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Amazon Prime-ary Care

Amazon Prime-ary Care


Amazon is boosting its game in the healthcare industry. The company is poised to acquire One Medical --a chain of primary care clinics for 3.9 billion dollars. But the deal is still pending… as critics weigh in on their concerns over data privacy and FTC regulations. Lauren Rosenblatt, the Amazon reporter for the Seattle Times is here to untangle the pending deal.
Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, now Missing Indigenous Person Alerts. The state of Washington is the first in the nation to have an alert system specifically to find Native American people. It’s a victory for those who have been working to spotlight missing and murdered Indigenous women. But, missing persons cases can be much more complex than the happy endings the public is seeking. A conversation with KUOW’s Amy Radil on this new system.
This week neighbors at 96th and Aurora set up some garden beds after the city swept an encampment. Amazon is inching closer to becoming a health giant. And a new lawsuit against Starbucks claims… that mango refresher...might not have mango.
One of the great things about living in this part of the world is seeing our iconic, green and white Washington State ferries cruising around Puget Sound. But the system has been struggling with fleet and staffing issues.
Monkeypox is testing our already strained medical care system. Cases are doubling nearly every week and vaccines are still in short supply. But King County UW Medicine’s Dr. Shireesha Dhanireddy is here to fill us in
The Seattle housing market has been trending upward for years. But just in the last month or so prices are on the decline. Seattle Times reporter Heidi Groover gives us the latest on what’s happening with housing costs.
Grocery stores in Seattle have been required to pay an additional $4 an hour to workers since last February. The money was meant to compensate them for the risk of working during the pandemic. But it was always temporary, and now it's going away.
This week about 24% of eligible voters cast ballots in the primary, Monkeypox was declared a national health emergency, and millennials are staying close to home, but some of them are moving here. The Strangers Rich Smith and author Ruchika Tulshyan are here to break down the week And, we want to hear from you! Follow us on Instagram SeattleNowPod, or leave us feedback online:
Today we’re sharing an episode from KUOW’s new podcast, The Blue Suit. This week’s episode is about a local artist who was inspired by the clean up effort at Washington’s Hanford nuclear plant to create a new form of glass art. Subscribe to The Blue Suit in any podcast app to hear more episodes, or listen at
In news that will surprise no one, Seattle has a housing shortage. One solution is to get rid of single-family zoning and make it easier to build things like duplexes and triplexes. Seattle has rejected this idea a number of times, but all the way across the state, Spokane is embracing it. KUOW Joshua McNichols tells us how Spokane is approaching this issue differently, and what Seattle can learn from their experience.
It’s primary day and there’s a lot on the ballot! Democrats are trying to hold on to seats and Republicans are embracing a rebrand to pick some up. Both parties are focused and fighting over the Seattle suburbs. The swingiest parts of the district will help the parties craft their message for the election season. Axios Seattle Reporter Melissa Santos is going to break it all down with us today. We want to hear from you! Follow us on Instagram SeattleNowPod, or leave us feedback online:
There have already been more than 400 wildfires in Washington this summer. Most of those were on the East side of the Cascades. But fires on the west side do happen and they’re only going to get more common as the climate gets hotter and drier. We're joined by UW professor Maureen Kennedey. She tell us what we can do to lower the risk of wildfires in our forests and our yards.
A Tacoma Farmers Market landed itself in the middle of a Mexican food
It’s primary season and election misinformation is working harder than a bartender on nickel beer night. Yes, even in Seattle. We are not immune to conspiracy theories around elections. In a minute, Mike Caulfied will talk to us about what information is shaping these theories, and who has the power to change the conversation We want to hear from you! Follow us on Instagram at SeattleNowPod, or leave us feedback online:
If you’ve found yourself avoiding the news lately you are not alone. More and more people are tuning out from current events. Amanda Ripley is one of those people. She’s a journalist herself, so she dug into why, and found out the news actually isn’t good for your health. She spoke with Jeannie Yandel about how to stay informed without burning out.
If you haven’t noticed… it is HOT today. Especially if you are spending time outside in the sun. In Washington, workers who are outside for more than 15 minutes during their shift have new workplace rights. Ryan Allen from the Department of Labor & Industries will walk us through the rules and red tape.
If you follow local tech news, you might be wondering whether Microsoft’s hiring freeze and Amazon’s construction slowdown portends a bigger economic slowdown for the region. Seattle Times business reporter Paul Roberts is here to help us make sense of things.
It’s Friday again and we’re looking at a weekend of rising temperatures, crowded outdoor events, and maybe some dogs who really hate when we leave the house. We’ll get into all that with Crosscut environment reporter Hannah Weinberger and independent journalist Jane C Hu.
We know a lot about monkeypox: How it's spread, what the symptoms are. We even have a vaccine. But health officials are still trying to figure out why it's spreading so quickly right now, in Seattle and across the world. Seattle TimeElise Takahama from the Seattle Times will tell us about the impact Monkey Pox is having here in the Seattle area.
What to know about BA.5

What to know about BA.5


Covid case numbers are climbing and local health officials are in talks about reinstating a mask mandate. But the public is largely feeling pandemic fatigue. Dr. Pavitra Roychoudhury at the UW Virology Lab shares the latest information on Omicron variant BA.5 and the risk level in the community.
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