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My husband and I have been following the amazing Dr. Aditi Nerurkar for months now, and putting her tips to work in our sometimes-stressful lives.Now that she’s put all her wisdom together in a book and started her own Substack, it seemed like the time to ask her to share science-backed strategies for managing and mastering stress – beyond unhelpful and annoying clichés (“just relax?!”).So in this episode, we talk about the personal stress crisis that inspired Aditi to become a world expert on the subject; how she manages her own stress as a working mom with a young kid; and how to apply the “5 Resets" in your day-to-day life.We also get into:* Finding small moments of calm throughout the day* The 3-second routine she recommends when making a transition (before picking up kids, etc.)* Night time screen time and “Revenge Bedtime Procrastination”* What keeping your phone nearby at work or in bed does to your stress* Habit formation and why falling off the wagon can actually be goodLinks* Gaiam Posture Corrector* Aditi’s Instagram* Her new Substack, It’s Not You, It’s Your Stress* Her podcast, Time Out: A Fair Play Podcast* Aditi’s book, The Five Resets: Rewire Your Brain and Body for Less Stress and More Resilience Get full access to What To Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking at
Every time I mention I went to boarding school, people are like "WOAH WOAH WOAH, please explain!" So here's a primer on boarding school, why we loved it, what was hard, and why we think our friendship is still so strong despite not having lived in the same place for more than 15 years.   We also get into:* A basic, 101-level intro to boarding school * Different “houses” on campus and their reputations * A typical day* Sneaking out, making out, and navigating the “strike” (disciplinary) system* What I was like in high school* Pros and cons and how the experience shaped usLinks: * Lily's Instagram* (amazing interior design)Get my weekly recipe newsletter here: Get full access to What To Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking at
Cameron Rogers is a longtime friend and OG food/mom content creator who played a crucial role in helping me open up about my life online.True to her Freckled Foodie roots, she still develops recipes but these days you’re more likely to find her talking about motherhood, overall physical and mental health, and how they’re intertwined.So in this episode, we catch up about how to divide the labor of running a household and raising kids; our thoughts on the transition from one child to two; identifying what makes you anxious and creating systems to avoid it, and much more.Also: right before we recorded this, Cameron interviewed me for her podcast. Check out that conversation on her feed here.We also get into:* How being hit by a car led Cameron to make some major life changes* How she rarely spends time on her phone but still manages to stay on top of texts and emails* Blocking time to handle small tasks in batches so you can stay more present throughout the day* Our occasional feelings of “jealousy” (feels more accurate than “mom guilt”) when handing over childcare* Her wild birth story of having contractions for weeks and being turned away by the hospital because of a bed shortage!Links: * Fair Play deck for couples* Cameron’s website* Her Instagram* Her podcast, Freckled Foodie and FriendsSubscribe to my weekly recipe newsletter here: Get full access to What To Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking at
The response to Sohla’s episode, where we both shared a few things that our husbands have done to make us feel supported postpartum, and shared several elements of postpartum recovery that we wish we’d had a heads up on, was insane. Countless older moms, brand new moms, soon-to-be-moms, all the moms, wrote me to thank me for sharing the real deal about postpartum.But the #1 thing I heard was “I wish my husband had done that” or “I wish my husband had known to help with that" kinds of comments in regards to Sohla and I sharing how supportive our husbands are as newborn dads. My husband George absolutely crushes the labor and postpartum/newborn phase. I can’t even count the number of times that my friends or IG followers have seen him in action and said something along the lines of “how did George know to do that?” or “you’re so lucky he did that!”.And it got me thinking: all of our husbands want to make us feel loved, taken care of, and supported. It’s not their faults that they have never done this before! Neither have we, after all! We want them to know exactly what we need without us having to tell them, but they are not, in fact, mind readers capable of meeting our every hormone-riddled need before we even know we need it ourselves.So, I polled my Instagram audience to get their feedback on how they felt supported by their partner during labor and postpartum, and 20k+ women responded. This is a HOT TOPIC. I combined that intel with my own personal experience from giving birth to my three sons, and here we go: A Complete Handbook for Being The Best Newborn Dad/Partner Ever. It’s a podcast with an accompanying PDF for quick reference. Because our partners deserve to be set up for success! So this handbook is here to help them out.I get into:* Explaining some of the gnarlier elements of childbirth and postpartum so guys know what we go through* Things to avoid saying (I’m so sorry that the hospital couch is uncomfortable, but I promise your wife is more uncomfortable than you are)* Teamwork for nighttime wake-ups* Taking that breastfeeding “death thirst” seriously* Actual scripts for handling your partner’s hormonal changes, mood swings and yes, rage* Following her lead on sex after childbirth* And so, so much more.Links: * Download the "Handbook for Being the Best Newborn Dad/Partner Ever" here:* SwaddleMe Velcro swaddles* The Baby Stuff You Actually NeedLike this episode? Learn more at Get full access to What To Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking at
If you’re on Instagram, I can almost guarantee you’ve seen Caitlin Murray. She has a way of expressing exactly how many moms feel in the day-to-day grind while making you laugh out loud in the process.After I barely get through today’s intro (happy birthday, Mattis!), Caitlin and I talk about why we’re both out on extreme diets and restrictions and prefer a “damp” approach to alcohol these days… with the occasional full send.Plus, we talk about decisions about whether to have more kids, and how she knew her family was complete after the birth of her third.We also get into:* The vitamin/snack Caitlin’s all about right now* The quest for the perfect hairband* Our alternative to Dry January* Kids behaving totally different inside versus outside the house* Screen time for young kids* Our IRL LOLsLinks:* Gem Daily Essentials citrus ginger bites* Slip hairbands* High Noon* Caitlin’s Instagram: bigtimeadulting* Caitlin’s magazine, Soul Snacks (coming soon to Substack!)* Caitlin’s podcastGet my weekly recipe newsletter -- and the video version of this podcast -- here: Get full access to What To Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking at
I first discovered Sohla El-Waylly in the early days of the pandemic, when Bon Appétit Test Kitchen videos were all the rage. She was by far my favorite contributor to that series, and now that she’s promoting her own cookbook and recently became a mom, this was the perfect time to catch up with her.So today, we talk a bit about “Start Here,” the A to Z guide that took Sohla 3 years to write. She also shares her go-to meal when she doesn’t feel like cooking – a surprisingly common feeling for a recipe developer. But we actually spend more time talking about the ups and downs of new mom life: balancing work and parenthood, sharing childcare with a partner, and the unpleasant realities of post-birth recovery that both of us felt woefully unprepared for. (Why don’t they tell you about this stuff?)We also get into:* What it’s been like to bring a baby and a 500-page book into the world almost simultaneously* How she prepared for postpartum mental health challenges * Lies we were told about breastfeeding and postpartum weight loss* The toy her 5-month-old is obsessed with, that Cash was also obsessed with* Family members buying impractical baby clothes (buttons… in the back?)* Discovering free stuff to do with kids in New York* Her forthcoming podcast* Her egg, steamed rice, and greens recipe Links: * Get the chicken soup + masa dumplings reeipe from Sohla's new book here:* Fisher-Price Kick & Play mat* John Legend performing the Kick & Play “purple monkey” song (IYKYK)* GAP vintage soft classic jogger pant* Magnetic Me onesies* Sohla’s History Channel TV show, Ancient Recipes* Sohla’s New York Times bylines* Her newsletter, Hot Dish* Sohla’s book: Start Here: Instructions for Becoming a Better Cook* Her book tour datesSign up for my weekly recipe newsletter here! Get full access to What To Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking at
I recently asked you for your questions, feedback, and topics you want to hear more about and you gave me a ton of great ideas.One of the most common questions was a version of, “So what’s your deal? What’s your background, and what exactly do you do now?” Good question. How did I wind up as a recipe developer/cookbook author/whatever-I-decide-to-call-myself-that-day? You’re about to find out.In this first solo episode, I share my “villain origin story” along with, of course, a few of the things I’m into right now.I talk about where I come from, how I met my husband George, my crazy idea to start a catering company in San Diego, working in a test kitchen, and how that evolved into what I do today.Next solo episode, I’ll get into the nitty gritty of what my day-to-day looks like as a full-time creator, including how I make money, what I love about my job, what I don’t love as much, and my goals for 2024 and beyond.I also get into:* Is a few days apart occasionally a good thing for married couples? (yes)* The small but *wonderful* change I think you should make to your kitchen (possibly my favorite part of the renovation…?!)* How I learned to write recipes that people can clearly read, understand, and cook from* The story behind my “Just Married” cookbook* How COVID lockdowns inspired What to Cook When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking* My weather-related So Out On and my IRL LOL of the week* How to make an egg quesadilla with chili crisp* My cookbook… coming soon!Links:* Kate Hutchison, the interior designer who designed our home* Red Clay Chili Crisp (code CARO15 should work)* Book Lovers by Emily Henry* Food writer and cookbook author Melissa Clark* My fave former boss, Ben Pote, has a restaurant in Greenwich, CT called Wildacre Rotisserie. Go visit him!sign up for my weekly "complete meal" recipe newsletter HERE 🍳: Get full access to What To Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking at
Peloton classes have made me a much happier and less anxious person. As you’ll hear in this episode, I wish there was a government grant that gave all new mothers Peloton bikes upon the birth of their first child. Being able to exercise and boost those endorphins while the baby is sleeping has been a total game changer for me.And of their many great instructors, is my absolute favorite. Emma’s teaching style is exactly what I look for: encouraging, but not too over-the-top. Her mantra is “progress, not perfection,” which seems appropriate, especially in this phase of life and this time of year (holidays = lots of stress and sugar).In this episode, Emma shares her tips for staying active when you don’t feel motivated; which Peloton classes she actually takes; her “lazy girl ramen” recipe (she’s a bit of a recipe developer herself, her Substack is fabulous and worth a follow!!!), and much more.We also get into:* Teaching ourselves to drink water after being raised by parents who NEVER do* Our guys stealing our skincare products* Our shifting relationships with caffeine* The surprisingly important role our pets play in our lives* Finding a fitness community (Peloton #whattocookcrew, stand up!)* “Throwing in an egg” for protein* What made us laugh out loud this past weekLinks: * Emma's book, Live Learn Love Well* Her Substack newsletter, The Love List* Emma’s Peloton profile* My Peloton name, if you want to be friends! @caro_chambers* Jones Road Beauty’s Miracle Balm* LMNT electrolyte hydration packets* Lanniege Lip Mask* Belkin 3-in-1 chargersign up for my weekly "complete meal" recipe newsletter HERE 🍳: Get full access to What To Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking at
Amanda Hesser founded one of my favorite food and lifestyle brands, Food52. It’s one of my go-to sources for recipe and gift inspiration… and what’s crazy is that building that hugely successful company is just a small part of Amanda’s life story.She was also a food writer and editor at the New York Times for many years, and she’s written cookbooks and a memoir called Cooking for Mr. Latte which I just love.Today Amanda and I talk about what she’s into right now (padel, anyone?), what she’s out on (do sweatshirts really need to be cropped above the belly button?), and the time she may or may not have taken her kids on a prison tour on one of their birthdays.We also get into:* The recent habits that have been improving both our day-to-day lives (mine is a lot more superficial)* Amanda’s ideal sneaker* How we dress when working from home* Her brilliantly simple go-to meal when she doesn’t feel like cookingLinks: * Food52* Food52’s Instagram* Amanda’s Instagram* Rachel Comey jeans* Adidas Women’s Ultraboost shoesInterested in my weekly "complete meal" recipe newsletter? Head over to to sign up. Get full access to What To Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking at
The day I announced this podcast, the DM’s started rolling in. “You have to get Katie from Beach Reads and Bubbly on the podcast!” I was already all over it, I love Katie as much as all of you!I get a ton of my book recs from Katie’s page, @beachreadsandbubbly, but more than that, I’ve fallen in love with her down-to-earth, bubbly personality. We had so much fun chatting, after we stopped recording we kept chatting for hours.So today, we get into all things reading, romance books, working / parenting from home, and how we became internet girls (I promise to never say that again LOL).We also get into:Why she thinks romance is having a momentB.R.A.D.’s (Beach Reads After Dark) ;)The origins of Beach Reads & Bubbly, which started as Katie’s side hustle and is now her full-time gigThe Magnolia Parks Universe book series and associated fashion Instagram pageOur literary pet peevesWhy we’re obsessed with the author Emily HenryKatie’s bread sawMy favorite T-shirtHow Travis + Taylor + Instagram’s algorithm = I’m now a sports fan?The romance-novel-esque story of how the Miami Dolphins’ coach met his wifeWhat Katie cooks when she doesn’t feel like cookingLinks:Katie’s InstagramBeach Reads & Bubbly blogMy tee obsession - the Perfect White TeeBallerina FarmMagnolia Parks Universe Closet Instagram page Get full access to What To Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking at
Anela Malik is one of my favorite internet (and real-life) friends. There’s no one who I respect more when it comes to telling beautiful stories with video, and as you’ll see in this episode… she’s so much fun and hilarious, too.Today, we laugh a lot talking about our shared love of smutty books, and Anela opens up about the past year in which she went through a divorce and wound up doing a lot of therapy, self-love, and intention-setting as she re-enters the dating world and a new phase of life.We also get into:* Her visit to a food festival that ran out of food (yikes)* Why Kindle Unlimited is the best/worst thing in our lives* A surreal family story she documented on a trip to Japan* A rapid fire “So Out On” segment* Her philosophy on creating content about food, creativity, and travel* Her mindset toward dating and love after divorce* The TikTok trend that made her LOL, IRLConnect with Anela:* Instagram* TikTok* Feed the MalikConnect with me:* InstagramEnjoyed this episode? Learn more at at That's where you can sign up for my newsletter, What to Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking.It's exactly what it sounds like: one craveable, "complete meal" recipe delivered to your inbox every Sunday morning. Get full access to What To Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking at
Deb Perelman is the OG queen of food blogging — she started Smitten Kitchen in 2006 and has grown it to the absolute behemoth that it is today.In this episode, Deb made me giggle my pants off talking about our husbands’ cooking styles, the cheeky comment her 14-year-old son makes when she orders a drink, the food video trend that she wants to end in 2024, and much, much more.We also get into:* Deb’s current dirty gin martini kick* How her content has evolved since starting Smitten Kitchen in 2006 (!)* Why teaching your kids to cook is better in theory than practice* The one thing from cooking videos Deb’s “so out on”* The fact that Black Friday/Cyber Monday lasts a month now* The wacky documentary that made Deb laugh this past week* Her go-to meals when she doesn’t feel like cookingLinks:* Deb’s Instagram* Deb’s TikTok* Smitten Kitchen* Deb’s CookbooksEnjoyed this episode? Follow So Into That on your favorite podcast app, or watch the video version at's where you can sign up for my newsletter, What to Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking. It's exactly what it sounds like: one craveable, "complete meal" recipe delivered to your inbox every Sunday morning. Get full access to What To Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking at
Emily Oster is my motherhood messiah. I consider myself to be a pretty relaxed mom, but I certainly didn’t start out that way. Emily’s data-based parenting approach is to thank for that.Anytime I’m starting to bug out about whether sleep training is going to mess up my baby for life, or if my kid is going to go to college only eating chicken fingers, or whether letting my kids watch an extra hour of TV is going to turn them into ding dongs — there’s Emily, giving me the data-backed reasons why I should chill the F out and just enjoy the ride. Emily is the author of three data-based books on pregnancy and parenting as well as the newsletter , and in the very first episode of So Into That, she teaches us how to pull off soft pants at work, and how to relax as parents.We also get into: * Why Emily thinks moms are so anxious about everything these days* Is sleep training messing up our kids?* Is baby-led weaning a cure to picky eating?* Whether the kids enrolled in every single extra-curricular are going to be the most successful* What Emily’s “so out on” right now* Our IRL LOLs of the week* What she cooks when she doesn’t feel like cookingLinks: * Emily’s newsletter * Emily’s books* Emily's Instagram* The Athleta pants Emily’s so into* The ones Caro’s so into* The really nice thing that the cup company that Caro now feels bad about picking on didSponsor: * Skout Organic kids snack bars (Code: CARO for a discount)If you liked what you heard in this episode, follow So Into That in your favorite podcast app or learn more at Get full access to What To Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking at
It’s official y’all… I’m joining the podcast game.Above, you’ll find a quick rundown of what this show’s going to be all about.My first episode with special guest Emily Oster drops today at 12p Eastern Time.I’ll send out an email around then with all the links where you can watch/listen! Get full access to What To Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking at
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