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Ever stumbled across a surprise fantasy? Something you didn’t realize turned you on…but here you are. It’s super hot, and now, you can’t stop thinking about it. Our sexual fantasies are here to help us understand ourselves better, so on today’s show I take your calls on sexual fantasies, what they mean, and how to turn them into a reality. First, she masturbates in the bathroom when she knows her neighbors are home, within earshot. He loves nipple play on his body and watching his wife do it to herself. They’re dabbling in prostate play, so I provide step-by-step instructions for finger stimulation. She’s afraid of rejection, but also fantasizes about it: how can she indulge this fantasy in a healthy way? All this and more on this revealing episode. Show Notes:Gifts For Every Turn On: Valentine’s Day Guide 2023VUSH Destination: Play (SEXWITHEMILY for 40% off Destination: Play)Yes No Maybe List & Other GuidesEMDRIA Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
We all have personal demons. Whether it’s anxiety in your relationship, dissatisfaction in your sex life, or something hurtful from the past that’s infecting your present. But how do we heal so that our sex drive can thrive? That’s what today’s episode is all about. I talk to callers about their sexual mental blocks, and how to move past them for a more empowered future. When outside circumstances create stress for your family, how can you still prioritize intimacy? When one partner is inhibited in bed, how can they learn to relax, and find their authentic sexual voice? And when you’ve been through the death of a loved one, how can you make room for a new relationship while honoring their memory? All this and more on today’s show. Show Notes:Gifts For Every Turn On: Valentine’s Day Guide to save $ for 15% offArticle: Ask Emily: How Do I Make Scheduling Sex Sexy?Yes No Maybe List & Other GuidesPodcast: Therapy: The Relationship Game-ChangerEMDRIAMore Dr. Amen: Instagram | TikTok | Twitter | WebsiteYour Brain Is Always Listening by Dr. Amen Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Real talk: penis problems are more common than you think. But don’t let shame stop you from healing - both inside and out. Today, we’re normalizing the experience of penis challenges, and providing tools to help mend your member. She wants to end a relationship because he can’t keep it up - are there other issues at play beyond sexual incompatibility? Can erection issues from a sex-related injury be reversed? I offer some science-backed treatments to check out. Another penis-owner can only orgasm through solo sex, are trust issues to blame? We talk through some exercises to help get to orgasming with a partner. I’ll cover all this and more in this episode.Show Notes:When It’s Time to Unplug, Plug In a Magic WandLELO Tor 2 (code EMILY for 25% off all products) for 15% off Delay Sprays, Arousal Gels, VitaFLUX & MoreBoston Scientific treatment options for EDPRP Injections (John Hopkins Medical)Podcast: Best Of: Power to the Penis w/ Dr. Edward KarpmanSKYN CondomsOne Condoms “Find My Fit”Pjur Woman Aqua LubricantThis episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get 10% off your first month. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Consuming your own ejaculate: a kink on the rise. Whether it comes from porn or curiosity, a ton of you have asked me about it in the last few years. But that’s not the only trending sex topic: from porn to mental health, these are some of the most frequently asked questions we get at Sex With Emily. First, is porn healthy or harmful? It’s all about your relationship to it. Next, anxiety and low self-worth can make it more difficult to get turned on with a partner. I offer strategies to one listener for restoring their self-love practice. Finally, eating your own semen: yay or nay? I explain why this is not only a totally normal question – but a totally acceptable practice.Show Notes:When It’s Time to Unplug, Plug In a Magic WandJe Joue Ami 3 Step Kegel Training Set (code SEXWITHEMILY for 20% off)Article: The Ins And Outs of Ethical PornPodcast: Find Your Sexual Voice w/ Lake BellXConfessions.comTryQuinnThis episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get 10% off your first month. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Just how many pathways are there to your best orgasm? It’s more than you realize. Today’s episode is all about creative ways to climax, so you can unlock even more pleasure the next time you have sex. First: are breastgasms a thing? I explain to one caller how they work, and give her ideas for stimulating them and her other erogenous zones. Next, a couple calls in with a common problem: he finishes during penetrative sex, she doesn’t. I give them some orgasm gap hacks to solve it. Finally, why is it often easier to have a G-Spot orgasm with a toy, but not during sex? I give you tips for getting there with a partner and more tips to maximize your pleasure.Show Notes:When It’s Time to Unplug, Plug In a Magic WandUberlube “Good to Go” Travel Sets from Good Vibrations Woo More Play Coconut OilPjur’s Back Door LubeArticle: Where is the Clitoris?Article: 9 Ways to Elevate Your Solo SexThis episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get 10% off your first month. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Ever feel like your relationship is on cruise control? Do you continue to have the same conflicts, stale sex routine, or toxic dynamics and want to break the cycle and be with someone who’s actually a great fit? I’ll help you break out of all that. Today’s episode is designed to help you build better sex, dating and relationship habits. From incorporating kink and exploration into a relationship with someone who’s more reserved, to tips to work through jealousy in a relationship - we can all learn so much from this episode. I’ll also go over some exercises to build intimacy and share your top “green flags” when it comes to dating. All this and more on today’s show.Show Notes:Sexual Wellness Trends to Try in 2023VUSH Empress 2 (code SWE50 for 50% off)Tips for Better Communication & Other GuidesArticle: How to Have More Sensual SexArticle: Ask Emily: How Do I Tell a New Partner About My Fantasies?Article: What to Do When Your Partner Says ‘No’ to Trying New ThingsThis episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get 10% off your first month. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Your sexual needs are key to your sexual satisfaction and overall wellness. And when you’ve got a need that just can’t be met, I’m here for you. On today’s show, I give one caller who's never had an orgasm surefire masturbation tips to help her get there. Next, she’s 23 and loves her boyfriend, but he wants to move in together and she’s… not so sure. Psychologist and dear friend Dr. Jen Freed and I coach her on next steps. Another caller asked her partner to be more dominant in bed, and now he thinks they’re sexually incompatible. Finally, she needs more sexual experience – should she snag a friends with benefits? All this and more as we unpack your sexual needs and give you specific, sexy steps to achieve them.Show Notes:Sexual Wellness Trends to Try in 2023Odela Health (use this link for $50 off your 1st prescription)7 New Ways to Use a Magic WandPleasure Planner, Yes No Maybe List & Other Guides Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
When it comes to your sexual style, have you ever thought about your voice? Do you moan? Slow things down? Pitch up or down an octave? Actor, writer and director Lake Bell is obsessed with the human voice. On today’s show, we’ll discuss her new audiobook Inside Voice, which explores this obsession, including the “sexy baby voice” phenomenon - which happens to be her least favorite choice for bedroom talk. We also discuss your takes on dating in your 40s, and why things often get better with age when it comes to the pursuit of romance. All this and more with my amazing guest, Lake Bell.Show Notes:Article: Ask Emily: How Do I Get Better at Dirty Talk?Lake Bell’s New Audiobook, Inside Voice: My Obsession with How We Sound: Audible | PushkinMore Lake Bell: Instagram | Twitter Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
As the year comes to an end, what are the biggest revelations you’ve had when it comes to pleasure? What is something new you’ve learned that has redefined your sex life - now and in the new year? To answer this, I turned to you - the Sex With Emily community - for a roundup of the best of the best. From oral secrets to solo sex, your sex language and your sex fantasies, these are some of my favorite moments from the episodes you listened to the most this year. Consider this your end of year send off, from Emily with love. Show Notes:Article: How to Write Your New Year’s Sex ResolutionsMagic WandBreathe AppPodcast: Your Top Sex Fantasies, RevealedPodcast: Your Sex Language w/ Dr. Jen FreedPodcast: How to Relationship Better w/ John Kim a & Vanessa BennettPodcast: Best Blow Job EverPodcast: Orgasms with a Capital OPodcast: Sex & Loving Your Body w/ Shaun TPodcast: Therapy: The Relationship Game ChangerPodcast: Sex + Creativity w/ Liz Goldwyn Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Are you considering opening up your relationship? When and how did you decide to do so? And did moving away from monogamy change your perspective on sex and pleasure? Today, I’m taking your calls all about being in open relationships. First up: a group sex success story after a married couple learned to communicate their fantasies – always love hearing those. Next, they have a great sex life, but after a threesome gone wrong, she’s worried he’ll leave. How can she alleviate her anxiety and share her fears? Finally, we define compersion and discuss what to do when your partner wants a threesome… but you don’t. We get into all this and more on today’s hotline show. Show Notes:Article: The Podcast Eps + Articles You Loved in 2022PromescentArticle: These Are The 5 Arousal Styles. Which One Are You?SWE Pleasure Planner, Yes No Maybe List & More Guides Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Variety is the spice of life – as well as vital to your sex life. But how many times have you turned to your partner on Friday night and said: “how about dinner? Usual spot?” Planning a creative date requires thinking outside of the box. That’s why I’ve done the legwork for you of helping you create playful dates that are as unique as they are arousing. From role playing sexy strangers to planning out a sensual dinner at the farmer’s market, these date ideas will give you a break from the norm - while also building sexual tension and enhancing intimacy. Show Notes:Article: How to Train Your PenisVUSH (SEXWITHEMILY for 40% off Next Gen Vibes)Article: These Are The 5 Arousal Styles. Which One Are You?Podcast: What’s Your Arousal Type?The 36 Questions That Lead to LoveOhMiBod blueMotion Panty VibePodcast: Sex & Loving Your Body w/ Shaun TFleur Du Mal x SWE Bundle (FLEURWITHEMILY for 10% off 1st order)Je Joue Luxury Massage Candle (Emily30 for 30% off all products) Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Alex Cooper, host and creator of “Call Her Daddy” knows a thing or two about the pursuit of a more fulfilling sex life. From transcendental oral to disastrous anal, she walks us through the good, the bad, and the funny when it comes to trying new sexual experiences. Alex also shares her mindful masturbation routine and what her partner does to make oral incredible (hint: vulva worship). All this and more in today’s fan favorite best of episode. Show Notes:Emily on Call Her Daddy: How to Have an Orgasm | 104- The Roadmap to his A**hole | 96- The Orgasm Gap & Forced Sex FantasiesArticle: 9 Ways to Elevate Your Solo SexArticle: Ask Emily: Oral Sex for BeginnersMore Alex Cooper: Instagram | TwitterCall Her Daddy: Website | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Mismatched sex drives: it’s one of the most common issues longterm relationships face. Frequently one partner has an insatiable appetite for sex, while the other treats sex more like a chore. But just because your libidos aren’t synced up now doesn’t mean they’ll be that way forever. On today’s Hotline show, I answer questions all about you and your partner’s differing sex drives and how to communicate your way to better alignment. From a caller who misses the drama and excitement their sex life once had, to another whose partner’s medication has caused his desire to be depleted - I’ll break down step by step how to broach this sensitive subject. Because if left unaddressed, issues around sex can be fatal to a relationship - and working through it will only make you and your partner stronger.Show Notes:Article: Best Sexy Stocking Stuffers 2022FirmTech Tech Ring (Emily20 for 20% off)Article: These Are the 5 Arousal Styles. Which One Are You?Podcast: Your Top Sex Fantasies, Revealed Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
We’ve all heard of “body positivity” - the idea that we should celebrate the skin we’re in, rather than emphasize how we think others see us. But in practice, how really is your relationship with your body? Today’s show is all about giving our bodies the respect they deserve. I’m first joined by Bethany C Meyers, whose fitness company the be.come project aims to change our motivation behind working out. Bethany also shares why sex takes on a new, rich depth when we learn to connect with our movement on a daily basis. Afterwards, I’ll answer questions from listeners struggling to accept their own bodies. Because if we can’t learn to love our own bodies, how can we share them intimately with someone else?Show Notes:Article: 4 Sex Toys So Pretty, They Double As ArtArticle: Ask Emily: How Can I Be More Confident in the Bedroom?PromescentMore Bethany C. Meyers: Instagram | TwitterThe Become Project: Website | Instagram Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
As we wind down the year, what are your pleasure goals? Do you want to explore your body? Incorporate a new pleasure ritual? Try out a new toy? Today on the show, I pull back the curtain on Sex With Emily and invite my team to share their pleasure goals and the toys to get there. From vibrators to arousal gels, they give their honest reviews on what to stuff your stockings with this holiday season. I’ll also break down the science behind them that makes them so effective. If you’re looking to create your own pleasure goals for the new year, these products are a great place to start.Show Notes:Sexiest Gift Guide Ever: Emily’s Picks for 2022 HolidaysArticle: 4 Sex Toys So Pretty they Double as ArtBook: Court of ThornsGuide: The Pleasure Planner7 New Ways to Use a Magic WandGood VibrationsJe Joue (Emily30 for 30% off all products)OhMiBod bluMotion NEX1 Wearable Panty VibratorLelo Sona 2 CruiseB-Vibe TripletLelo Hugo Prostate MassagerPlayground Lube (SEXWITHEMILY for 15% off 1st order)Promescent Female Arousal GelFleur Du Mal Sex With Emily Bundle (FLEURWITHEMILY for 10% off all orders) Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
It’s the question married men often ask themselves: why is my marriage just OK? How do I get the spark back? And when did our sex life become so mediocre? Life coach and fellow podcaster Larry Hagner has not only worked through these issues himself, but has devoted his life to helping other men become better husbands and fathers. His project the Dad Edge was inspired by both his struggles in parenting and a lack of having a father during his own childhood. On today’s best-of show, Larry breaks down his four pillars of a good marriage (which absolutely includes sex), as well as how to talk to sons about sex, porn and masturbation.Show Notes:Sexiest Gift Guide Ever: Emily’s Picks for 2022 HolidaysVush Destination: Play (SEXWITHEMILY for 40% off Destination: Play)More Larry Hagner: The Dad Edge | Instagram Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Dating - for most of us, it's a necessary evil. We fear rejection, don’t know where to look for our people, or simply feel it's a hopeless waste of time. But as my guests on today’s show can attest, the research behind dating may tell a different story. Today, I’m joined by Anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher and evolutionary biologist Dr. Justin Garcia of the Kinsey Institute. They pulled data from 5,000 American singles ages 18-89 as part of Match’s annual Singles in America survey, and the results are fascinating. People dating more consciously - hookup culture is dead, and singles are prioritizing things like political awareness rather than looks. We’ll unpack their findings and why today’s singles should be more optimistic than ever about finding their match.Show Notes:Sexiest Gift Guide Ever: Emily’s Picks for 2022 HolidaysArticle: Cold Weather Date Ideas7 New Ways to Use a Magic WandSingles in America StudyMore Dr. Helen Fisher: WebsiteMore Dr. Justin Garcia: Kinsey Institute Bio | Instagram | Twitter Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
What do you wish you knew about pleasure when you were in college? Maybe it's how to please yourself? Or the signs of sexual incompatibility? Or maybe you just need permission to break up? I answer your questions all about sex in college. From making casual hookups more stimulating, to embracing queerness in heteronormative spaces, to simply finding your people - I give the advice we all wish we could tell our younger selves. I also asked for your hottest college sex stories, and you absolutely understood the assignment. All this and more on today’s best of show.Show Notes:Sexiest Gift Guide Ever: Emily’s Picks for 2022 HolidaysArticle: A Submissive’s Guide to Being DominantPromescent Delay Spray & Arousal GelArticle: Is Casual Sex Right For You?Article: 7 Books to Teach Your Kids About Queer Sex & Identity Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
How’s your orgasm lately? Do you wish it was more intense? More frequent? More predictable with a partner? Orgasms don’t have to be a thing of mystery. And that’s why today's call in show is devoted to all things O. First up: she fears a loss of control while climaxing, which derails her arousal altogether. Can she relax and stay present? Next, he’s fit and athletic, with a girlfriend who loves sex. The problem? It takes him a long time to finish – maybe too long. Finally - when you’re with a partner who loves giving you oral, but it’s not exactly getting you off…what gives? I answer these questions and more from our brave live callers.Show Notes:Sexiest Gift Guide Ever: Emily’s Picks for 2022 HolidaysPromescent Delay Spray & MoreArticle: I’ve Never Had An OrgasmArticle: Where is the Clitoris?Article: 6 Tips for Mastering the Game-Changing Technique of Mindful MasturbationArticle: How To Respond When Your Partner Can’t Stay HardThe Yes No Maybe List & Other SWE GuidesEpisode: More Sex, Less Pain with Heather Jeffcoat Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Getting the sex we want: it’s easier said than done. Sharing your needs with a partner can be difficult and awkward. But what if we feel undeserving of the gift of pleasure all together?On today’s best-of episode, I’ll answer your questions all about giving and receiving. From trouble with orgasms to insecurities around body parts - how we receive the gift of oral is often where mental blocks around sex begin - and end. Plus, we hear some giving success stories. Because improving our pleasure potential is all about communicating our needs - ask, and you shall receive.Show Notes:Sexiest Gift Guide Ever: Emily’s Picks for 2022 HolidaysLELO HUGO (code ‘EMILY’ for 25% off all products)Article: The Kivin MethodArticle: How Do I Go Down on a Vulva?Article: How Do I Better Enjoy Oral Sex?Article: How Can I Be More Confident in the Bedroom? Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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Jim McCaskill

So is this what a Sex Therapist does? Support and excuse cheating and lies? No wonder our society is going down the toilet, when so called experts are promoting lies, dishonesty and oath breaking at so intimate a level.

Nov 17th

Jim McCaskill

Some of the worst advice ever

Oct 8th

William Young

with the rite lube is great!

Aug 16th

Jacob Zimmer

hey lovely please post on fountain podcast get paid and we get paid in Bitcoin just for listening

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huh, i agree with Emily on the dirty talk, not him

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Love the show 🔥

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Amanda Anderson

yes!! The 5 rules for the epic relationship

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This is why teens are having sex early. Shows like this need to be discontinued. All a child has to do is have access to a phone or computer and he/she discovers these awful podcasts. Then they spread the word…….. And now they want to “try” it……..

Feb 17th

Laura D

best episode, incredibly timely, succinct and full of important information. Thank you thank you!! It sounded like my life story played out in this podcast. Even know I knew just about all the red flags and have experienced them, I still stayed with them. I'm going to listen to this over and over until it sticks.

Jan 7th

Andres Beltran

this gives me the lenguage to describe something I've felt for so long

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I love fucking females in the ass

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There is an error with trying to download episode 1147. Any chance you can fix it? Thanks

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Hossein Tala

In Iran cause of religion we cannot have sex until we get married my question is that this issue is harmful for me or not?

Jul 20th
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Moises De Leon

full disclosure I am a guy, so whatever I say is from my own perspective as a male. with that said, I loved this episode and have loved your podcast for about 3 years now. this is one of those episodes that I really love to discuss with my fiancé and one that I'll recommend to both my male and female friends. Funny enough I found my fiances "G-Spot" early in our relationship (about 7 years ago) thanks to a rather educational video by Nina Hartley. It was about how to please a woman orally. And it was one of my first introductional videos into actual sexual education (unlike the one I was taught in school). and yes, I did find it while looking for some G on G porn lol anyways, love the podcast!

Jul 16th

Kari Zysk

what was the name of the flavored lube? The muse is no longer making, according to their web page

Jul 13th

Miranda Haun

I was super excited to listen to this podcast after seeing your ad on FB, but I have some mixed feelings on it now. Specifically, I found the conversation around Serena's date not wanting to have sex with her a bit unsettling. It was stated first that he was unhealthy, then that he wasn't a good communicator, but it sounds to me like he was communicating his desires and concerns just fine. There is nothing unhealthy about choosing to abstain from sex, and Serena Kerrigan visiting him for the weekend does not mean he owed her sex. We're so quick to be defensive if a man talks like this, but when it's a woman we make excuses and still blame the man. Consent should go both ways, and us women (for sure me included) need to learn how to handle being rejected sex a little more gracefully.

Jul 7th

Franco M

Emily is tripping me up.. I'm not sure if I can listen to her.

Jun 30th
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