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Self Care and Chill With Maui

Author: Amirah Morris

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A bunch of laughing and finger snapping while we talk about relationships, sex and self love.
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New Year New Me

New Year New Me


A mini episode of motivation. I missed all of you so much. I just wanted to stop by and give you a recap of what has been going on in my life and send you some light. Use the code selflove for a discount at
On this episode I talk about having the strength to leave a person that isn’t good for you | Giving yourself grace for not knowing better and the patience to do better. | I want people to write down a prayer for themselves that they can go back to, to remind them that they deserve better. Ask yourself why do I keep settling for this? Why do I keep going back? Why can I not be alone ? For tickets to shows and books use this link—>
On this episode we talk about standing firm on our boundaries when it comes to how we allow people to treat us and show up for us. Not being afraid to express exactly what it is that we want. Holding people accountable but also holding ourselves accountable also. And treating self care like it is a necessity, which it is in order to take care of yourself. If you haven’t check out my books on my website Happy self care Sunday ! Potty training book :
On this episode we talk about what the people you have loved had in common and where they a REFLECTION OF YOU? What did certain people show you when it comes to your healing? What did you admire about them if anything? What are some things that your inner child really need as a child that you can supply them with right now to make them feel loved and safe ? You’re not on this journey alone, there are a million other people journeying just like you, don’t forget that. Here is the link to my LTK with all of my must haves and favorites, I will keep adding more books and you can always ordering my books from my website
On this episode I talk about all of the things that I have been learning in therapy and utilizing in my daily life. Boundaries, communicating, validating emotions and getting my needs met by my partner. This season of my life has felt so transformative and I feel like I’m becoming a different person emotionally, so of course I wanted to share this with all of you. Let me know some of the things you have been working on in your life.
This episode is mainly my birthing story and how Hos does so many things in our lives that show us how grateful we should be.
This episode is all about love! With Valentine’s Day coming up I wanted to leave you with a few to look for while dating someone or dating yourself!
This episode is filled with everything that we need to be leaving in 2023 and not bringing into the new year! It’s a new year and new version of ourselves for everyone! I hope that you use this year to really tap into your full potential and take advantage of all the beautiful things that you have going on in your life!
Today I talk about why do men help women who bring nothing to the table but are reluctant to help women who they see are already doing so much on their own? Do they feel like since she can do it all what does she need me for? Or do they just naturally have no desire to offer or be of service to her because their ego desires someone who NEEDS them?
This episode is about where you are going or not going for first dates and why. They made a list on Instagram of first date places that women don’t want to go to and I also made a list of 9 qualities I think are important for you to notice if someone has when you are dating or in a relationship with them. These qualities are important to me, but that doesn’t mean they have to be for you lol. Anyways I’m happy to be done touring and god willing book number #5 will be ready for you to preorder this Friday !!
I start off with my new poem Invisible Girl On this episode I talk about how much courage it takes to walk into love with no wall up. How walls may protect you but they also keep things from coming in, some really beautiful things. Don’t be afraid to show up as your full self in any type of relationship, WE ARE NOT STARTING FROM SCRATCH WE ARE STARTING FROM EXPERIENCE. If you are afraid to be hurt I understand, but that’s one of the risks we take. I hope that you are able to take that risk for what you want. Use the link below for my upcoming shows
On this episode I give a recap and talk about not feeling guilty about expressing what you need. A lot of the times we don’t want to feel like we are a burden or asking for too much so we allow ourselves to continue to be unsatisfied or to feel unappreciated. It is okay to ask for what you need, it is okay to say “this is not working for me, let’s try a different way” , you do not have to settle for what is offered to you. FOR TICKETS TO MY UPCOMING SHOWS USE THE LINK BELOW
On this episode I talk about letting people live in their world of delusions, being accountable if you’ve been the delusional one and forgiving yourself but not being too hard on yourself because you are doing your best. Make sure you get tickets below for the last poetry nights that I will be having for the year !!!! NY 9/28 Indy 10/5 Boston 10/13 St. Louis 10/20
Today I talk about not watering down your expectations or desires because you’re with someone you feel like will never give it to you. Don’t make excuses for why someone won’t show up for you or try and convince yourself that you don’t need certain things in a relationship because you’ve accepted the fact they won’t put the effort in to do it. Make sure you get tickets to see me in New York this month at City Winery New York
On this episode I talk about being a placeholder. Allowing someone to continue to reap benefits from you while you never get what you want in return, they will use you up while they wait for what they actually are looking for. I talk about people leading you on, being misleading or saying anything you want to hear so that they can keep using you. Check out my books at and my NY show 9/28 at City Winery
On this episode we talk about how being in toxic relationships also effect the other personal relationships in your life. Everyone from your friends, to your children and family, can get hurt by seeing someone they love constantly being hurt. I talk about choosing yourself, letting someone go, creating a list that will help you with perspective and not having to beg someone for what you need. You can find all my books at
Sending love and prayers to my friend and sister Andrea Jones and healing strength to her family. This episode is for my people pleasers, I beg you to stop doing more for people who already don’t appreciate you. Stop going out of your way for people who hurt you, stop allowing people to keep using you, save some of YOU for YOU!!!
On this episode we talk about wanting to get your lick back or revenge on people who have hurt you or embarrassed you. We talk about being hurt by people that we cared for and really having to sit with those emotions of betrayal and embarrassment. I also answer 3 audience questions. Also check out all my books and use the code LOVE for free shipping at
On this episode here are some of the topics that I talk about Its not your partners job to make you happy all the time Its not your partners job to do the work for you Outgrowing or not outgrowing people Soulties Being proud of yourself Expressing how much you love people and not being afraid to be vulnerable MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM AT @SELFCAREXCHILL CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR SHOWS AND BOOKS
On this episode I talk about how being hurt can change the way that we love and our ability to let people in to also love us properly. I talk about being comfortable expressing your standards, qualities to look for in a partner, breaks during relationships and being with someone on your emotional level. You deserve to experience a love that has no limits when it comes to you and a love that will show up for you when you need them the most. This episode was recorded in real time also on instagram live so that I could answer your questions. Check out my relationship books below