impacts how our kids see themselves. You will get lots of creative ideas and helpful tools.   God deeper with Sean at 
You play different parenting roles with your kids. Nagger. Pep-Talker. Teacher. Homework Reminder. Mentor. Snuggler. Drill Sergeant. The roles you pick are important. And as your kids age and get older, your roles MUST CHANGE! What roles do you play? Do you enjoy playing that role? Does your child enjoy you playing that role? Take Sean's quiz to learn, be inspired, and to grow as a parent! Go deeper with Sean at
Acceptance is a complicated topic when it comes to our own children. Why? Good parents say no.  "I won't accept that." For some topics, parents are the only people in the world who are going to say "no" to their child...who will not accept a choice or pattern. But if you say no too many times, you become a mean, authoritarian parent that a kid won't trust - it can be so confusing! This episode with help. Go deeper with Sean at 
Every child asks, "Who am I?" "Am I strong?" "How do I feel about my family?" "How do I feel about morals?" "What do I believe about myself?" Join Sean and Jordan as they share parenting tools and strategies that will help you shape your kids' hearts and minds. Go deeper with Sean at 
In this helpful and inspirational episode, Sean shares helpful tools and tips on how you can deepen the closeness with your most challenging child. How to break down walls and be their "Person". We will also listen to a quote from a famous inspirational speaker and discuss it. Go deeper with Sean at 
It can be so hard to really listen to your child or teen. They trigger you. Provoke your fears. Anger you! But if you want to experience a new realm of parenting, you have to get there. This episode will help. Go deeper with Sean at
Join Sean and Jordan as they each share the Top 5 List: The Worst Things About Being a Parent. And like they always do, they will also share some words of inspiration and tools for your toolbox! Go deeper with Sean at
Is your kid a debater? A master manipulator? Have you said, "This kid could be a lawyer!" Does your kid tempt you or bother you...and then you break? If you said 'yes' to any of these, you are not alone...and you need good parenting tools! Go deeper with Sean at
In this important episode, Sean takes a deep dive into your mindset and thought patterns. He provides tips and tools on how to best process your thoughts and emotions in those hard moments - every parent needs these tools! Go deeper with Sean at
Garrett Fuller performs as different characters, does improvisational comedy and makes millions of people laugh every day! He is probably your husband's favorite comedian. (He is Sean's!) But let's talk to the man behind the mask...the Dad. The husband. The actor who has spent years of hard work on his craft. Go deeper with Sean at Find Garrett everywhere on social media under the title "Wayne County Lyfe" or go to 
Our goal should be to build a home culture of trust. Harmoney. Teamwork. This means that you ask a child to do something and you can trust it will be done...and you don't have to yell, remind, nag or punish. And trust means so many more things... Sean will help you build a beautiful, trustworthy home. Go deeper with Sean at 
Who is going to teach your children to be patient? For better or worse, you are already teaching them. Every parent should do the inner work to grow in patience. Patience is a key to a healthy home and being a healthy parent. Allow Sean to coach and inspire you. Go deeper with Sean at 
Our kids can bring out the worst in us! But when you have this ratio down, you will see so many amazing things happen to your parenting and your family. Go deeper with Sean at
Our kids should listen to us. It's no fun reminding. Yelling. Feeling ignored or unheard. This episode will show you how! Go deeper with Sean at
Sean and Jordan bring in author and expert Richard Capriola to have a meaningful conversation about how to keep our kids off drugs, how to respond if you find drugs, and some great strategies to raise healthy, lovely kids! Buy Richard's book: The Addicted Child Go deeper with Sean at
We all want a peaceful home. No yelling, screaming, arguments. Peace and love. But in the stresses of everyday life, we parents can develop an avoidance pattern. We make excuses for why we appease our kids or give in to them. In time, this causes MAJOR problems. If you are having a hard time stepping into the conflict of everyday parenting and home life, this will help. Go deeper with Sean at 
Parents are teachers and every home is a school...and one of the most important lessons a child need to learn is about trust. And how trust is the backbone to every healthy person and healthy family. This episode will help you increase your teaching. Go deeper with Sean at     
Parenting is so hard, but when you and your partner/co-parent are not on the same page, it can be even more difficult! Painful. If you want to have a healthy, happy family, you are going to have to do your part - and be a great partner! Sean and Jodan share some great tools, skills and insights! Go deeper with Sean at
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