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Professional dancer Cheryl Burke has been a part of Dancing with the Stars since the very beginning.

26 Seasons of the samba, the rumba, and the cha cha. 24 Partners, 6 finals, and 2 mirror balls trophies.

She knows all the secrets, the behind the scenes arguments and the affairs, the flings, the flirting and the fighting.  

It's time to tell all.  

We'll take you all the way back to Season 1 and up through today for the dance floor drama like you wouldn't believe. 

Former partners, co-stars, friends and frenemies will join Cheryl each week for Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans.
97 Episodes
Aiden Turner

Aiden Turner


He was the charming, hunky fan favorite on Season 10 of DWTS, but he couldn't charm the judges.  Aiden Turner joins Cheryl to talk about his short but eventful time on the show, including how he felt about the judges' harsh treatment, breaking down his on-screen argument with partner Edyta, what a producer said when he asked them not to use the footage, and admitting having a crush on Edyta and fighting his attraction to her . . . although he now wishes he hadn't!!  Plus, his conspiracy theory, what he learned from the whole experience, and a fun rapid-fire Q&A. See for privacy information.
We are excited as Cheryl is joined by friend of the show and legend from the show, Samantha Harris. Samantha and Cheryl not only get into this week’s DWTS hot topics, chatting about who some of the pros dream celebs would be, or how Emma and Sasha are handling their relationship amicably, but also diving into health a little bit as Cheryl talks with Samantha about her new podcast Your Healthiest Healthy and gets advice on mammograms at 40 and celebrating Samantha’s 10 years cancer free. There are more hot topics as these two cannot be anything but real talking with each other and about DWTS.   See for privacy information.
Melanie Mills

Melanie Mills


Get ready for some sizzling hot scoop! As the lead makeup artist on DWTS, she had a front-row seat to all the drama, witnessing both the highs and lows on-screen and off.  Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Melanie Mills joins Cheryl to dish about her backstage experiences on Dancing with the Stars, and she's not glossing over anything! From being asked by production to snoop on the professional dancers to the time Maks threw a soda bottle at her head (he missed), why she's the one who got in trouble for it, and an entire breakdown of what led to her firing and the unexpected aftermath. Grab a fan because it's about to get hot in here!  Plus, Melanie reveals the pro dancer who didn't like her, the vainest of them all, and a not-so-glowing review on the spray tans the dancers were using, which led to the creation of her own products still being used today! For more info on Melanie Mills Hollywood, visit, and for tips and tricks of the trade, check out her book "Glitter & Glam."   See for privacy information.
Kristyn Burtt returns as we take the time to honor and dedicate this episode of DWTS entertainment headlines to KTLA journalist and friend of the show Sam Rubin.  He will be missed and we will always be grateful for his contributions to this show. Please make sure to listen and hear the stories he probably would have covered this week.See for privacy information.
Jonathan Roberts

Jonathan Roberts


A true DWTS OG is on the pod!  Esteemed professional ballroom dancer Jonathan Roberts was on Dancing with the Stars from day one and was one of Cheryl's first dance teachers when she was just a teenager!  Jonathan reveals what Cheryl was like as a student, being on DWTS from the start, the things he wanted to do on the show in the first season but wasn't allowed to, and what it was really like having Macy Gray and Heather Mills as dance partners.  Plus, Cheryl goes there. . . she asks if Marie Osmond's fainting was scripted! Jonathan also answers fans' questions like whether he would ever return to the show, his relationship with Anna Trebunskaya, and a revealing Rapid Fire Q & A! See for privacy information.
Today we are joined by People’s Executive Editor of TV & Events, Breanne Heldman. When you are covering headlines, this is who you want on your corner. Today we begin by covering the headlines of Cheryl’s 40th birthday that People actually put out, and then jump into Nikki Glaser and Jeff Ross being the talk of Tom Brady’s roast on Netflix, Gleb Savchenko baring it all on stage in Vegas, Ariana Madix’s return to Broadway and her Vanderpump future. These hot topics and much more in the Dancing with The Stars universe on today’s headlines episode. See for privacy information.
It is part 2 of the season 2 finale. Cheryl gets emotional as she relives her journey in this finale. You will hear the emotion in her voice as they start revealing the results. They ugly cry starts from the moment they announce Tony & Stacey in third place. Suddenly hope filled her and Drew up as they waited to hear who was taking home the mirror ball.  Find out why they did not expect to win, how they tried to keep it together, and her final thoughts on her inaugural season. It is an episode you won’t want to miss especially since this is going to be our last re-watch until the new season of Dancing With The Stars returns LIVE this fall. See for privacy information.
Kyle Massey

Kyle Massey


Performing in front of a live crowd can be a nerve-wracking experience for many, but not for Kyle Massey. The star, who grew up in front of the spotlight in shows like "That's So Raven" and "Cory in the House," felt right at home on Season 11 of DWTS . . .charming the audience and becoming a fan favorite!  Kyle talks to Cheryl about his time on the hardwood, including why he initially didn't want to do the show, who convinced him, Lacey Schwimmer's teaching style, one of the few, rare moments he felt nervous, and a conspiracy theory tale involving a slip-up seen on the live East Coast feed but allegedly missing from the West Coast airing . . . Plus, Kyle shares his thoughts on the "Quiet on Set" docuseries and opens up about his own experience as a child actor growing up on sets. See for privacy information.
Our friend Kristyn Burtt is back to talk headlines. We are talking William Levy, Jeannie Mai, DWTS returning, Cheryl’s interview with Sara Evans and everything else that is circling in the Dancing With The Stars universe. Cheryl and Kristyn also take a minute to discuss one of the biggest topics of the week, Dance Moms. Cheryl shares her own experience and where she thinks healing needs to be found. See for privacy information.
Sara Evans

Sara Evans


Country Music Star Sara Evans is no stranger to the top of the charts with hits like "Born to Fly," but she's also down to earth and known for keeping it real!  The singer-songwriter and straight-shooter joins Cheryl for a candid chat about her time on Season Three of DWTS, including the stress of doing the show while her marriage was falling apart, juggling motherhood to three small children, and a tour. She also details a tense encounter with her ex-husband involving her children and intervention by dance partner Tony Dovolani, which led to her decision to leave the show after week six.  Plus, Sara opens up about dealing with body dysmorphia, how comments from online trolls affect her, and why she feels she would have won the Mirrorball Trophy if she had stayed in the competition! See for privacy information.
Cheryl Clears The Air

Cheryl Clears The Air


Cheryl takes this episode to address the headlines about when she was interviewed on Amy and TJ’s podcast. She is ready to close a chapter as she is about to celebrate her 40th. Listen to this vulnerable conversation where she answers your questions about it all…See for privacy information.
Cheryl is joined by entertainment journalist Dean McCarthy today as they sort through this weeks DWTS related headlines, however this week, Cheryl is the week's hot topic. Dean talks with Cheryl about her news making interview after they cover stories involving Kristin Cavallari, Zendaya, & Simone Biles.See for privacy information.
We can not believe we have already made it to the season two finale ! Spoiler Alert ! We remember very clearly this win for Cheryl but do you? Make sure to check out how it all went down in a 2 part rewatch as Jerry, Stacey, and Drew hit the floor hoping for the mirror ball. See for privacy information.
Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling


Acclaimed violinist Lindsey Stirling has been wowing audiences with her stunning skills as an entertainer and performer . . . but she put her skills to the test on Season 25 of DWTS!  Lindsey joins Cheryl to talk about her time on DWTS, including doing the show while touring, Derek Hough's advice, what frustrated her about the experience, and a never-before-told story about a super awkward moment during rehearsal with Mark Ballas that was so embarrassing the cameraman deleted the footage!! Plus, Lindsey opens up about her journey to success, including her highs and lows, not letting your failures define you, and her new music and tour kicking off in July! For tickets and info, visit: www.lindseystirling.comSee for privacy information.
Dave Quinn joins for an explosive Headlines episode as we delve into reality TV’s most controversial moments. From the unexpected “Golden Bachelor” divorce to JoJo Siwa’s sit down with Alex Cooper— and the thing she confessed that completely shifted Cheryl’s views about her. Plus, Lisa faces the music over her use of fillers, and Cheryl finally addresses those persistent plastic surgery rumors.See for privacy information.
Dive into a thrilling semifinal rewatch on this week’s episode of “Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans,” where we revisit the unforgettable Season 2. Join us as the last four dynamic duos, including fan-favorites Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke, compete in a high-stakes dance-off. For the first time this season, each couple will perform two individual dances, showcasing their dedication and skill. Plus, Cheryl Burke shares an insider scoop on why she believes Jerry Rice, paired with Anna Trebunskaya, had more than just fancy footwork to credit for his advance to the finals. It’s a strategic revelation you won’t want to miss as Cheryl revisits the season that transformed her career.See for privacy information.
Gilles Marini

Gilles Marini


He sizzled on the big screen in Sex and the City and turned up the heat on Season 8 of DWTS, almost taking home the Mirrorball Trophy!  The one and only Gilles Marini joins the pod to chat about his time as Cheryl's dance partner, and there's so much inside scoop to get to! Including the injury he kept hidden, the duo's hot chemistry, what he said in Cheryl's defense that got him a lot of heat, regretting doing the All-Stars show, and she goes there . . . Cheryl confronts Gilles about the rumor he asked for Peta as a partner in Season 15 instead of her.  Plus, how Gilles brought out the best in Cheryl when she needed it the most, a revealing rapid-fire Q&A, and the risqué audition move he used for Sex and the City that helped him land the gig! That's just the tip of the iceberg with this fully loaded-episode! See for privacy information.
Today Cheryl is joined by Producer and Entertainment Host Josh McBride as they comb through this week’s DWTS related hot topics in a new episode of headlines. What are their thoughts on Scheana Shay’s response to Gleb’s comments about her being on the show, and we get some behind the scenes stories on Wendy Williams from our co-host. These topics and more you won’t want to miss.See for privacy information.
There are 5 couples left and season 2 is closing down as another week of intensity on the dance floor ensues. Jerry spent the week using his anger to drive the emotion in his performance by thinking about the judges previous scores or comments and find out why Ana had him hold a coin in his buttocks. Cheryl believes that her tango with Drew is the dance that put them on the map as Nick Lachey peeps in on their rehearsals, Edyta was dripped in diamonds as her husband Alec joined as a mentor and George’s IT factor dazzles the judges as they think they are watching Dynasty the musical. Lisa breaks down as Louis gives her some tough love which pays off as her fear of ballroom dances goes away and she delivers for the judges, and finally Stacey and Tony finally seem to hit their partnership stride when they visit Camp Pendleton and dance for the troops building on that feeling and momentum in the ballroom. Cheryl breaks it all down on this week’s rewatch.See for privacy information.
Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho


Wrestling star Chris Jericho went from body slamming to ballroom dancing on season 12 of DWTS!  Chris joins Cheryl to re-visit their time on the dancefloor, including how DWTS is similar to WWE, conspiracy theories, the dance he felt should have been rated way higher than it was, his thoughts on the judges, why he was discouraged at one point, and what it was really like having Cheryl as his partner!  Plus, Chris shares his journey to wrestling stardom, how wrestling is all about psychology, not size, which wrestler he gave Cheryl's cell to, and, of course, rapid-fire Q&A! See for privacy information.
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