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From 1%er Biker Gang Member to rescuing children from being massacred in Africa. This man has made a positive mark felt by many in this world. Sam Childers AKA The Machine Gun Preacher joins us for an interview on The Shawn Ryan Show. ⬇️ 🚨 Please Donate to Rescue Children 🚨 ⬇️ Shawn Ryan Show Sponsors: (USE CODE SHAWN) (USE CODE SRS) Vigilance Elite/Shawn Ryan Links: Website - Patreon - TikTok - Instagram -
Retired Green Beret Lt. Col. Scott Mann and a small team of former special ops personnel orchestrated what is now known as Operation Pineapple Express. Extracting our Afghan Allies from Taliban regime during a time of extreme violence due to the United States withdrawing all forces from Afghanistan. OUR SPONSORS: Vigilance Elite/Shawn Ryan Links: Website - Patreon - TikTok - Instagram - 🚨↘️ Sign up for the VE Newsletter ↙️🚨
Dr. John Delony is a bestselling author, mental health expert and host of The Dr. John Delony Show. He has two PhDs and over two decades of experience in counseling, crisis response and higher education. Dr. Delony and Shawn dissect what they believe is causing the mental health crisis here in America. OUR SPONSORS: USE CODE "SHAWN" Vigilance Elite/Shawn Ryan Links: Website - Patreon - TikTok - Instagram - Dr. John Delony Links: Book - Instagram - YouTube -    
Cody Alford is a former Marine Raider & Scout Sniper who was on the frontlines of the Battle of Fallujah. After an impressive 15 year career, he chose to walk a totally new path - van life. Shawn Ryan Show Sponsors 🚨USE CODE SHAWN🚨 #VIGILANCEELITE #SHAWNRYANSHOW Vigilance Elite/Shawn Ryan Links: Website - Patreon - TikTok - Instagram -  
Lily Tang Williams, who escaped communism under Mao's cultural revolution in China came to America with just $100. 🚨Shawn Ryan Show Sponsors 🚨 (use code SRS)  Vigilance Elite/Shawn Ryan Links: Website - Patreon - TikTok - Instagram - Lily Tang Williams Links: Website - Twitter - Instagram -  
Retired Navy SEAL Lieutenant Jason Redman sits down with Shawn Ryan to discuss his electrifying experiences! He’s lived through it all at the highest level in his Navy SEAL career: From failures as a young leader that resulted in him almost being kicked out of the SEAL teams, to redemption and leading teams in intense combat operations in Iraq, to being shot eight times, including a round to the face, and nearly dying during an enemy ambush, Jason has lived the OVERCOME Mindset he now teaches others. You have never heard anything like this! Shawn Ryan Show Sponsors 🚨USE CODE SHAWN🚨
Marc Polymeropoulos gives great insight of what a career from start to finish at CIA would be like.  We discuss how he was recruited, his training at the farm, and his deployments killing bad guys.  Marc then discusses his trauma from Havanna syndrome.  Believed to be caused by microwave weapons.
Shawn recently shared his profound psychedelic experience and how deeply it affected him. So, it was natural that Shawn should sit down with the man who helped him down the rabbit hole - Psychedelic Provider Trevor Millar. This episode dives into Trevor’s story, the opioid epidemic, big pharma, and the alternative treatments to immense inner turmoil that's become so very common in our American life. Please leave us a review!
Erik Prince is an American businessman, former U.S. Navy SEAL officer, and the founder of the private military company Blackwater USA. On March 31st, 2004 the lives of 4 BlackWater employees were forever changed along with the smear campaign of the company that followed. Erik Prince reveals the truth inside of his company BlackWater and the current events shaping our world. You've never heard anything like this!
Nick Lavery is an active duty member of The United States Army Special Forces. Nick is not just a warrior on the battlefield, but a warrior for the common American. In this episode we learn of the greatest battles you have never heard of. From small arms gunfights to being ambushed by trusted allies, Nick is an example to any person who has been pushed to the ultimate limit and ermerged victorious. This is the greatest story you have NEVER heard.  
Former SEAL Team Six/Devgru Operator Robert J. O'Neill gives a full recap of his career in the SEAL Teams. From start to finish we cover it all. This is a side of Rob you haven't seen before. We get philosophical on topics such as "Should we have ever gone to Iraq?" and "Would we have been friends with our enemies under different circumstances?" And of course... We get the first hand account of the night Rob killed Bin Laden. You have never heard this side from the Man who killed Osama Bin Laden. 🚨 Vigilance Elite Newsletter 🚨 Please leave us a review on Apple/Spotify Podcasts: Apple - Spotify - #VIGILANCEELITE #SHAWNRYANSHOW Vigilance Elite/Shawn Ryan Links: Website - Patreon - TikTok - Instagram -
We are currently in the middle of a global energy war. Alex Epstein joins us to discuss what the implications of the current Green Initiative will be, how China ties in and stands to benefit in a world where the US now depends on them for energy, and how the benefits of fossil fuels have been completely ignored for years.  Alex Epstein is a Fossil Fuel Philosopher, author, and industrial and energy policy commentator. He is the founder and president of the Center for Industrial Progress, a for-profit organization in San Diego, California. Alex speaks with Shawn about his latest book “Fossil Future” and the negative impacts of the current energy war, our climate, and the unique benefits of fossil fuels to human flourishing—including their unrivaled ability to provide low-cost, reliable energy to billions of people around the world, especially the world’s poorest people. Pre-Order Fossil Future NOW from the links provided below:
Eli Crane joins Shawn Ryan to talk about his time as a Navy SEAL Sniper, starting his multimillion-dollar company "Bottle Breacher" in his garage, and running for Arizona State Congress. From childhood lessons to failing sniper school, Eli is an example for every American who has ever had to persevere through life's great struggles. View the rest of the interview on Rumble
I am revealing every little detail of my psychedelic experience, all the intuitions, what I saw, what I felt, what I believe it all meant, and how the journey healed me in the end. I am opening up about my experience for two reasons. The first being because I believe this will help a great number of people, and the second is to raise money for VETS the organization that put me through the treatment so they can continue healing our US Special Operations Veterans. Please donate here:
After being embedded with the Sinaloa Mexican Drug Cartel, Luis Chaparro an investigative reporter brings us some very eye opening insight on what they have been up to. He informs us of a new drug which the cartels are introducing into the United States and Canada that is more addictive and more deadly than fentanyl. He also was able to witness one of the Sinaloa Cartel's Tactical Training camps, describing exactly what they go through.
Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion David Nino Rodriguez joins me on The Shawn Ryan Show to discuss how him being bullied as a child lead him to become a heavyweight boxing champion with an undefeated record of 36-0 with 34 by knockout at his prime. His first round knockout ratio surpassed every heavyweight in history to date and Nino was ranked number 12 in the world by WBA. After being stabbed in the face with a knife he tried to comeback but suffered 2 losses finishing his boxing career with a final record of 39-2. Nino speaks about his dilemma suffering from social anxiety, leading a life of sobriety, and how he is overcoming PTSD. Rodriguez is now an anti-bullying key note speaker and best selling author of the book "When The Lights Go Out".
Former Recon Marine Mark Turner who went to Ukraine on 18 hours notice at the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine joins us on the show. He gives us an inside perspective on what's happening in country as the war continues on. After speaking with high level Ukrainian Politicians they've asked him to train both Ukrainian military and civilians to go fight the Russians on the front lines of the war. Mark is now recruiting more former US Special Operations Veterans to train both Ukrainian military and civillains to fight the Russians through his nonprofit The Overwatch Foundation.
Justin Hughes the type of American that we can all look up to.  His pride for America runs deep, all the way back to grade school.  After moving back the the United States from living abroad he could not understand why his fellow Americans would bully him.  In the long run it forged him into what he needed inside to become a Navy SEAL.  Justins talks in great detail about his experience fighting the Islamic State on the front lines of Mosul, Iraq. After leaving the SEAL Teams Justin has pursued becoming an artist, a hidden talent he recently discovered. Some say he is a modern day Leonardo Da Vinci.
This week I welcome investigative journalist Peter Schweizer to the Shawn Ryan Show.  Peter a six-time New York Times best selling investigator reveals what he has discovered after his latest investigation covering China's Influence over the United States in his new book "Red Handed".  We cover their influence over multiple area which include Big Tech, Wall Street, US Education, and US Politicians. His book has become the #1 NYT best seller 3 weeks in a row. All of the information Peter discovered is cited with over a 1000 foot notes in his new book. You can buy his book here. Please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts: #VIGILANCEELITE #SHAWNRYANSHOW Vigilance Elite/Shawn Ryan Links: Website     - Patreon     - Instagram - Support the show (
Robby Starbuck, a Congressional Candidate representing Tennessee.  We cover several topics in a short amount of time to include Critical Race Theory, what he believes to be the biggest internal and external threats to the United States, why he left California, issues with big tech, Term Limits, George Soros, and who he would like to see on the 2024 Presidential ticket. Robby Starbuck Links: Support the show (
Comments (69)

Scott Masterson

Shawn!! my worlds are colliding! lol. yours and Dr. Delony are the 2 main podcasts I listen to... love it!!

Oct 2nd

Ryan Jones

Is there an update on Don's situation?

Sep 30th


This could have been an NPR episode. It's a good story about mutual-aid assisting actual refugees. I don't agree with Mann's assessment of how we should have dealt with Afghanistan. Sadly, there was never going to be a resolution other than this. There never should have been intervention past Operation Redwing. The work they did is incredible, though.

Sep 29th

daniel motamedi


Sep 19th

Jorge Cruz

I was honestly surprised again of having a guest who is not Special Tier. Lily Tang is a intresting person to listen to due to her first hand life experience being raised during tge rise of Mao. First time I heard of her was on China Uncovered and TIMCAST IRL.

Sep 7th


Georgia police/sherriffs/State Troopers are the worst LEO's I've ever interacted with. Most are insanely arrogant and corrupt.

Aug 29th

bob caygeon

Ever since Rogan jumped the shark I've been searching for new content, and this show seems to suffice. Onward and upward Mr. Ryan.

Aug 18th

Kevin Daniel

Awesome episode with a lot of information!

Aug 9th

Jorge Cruz

"They gotten better at it." I do feel for him after waiting 4 years for treatments. But It took me 16 years of fighting against the garian for treatments for non Special Tier Units soldiers to get Treatments. Personally I lucked out linking up with Mr. Hook who helps running HBOT For Veterans; Hyperbaric chamber treatments. The attacks that are occurring are sound and microwave weapons. The weapons are directional and cause the air molecules to be hyper charged. once they "hit" a body of liquid it speeds up the molecules in causing the internal organs to shake. No different as blast exposures sound waves rattling the brain. The huge wall for Veterans is getting the same treatments that Special Tier to CIA are getting. I do feel for him because I faced this whistle blowing against 3RD ID 3rde late 2006 in their ineffective treatment of soldiers who were injured with PTSD and TBI.

Aug 5th


Never trust a CIA officer. He's a nice guy, but he talks the same way the others do when it comes to certain subjects.

Aug 1st

J Blunk

Semper Fi

May 6th

John George

The only thing I can say is...respect.

Apr 18th

Ryan Jones

I am extremely grateful to see you covering this topic. Every episode is excellent and the guests are top tier. This episode in particular is of interest to me, along with your other discussions relating to geopolitics and foreign actors/entities. Thank you for being a reliable source of solid information. I have been listening from episode one and will continue to do so.

Apr 15th

J Blunk

I remember these guys rolling next to us at one point. 2nd LAR, 03'. ❤️ rah.

Apr 12th

Ryan Jones

Excellent episode and guest as usual. I appreciate the time out into these from all parties involved.

Dec 30th

Travis Tripp

One of the best pod casts I have ever listened to. As a Veteran and a 20 year first responder this show hit me like nothing I have ever listened to before. It was eye opening and motivating to say the least!

Dec 14th

William Foster

awesome interview, must listen!

Dec 10th

Ross Dailey

Time to cut out the bullshit. Focus on my "team", the things that will really matter long term. Thank you DJ for opening up and sharing. Honor commitments, no distractions, be the best at THAT.

Dec 4th
Reply (1)

William Foster

Real men, talking about real shit.

Dec 2nd

Scott F

Another awesome interview from Vigilance Elite! Keep them coming Shawn!

Nov 27th
Reply (1)
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