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SEASON 4 EPISODE 6 EVERY DAY IS THANKSGIVING by Sidney St. James How often on any given day do you say thank you, Lord? Just the other day, on the way to Pickleball, someone almost turned right into me in the car. They didn't, and I shouted, "Oh, thank you, God!" What happens when you wake up in the morning? You try to get your eyes open and move, and your only motivation is that God is your God. Jesus Christ is the Lord of your life and will be with you at home, at work, and wherever you go all day long. Hello everyone, and welcome to the Sidney St. James Show today as we give thanks on this Thanksgiving Day. Main Story It's Thursday morning, and people around the country will be sitting down at a big dining room table. I am sure that when you think of Thanksgiving, and I'm asking you to really be honest now, what is the first word that comes to your mind? But, unfortunately, when I asked that question, you weren't answering it right away… or didn't want to answer it. Let me ask it a different way. How many of you, and again, be honest, think of Thanksgiving and feel a big Turkey roasting in the oven. No, I think many of you are answering about lots of eating, lots of turkey, and spending considerable time with the family. You sit at a dining room table with a thanksgiving tablecloth, and the food stretches from one end to the other. The television is on the Thanksgiving Day NFL game, a great annual event. And, if you go back to the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, you have the television set on the Annual Turkey Day Game between the Texas Aggies and the Texas Longhorns. With the family and friends sitting around, the football game going on the tv, I wonder how many bow their heads and ask a sincere blessing… "Lord, thank you for this wonderful table. Amen." --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
Gastric Bypass Surgery - Should I or Should I Not!!! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
SEASON 4 EPISODE 2 I BELIEVE – God’s Not Dead He’s Really Alive! Hello Everyone. Welcome to Season 4, Episode 2. Sidney St. James here. I was talking with my wife today after her Bible Studies about Job in the Bible. The fourteenth chapter and the fourteenth verse. Job is in the Old Testament, the place where my novel GENESIS had its beginning. But today, in this particular scripture, we will talk about how it is the oldest book in the world. There’s not another known book in this world as old as the Book of Job. And yet, Job asks a question that I’m sure many of you listening today ask yourselves sometimes. Job asks a question that every single philosopher in the world has struggled with. He asks a question that every great thinker struggles with. He asks the same question as several of my listeners in the forty-some-odd countries in the world asked me on one of my last podcasts in Season 3! Here is the Question: IF A MAN DIES, SHALL HE LIVE AGAIN? We are talking now about the problem of life and death. Or death and life. Have you ever thought about that? Your answer is probably yes. But listen. You’ve just been to a funeral. For a short while, you are solemn… you are thoughtful. You go home, and that night you go and hop in bed, thinking about it. One of your thoughts will be, “one of these days, they are gonna be taking me out to the cemetery. They will be saying some kind words over me. Is that the end? Is it over? --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
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SEASON 3 EPISODE 22 THE WRITING OF SEEING THE POWER OF GOD – WHY DOES GOD KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE? OPENING NARRATIVE Why in the world does God kill innocent people? That is one of the questions Billy Bob Thornton asked his Father repeatedly in the book SEEING THE POWER OF GOD. Hello everyone. Sidney St. James here with one of the most thought-provoking novels I've ever written, and through creative writing, try to answer the question, "Does one have to believe in the Bible to be a Christian?" In my podcast today, I will discuss one of the hundreds of questions Billy Bob Thornton asks of his Christian tutor and one that never gets answered in the book. The book's writing came after I finished my six-novel series on the Civil War. Hundreds of hours were spent in this series watching how the South used the Bible to explain why they were like they were. And, the North, well, it used the Bible to explain away their sins, as well. So, I used Seeing the Power of God as a vehicle to try and ask many questions I asked when writing it as to why? So, one of the first questions I will be looking at today is "Why Does God Kill Innocent People?" Thanks for being with me today… --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
Season 3 Episode 20 If I Could Dream Dreams Don't Come True, They Are True! Dreams tell you what you really know. Hello everyone. Sidney St. James. Last night it wasn't me that was having a dream, but my wife. No kidding here, but all of a sudden, I found opened my eyes, and she was beating the crap out of me! I immediately opened my eyes, and began shouting, "Whoa! Whoa!" Then, she turned over and went back to sleeping while I laid their completely awake at 3 in the morning staring at the ceiling. But, don't misunderstand me, because I have nightmares more often than she does. And, many of my novels come from my dreams. I wake up in a sweat from some dreams that are "interesting" and I didn't want to wake up from and then others which were nightmares. I immediately go to my laptop and begin writing my next novel. Dreams can be entertaining, disturbing, or downright bizarre and some can be sexy or romantic. We all dream, even if we don't remember it the next day. The question is, why do we dream? And what do they mean, anyway? Dreams are basically stories and images that our mind creates while we sleep. They can be vivid. They can make you feel happy, sad, or scared. And they may seem confusing or they may seem perfectly rational. Dreams can happen at any time during sleep. But you have your most vivid dreams during a phase called REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, when our brains are most active. Some experts say we dream at least four to six times every night. I don't like to talk politics in most of my podcasts unless something really bothers me, and then I pull out the cork and say what I feel. Today is no different, except I had a dream last night that flashed across this entire globe of ours and everyone was walking up and shaking hands with each other. Many were hugging. Then, I saw myself walk over to a Wurlitzer 1015 Jukebox and drop a nickel in the slot… --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
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Season 3 Episode 18 Spirituality vs Religion THREE BIG Differences Between Each ​Greetings Everyone from the Great State of Texas! Sidney St. James here. You’ve probably heard people say they’re “spiritual but not religious” when describing their faith, and wondered what it truly means. Actually, this morning my wife and I were talking about what I was working on in my podcast show for the week and I told her it was a puzzle about solving to help me with the writing of my detective series. Then she made a comment and followed it up with, “Maybe it’s spiritual… then after a pause she said, no it’s religious.” Then as I was walking off, she said, “Oh, I don’t know, maybe there’s not a difference.” Her last statement is not unlike what a majority of us often say when using the words “religion” and “spirituality” and use them interchangeably… but, my dear friends, the two words are not interchangeable and are entirely separate concepts. Ahhh, so I can hear you saying in my mind, “Sidney, you’re so smart…  what is the difference between religion and spirituality?In my podcast today, we will define both and explain just how they are different. So again, thanks for being here… --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
Season 3 Episode 17 LIST OF CLUES 1.  A Canadian lives in a beautiful house with Orange walls. 2.  An Australian has a bunch of hamsters chasing each other in  a cage. 3.  A Frenchman drinks Remy Martin Louis XIII Brandy. 4. The home that has the Yellow walls is just to the left of the home that has the violet walls. 5. Now, go back and check out the house with the green walls. The owner of it drinks Jim Beam whiskey. 6. The man who smokes Camel Cigarettes has a bunch of rabbits as pets. 7. The owner of the house with the PINK walls smokes Camel Cigarettes. 8. The man in the house in the center or the third house, drinks Scotch. 9. The Irishman lives in the first house. 10. The man who smokes KENT Cigarettes has a neighbor who has  Turtles for pets. 11. Then there is the man who smokes Winston Cigarettes also drinks Vodka. Some say he is a Russian. 12. The man who keeps Donkeys lives next to the man who smokes CAMEL cigarettes. 13. The Scottsman smokes Marlboro Cigarettes. 14. The Irishman lives next door to the house with the Indigo colored walls. 15. The man who smokes KENT Cigarettes has a neighbor who drinks Jack Daniels Black. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
Stories play a huge role in our lives, larger in fact that many of us know. Sure, we love to read stories, we love to see our favorite stories on the big screen, we love to tell stories, and some of us even like to make up our own stories. But stories serve a much more significant role in our lives than simply to entertain us, they have a much greater significance. We as human beings are story-shaped creatures. We are born into stories, raised in stories, and live and die in stories. Whenever there is a time that we have to answer a BIG question, like, “Who am I? Why am I here? What in the world should I do? Or, what happens to me when I die?... Great questions. So, what do we do? We go and tell a story. Do stories have a place or do they play a role in the Christian life? The answer is… Absolutely! It is largely through stories, through Biblical narratives, that God chooses to reveal Himself to us. When we were born, did God give us an instruction manual or a step-by-step “Dummy Guide to Knowing God” to understanding your deity? When God want to reveal His character to us, He plunges us into a story about the time when Moses asked to see God. When He wanted to show us His power of creation, He planted our feet along the banks of the Red Sea and told the story of how He made a road right through the middle of the sea! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
Welcome, everyone. Sidney St. James again with Part II of "Growing Up in a Small Town!" This may seem a little funny, but it was the simple things of growing up in a small town I grew to appreciate about my alma mater, Eagle Lake High School. I loved when the sunset turned the sky into a canvas of pinks and purples. I was excited when local events, like the crawfish festival or the Rotary or Lions Fair, had their annual parades. I smiled when the cashier at the grocery store was friendly, asking how my family was doing and if I had a chance to try the new restaurant that had just opened out on Highway Alternate 90. However, when it was finally time for me to pack up and move away, I felt overwhelming sadness about leaving. It was weird to graduate high school and say goodbye to my classmates who I quite literally grew up with. I dreaded every goodbye, no matter who I was saying it to. Although both the front and back of my High School Eagle Yearbook had signatures from almost every one of my classmates. I didn't understand why I felt uneasy about leaving for the longest time, but now I realize that I felt emotionally confused because I planted such strong roots in the town where everyone knew my name. I knew that no matter where I lived next, Eagle Lake would always be the town I would always call HOME. So, without further ado, let's get on with the final episode in "Growing Up in a Small Town!" --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
SEASON 3, EPISODE 13 PART II of MEMORIAL DAY TRIBUTE TO THE USS HOUSTON Greetings to everyone on this Memorial Day 2022. Sidney St. James, with you for the dramatic conclusion to my Memorial Day Tribute to the USS Houston in World War II. Before continuing where I left off, I should mention that today's idea came from my earlier podcast about Superheroes. Well, in that broadcast was a mention of Dr. Strange in the newest movie coming out. In that episode, I talked about not the magical powers of that superhero but how you wonder how in the world he could climb back up time after time after being left for dead so many times. He had the nine lives of a cat! Well, so did the USS Houston. While the Japanese reported it sinking more than once, it was hundreds of miles away, still floating… still fighting. Knowing this, let me continue where I left off… It's been a very long day, and it was nearing sunset as I watched the sun sinking into the waters of the Java Sea. The sea's surface was covered with clouds of black smoke, which made it difficult for us to spot the enemy. However, it was discovered that Japanese cruisers were closing in on us from every direction, and our destroyers were ordered to attack with torpedoes to divert them and give us time to reform. Although no hits were reported, the effect of the attack did what it was supposed to and turned the Japs away. At this point, the engagement was broken off. The daylight battle had ended with no decisive results; however, there was still the convoy, which we would attempt to surprise under cover of nighttime darkness. A word from Winston Churchill and then the rest of my story. God Bless Our American Soldiers Around the World!!! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
What’s that? A radio is being broadcast across the entire ship. Not a man is moving as everyone has their ears listening closely to the announcement from President Franklin D. Roosevelt from radio signal coming in from CBS and NBC Radio. PRESIDENT FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT DECLARING WAR ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1941 AFTER JAPANESE EMPIRE BOMBED PEARL HARBOR ON SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1941 I rushed back up to the place I had landed my time machine, and was quickly lifted away until I found myself nestled in the bed in my quarters on the USS Houston. It was near sunset on February 28, 1942 The ship I was on, the U.S.S. Houston, Admiral Tommy Hart’s former Asiatic flagship, had vanished off the radar without a trace somewhere off the Northwest coast of Java. The mystery of this great warship remained complete until the war ended and small groups of survivors were discovered in Japanese prisoner of war camps, scattered from the island of Java through the Malay Peninsula, the jungles of Burma and Thailand, and northward to the Islands of Japan. Of the 1,008 officers and men who manned her, including myself, approximately 350 escaped from the sinking ship, only to be captured in the jungles of Java, or as they floundered helplessly in the sea. Of the original survivors, only 266 lived through the ordeal of filth and brutal treatment brutally handed out to them in the Japanese prisoner of war camps. To me the story of the U.S.S. Houston, especially during the last three weeks of her valiant battle against overwhelming odds, is one of the greatest epics of the United States Navy, yet historians of World War II seem to have neglected it almost completely. Not only that. In 1970, my mother was given a typewritten manuscript from my Uncle who was one of the 266 who lived through the ordeal of… as I put it… filth and brutal treatment. My story today is long overdue. In 2016, I wrote a novel called “The Galloping Ghost from the Java Coast,” which finally told the story of the brave and gallant 266 men, but I was asked not to publish it.  It still sits quietly on my computer, but I have decided to tell part of the story in the 2-Part Podcast as a memorial to all the brave men on the USS Houston during World War II. My time machine comes in really handy but I could have been killed just as easily as any other man on that fateful night back in ’42. What happened to the USS Houston that night was a nightmare of many years standing, yet each incident of that wild battle still lives on in my mind as vividly as though it happened only a few minutes ago. In reality, it actually did, but jumping from one time to another can be very exhausting as you have heard in previous podcasts. So, thanks everyone, from me, Sidney St. James, author of “The Galloping Ghost of the Java Coast, and your host TODAY of this Part I of II podcast as I tell my Memorial Day story that has been passed by historians around the world for a very long time! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
SEASON 3 EPISODE 6 1375-1300 BC Samson and Delilah's Shocking Love Story From the Book of Judges in the Bible Hello everyone. Your host Sidney St. James with you today. I had been "clicking" up a storm on my novel No. 51, a murder mystery called "Murder in the Prairie Edge Museum," when suddenly, a thought hit me. I don't understand why this occurs, but I was way up in the present day in my hometown murder mystery when I thought of another loving relationship from way back in 1350 BC. I know… how in the world could a romance mystery novel written in 2022 have anything to do with a romance so far back in Biblical Times. Right? Well, I think of all sorts of romances when writing a book and the one I wish to talk to you today about is a duzzy. And you think Judas was an awful betrayest. You've got another thing coming today. In my first episode of Season 3, I mention that most of my novels have some sort of input from the Bible. Maybe it's only a prayer, dream, or thought before pulling a trigger, but there's always something. Oh, and yes, even Satan and Archangel solving a disagreement in my Storm Lord Trilogy Series. So, when I finish the novel, you will see something in "Murder in the Prairie Edge Museum,"scheduled for release in the Fall of this year, that brings out a specific scene from something from the Bible. My story comes today from taking my infamous time machine back… way back to the 1300s before the birth of Jesus Christ. I've never gone so far back before, but I think I'm ready for the test. (TICKLE. TICKLE. TICKLE) We have stopped. The sun rises on the Book of Judges, which can be difficult to understand sometimes about how Righteousness in a World Without Rights or Wrongs can possibly exist. When we point to wholesome examples of relationships in the Bible to strengthen our own relationships or marriages, we obviously don't mean to talk about the so-called "love story" between a man and woman known as Samson and Delilah. However, until this broadcast, I didn't know that. For those unfamiliar with the story... Samson, a judge God had appointed over Israel, decided to disrupt every rule in the book. Even though his family took a Nazarite vow, he didn’t follow the guidelines by any stretch. Instead, he wreaked havoc and revenge on the Philistines in often violent ways, but worst of all…he fell heads over heels in love with Delilah. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
A REPLAY: Memorial Day Tribute to Friendship & Patriotism 'Home Alive By ‘45’ Operation Magic Carpet 2021 Operation Magic Carpet was the most extensive combined air and sealift ever organized during wartime. Elmer A. Struss, my father, was an officer in the Navy, one of many assigned this task and helped bring back home millions of soldiers at the end of WWII. It was called… by all the servicemen and women as the scope expanded worldwide as “Home Alive By ’45!” My special presentation on this Memorial Weekend is of the First Nighttime Torpedo Drop in Naval History, Operation Magic Carpet, and action in the theater of Northern Africa. Today, my words are a tribute to the patriotism about Eagle Lake, Texas’ Three Musketeers, as they were known in school in the 1920s and 1930s… Robert Jack “Coogie” Ney, Elmer Struss and Freddie Frnka.. Over my entire life growing up, I heard some pretty wild stories of these three men who fought for our country during World War II. The stories I heard and some treasured pictures from the 1920s dug out of Antonio & Cleopatra cigar boxes go way back before the War. As a matter of fact, before relating their wartime contributions, I want to talk about something else amazing between the three… their FRIENDSHIP with each other. Let’s first talk about friendship and the differences in levels of friendship. Good friends are those that care for each other…close friends really understand one another… but ladies and gentlemen, TRUE FRIENDS, stay forever…beyond all words and beyond all distances, beyond all boundaries… wherever they might move to and between one another and absolutely beyond time itself…! You know, speaking from personal experience, we all have made friends in our lives over the years. I suppose I got started in Mrs. Mina Kveton’s Kindergarten Class in 1956, and still to this very day, some of those friends I made then as a six-year-old are true friends… even though we lost contact with each other as we grew older. We make as adults and stay in touch with other friends as long as we live close to, and it’s convenient to stay in touch, but then over time, one moves away, or busy schedules slowly pull us apart, and we start to lose touch.  Those friendships fall into what I call the good friends' category. But then, there’s that last group of friends – those we all call our true friends or, in my granddaughter’s language of today, BFFs – they are those we have a mutual caring about. We understand each other’s hearts, and where bonds are formed between us that span any distance in proximity… from one side of the world to the other and where the bonds run so deep that no amount of time apart or lack of words being said between us, will change the way we feel about those friends. These, my loyal listeners, are our true friends, and when one comes into your life, cherish it for all its worth! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
Season 3 Episode 8 Who Really Shot Abraham Lincoln at the Ford Theater? Bam!!! The other shot heard around the world. The Civil War in America had just ended, and all the major newspapers around the North and South began printing their stories. However, when the dust cleared enough to see, John Wilkes Booth was designated the fall guy of this historical event. Hello everyone, Sidney St. James here with my podcast on writing the Abraham Lincoln Assassination Series several years ago. Some of you have learned that I have got this niche of being able to go back in time "in my virtual time machine" and put myself in peoples' shoes. I did this many times in my genealogy studies and did this when I wrote the five-book series on the Lincoln Assassination. It was the evening of April 14, 1865. According to the Northern newspapers, the War Between the States had ended, and Washington City celebrated. President Abraham Lincoln entered the balcony at Ford's Theater to a standing ovation: a sign of a return to everyday life in America. The following morning, just a few minutes before 7:30, President Abe Lincoln was dead, and assassin J. Wilkes Booth became one of the, if not THE most, infamous figures in all U. S. history. But now, 157 years since the one-shot from a derringer pistol, conspiracy theories still abound in America. I suppose you can say it was one of the most egregious "fake news" cover-ups in all of American history. "What if I were to come right out and tell you John Wilkes Booth didn't fire the gun that killed President Lincoln? What if I was to say to you he actually died in Oklahoma many, many years later? What if I tell you the Secretary of War was secretly in on the plot to kill the President? What if I were to tell you the Catholic Church was knee-deep in all of it from the start? All these questions come from the writing of the actual court transcripts and autopsy reports, and other items of interest in a five-book series, "The Lincoln Assassination Series." Since going to college in my early days, I have been a historian. I love history, either from the Bible or our own American History. Although I majored in History at A&M for a few semesters, I graduated without a degree in that field, but I still remain very interested in the Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. My 5-book series, which would be 6 books, began at President Lincoln's bedside when he passed away on April 15, 1865, at 7:22 in the morning. I know you might go out and find that there is not a sixth novel. This is because I elected to not write the one on the conspiracy theories. However, I will say there is much evidence in all the digital archives that will make you think that there was more to only one man pulling the trigger on a single-shot derringer pistol! In my review of the piles of digital archives when investigating the President's death and going over eyewitness reports to write the original five novels, there are actually pieces of this evidence that going reveals a "secret shooter" and cover-up that stretches from Washington City all the way to the Catholic Church. So, thank's for joining me today as I discuss briefly the many areas that don't make sense… there's still more to the story! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
SEASON 3 EPISODE 11 MOTHER'S DAY – A TRIBUTE TO MY MOM Hello everyone. Sidney St. James, your host for today's show. It's the time of year when we stop and pay honor to the first woman we have ever loved, our mothers. Mothers are superheroes... our greatest American Hero. They do it all.  No matter how challenging life gets, moms have a way of making everything so much better. As most of you probably already know, my mother, Dorothy (Dot), has now gone to Heaven, as I've discussed her on other broadcasts. I even nicknamed her the Queen of the House. She could light up a room with her broad smile. Mom raised me up to love the Lord and be tough, so when I came up against hurdles and fell, I could get back up, brush myself off, and keep on with my race.  I could count on my Mom for anything, and she had the best sense of humor, which I am happy I inherited. My Mother, DOROTHY MAUREEN SLATON STRUSS, is no longer with us, but every year on Mother's Day, I can't help but think about her and all the fun times growing up with her in my mind and my heart. From planting tulips around the house to the Blue Lilly of the Nile in various places of the yard. Today, Mother's Day, I would like to open up with a passage about Mother's Day, found on Page 313 in my Novel "Faith – Seventy Times Seven." Again, thanks for joining me on this special day as we all celebrate our mothers and stepmothers, past and present! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
IF WOMEN HAD JUST KEPT SILENT IN THE CHURCH… THERE WOULDN'T BE A CHURCH. STRONG STATEMENT… BUT THAT'S THE FACT, JACK!!! SEASON 3 EPISODE 10 PREQUEL TO MOTHER'S DAY PODCAST THE TRUE STORY OF THE REVEREND MRS. ADA CASTON SLATON BONDS OF THE CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (A MOVIE ON THE SILVER SCREEN SCRIPT ALMOST COMPLETE... WATCH FOR IT IN THEATERS IN 2023) In yellowed and dogeared Red Chief notebooks dating from 1914 to the 1960s, she told a part of her memoirs of the difficulties of being accepted as a woman in the church. One Sunday, a man walked out of her church, the Progress Cumberland Presbyterian Church, outside the small town of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana. Having not researched the congregation before visiting, he was apparently appalled to discover the pastor of this tiny house of worship was a woman. Yep, that’s right… a woman preaching the Word of God. Can you imagine that? He wrote to her later to explain that if she would just go and STUDY THE BIBLE, then she would come to the understanding that women were not allowed to teach men about Christ. This was in 1918 when the Progress Cumberland Presbyterian Church was celebrating its 8th Birthday. This same woman applied for ordination with the Presbyterian Church in 1914 at this same church when it was only four years old.  According to her writings, it didn't bother her as she had dealt with this kind of mentality for the last 6 years. In her own words, she said, "That's how long it took for the Cumberland Presbyterian Church to give me my ordination as a minister in the church after my first application. That's how long it took for me to pass every known obstacle they threw at me. How did the stranger put it, "GO AND STUDY MY BIBLE." The full true story can be found in FAITH - SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN. Caution must be exercised because some of Ada's struggles are quite graphical and in some cases, violence will break your heart! This story is true! One that ends with the Ku Klux Klan No. 60 taking matters into their own hands to protect who they called the Mother of All Presbyteries... the woman they said reflected PURE WOMANHOOD! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
Season 3 Episode 9 DID YOU ALWAYS WANT TO BE A SUPERHERO WHEN YOU WERE GROWING UP? Hello everyone! Sidney St. James here with another exciting and different kind of subject matter than I usually talk about on my podcasts. Last night, I had a dream… a dream that seemed so real. Not the kind Martin Luther King had, but one that was totally different. As I always do during such a dream, after I wakened in sweat and threw the covers off me, I jumped up and ran to my computer and began typing. I learned from attending one of Stephen King's webinars that is where his best stories come from. So, I rushed to my laptop at 2:30 in the morning and began writing. Whatever IT was, a red glow hung above my three brother's beds in what our dad once called the mule stables. It was 1965. Then, my brothers all started screaming, and then suddenly, there was total silence. The red glow disappeared. I sat in bed with my knees up, held by my two arms, rocking back and forth. It was then that I began my next novel, my version of "The Body Snatchers! – It Happened One Night" Well, that's not what this post is about, but it does deal with dreams. In my case today, it deals with dreams of flying and superheroes. I sometimes wonder if this kind of post is a good idea. Self-disclosure can be a dominant teaching aid when applied judiciously, and I've used it with my kids and, believe it or not, with my employees from time to time in the earlier businesses I once owned.  But, after all the years I've lived on this Earth, I find that it gets a little eerie when splattered about on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, and I end up learning way too much about some people, more than we would probably like to know.  Many of us feel like we're the only one experiencing a situation. We are surprised to learn that others have gone through the same darn thing or something much similar.  So, at the peril of appearing self-absorbed and egotistic, I share experiences and hopefully lessons learned from my own life, hoping that it may help someone else who might be struggling with their own issues.  I bet you're like me if you will just admit it. I often used to ask myself what my ole Dad would do. After he told me, I would immediately run, and I did the opposite.  See, right there, I listened and learned! So, again, thanks for joining me for my broadcast today. I hope you enjoy my story of my brothers and me, who once were the Greatest of American Superheroes! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
Top of the Day, Everyone! This is Sidney St. James, your host today, as we talk about the POWER OF PRAYER. Sometimes I think the most challenging part of being a Christian is acknowledging that there are many of our friends and family we hold deeply in our hearts who do not agree with the same convictions as we do. They don’t recognize Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; they may not even acknowledge God. It might be parents, siblings, maybe even our children or nieces, nephews, friends, and neighbors. As a Christian, no matter, who that person is, it causes me pain, anxiety, and fear and I am sure it does you to. As a father, grandfather, and Godfather to many little ones, many people do in fact, in my life do fit into the non-Christian type. This, my friends, causes me so much pain, but mostly, it makes me very fearful. I know exactly where I will be when I leave this life, and that thought gives me great pleasure. It really does. But I also know it’s only by the grace of God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that I’ve been given that opportunity. It was handed to me as a choice, and I took it. I chose it. I also know that on that big day of judgment, every knee shall bow, and EVERY tongue will confess. ***** Some Best-Selling Novels from Sidney St. James: A Victorian Romance (Author’s Choice!) I am Woman – Hear Me Roar! I Am Woman – I Am Invincible! A Paranormal Romance: Nevaeh – The Lost City of Nemea by Sidney St. James, Part I Crux Ansata – The Lost City of Ankara Part II A Two-Part Romance Mystery: True Love Ways – Sometimes we Sigh, Part I I Go to Pieces – Sequel to True Love Ways, Part II #christianpodcast #podcast #christian #faith #christianpodcasters #podcastersofinstagram #christianity #god #jesus #bible #christianpodcaster #podcastlife #christianliving #christianbloggers #church #christianblogger #christianpodcasts #jesuschrist #biblestudy #podcasts #christianinfluencer #christianwomen #podcasting #podcaster #inspiration #podcasthost #newpodcast #prayer #christianinspiration #selfhelppodcast #sidneystjamesshow #sidneystjames #eaglelake #columbus #pleasanthill #cumberlandpresbyterianchurch --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
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