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If we can make one sweeping stereotype about Seattleites, it’s that many of us are pet people. Now, a clinic inside a youth homeless shelter in Seattle’s Belltown has found an innovative way to get people connected to services - by offering vet care. KUOW reporter Eilis O’Neill was out at the clinic recently and is here to talk about what she learned.
Seattle food banks are giving it all they got these days. In addition to hot meals some spots are stocking the shelves with fresh produce, and connecting people with services like a new driver's license! All of this comes at a high price with soaring demand and inflation. KUOW reporter Ruby De Luna will join us today to tell us more. You can find Ruby De Luna story here on And, we want to hear from you! Follow us on Instagram @SeattleNowPod, or leave us feedback online:
Dressing or stuffing?

Dressing or stuffing?


Get out the roasting pan and baster. Thanksgiving is here. Last year we spoke with New York Times-recognized Seattle chef Kristi Brown. We’ll hear that conversation about good food and the ritual of gathering.
We all know Seattle is an expensive place to live. But what you might not know, is that aside from some of the obvious supply and demand reasons, an algorithm may share some of the blame too. Heidi Groover of The Seattle Times explains.
It’s a week of giving thanks and gratitude, and of stuffing and mashed potatoes. Good luck getting into a grocery store this week... Maybe grab some tissues while you're there. Cases of Covid, flu and RSV are on the rise. KUOW’s Jeannie Yandel talks to UW Associate Professor of Medicine Dr. Helen Chu about celebrating the holidays safely.
Seattle is getting a new voting system after a confusing ( in more than on
For thousands of years, grizzly bears roamed the North Cascades in large numbers. It’s estimated that currently, fewer than ten remain. Now, scientists are trying to bring the grizzlies back. We’ll hear from Seattle Times Environment Reporter Isabella Breda who’s looked into this.
An auto-body shop owner from rural Washington is making a big splash in Congress this week. Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez’s win is one of the most remarkable upsets of this year’s midterms. Meanwhile, Republican candidate Joe Kent hasn’t conceded. We’ll discuss the race with reporter Troy Brynelson, of Oregon Public Broadcasting.
There’s been a lot of grim news for Seattle's community colleges since the pandemic. Declining enrollment and budget shortfalls have created massive problems for the system. But applied baccalaureate programs are offering a path for some students looking to level up their careers. Reporter Janelle Retka will tell us why they're so popular, and who could benefit from one.
Puget Sound is home to around one-third of the nation’s active nukes. Today we’re revisiting an episode that explores why that is and why so much secrecy surrounds them.
It was a big election week in Washington and around the country. Republicans are likely asking themselves what went wrong. We’re asking: why did so few people in King County send in their ballots? We’re also processing the tragic shooting at Ingraham high school this week. We break it down with The Needling’s Lex Vaughn and Scotty Cayton, a.k.a. drag queen Betty Wetter.
After explosive pandemic growth, tech companies are retrenching. Including Amazon. The company announced a hiring freeze for its corporate workforce last week. New York Times Technology Correspondent Karen Weise explains.
Election day is in the rear view mirror and we’ve got early returns. KUOW's Paige Browning breaks it down.
It is election day, and just like in 2020, misinformation is a big issue. That's particularly true for many of Seattle's immigrant communities. Language barriers and historical influences. UW researcher Sarah Nguyen will tell us about the misinformation targeting Seattle’s Vietnamese community this election cycle.
White suburban women are one of the key groups of voters who will decide this midterm election. Traditionally, it’s a demographic that’s hard to pin down. And this year, inflation and abortion are shifting the votes, making it hard for candidates to tell who’s got the vote. UW assistant teaching professor and political consultant Cathy Allen will give us some insight.
The midterm elections are only a few days away, but it seems many folks are tuning out this year. One reason to tune in: Republican Tiffany Smiley is giving longtime Washington Senator Patty Murray a run for her money. The race is getting national attention. Plus, we're grapplin
Seattle lost a country music pioneer earlier this week. Patrick Haggerty passed away on Monday. Haggerty wrote and recorded the first openly gay country music album in 1973, and lived as a fierce advocate for LGBTQ+, civil, and worker’s rights. Longtime KEXP DJ and LGBTQ+ community advocate Kurt B. Reighley is here to talk about his impact on Seattle art and politics.
Battle for the 8th

Battle for the 8th


Just outside Seattle in Washington’s 8th district, there’s a tight race playing out in the midterms. Democratic incumbent Kim Schrier is up against Republican Matt Larkin for a seat that could shift control of Congress. Historically the 8th has voted red, but that changed in 2018 with Schrier's win, and now it looks like it's up for grabs again. KUOW political reporter David Hyde is here to bring us up to speed on this race.
Basic income programs have been all the rage in policy circle, and Tacoma just tried it out. The city has been running a guaranteed income pilot, called GRIT. The program gave 110 low-income families money each month to help them with expenses they otherwise would not likely be able to afford. Abigail Lawson is the director of GRIT, Tacoma's guaranteed income pilot, and she shares what she learned.
Today is Halloween, but tomorrow marks the start of the two-day holiday of Día de los Muertos. A Latinx-owned art gallery in White Center has been celebrating all month by displaying work from 40 artists inspired by the holiday. Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery co-founders Jake Prendez and Judy Avitia-Gonzalez are here to talk about Día de los Muertos’ significance, and how the holiday has grown in Seattle.
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