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In this episode of See You at Work, we sit down with Stella Garber, an entrepreneur, angel investor, public speaker and advisor to early-stage tech companies and venture funds. Previously, Stella led the marketing team at project management tool Trello for over seven years, building out the company’s strategy and leading them through a $425 million acquisition by Atlassian. As someone who literally wrote the book on effective strategies for managing remote teams, Stella has plenty of wisdom to share for leaders who are looking to support and uplift their remote, distributed and asynchronous colleagues. She explains why she’s always been a big advocate for the remote and distributed work lifestyle, and how teams can stay bonded and tight-knit—despite physical separation. Stella also shares her perspective on asynchronous communication, including why she believes it’s going to be the next major trend in the workforce.
In this episode of See You at Work, we sit down with Luke Thomas, the author of The Anywhere Operating System, and someone who has been working remotely for nearly a decade. Luke shares more about why he decided to write the book, and how it can help business leaders and employees reap the benefits of remote work, while avoiding the pain points. Luke also shares his perspective on the importance of tailoring your remote work strategy to the needs of your team and organization, as well as some of the top tools, platforms and apps that can help along the way. Finally, we explore the superpowers that come along with asynchronous communication, learning to navigate behavior change at scale, and much more.
In this episode of See You at Work, we sit down with Arielle Julie, the Lead Technical Recruiter at Pinterest and the founder of her own consulting firm where she helps professionals navigate the job search. With over 15 years of recruiting experience in advertising, entertainment and tech, she’s helped organizations find top talent to build and scale their teams. During the conversation, Arielle discusses the recent shifts in what candidates are looking for in their next role. She also shares her perspective on compensation negotiation, the desire for remote and hybrid work, and the importance of diverse candidates when recruiting talent.
In this episode of See You at Work, we sit down with Charlie Warzel, a freelance journalist who has written for The Atlantic and the New York Times. Charlie has been writing about tech and digital transformation for most of his career, including the shift to a more flexible working world. In this discussion, we explore the pros and potential pitfalls of the remote work revolution, and how organizations can best navigate the shift to optimize for a better workplace experience for all. We also discuss the importance of creating a sense of community and work/life balance within the workplace environment.
In this episode of See You at Work, we sit down with Jack Mardack, the co-founder of global employment platform Oyster. By making it easier than ever for companies anywhere to hire top talent, Oyster’s on a mission to make the world a better and more equitable place. During their conversation, Rebecca and Jack discuss the opportunity for leaders to improve the way they operate in remote, distributed workforces and how to achieve synergy across borders and timezones.
In this episode of See You at Work, we sit down with Sara Sutton, the founder and CEO of FlexJobs. With more than 20 years’ experience in the online job market industry, Sara has made a name for herself as the “queen of remote work”—and for good reason. During their conversation, Rebecca and Sara discuss several topical issues related to remote work today, including achieving work/life balance while working from home, mental health and entrepreneurship. They also explore the future of the workforce, and how we can all take advantage of the opportunity to change the way we work for the better.
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Sep 30th
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