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Author: Kate Roberts

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Let's talk about the marvel that is our bodies, all they can do and what they need to thrive. We'll discuss topics like sexual wellness, fertility, periods, parenting, menopause, and even the health benefits of a really good orgasm. Plus, we have scoured the globe to provide you the latest and greatest in products and services through our one-stop shop, The Body Agency.
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Canadian born, Rwanda based social entrepreneur Joanna Bichsel is the founder of Kasha, a digital retail platform optimized for women's health. On this podcast we discuss what it's like to be a woman in East Africa, her needs and how she, as a pioneer, has built this highly successful private sector healthcare solution, scaling across Africa.
With board certified gynocologist Dr Shyama Mathews we discuss the embarrassing issue of loosing your libido, even though its so common! We also cover birth control choices, endometriosis, pain and pleasure, peri and menopause and even why some people enjoy anal sex! Basically we cover everything that’s going on down there, it's all explained in this podcast. Spoiler alert IUD’s are safe…
Elizabeth Bell is the founder of Amorus and is a trained sex educator with a Masters in Public Health from UC Berkeley. She was previously a film producer, producing multiple indie features, including Destination Wedding, starring Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves. Amorus brings her lifetime interest in intimacy and her storytelling career together to help partners play and tell each other their most delicious stories. This podcast talks about how best to communicate during sex and also how to lighten it up!
This is an important interview with Yarden Gonen. Her sister Romi is being held hostage in Gaza. Its important we understand what is happening. This isn't about politics or about whose side you are on, or your religion, its about human life.
Dr Jacqueline Walters is one of the longest running stars in Bravo history who is widely known as America’s most beloved OB-GYN “Dr. Jackie.” In the show “Married to Medicine”.As a two-time breast cancer survivor, Dr. Walters has turned her pain into a passion for nurturing the emotional and physical needs of women and men diagnosed with breast cancer through her 50 Shades of Pink Foundation.After earning two bachelor of science degrees from the University of Mississippi and Alcorn State University, best selling author of the feminine health book, “The Queen V.”The award-winning OBGYN is on a mission to educate the Black community on important health issues and end racial disparities!
Ellen is an Oscar nominated, Emmy winning, costume designer to the stars. There isn’t an A lister she hasn’t worked with, in a career spanning three decades. As a top Hollywood Costume Designer, Ellen’s passion for contemporary design has had an impact on motion picture style. Mirojnick’s film work has exhibited a sophisticated, timeless approach to modern storytelling and has yielded iconic characters that have become cultural references. She has a long history of working with Michael Douglas and designed that infamous white dress for Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct…think iconic leg crossing scene!The list of prominent filmmakers Ellen has designed for is extensive: Steven Soderberg, Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, both Tony and Ridley Scott and J.J.Abrams. The talent she has costumed reads like a Who’s Who of Hollywood: Angelina Jolie, Diane Keaton, Glenn Close, Sharon Stone, Paula Patton, Catherine Zeta Jones, Susan Sarandon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sienna Miller, Sandra Bullock, Diane Lane, Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Tom Cruise, Channing Tatum, Ashton Kutcher, Robert Downey Jr, Denzel Washington, Aaron Paul and Dakota Johnson. Her recent Oscar nod is for Oppenheimer and has received critical acclaim for the TV series Bridgeton, with all those corsets and daring prints.We talk about just what it takes to have such a career in the entertainment industry and that endless search for body perfect!
Stanford educated business woman Rachel Braun Scherl is a self confessed Vagipreneur! Co-Founder of Sparks Solutions for Growth she helps companies and entrepreneurs grow their business in the female health industry. She really has made down there her business! Sexual wellness however is head to toe operation and "fem tech", as it's also known is big business! During this show we talk about the challenges and opportunities that exist within our sector, and all the humorous yet important moments along the way to becoming a Vagipreneur!
Let’s be honest our vaginas and vulvas are still a mystery to both men, women and children. We go through our lives witnessing changes, from menstruation to sex to childbirth and then to menopause. Along the way we may experience odors, discharge, possible diseases, pain, dryness and wait for it…hopefully pleasure! Our guest Dr Lauren Streicher is a clinical professor, gynecologist and certified menopause practitioner campaigning for healthy, fully functioning vulvas and vaginas!
One in four people suffer with some form of mental health issue and it’s still a completely taboo subject. It has destroyed entire families and peoples lives all over the world. Collin Henderson is the Founder of Master your Mindset and a leader of mental conditioning. He has written seven books and has innovative trainings on mindset, mental health, culture and sales psychology used by some of the top brands of the world. He partners with The Body Agency and Real Frequency to reach colleges, sports clubs and schools with this important work. Bottom line is we need to make mental health education and services more accessible so we can master our mindset.
Julia Haart is a character! She went from being a Hasidic Jewish housewife, in an orthodox community, to a NYC mogul wearing mini skits and 10 inch shoes! You will know her from her very popular Netflix show "My Unorthodox Life" and her book "Brazen". In this show we delve into her old world and then transitioning to the high flying New York City life as a business women with her flight to freedom. Oh and we also talk about her first orgasm at age 40!
Feeling dirty? Joint pain, chronic fatigue, hair loss, smelly gas, skin issues? Well you are probably very dirty already, in your body, that is. Dr Wendie Trunow a functional medicine practitioner with more than 30 years experience of both these symptoms herself and practicing to help others, knows all this too well. Author of the book “Dirty Girl” we are going to talk about what toxins we are putting in our bodies and why they are causing chaos and illness.
Speaking for myself, I have found my cell phone in the fridge, keys in the bathroom and can’t remember dear friends names. On a daily basis I feel like I am losing my mind and it’s terrifying. Elyse Schunkewitz knows all this way too well. She is a holistic psychotherapist, brain based coach and has worked in psychiatry hospitals such as Bellevue. She has presented nation wide to doctors, lawyers, physical therapists, psychologists on holistic health and brain training. We forget that our brain is one of the most important organs and he needs care too.
It's domestic violence awareness month! I was honored to be interviewed by Dr Ludy Green on the very topic. It's so important to expand on services to recognise when abuse is happening and protecting our bodies and minds. Women are effected in higher percentage than men by abuse. It effects our relationships, brains, minds, bodies, mental health and creates long term PTSD.
Who doesn’t have stress? It’s sadly a given that we all feel stressed at a certain point in our lives. Often day to day. We don’t always realize the havoc it can play on our bodies and also that it can be lethal. Dr Amir Rashidian is the author of The Stress Proof Life and Cracking the Stress Secret on how to turn stress into power for optimal wellness. He has studied this for over 20 years and now consults for chiropractic practices as well as speaking on the subject all over the country, won awards and serves on many boards.
Who was obsessed with the Netflix “Succession” TV series? Erin Samueli is the daughter and heir of a loving billionaire family in Orange County. From a very early age she witnessed her family be leaders in both business and social justice. But what is it really like to be part of a dynasty where you will have the family fortune at your finger tips and you wish to change the world.? Wanting to learn the philanthropy ropes Erin joined both Maverick and The Body Agency Collective to do just that. This is her real life “succession” story….
Humans are wired for emotional connections to other humans. One of the core elements to that is sex. Its also communication, the two go hand in hand, right? Then add religion and you have a web of disfunction. During this podcast we have a fascinating discussion with very religious married couple Phyllis Hill, an entrepreneur, and Dr Glenn Hill a sexologist who turned their own painful 40 year journey into a book “The Connection Codes.” Spoiler alert this goes way deeper than religion and sex! Its a fascinating account of human behavior relationships and actual solutions for happiness.
At a certain age we start to go through changes in our bodies and yes it happens to both men and women! This show with Dr Suzanne Fenske a renowned Gynaecologist and Founder of NYC based TaraMD. Dr Suzanne helps women with their overall health as well as how to handle aging and manage the symptoms of menopause as well as explaining hormones and treatments.
Welcome to part 2 of the podcast “Debra Messing The Activist”. On this show we talk about our recent mission trip to Rwanda to see for ourselves the reality of living as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as the status of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Spoiler alert, we talk about me finding out I have skin cancer and how cancer effects others around the world and the inefficiencies of the healthcare system.
We go on a journey with Debra Messing (yes, Grace from 'Will and Grace'!), award-winning actress, humanitarian, and all round amazing person. This is the first part of a two episode show, chatting about our global travels, doing work to change the future of the world. Bold statement, but if anyone can do it, she can! We learn what it's like to be an effective activist, and all the good stuff that goes with that.
"Ikigai" is the Japanese word for long happy healthy life. There is a reason that the Japanese live long healthy lives. It's fuelled with life of purpose. On this show I talk about finding your own Ikigai as a guest of the "Strategic Momentum" podcast with host Connie Steele. We talk about the methodology of how to find your purpose whether it's being a mother or starting a company, using my own personal story and journey of starting The Body Agency. We look at the Ikigai framework of what you are good at, what is your passion, what gap are we filling and what can you get paid for, while having great impact. At the core of us, it's finding true happiness, we spend a lot of hours at work and there is nothing worse than watching the clock. Imagine a world were you get up everyday with enthusiasm for what we do. It's the job and career of the future.