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Seasoned Dialogue with Lisa-Marie

Author: Lisa Marie

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A podcast hosted by Lisa-Marie speaks words of inspiration with the intention of fostering growth, healing, and self-development. 

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The podcast provides words of encouragement, empowerment, and advice for personal growth and self-love. I hope to emphasize the importance of self-reflection, gratitude, and maintaining inner peace. Topics covered include relationships, parenting, financial management, and handling negative interactions. You are encouraged to practice self-love and self-care, and to remember their worth and strength. I also share the importance of patience and acceptance when facing life's challenges and disappointments.Support the show
Join me in a deep and heartfelt dialogue about the intricacies of forgiveness, timing, and healing. In this episode, I delve into the minimum and maximum levels of forgiveness, exploring how individuals navigate forgiveness in varying situations, from white lies to deeply traumatic experiences. I address the challenges of imposing beliefs about forgiveness on others and emphasize the personal nature of the forgiveness process.Through insight, I touch on the profound impact of trauma on forgiveness and highlight the importance of healing and professional help in some cases. Drawing from biblical and personal perspectives, I share powerful insights on the significance of forgiveness for personal growth and freedom.This episode provides a safe and understanding space for listeners to contemplate forgiveness in their own lives, encouraging them to work through the process while respecting their own timing.Support the show
In the episode titled, "Love Bombing Explained: When Affection Becomes Manipulation" delves into the topic of love bombing, a manipulative technique characterized by excessive affection and attention to gain control over a partner. The episode discusses how love bombers often possess narcissistic traits and might have underlying attachment issues. Through the example of Tiffany and Dave, it illustrates how love bombing can start with overwhelming affection but evolve into possessiveness and control, potentially escalating to abuse. I highlight common warning signs like rapid relationship escalation, isolation, jealousy, and grandiose apologies. I advise victims to trust their instincts, set boundaries, and seek support. For love bombers, self-reflection and addressing personal insecurities are recommended. The goal is to educate listeners about recognizing and combating love bombing, emphasizing self-care and healthy relationship dynamics.Support the show
In this episode we delve into the complex aftermath of betrayal in relationships. I highlight how betrayal can lead to trust issues, emotional turmoil, and psychological stress, potentially causing anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Healing from betrayal is critical not just for the individual but also for the broader social and family dynamics. I stress the importance of processing emotions at one's own pace, despite societal pressures to quickly overcome the trauma. I cover different levels of betrayal, varying effects on individuals, and the necessity of open communication and honesty in relationships. I also emphasize that if one chooses to stay post-betrayal, the importance of love-based communication and not using the past as leverage is paramount. For those who leave, I advise not to return to the source of the pain. Recognizing both partners need to heal, I points out that genuine remorse and attempts to make amends by the betrayer can be admirable. The episode also touches on signs of a failing relationship, the importance of honesty, and the role of personal judgment in post-betrayal decisions. Five Keys You'll Learn in “betrayal”:1. Trust Erosion - Understand how betrayal can erode trust not only in relationships but across your life, and what that means for your future bonds.2. Emotional Roller Coaster - Get real about the ups and downs of betrayal's emotional impact and how to brace yourself for the ride.3. Communication is Key - Learn why it's absolutely crucial to have open, honest conversations in the healing process.4. Moving On - Whether you decide to stay or leave, discover the steps you need to take to heal on your terms.5. Prevention - Spot the warning signs of relationship distress Linda-Marie discusses and how addressing them early can offset potential betrayal.Support the show
This podcast episode revolves around the theme of revelation and its impact on individuals and society. I share personal anecdotes and observations to delve into the significance of truth, secrets, and intentions in people's lives. I emphasize the power of honesty, the consequences of harboring secrets, and the potential harm caused by hidden truths. I also discusses the reactions and behaviors of individuals when their secrets are exposed, touching on the importance of intentions and living with honesty and integrity. Throughout the episode, I encourage self-reflection, authenticity, and the pursuit of a purposeful, meaningful life.10 lessons Learned1. Truth and Intentionality   - Authenticity and Honesty   - Living life with genuine intentions empowers us to embrace the truth and lead with integrity in all situations.2. Impact of Revelations   - Unveiling Reality's Impact   - Revealing the truth can reshape our perceptions, challenging us to reassess our views and actions.3. Hidden Secrets Harm   - Concealed Truth Hurts   - Keeping secrets can pose emotional and mental health risks, causing internal turmoil and potential harm to others.4. Releasing Burdens   - Unveiling for Liberation   - Sharing our hidden truths can lead to personal freedom and alleviate the weight of carrying burdens alone.5. Judgement and Revelation   - Truth Evokes Judgement   - The exposure of secrets can lead to judgment, altering our perspectives on individuals or situations.6. The Power of Revelation   - Revelation's Empowering Role   - Openness and transparency hold the power to bring healing and prevent future harm in personal and communal contexts.7. Self-Reflection and Growth   - Honest Self-Assessment   - Embracing revelations leads to self-reflection, offering opportunities for growth and discovering one's purpose.8. Embracing Vulnerability   - Honesty Overguards Fear   - Embracing vulnerability and revealing truths can dispel feelings of weakness and foster genuine connections.9. Purposeful Living   - Embracing Life's Purpose   - Acknowledging one's imprint and inherent worth empowers individuals to realize their significance and pursue their life's purpose.10. Enduring Love and Support   - Unwavering Support Network   - Encouragement and genuine love provide a foundation for resilience and growth in the face of life's challenges.Support the show
In the last episode of Seasoned Dialogue for 2023, I reflect on the year and encourage you to do the same. A series of introspective questions, urging listeners to consider their personal growth, relationships, and goals. I emphasize the importance of being authentic, staying consistent with values and morals, and being open to spiritual growth. Throughout the episode, I encourage self-compassion, kindness towards others, and belief in one's own abilities. The episode ends with a message of gratitude for the audience and looks forward to the new year, emphasizing alignment with purpose, self-empowerment, and positive growth.Lesson 1: Being AuthenticEmbrace your true self, discard masks and societal expectations, and let your authenticity shine in every aspect of your life.Lesson 2: Consistency in ValuesUphold your beliefs and principles, have honest conversations when someone's behavior contradicts your values, and stand firm.Lesson 3: Being Honest with GodEstablish a genuine, open relationship with God, communicating freely and seeking guidance without holding back.Lesson 4: Graceful LivingEmbrace your humanity, acknowledge mistakes, and allow yourself grace and room for growth without being too hard on yourself.Lesson 5: Kindness & CompassionPractice empathy, refrain from judgment, and extend kindness and compassion to others without imposing personal biases.Lesson 6: Self-belief & EmpowermentOvercome self-doubt, break free from past failures, and believe in your capabilities to pursue your aspirations fearlessly.Lesson 7: Rising After FailureEmbrace resilience, bounce back from setbacks, and empower yourself to rise above challenges, and continue striving for success.Lesson 8: Lifting Others UpSupport and uplift those around you, acknowledge their strengths, and offer encouragement and praise to inspire and motivate them.Lesson 9: Distance from NegativityGuard your peace, avoid toxic influences, and set boundaries to shield yourself from negative energy in your relationships.Lesson 10: Trusting Divine Guidance Recognize and follow the signs, trust in the guidance of God, and allow things to unfold organically without forcing outcomes.Support the show
In this podcast episode, I share my thoughts on goal setting and the significance of being intentional in life. I emphasize the importance of celebrating personal milestones and staying motivated. I want to encourage you to define your goals for the coming year and to create a word or phrase that encapsulates your aspirations. I  hope to provide practical advice on how to break down and prioritize goals, create a plan, and stay organized. Furthermore, I address the detrimental effects of envy and the need to focus on personal fulfillment rather than comparing oneself to others. Throughout the episode, I advocate for self-love, compassion, and self-improvement, ultimately reminding listeners to live purposefully and intentionally. The episode ends with a message of love and support for those who may have faced struggles throughout the year.Beautiful Reminder Affirmation Cards: the show
Temporary Highs….

Temporary Highs….


In the  episode titled 'Temporary High', we delve into the profound topics of emotional healing and personal growth. I offer a perspective on the transient nature of physical connections, drawing a clear distinction between transient lust and deeper love. I advocate for the pursuit of enduring solutions in the quest for joy and peace of mind. I encourage anyone struggling to seek support and consider therapy as a pathway to healing, growth, and self-development. Central to the mission of my podcast, I emphasize the importance of self-love, healing, transformation, and the courage to make meaningful life changes. The episode concludes with a heartfelt prayer for the you, wishing you lasting joy and abundant personal growth. The episode is a thoughtful call to action for listeners to reflect on their past episodes of seeking temporary anctions and to question the reasons behind their continual reliance on these short-lived comforts.Support the show
In this episode of the podcast, I discuss the concept of affirmations and how they may not always have the desired effect. I emphasize the importance of taking action in addition to affirming oneself and explore how certain beliefs and behaviors can undermine the effectiveness of affirmations. I also introduce the idea of toxic positivity, which involves ignoring or denying negative emotions and the role of affirmations in improving self-esteem and transforming negative thoughts. I provide various affirmations throughout the episode and encourage you to choose ones that resonates with you to incorporate into their daily lives. Affirmations should be grounded in reality and serve as motivation or reminders to keep going, rather than temporary placeholders for how they wish to feel. Listen in for more…Support the show
In this episode we explore personal experiences and beliefs about God's presence and intervention in  life.  The episode emphasizes the power of prayer, maintaining a positive mindset, and trusting in God's plan. I encourage you to seek spiritual guidance, work towards personal growth, and live a fulfilling life.Support the show
You’ve done the work… you’re living, and you’re breathing. I’m happy for you…. Keep going!!!! Support the show
Shifting entails moving away from our past, leaving behind old patterns and embracing the unknown. It can be scary, but the freedom and growth that come with it are worth it. Take that leap of faith and watch as beautiful transformations unfold along the way!Imagine yourself packing for a trip. You might feel the need to overprepare, carrying unnecessary baggage. As we journey through life, we must learn to unpack, letting go of what no longer serves us. It's tough, but it opens up space for new experiences and perspectives. But here's the challenge: we tend to hold onto sentimental items, even if they weigh us down. That heavy baggage can prevent us from truly embracing our destination. Letting go is hard, but it's essential to make room for new beginnings and a lighter, more fulfilling life. When we embark on a journey, we leave behind the familiar, seeking personal and emotional growth. It's like moving to a new place; the old reminders of our past no longer fit. By shedding those reminders, we create a blank slate to build the life we truly desire.Embrace the power of shifting and journeying. Leave behind the weight that holds you back, and step into a world of new possibilities. Trust in yourself, grow, and be the person you've always wanted to be. Remember, your destination is waiting for you. You've got this!Support the show
The Load We Carry

The Load We Carry


This episode is also available for viewing on YouTube: this episode I discuss the concept of burdening our loved ones with our unresolved issues and traumas in this episode and the importance of taking responsibility for one's own rehabilitation and not relying on others to make us whole. It is a message that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt the weight of their past affecting their present relationships.____________________________________________________________[00:02:22] "Broken pieces on floor, impossible to fix."[00:03:30] Connection requires self-awareness and healing.[00:08:32] "Work on yourself before expecting love"______________________________________________________________Follow me on IG and TikTok - Seasoned_DialogueListen to my audio podcast "Seasoned Dialogue with Lisa-Marie" on Spotify, Apple, Google, IHeart RadioWould you like to promote your business, I'd love to help. Contact me at for more details.Podcast Essentials: the show
In this episode, "The Power of Staying Calm," I explore the concept of remaining calm and finding peace in various aspects of life. I share personal experiences and insights on missed opportunities, the importance of self-love and personal growth, and staying true to oneself. I also discuss strategies for dealing with argumentative people, the power of choosing how situations affect us, and the benefits of maintaining a calm and composed demeanor. I emphasize the need to avoid getting upset about things that are beyond our control and to not let temporary incidents have a lasting impact on our emotions. The episode concludes with tips on maintaining calmness and finding inner peace, such as writing down thoughts and consciously choosing how to react to different situations. I hope this episode offers a thoughtful and inspiring perspective on navigating challenges and cultivating a sense of calm in our lives.Support the show
Life can get overwhelming, but it's important to embrace the journey and know that you still have time to achieve your goals. Intuition and discernment are spiritual gifts that we all possess. They're not superhuman abilities, but rather innate senses that guide us. Trust your gut feelings! For some, a deeper connection to their spirituality can amplify their intuition and discernment. It can be through a relationship with God or a belief in the universe. When you sense something is off, pray or ask the universe to reveal what it is. Being prepared for the outcome can save you from unnecessary heartache later. Always pay attention to those gut feelings and physical cues like headaches or uneasiness. Your body is trying to protect you and warn you of potential dangers or misalignments in energy. Don't ignore the signs! Whether it's a person's vibes, a trip that keeps going wrong, or reoccurring dreams, there's a message waiting to be discovered. Investigate further! You'll know you're tapping into your spiritual gift when you see the results align with your initial feelings or dreams. Trust your instincts and have faith in the signs that come your way. Remember, everyone's spiritual journey is unique and personal. It's about finding what resonates with you and embracing the power within. Keep an open mind and trust the process! Do you believe that everyone has the gift of intuition and discernment? Why or why not?Have you ever ignored your intuition and later regretted it? What did you learn from that experience?Support the show
In  "Unhealed Parent, Unhealed Child," Lisa-Marie discusses the impact of unhealed traumas on parenting. She emphasizes that while parents are not perfect, it is important to recognize that they are still individuals with their own struggles and limitations. Lisa Marie uses the example of a young woman who experienced molestation as a child, and how her mother's dismissive actions affected her and her sisters. She also highlights the role of trauma in shaping our perception and behavior, and how it can impact our ability to parent effectively. Ultimately, the episode encourages empathy and understanding towards unhealed parents while acknowledging the importance of addressing and healing from past traumas.You can watch this episode on YouTube: the show
Many people can relate to feeling hurt and untrusting, believing that they don't have the space to allow someone into their lives. It is possible to operate on a level of trust, even after experiencing past traumas. I encourage you  to take accountability for the way you show up for yourself and others, as the lack of accountability can lead to being stuck in old patterns and resistant to growth.Feeling broken and guarded can make it challenging to open up and allow someone to love and nurture the wounded parts of their heart. We desire to protect the little corner that is still available for love and restoration but sometimes the suffering we experience is self-imposed because we are resistant to undoing the pain we have endured. Acknowledge that it is a step-by-step process but allow your heart a little bit of an opening, as experiences can help us recall the capacity to love and be loved.  It is important to not allow past hurts prevent personal growth and the ability to love and connect with others. Listen in as w dive in deeper…00:05:48 Breaking free from past hurt.00:08:23 Open up and embrace growth.00:13:07 We all want love and connection.Support the show
Friendship Woes

Friendship Woes


This episode examines the difficulties that arise in friendships when a friend abruptly becomes unavailable. In this episode, a listener writes in for guidance on how to navigate a 20-year relationship that abruptly ended. We investigate the possibilities and provide guidance. Listen to this in-depth analysis of friendship complexities. Support the show
This episode is an impromptu episode for those who need a little encouragement from the breakup. Listen in …. I promise it will get better ✨Support the show
Have you ever felt like you were missing genuine connections in your life? The kind of people who truly care about you, uplift you, and inspire you to be better? Today, I'm sharing my heartfelt hope for each of you to experience the love and support of good people in your life, as we explore the power of love and selflessness.Listen in as I dialogue on recognizing and embracing connections with individuals who show intentional care through their words and actions, and how these connections can heal past wounds and help us grow. I pray that you find yourself surrounded by good people whose beautiful energy flows through you, so you can share it with others and continue the cycle of giving and receiving. Remember, good people are out there, and you deserve to have them in your life. So open your heart and let them in.Support the show
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Dawn Carter

Excellent, motivating commentary!

Jul 13th

Msi DauVid (pronounced Missy)

pray this helps someone. it made me sad, angry, and disappointment. It is hard to hear stories involving your mom. I remind myself of how you have laid a foundation of how forgiveness is extremely valuable.

Apr 27th

Msi DauVid (pronounced Missy)

Thank you from the depths of my spirit for sharing this. thank u thank u thank u

Apr 9th

Msi DauVid (pronounced Missy)

this was hard to listen to. to accept truth and feel the confirmation. sitting with it. listening again for encouragement to put on as armor to go forward. Peace and Blessings

Mar 13th
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Msi DauVid (pronounced Missy)

Love this conversation. Would love to be 'seasoned' with how to do this same growth conversation when it comes to family.

Feb 27th

Msi DauVid (pronounced Missy)

I was! well I am recovering overthinker!

Feb 20th

Msi DauVid (pronounced Missy)

this has definitely given me life and joy.

Feb 12th
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