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The Shutdown Fullcast, the world's only college football podcast, is only about college football when there are no weirder topics available. However, there are not many topics weirder than college football. Hosted by Spencer Hall, Jason Kirk, and friends.

619 Episodes
We review your hastily requested emails ( and your well-aged voicemails (704-SOL-CAST), including the following very important topics: Is Air Bud legally a person? How long could one live in a Waffle House without ejection? Which wild animal is Spencer confident he could bond with? Which animal is Spencer going to eat this year? Is it the same species as the previous topic? What is the half-life of Matt Rhule? Zoo heist: discuss? Which Fullcast member would be the best grandma? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Notes...  Josh Heupel now makes enough money to buy as many shackets as he likes  Another attempt (and failure) at finding the assistant coach who can finally ruin Alabama football A subsequent attempt to explain the insane universe of Warhammer 40K Bet you don't think we'll go through the entire universe to make comparisons to CFB team huh WE GO THROUGH THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE BECAUSE THE STREETS NEED THIS  The Emperor protects, Roll Tide  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
An Ode to Koala Brain

An Ode to Koala Brain


NOTES:  Spencer very accurately explains a day in the life of a farm An examination of Koala and Shark Brains, and how both are good at business   Jason discusses a sleep experiment allowing him to play more video games  living in holidays, not holi-months with HGH Scrooge  "Warren Buffett taught me it was okay to be weird"  Jim Harbaugh staying at Michigan in the most awkward manner imaginable (again)  We create the ultimate streaming network: CBS Sports SD  Tom Brady sit and do nothing on the NBA on TNT set challenge  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
SHOW NOTES Surber has prepared something Spencer reads TexAgs aloud, as a treat Movie night with the Dawgs Jason has solved the Stetson thing Ryan has a reminder for Georgia Selecting teams to Not Believe In for the 2023 season Right, the title game There's actually a shocking amount of football talk in here, by our standards A journey through Texas Street Fight Law brings forth a number of new law enforcement theories VIBES TOUR OF AMERICAN FOOTBALL INSTITUTIONS Which school will serve as 2023’s Secular Auburn? Which type of burning car is Oklahoma and which type is Oklahoma State? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
SHOW NOTES Jim Harbaugh is one thousand percent dad and needs to be maybe ten percent more uncle Meet the new dumbest set of NCAA charges you’ve ever seen (aren’t they quaint?) At what point on a diet of ground beef and milk does the human body technically become a living meatloaf Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
SHOW NOTES The team picks the Pantone color of the year We're gonna be on the Auburn board of Trustees We're also going to Congress Sit in on our budget meeting Spencer's yearly wardrobe, reviewed Let's talk about Monday night in Cincinnati OK so how long until we get sick of TCU Body goofs! What do you mean you LOVE Taco Bell New truck just dropped Let's play a new game: Mystery Drunk at the Waterslide Hotel Identifying key trends of 2023 Identifying key goals for the British space program Holly has a Yellowstone viewing plan of questionable origin Ryan invents the Manic Pixie Dream Horse Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
SHOW NOTES Spencer mass intros everyone again, confounding Ryan  Why real journalists talk about fishing on the field at the Sugar Bowl  Hey remember Alabama isn't in a playoff game  A handy list of phrases to learn to help international tourists enjoy their stay at the Music City Bowl  The Fiesta Bowl is willing to die for this shit  Holly plays the piano while Spencer talks about the Peach Bowl  Never trust a computer security firm based in Tampa!  A bowl game gives Orlando its only reason to exist (again) (barely)  The Rose Bowl leads us to discussing racing shaved ostriches through the streets of Houston Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
SHOW NOTES Which game has a lip in? Synergizing earth into new paradigms and shit "I got a scholarship to UCF in close-up magic" Where did the Liberty Bowl get its buyout money? Don't worry about it! James Cameron's Wife Portal Mack Brown in the Great Red Dragon Holiday Bowl Lane Kiffin Chaps Challenge Joey Maguire, Post King Finally, the announcement of where we're taking the show if Twitter dies Exploring the history of jai alai in the Bible No, Not That Cheez-It Bowl Texas is unprecedentedly rated Every Conference Doesn't Have An NC State Oh no we let Holly talk about swords Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Previewed at varying lengths and levels of enthusiasm: the New Orleans, Armed Forces, Independence, Gasparilla, Hawai'i, Quick Lane, Camellia, First Responder, Birmingham, and Guaranteed Rate Bowls! We have kidnapped your family and will dump them into the sea if you don't tell us right this minute how many times the NOLA Bowl has been played on a Tuesday! No Cops!! UCLA and South Alabama are now longtime rivals. Parsing the many Troops Bowls, we discover another Troops Bowl sponsored by EXPERIMENTAL LASERS?? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The intrepid crew of the good ship Shutdown Fullcast resumes their annual quest to preview every bowl game for exactly the amount of time each game deserves. Included in this first collection: Bahamas Bowl, Miami (OH) vs UAB Cure Bowl, Troy vs. UTSA Fenway Bowl, Cincinnati vs. Louisville New Mexico Bowl, SMU vs. BYU LA Bowl, Washington State vs. Fresno Lending Tree Bowl, Rice vs. Southern Miss Las Vegas Bowl, Oregon State vs. Florida Frisco Bowl, Boise State vs. North Texas Myrtle Beach Bowl, Marshall vs. UConn Potato Bowl, EMU vs. San Jose State Boca Raton Bowl, Liberty vs. Toledo Visit sunny Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
SHOW NOTES Championship games, dissected! An appearance by the mysterious fourth Gruden! Nick Saban has to shill for his team against his will in several directions, lol Many metaphors for USC's tackling of Utah are entertained! The two brain halves of this show finally fuse together just in time to create rassling legend XXXtetson Bennett In this house we respect Kelee Ringo! We (the podcast) have taken over the AFC East ALTERNATIVE PLAYOFF SOLUTIONS FOR UNHAPPY PARTIES INCLUDE: Hell With A 12-Team Playoff We Made A Five Team Playoff; Put Bama In No Matter What; Give TCU The One Seed; Give Bama Two Playoff Spots As Stewards Of The Game; Discarding All Possible Four Seeds And Drafting A New One Holly has some theories Inventing the anti-get back coach Gratitude list! Not a joke!! Ryan looks back on a year as The Only Emotionally Balanced Ohio State Fan A&M didn't play this weekend but we have some things to say about Jimbo anyway Visit sunny Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Rest In Prayer, Bozo

Rest In Prayer, Bozo


SHOW NOTES Please welcome the chainsaw brides of Christ Catholics: Be proud of all your hell lore! Fixing the Hallmark Movie Boyfriend Some media advice Let's talk about Hugh Freeze's recruiting history! What about his W-L record? How To Hire A Bama-Killing Coach Holding Auburn to Auburn's own standards Let's talk about some actual coaching hires! Hello, Wisconsin! Another coaching hire breaks mid-show! Reply guys: Shoot your shot A return to Mid-South Airlines Checking in with our friend the Liver King Visit sunny Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
NOTES Fullcasteers, you have a new voicemail assignment! Spencer has several things on his heart regarding Ohio State football South Carolina has two of the season's best wins? Passing the Orange Cowboy Crown The time has finally come to move Jason's Heisman bet Contemplating the Pac-12 tiebreaker exhausts everyone A poignant farewell to the ACC Coastal Journey back in time to the end of the Egg Bowl Mapping Miami's many plummets The Blood Week judgment is in here somewhere The soothing surety of Bedlam Engineering playoff rooting interests A surprising amount of Blue Jackets slander! Will we do this again next week? Probably! Visit sunny Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week, the gang teams up with the New York Times to bring that special Saw-puppet flavor to your holiday table. Surber's grand mashed potato plan is here to save Thanksgiving. We experience the long-awaited sequel to Night Ham: Unexpected Crab Rangoon and we found a Mountain Dew flavor even Jason won't try. Sick new merch available only at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Fullcast addresses Stanford kicking a field goal at the wire to only lose to Cal by three, Tennessee's debacle against South Carolina, a week of near-upsets that qualifies as college football edging, Arkansas pulling up to do some WOMPIN' in a freaky church van, Vandy keeping the universe in balance by beating lowly Florida, Michigan having a very normal and not dramatic day against Illinois, and Indiana winning a game while completing EXACTLY TWO PASSES.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Fullcast crew discusses whether the government would have seized Air Bud for military purposes. Then, prompted by the NFL's marketing map of the world, we embark on a journey to assign teams to countries, including the tricky task of explaining why Ohio State and Norway are a soul match.  Visit sunny for exciting new Fullcast merch including the debut of the STAY AT HOME UNCLE mug!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
SHOW NOTES The Haint personally attacks Ryan! Holly has a harrowing Big 12 box score game! The Big Ten somehow produced a worse box score! Eli Drinkwitz calls the cops on Tennessee's unfairly powerful backups! We are in a fight with the bowl season shirt company Spencer coins a metaphor, with the usual results We will continue to stump for TCU in the playoff and there's nothing you can do about it Virginia Tech commits the ultimate dork misstep Here's a scary story to tell in the dark: The first 16 seconds of the Pitt-Virginia game Pac-12 After Dark refereeing in the post-information phase Visit sunny Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Eastern Orthodox Auburn

Eastern Orthodox Auburn


NOTES Spencer immediately makes it weird Ryan then makes it worse Jason then fires Dabo, and all of this happens in the first ten minutes Ryan has another one of his delightful, frightful games [Saw puppet noises] At home with Philip Rivers The gang invents some new jeans Jason and Holly are beset by Jeff Sunday Schoolers Is Nick Saban the man for this job? Visit sunny Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Notes Spencer has a bold new social media strat Georgia fans sure have changed SMU and Houston make history! Clemson?  Stop pretending we don’t know who’s gonna win the Heisman Guess when we last saw a Miami team this bad. Please phrase your answer in the form of a decade! Let’s all practice Brian Kelly blindness. You too, Brian Kelly  Mods are asleep, everybody post Georgia Tech's win total and then compare it to A&M's An extended detour into Big Ten sexytime talk that somehow doesn't involve Holly Visit sunny Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
SHOW NOTES - A new and interesting form of Haint sends our heroes fleeing en masse to Jason's outdoor podcasting lair. Ryan isn’t even here so don’t blame him! - ROSS CHASTAIN APPRECIATION HOUR is held - We Made A Church (Tumblr is our Lascaux Cave) - Please let Holly die, playoff committee - Jason continues our perilous journey down the spiraling path of worst possible bowl scenarios - Visit sunny Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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