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Get up to speed on the stories shaping Seattle, every morning at 6 a.m. Hosted by Patricia Murphy and produced by KUOW, Seattle's NPR station.
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Gun violence in schools has only gotten more common in the past decade. Often, it’s young people themselves who are shouldering the burden of finding solutions to the crisis. Youth reporters Antonio Nevarez and Hayden Andersen ex what local youth advocates want to see, and how young people can get involved in solutions.
After the last one failed, Washington state legislators are taking another whack at trying to solve the state's housing shortage with a new bill aimed at so-called middle housing. KUOW’s Joshua McNicols explains.
This week, a spanking new addition to the Seattle convention center has a hefty price tag. The city teamed up with SDOT to give 10,000 residents in affordable housing free unlimited orca cards. And we take a look at the *inner* beauty the city’s multifamily housing has to offer. Converge media’s Besa Gordon, and political consultant Crystal Fincher join us to break down the week.
Some people celebrate the solstice, but tonight, we’re reaching a frequently overlooked milestone: the first 5 p.m. sunset of the year. Seattle Weather Blog’s Justin Shaw is here to lead us to the light.
Around the country newspapers have seen a dip in print subscriptions. And now Seattle’s longtime Chinese language paper the Seattle Chinese Post has gone online along with the affiliated NW Asian Weekly. Both papers have been an important news source for the local Asian community for more than 40 years. In a minute, publisher Assunta Ng tells us about the paper’s history and how she’ll continue to connect to print subscribers.
The Dobbs ruling overturning federal abortion protections had ripple effects across the country. One we’re feeling here: More men getting vasectomies. KUOW public health reporter Eilis O’Neal explains how the shift is opening a new conversation about responsibility when it comes to contraceptives and unintended pregnancy.
Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant is going national. The Council's most senior member and only socialist says she will launch a national movement to support workers instead of running for re-election.
This week, big tech shrunk by way of layoffs. Lawmakers considered new bills, including legalizing psilocybin for mental health treatment, and lowering the amount of alcohol it takes to be considered impaired behind the wheel. We’re breaking down the week with freelance science journalist Jane C. Hu and Rachel Belle, the host of the “Your Last Meal” Podcast.
The rates of suicide, anxiety and depression among young people have been on the rise since the 80s. Seattle Public Schools thinks social media is to blame… at least, in part. They and Kent school district are suing major tech companies over the role they may play in worsening mental health of youth who use their services. Today we're asking: What does science tell us about the connection between mental health ans cthe science behind social media and mental health… and we couldn’t have found a better person to ask than Lucia (loo-SEE-ah) Magis (MAY-jis) Wineberg (WINE-berg). She’s an Assistant Professor of psychology at the University of Washington AND she leads the International Adolescent Connection and Technology lab
If you live here you already know Seattle is expensive. Today we’ll talk about some of the factors driving up prices. Axios Seattle reporter Christine Claridge is here to talk about Seattle’s notably high inflation and what it means for you.
Here’s a worrying statistic: pedestrian deaths in Seattle are increasing, even though the city has been working for years to make streets safer for people walking and biking. The intersection at Rainier Avenue and South Walden Street is one of the most dangerous in the city. On today's episode, KUOW Reporter Casey Martin dives into the problems with the intersection and tells us what might help.
The kids are not alright and this week, Seattle and Kent public schools filed lawsuits claiming the big social media companies are partly responsible. The king county council will consider a proposal to ban all cash businesses in some areas. And a bit of shift in the local companies ranking as some of the best employers in the US. We’re breaking down the week with Geekwire's Kurt Schlosser and the Everywhereist’s Geraldine DeRuiter.
At the start of the season, things were grim. But against all odds, the Seattle Seahawks are in the playoffs. Seattle Times Sports Columnist Larry Stone is here to run through the Hawks’ surprising season, and to preview Saturday’s playoff matchup in San Francisco.
Thinking about Covid may have moved down on your to-do list. But scientists are tracking a new variant of interest that is highly transmissible. It’s being called "Kraken" and it’s the dominant strain in the Northeast. Dr. Pavitra Roychoudhury at UW Virology is hear to talk about the variant and what we might see in the Northwest.
Three city council members — Debora Juarez, Lisa Herbold and Alex Pedersen — have said they won’t run for re-election this fall. That means about half of the seats up for election will be wide open, setting up some big changes for the council and the city. PubliCola editor Erica C Barnett will tell us about the departures and what they could mean for this fall's election.
SleepING in Seattle

SleepING in Seattle


Sleep is critical for our mental health. When we don’t get enough, that can cause anxiety and a host of other health problems. During these dark months when we get just a bit more than 8 hours of sunlight, those precious hours of downtime can get more easily disrupted. Sleep expert Michael V. Vitiello explains what we can do to maintain sleep habits all year long.
This week we learned a third Seattle City Council member will step down at the end of their term, making 3 of the 7 seats up for elections this fall open races. Plus, Twitter is being evicted from its downtown Seattle office; speculation and privacy concerns in the University of Idaho murder case; and Seattle is the best city to live in if you want to keep your New Year's Resolutions. We break it all do
NOW can I buy a house?

NOW can I buy a house?


Seattle housing prices have cooled from their pandemic highs, but that’s not necessarily good news. It’s still really tough to buy a house in Seattle, and sellers aren’t in a great spot either. Redfin Chief Economist Daryl Fairweather is here to talk us through Seattle’s housing market, and what prospective buyers and sellers should expect in the new year.
When the Duwamish River flooded South Park last week, 25 homes were damaged by potentially contaminated water. Local groups are providing assistance to the community which already faced the environmental hazards of living on a Superfund site. Seattle Times reporter Greg Kim brings us up to speed on what residents are dealing with as they assess the damage to their homes.
The new year means a bunch of new laws on the books, including quite a few for employers. Workers’ rights got some real traction in 2022, and this year, Washington’s workforce will experience some changes, including a higher minimum wage. Pluribus Staff Writer and Inside Olympia host Austin Jenkins is here to break it all down for us.
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