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Author: Caitlin DeChiara

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Self care is so much more than a hot bath when you're stressed or splurging on your fav beauty product. Tune in every Monday to Self Care Szn with Caitlin DeChiara where she dives into building confidence, becoming the best version of you and so much more! (@selfcaresznpodcast @caitlindechiara @thatwellnessgurl)

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Hi my self care besties! Happy July <3 If you've been feeling lonely lately, give today's episode a listen. Today we're chatting about why we feel lonely, shitty friendships & how we can change our perspective to use our alone time to our advantage. Enjoy! Xoxo, Cait Instagram
Another summer episode coming at you! Today I'm sharing all of my summer must haves...find them all down below on my LTK! 🤍 Enjoy...Xoxo, CaitSummer Self Care Must Haves:
Hi besties! Welcome to part 2 of your summer glow up guide. In today's episode we discuss the pillars of Personal Growth as well as your Environment. Hope you enjoy! <3 Instagram
Hi self care angels! Episodes will now be uploaded on Wednesday's instead of Monday's to fit better with my schedule. Today we're going over your 2024 summer glow up guide part 1! Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for part 2 next week!Instagram
Hi self care angels <3 If you've been wanting to become more independent and learn to love your alone time then listen up! Today I'm sharing some of my personal favorite ways to spend time alone that help me realign with myself and stay motivated. Enjoy!Instagram
Anxiety SUCKS & guess what? We ALL struggle with it. If you need a reminder that you're not alone, tune in to today's episode. I also share some tips & tricks to help you cope with anxiety. Love you! Xoxo, CaitInstagram
Happy Monday besties 🤍 Today we're talking about tips & tricks to becoming more confident in your everyday life and how you can finally stop caring what other people think about you! Hope you enjoy...xoxo, Cait Instagram
Happy Monday besties! <3 Today's episode we're covering simple things to implement into your everyday life to feel happier and more fulfilled. Hope you enjoy...xoxo, CaitInstagram
Happy Monday self care angels 🤍 If you feel like you've been on the struggle bus're NOT alone! Today we're chatting about how it's okay to struggle and why it can be so important for personal growth. Hope you enjoy & thank you for listening! Xoxo, CaitInstagram
Happy Monday! Spring is literally around the corner so today we're breaking down your glow up guide to get you ready for a new season and a fresh start! Thank you so much for listening! Xoxo, CaitInstagram
Struggling to create a good and structured routine for yourself? Today I'm sharing 7 simple steps to implement into your evenings to make sure you have a good nights sleep & to feel energized the next morning. Hope you enjoy! Instagram
Happy Monday self care angels! So excited to finally share this special announcement with you all! In today's episode we're talking all about timelines of life & how they don't define you, the reality of growing up and difficulties being in your 20's. Hope you feel inspired and enjoy! Xoxo, Cait 🤍Instagram https://ww...
Want the secret to living a happy life? Changing your perspective. Tune in to learn how crucial a positive attitude is in order to live the life you want and ways to change your mindset. Thanks so much for listening! <3 Xoxo, Cait Instagram
Want to practice self care but don't want to break the bank? Today I came up with some budget friendly & FREE ideas you can do on your next self care day! Hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening xoxox, Cait Instagram
It's time to take control of your life & quit putting time and energy into worrying what others think of you! Thank you so much for listening. Hope you enjoy! Xoxo, Cait Instagram
HI SELF CARE ANGELS!!! Feels so good to be back. Thank you so much for being patient with me while I took a little much needed break. I hope you enjoy today's episode of ins & outs for the new year and make sure to let me know any topic requests you have that you'd like to see in 2024! Enjoy 💞 Xoxo, CaitInstagram htt...
Hi self care angels! Happy Monday <3 As Winter is approaching, I felt inspired to share some tips to help make this time feel more joyful & fulfilling. I hope you enjoy xo, Cait Instagram
Happy November & happy Monday! I am absolutely loving the trend of living a more quiet lifestyle. Today I share with you 7 habits of a girl who lives a soft & quiet life that you can implement into your routine to feel stress and care free. Thank you for listening! <3 Instagram
Happy Monday! Looking for some inspo for your next sunday reset routine? Start implementing these habits into your weekly reset to show up for yourself & feel your best. Thank you for listening! <3Instagram
Happy Monday angels! Here are 10 tips on how you're going to level up your life BEFORE the new year starts. Tune in to learn how to accomplish your goals within the next couple of months. Enjoy<333Instagram