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Author: Chris Coyier & Dave Rupert

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A podcast about web design and development.
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Show DescriptionOn this epsiode we're talking about the current state of blogging and social media, the polyfill hack, whether in app browsers should be banned, web components and the difficulty of front end web dev, and how we would go about teaching CSS from scratch in 2024. Listen on Website →Links Polyfill Attack Impacts Over 380,000 Hosts, Including Major Companies Off The Main Thread podcast Web Dev Pitfalls State of JavaScript 2023 Fliteboard eFoil Sponsors
Show DescriptionWe're talking about assigning a weight to items in a layout, differentiating between banger posts and regular blog posts, using social engineering to get PR's accepted, monorepo thoughts, using CoPilot vs other AI programming support bots, has TypeScript benefited from AI, and what happens if you turn off CoPilot? Listen on Website →Links 614: CSS Grid Level 3 aka Masonry with Adam Argyle – ShopTalk 606: Web Sustainability with Michelle Barker – ShopTalk Footnotes Progressively Enhanced to Popovers – Frontend Masters Boost Charm Supermaven ThePrimeagen on YouTube Sponsors
Show DescriptionWe're talking website rendering, server side rendering, Astro's server islands, perf hits for navigation elements, updating software because the docs aren't available for older versions, and a new Microsoft Edge was released. Listen on Website →Links Scale & Ship Faster with a Composable Web Architecture | Netlify Eleventy is a simpler static site generator Astro Next.js React Framework Cloudflare Services Internet Power Website Improvement Server Islands Create Web Components FAST Enhance Vue.js Framework An even faster Microsoft Edge Sponsors
Show DescriptionWe've got follow up on Cloudflare and Cara from last episode, a question about setting up Prettier and auto linting, a cool tool from a listener on comparing colors, a question about using tooling like Craft or more user friendly apps like Webflow when working with clients, and our takes on accessibility overlays. Listen on Website →Links Cloud Application Hosting for Developers | Render Prettier · Opinionated Code Formatter Biome, toolchain of the web Vetur Compare colors Craft CMS Webflow: Create a custom website | Visual website builder Accessibility Overlay Decision Sponsors
Show DescriptionWe dive a bit deeper into the Cloudflare drama of the past couple of weeks, Instagram ads vs Cara art, what to do about Auth in your app, pre-negging any sponsorships, prototyping and feedback on projects, and ideas for future topics. Listen on Website →Links Cloudflare took down our website after trying to force us to pay 120k$ within 24h Connect, Protect and Build Everywhere | Cloudflare Deploy app servers close to your users · Fly A social app for creatives, Cara grew from 40k to 650k users in a week because artists are fed up with Meta’s AI policies Cara | Artist Social & Portfolio Platform Auth0: Secure access for everyone. But not just anyone. WorkOS — Your app, Enterprise Ready. Theo - t3․gg How Big Things Get Done: The Surprising Factors That Determine the Fate of Every Project, from Home Renovations to Space Exploration and Everything In Between The Homer | Simpsons Wiki | Fandom A Global Design System | Brad Frost FAST Sponsors
619: Svencodes

619: Svencodes


Show DescriptionSven Neumann aka Sven Codes talks with us about SudokuPad, developing a cross-platform app, integrating new puzzles and features, the benefits of being easy to use, building a community, and monetizing an app while not upsetting your user base. Listen on Website →GuestsSven NeumannGuest's Main URL • Guest's TwitterCreator of Sven's SudokuPad. Links Solving “The Miracle Sudoku” SudokuPad Web App - by and Cracking The Cryptic Cracking The Cryptic Sven Codes (@svencodes) / X Sven Codes Sven Codes | Creating Sudoku Tools | Patreon Buy Sven Neumann a Coffee Sven's SudokuPad on Steam Sven's SudokuPad on the App Store Sven's SudokuPad - Apps on Google Play Sponsors
Show DescriptionMatt Visiwig stops by to chat with us about his site,, a membership site for copy-and-paste website graphics built around SVG. We talk about why he built the site, how he decided to monetize it, competing with AI garbage on the web, pricing membership options, and how he's running the site. Listen on Website →GuestsMatt VisiwigGuest's Main URL • Guest's TwitterSelf-employed web designer, building Links Customize and apply backgrounds fast | SVG Backgrounds Matt Visiwig Matt Visiwig (@MattVisiwig) / X Purchase the Perfect MemberPress Plan for Your Site Today | MemberPress chroma.js api docs! jscolor: JavaScript Color picker with Opacity (alpha channel) ACF | Advanced Custom Fields Plugin for WordPress Frontend Masters Boost – Helping Your Journey to Senior Developer Sponsors
Show DescriptionWe're chatting with Jason Grigsby about what a white-collar recession means, how the sources and methods of consuming news shape our perspectives, whether the current economic conditions represent a market correction and if a rebound is imminent. We explore the critical decision of whether to embrace AI advancements or risk being left behind. We also talk about AI-generated voices, large language models and ethics, and the impact of social media signals in an AI world. Listen on Website →GuestsJason GrigsbyGuest's Main URL • Guest's TwitterCo-Founder of Cloud Four. Author of Progressive Web Apps from A Book Apart. Links An Event Apart - Farewell Cloud Four – Responsive web design and development, progressive web apps Jason Grigsby – A resurrected blog on the Indie Web Jason Grigsby (@grigs) / X High-Salary Job Scarcity Code Tests AI Ethical Framework iPhone Personal Voice MacWhisper Progressive Web Apps Decoder Sponsors
Show DescriptionLuke Abbott is the creator of Strum Machine, an app that simulates backing tracks by stitching together individual notes, chords, and strums recorded on guitar, standup bass, and mandolin. We talk about what Strum Machine does, why he decided to build it, how bringing on a professional designer helped, pricing thoughts, and the "fun" of building a version on iOS. Listen on Website →GuestsLuke AbbottGuest's Main URL • Guest's TwitterMusician and creator of Strum Machine. Links Strum Machine: customizable backing tracks made from real instruments Tater Joes Old-Time Musical Mercantile Chris Coyier on Strum Machine iReal Pro Practice PG Music SoundJS Library Tone.js Latest Posts - Page 2 Apache Cordova Extensive Song Catalog howler.js A Tale of Two Clocks Sponsors
Show DescriptionDave's got job news to share, as well as insight into the process of what applying for a job in tech is like in 2024. We also talk about styling, scoping, positioning, and floating UI. Listen on Website →Links Algorithms & Data Structures | Learn Algorithms with TypeScript for Interviews | Frontend Masters Information asymmetry Fluent 2 Design System Font Awesome Web Awesome Icônes Iconify — Search Icons Create Floating UI User App Tour Sponsors
Show DescriptionAdam Argyle stops by to chat about the conversation that's happening around CSS Grid / Masonry. What do we want? What might Apple's response to Google be? And nitpicking the spec just for fun. Listen on Website →GuestsAdam ArgyleGuest's Main URL • Guest's TwitterCSS DevRel Google Chrome, CSSWG member, host on GUIchallenges, co-host: CSSpodcast and BAD at CSSpodcast, maker of VisBug, OpenProps and GradientStyle. Links ‎Gemini - chat to supercharge your ideas Invent Masonry Layout Feedback on Masonry Layout – Frontend Masters Boost Masonry CSS Masonry What would you call this layout? Web Bloat Impact Sponsors
Show DescriptionChris bought recording gear off an Instagram ad, our thoughts on WebC, CodePen upgrades Yarn, thoughts on the commercial value of open source, Automattic releases an app to install WordPress locally, IBM buys Hashicorp, income tax software, and a hack for getting Safari to respect background colors used in a pseudo selector. Listen on Website →Links FROSTAPALOOZA - A CONCERT/PARTY/HAPPENING ON AUGUST 17th, 2024 601: Brad Frost on A Global Design System + Frostapalooza – ShopTalk Audigo - The pocket-size recording studio Final Cut Pro Sync iPhone Webcam for Mac Acapella PicPlayPost Eleventy Generator Astro Enhance Transform Plain Text Home page Efficient Package Manager Explore Coding Ideas Code Editor Community Node.js Documentary Goodbye Atom. Hello Zed. Zed is now open source Git Branching, Refined Design System Tracker Local WordPress Development Studio by WordPress Security & Performance Melanie Sumner IBM acquires HashiCorp TurboTax Deceptive Filing TikTok Tax Advice Safari Selection Rendering Val Town Sponsors
Show DescriptionMatt is here to talk about creating the perfect fantasy CMS for blogging, moderating comments at Metafilter, building sane defaults into programs, how difficult the web is, do we want AI in our CMS, and where is content headed on the internet? Listen on Website →GuestsMatthew HaugheyGuest's Main URL • Guest's TwitterA writer with over 25 years of experience building products. In that time I've worked as a designer, coder, company founder, and senior writer. Links Matt Haughey - Create a unique and beautiful blog easily. MetaFilter | Community Weblog The story of b2, b2evolution and WordPress Ghost: The best open source blogging platform A Whole Lotta Nothing Notes from migrating 24 years of blog posts from WordPress to Ghost Ideas for my dream blogging CMS Embrace the weird The newest episode of Search Engine is incredible Best printer 2023: just buy this Brother laser printer everyone has, it’s fine - The Verge Sponsors
Show DescriptionDave & Chris and thoughts on career advice that worked 3 years ago but isn't as helpful now, marking tests with ChatGPT, is taking a Drupal job in 2024 a good idea, Chris got #gear sniped, P3 color follow up, the confusing File System APIs, and where did all the lightboxes go? Listen on Website →Links chan (@chantastic) / X The Texas Tribune The Coming Wave Book Drupal - Open Source CMS | Electric Air Duster - 130000RPM Compressed Air Duster,3 Gear Adjustable Jet Dry Blower can Reusable Can for Computer Keyboard,Outdoors,Car,Home. : Electronics xScope • Measure. Inspect. Test. The Many, Confusing File System APIs – Cloud Four Sponsors
Show DescriptionDave's about to be eclipsed, the state of TypeScript in 2024, signals stage zero proposal, corrections on accessibility in frameworks (thanks!), web apps for better collaborative writing, getting productivity sniped, the problem with email may be you, indieweb follow up, and ultimate guitar tab apps. Listen on Website →Links Streamlining APIs, Databases, & Microservices | Apollo GraphQL Svelte • Cybernetically enhanced web apps Ember.js - A framework for ambitious web developers Web Test Runner: Modern Web Frontend Masters Boost – Helping Your Journey to Senior Developer Notion – The next gen of notes & docs Paper Stashpad - Your streamlined Google Docs alternative ButterDocs | Google Docs Alternative for Serious Writers & Teams Things - To-Do List for Mac & iOS Godspeed Aboard - Collect. Organize. Collaborate. Obsidian - Sharpen your thinking Analog - The original to-do system by Ugmonk CleanShot X for Mac IndieWebify.Me - a guide to getting you on the IndieWeb ULTIMATE GUITAR TABS John Deere commits to letting farmers repair their own tractors (kind of) - The Verge SponsorsRadical Are you an aspiring designer, developer, marketer, or fanny pack tester? Maybe you're a burnt-out designer struggling for fresh ideas, or perhaps you have no idea where to start with design? Do you need to find a way to make your sites less boring and more memorable? Well then, this course is for you.
Show DescriptionWhat is a home cooked app? Blake Watson is on this episode to talk all about the kinds of apps that make a good home cooked app, tips and advice he has for making them, resisting the urge to monetize or growth hack them, and a few CodePen v2 thoughts sprinkled in at the end. Listen on Website →GuestsBlake WatsonGuest's Main URL • Guest's TwitterCurrently a member of the frontend dev team at MRI Technologies, working on projects for NASA. Links Watson Brothers Games An app can be a home-cooked meal – About – MagnoliaJS 2023: The joys of home-cooked apps MRI Technologies – Building our own private Discord knockoff – Things I miss – Use your Mac the way I do: a thought experiment Overimagine1/old-discord-font: CSS to revert Discord's font change. A Fine Start - minimal new tab page Knockout : Home Vue.js - The Progressive JavaScript Framework | Vue.js The Programming Language Lua Save 10% on Thronefall on Steam Game Off 2023 - Sponsors
Show DescriptionWe're opening up the ShopTalk mailbag and answering your questions, including does WordPress on your resume kill your job chances, what are our fav and least fav parts of web dev, our thoughts on HTMX, and what is it like to use pnpm instead of npm. Listen on Website →Links Front End Happy Hour Playdate Develop for Playdate Nuxt: The Intuitive Vue Framework · Nuxt ThePrimeagen Fast, disk space efficient package manager | pnpm Yarn SponsorsRadical DesignAre you an aspiring designer, developer, marketer, or fanny pack tester? Maybe you're a burnt-out designer struggling for fresh ideas, or perhaps you have no idea where to start with design? Do you need to find a way to make your sites less boring and more memorable? Well then, this course is for you.
Show DescriptionFred K. Schott stops by to talk about Astro announcement of Astro DB. The pluses and minuses of it, and whether you have to always use the database with Astro DB. We get into how to seed your database, upgrading the database, and the almost weirdly generous pricing model. Listen on Website →GuestsFred K. SchottGuest's Main URL • Guest's TwitterCo-creator of Astro. Links Astro DB: A Deep Dive | Astro Astro DB Astro DB: A Deep Dive | Astro tursodatabase/libsql: libSQL is a fork of SQLite that is both Open Source, and Open Contributions. StackBlitz | Instant Dev Environments | Click. Code. Done. - Ben Holmes on X: "Astro built a database platform. How does it work? Clerk Lucia documentation PlanetScale forever Astro DB Just Released Sponsors
Show DescriptionWe're talking with Michelle Barker about the idea of paying to support bloggers (and podcasters!) via services like Patreon, drumming as a fun side gig from CSS, how big of an issue digital sustainability is, trying to understand the environmental impact of our websites and digital life, wondering why YouTube embeds are still so large, disabling cookies, and how to build the web in a more sustainable way. Listen on Website →GuestsMichelle BarkerGuest's Main URL • Guest's TwitterSenior Front End Developer at Ada Mode, where Michelle works on Windscope, web-based data visualisation and exploration software for wind farm operators. Michelle also loves playing the drums. Their happy place is where creativity and code intersect You can also find Michelle writing and speaking about CSS and digital sustainability on the web and around the world. Links Michelle Barker Ada Mode Windscope CSS { In Real Life } Michelle Barker ( - Front-End Social Michelle Barker Michelle Barker on CodePen mbarker84 (Michelle Barker) - Website Carbon Calculator paulirish/lite-youtube-embed: A faster youtube embed. SponsorsRadical Design CourseAre you an aspiring designer, developer, marketer, or fanny pack tester? Maybe you're a burnt-out designer struggling for fresh ideas, or perhaps you have no idea where to start with design? Do you need to find a way to make your sites less boring and more memorable? Well then, this course is for you.
Show DescriptionJim Nielsen joins us to about URLs and linking as the new subversive way to maintain the web, paying for news in Canada, should content creators be worried about AI, the case for design engineers, RSS in HTML, and the state of state and UI. Listen on Website →GuestsJim NielsenGuest's Main URL • Guest's TwitterDesigner. Engineer. Writer. Links About - Jim Nielsen’s Blog “Wherever you get your podcasts” is a radical statement - Anil Dash The Subversive Hyperlink - Jim Nielsen’s Blog More Files Please - Jim Nielsen’s Blog Canada to keep pressure on Facebook to pay for news, Trudeau says Cite Your Sources, AI - Jim Nielsen’s Blog For the first few decades of the web, the tacit agreement wa... The Case For Design Engineers, Pt. II - Jim Nielsen’s Blog RSS in HTML: A Follow-Up - Jim Nielsen’s Blog Style your RSS feed UI is a Function of Your Organization - Jim Nielsen’s Blog UI Notes from “Why Can’t We Make Simple Software?” By Peter van Hardenberg - Jim Nielsen’s Blog I Staked Out My Local Domino’s to See Just How Accurate Its Pizza Tracker Is The Benevolent Deception: When Should a Doctor Lie to Patients? - The Atlantic SponsorsElicitElicit’s goal is to radically increase high-quality reasoning in science and beyond. As early as 2017, they pioneered process supervision, an approach to breaking down complex work for advanced machine learning systems, so that it remains transparent and controllable. Today they use language models to help more than 200,000 researchers each month. They just raised a $9 million seed round and are looking for exceptional engineers across frontend, backend, and ML. If you're an exceptional front-end engineer looking to build the next generation of AI interfaces with a modern tech stack (Next, Tailwind, Chakra), join them!
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Beatrix Ducz

Quick to hire quick to fire probably works well in the senior dev world where monthly salaries start at the level of the 10% of a house. Or 100%. But not for juniors. And how do you want to have committed people if you don't care about their personal development?

May 2nd

Beatrix Ducz

we're in the business of doing things right. ❤

Feb 23rd

Beatrix Ducz

I've bought git unfuck. Yeah!

Feb 13th

Beatrix Ducz

Cool! could you please put all the useful stuff was in whe show, so that I don't have to listen earlier shows? Thanks an d happy anniversary!

Jan 18th

Beatrix Ducz

if you would like to have more followers on linkedin, just share your profile on your website. :)

Nov 28th

Betty Garbutt

Excellent podcast, I will listen in future. It is relevant to me. Heard about the Ramotion company, saw their work, it's impressive. Here's a link ( take a look, tell me your opinion about these guys. I want to cooperate with them, but I need an expert opinion.

Mar 4th

Matt Wilder


Jul 28th
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Faisal Rashid

brohiem, where are those links?

May 13th

Leonardo Ribeiro

I've started using GraphQL because of this talk. Now I love it and want to use it everywhere. ❤️

Jan 31st

ian bwana

New frontend developer here tuning in on Peggy Rayzis' Apollo GraphQL talk. I started using it 2 weeks ago, best data management tool I've ever used

Nov 12th

Jānis Eglītis

I really like the intro music!

Oct 1st

Charlie Misner

A little too React heavy for my taste. I'm an Angular developer, and the hosts essentially ignore that Angular exists.

Jul 12th