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Savagemomlife brings her world, famous laughter, comedy, honesty, and giving heart to the Simply Savage Podcast. Each episode brings laughs & tears as she engages with guests on random topics at hand. And in true Savagemomlife fashion, these conversations have zero boundaries & we end up with the “tea” and pointers we didn’t know we needed. Join SavageMomlife as she navigates this crazy life with humor & zero filter. Plus, a surprise at the end of every episode that leaves you always wanting more. TO THE COMMENTS!
12 Episodes
You won't stop laughing as you hear Savage chat with Nascar driver Kyle Lockrow and not only gets a "pit row perspective", but discovers what it means to be a true racing fan. See for privacy information.
Stephenie LaGrossa joins Savage to reveal the true reality of being a cast member on Survivor & other challenge-based reality shows. A jam-packed episode of laughs, realness, and possibly a new product. See for privacy information.
Spencer Pratt takes Savage through his crazy journey of becoming the king of reality TV while discussing various TV shows & how TikTok has now changed the game for everyone.See for privacy information.
THE millionaire matchmaker Gina Hendrix shares her secrets to finding the perfect match.See for privacy information.
Ophelia shares how her TikTok following started by accident, but that she eventually became convinced it was her calling to help others through laughter & empathy. See for privacy information.
Sticking to her name, Savage asks the tough questions everybody wants to know about social media sensation Kevin Eudy. He opens up about the good, the bad, and the ugly.See for privacy information.
All the tea in this episode with OG influencer Perez Hilton! The cup is overflowing as he shares his growth as an influencer, TikTok banning him and of course his thoughts on celebs like Britney.See for privacy information.
One of the most iconic TV stars, "Baywatch" beauty, Nicole Eggert, opens up about life in the spotlight, what it was like on set and advice for those who want to become stars/influencers today.See for privacy information.
Fellow TikTok star Chelle Sloan (@chellewritesromance) shares her "spicy" story on how she became a romance author and the role "thirst traps" have played in her online success.See for privacy information.
Answering the most asked questions, reviewing this past week's top video comments, and introducing the "Savage Seven".See for privacy information.
How It All Started

How It All Started


LISTEN as SavageMomLife opens up about her journey and how it all started. Her personal growth, insane dating stories, and a "Savage Surprise" at the end.See for privacy information.
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