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Sober Motivation: Sharing Sobriety Stories
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Sober Motivation: Sharing Sobriety Stories

Author: Brad McLeod

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The sober motivation podcast will have new guests each week sharing their sobriety stories to inspire others about what is possible. After listening you will see that sobriety is so possible and you are not alone on this journey.
112 Episodes
In this episode of the Sober Motivation podcast, we have Sam. Originally from the UK, Sam talks about suffering from health anxiety from a young age and turning to alcohol and later drugs to alleviate his fears and anxieties. Sam talks about his gradual descent into full-blown addiction which eventually cost him his home, and job and nearly resulted in his death. However, Sam turns his life around through cold water therapy, connection, joining fellowships and immense support from his family. Sam credits openness and connection with others as major contributors to his progress. Today, 27 months sober, Sam uses his experiences to inspire others and raise awareness about sobriety and mental health. His message is that it's never too late to start the journey towards sobriety and personal growth. -------------- 👉 Follow Sam on Instagram: 👉 Check Out the SobahSistahs Retreat Info here: 👉 More information on SoberLink: 👉 Grab Charmaine's ‘Delicious & Doable ~ Recipes For Real and Everyday Life’ Cookbook: 👇
On this episode of the podcast, we have Todd.  Growing up in  Omaha, Nebraska, Todd started drinking alcohol in high school and his consumption escalated throughout college and law school as he used alcohol to cope with stress. Todd would go on the graduate law school and become an attorney and from the outside, it appeared that Todd had cracked the code of life. Todd was a busy father, husband and attorney but his drinking habits from college never left.  For years Todd would go back and forth with attempted moderation and was able to take several 90-day breaks from alcohol and this confirmed what he thought at the time if I can go 90 days without alcohol could I have a problem? After the back and forth Todd was in his car one day and was honest with himself the only option left was the quit. 4+ years into the journey Todd shares that every area of his life has improved. This is Todd’s story on the Sober Motivation Podcast. ------------------ 👉 Follow Todd here on Instagram: 👉 Check out Todd's Book: 👉 More information on SoberLink: 👉 Donate to support the show here: 👉 Follow Sober Motivation on Instagram:
In this episode, Dan bravely shares his journey towards sobriety. He dives into his past, speaking about the childhood sexual abuse he endured and how this led him to use alcohol as a coping mechanism. Despite these significant struggles, he found strength in his determination not to give up and decided to take control of his life. Dan shares how helpful therapy was in processing his traumatic experiences and how turning to books and podcasts, like 'The Sober Motivation Podcast', helped him maintain his sobriety. Now 140 days sober, Dan shares the clarity he has found in his life and the increased appreciation he now has for everyday things once taken for granted.   Also on this episode I sat down with Dan Karaty the Author of If I'm Being Honest. Dan shares some of the details about writing the book and the reasons behind it. --------------- 👉 Check Out the SobahSistahs Retreat Info here: 👉 Follow Dan here: 👉 More information on SoberLink: 👉 Grab Charmaine's ‘Delicious & Doable ~ Recipes For Real and Everyday Life’ Cookbook: 👇
On this episode of the Sober Motivation Podcast, we have Casey from the (Hello Someday Podcast) Growing up as a child of diplomats, she struggled with fitting in due to constantly moving countries, and that contributed to her anxiety and need to be liked. Her battle with alcohol didn't start until college when social pressures and the ability to 'turn off her brain' led to her consuming alcohol excessively. Despite the occasional blackouts, she managed to maintain her life and career, and at times thought she was only hurting herself, and not affecting anyone else. After a plea for help on an online support group, Casey decided to turn her life around, starting with a 100-day alcohol-free challenge and gradually transitioning to professional therapy and eventually sobriety coaching certification. Now seven and a half years sober, Casey navigates life with a newfound clarity, joy, and less anxiety, helping others navigate their journey as well. ----------------- 👉 Check Out the SobahSistahs Retreat Info here: 👉 Follow Casey here: 👉 More information on SoberLink: 👉 Grab Charmaine's ‘Delicious & Doable ~ Recipes For Real and Everyday Life’ Cookbook: 👇
In this episode, we have  Les who reflects on his upbringing often feeling like an outcast, and this would set the foundation for his struggle with alcohol. He recalls the moment he realized the extent of his addiction and the crucial choice he made toward recovery. Les discusses the value of connecting with others who understand this journey, and finding hope and encouragement in AA meetings and the wider sober community. In 2003 he lost his wife and recounts the struggle of the loss while maintaining his sobriety, and the importance of living day by day. Les has been sober for 42 years, offering hope to so many people. This is Les’s story on the Sober Motivation podcast. ------------------ Check Out the SobahSistahs Retrat Info here: Check out SoberLink Here: Follow Les on Instagram: Follow Austin Williams on Instagram: Grab Charmaine's ‘Delicious & Doable ~ Recipes For Real and Everyday Life’ Cookbook: 👇
In this episode, we have my friend Alison. Growing up, her father struggled with alcohol, and it created a ripple effect in her life. At 20 years old, she got married and just celebrated 21 years of marriage, but it didn’t come without its challenges. Shortly after, she welcomed three beautiful children into the world and was busy raising them while running a very successful business. In her 30s, feeling the pressures of life, she realized alcohol would drown out the noise and provide a sense of relief. After a home detox and a life long battle with alcohol, her father suddenly passed away, and she took an honest look at her own relationship with alcohol. This is Alison’s story on the Sober Motivation podcast. ------------- Follow Alison on Instagram: Get more info on Megan AKA Sobahsistahs Retreats here: Grab Charmaine's ‘Delicious & Doable ~ Recipes For Real and Everyday Life’ Cookbook: 👇 More Information about SoberLink:  
In this episode, we have my friend Liz who is originally from the Jersey Shore and was a binge drinker for the better part of 20 years. The cycle of drinking and then healing from drinking was exhausting. Despite this, the social connection it provided was something that Liz found helpful. After a few months of being alcohol-free, she began to notice the benefits of not consuming alcohol, and things started to make sense. Liz has not experienced a hangover since February 18, 2023. ----------------- Support the Podcast here: Follow Sober Motivation on Instagram here: More Information about Soberlink:
From a young age, Dan was fascinated with alcohol, and all of his questions were answered when he got his hands on his first 6-pack of beer. Dan struggled to fit in growing up and switched friend groups from time to time. Over the years, Dan would lose custody of his son and the woman of his dreams. On February 12th, Dan's mother sat him down and urged him to rediscover his true self for the sake of himself and his son. Dan had the understanding for anything to work out, he would have to be sober. On that same day February 12th, 2017, Dan made a decision that would change his life's direction, and this is his story on the Sober Motivation Podcast. --------------- 👉 Follow Dan on Instagram here: 👉 More information on Soberlink: 👉 Follow Sober Motivation on Instagram: 👉 Support the show here: 👉 Download the SoberBuddy App:
In this episode, we meet Joe. Growing up, Joe had no shortage of traumatic experiences and never talked about the feelings or thoughts associated with these events. He found a level of acceptance through drinking alcohol and consuming drugs. Going through the motions in life, Joe found himself covering up his emotions with alcohol time and time again. Sobriety was not given much attention, and drinking alcohol just felt so normal. After many ups and downs, Joe had a 10-day break from alcohol and decided to keep it going. Today, Joe celebrates 9 months of sobriety and this is Joe’s story on the sober motivation podcast. -------------- Follow Joe on IG: Follow Sober Motivation on IG: More info on SoberLink:
In this episode, we have David, who just celebrated 3 years of sobriety. It took asking for help to get started. David grew up around a lot of alcohol, and as a young man, he joined the service, where alcohol began to take hold of his life. After some consequences arose, he sought help but struggled to maintain it. As his drinking worsened, so did the consequences, and a call with his commander set things in motion to begin his sober journey. ----------- Check out David on Instagram: Order from Sober Vet Coffee: Follow SoberMotivaiton: Sign up for a free SoberBuddy virtual Zoom meeting: More information on SoberLink:  
Danielle grew up around a lot of alcohol and witnessed firsthand the destruction it was capable of causing. Being from a military family, she moved a lot while growing up and had to mature quickly to help support her siblings. For the longest time, she swore she would never drink alcohol. However, when she reached college, alcohol became a massive part of the experience. It wasn't until she had children and didn't want to repeat the cycle that she knew she would have to quit. This is Danielle’s story on the Sober Motivation Podcast. --------------- 👉 Check out Danielle on Instagram: 👉 Sign up for the FREE Sober Buddy Support Call 👇 🔥 Follow Sobermotivaiton on Instagram: 👉 Check out more information on SoberLink:
In this episode, we have Gill, who struggled early on in life with a lot of anger, and she would occasionally have friends growing up but because of being bullied so much in her youth, Gill's self-esteem and confidence were suffering. She focused a lot of her energy on her studies and excelled in the classroom. At home, things were also a struggle, and she is grateful for her close relationship with her brother and her love for video games. It wasn't until graduate school that Gill really became drawn into drinking alcohol as a way to cope with how life was playing out. This is Gill’s story on the Sober Motivation podcast. ----------- Follow Gill on Instagram: Follow Sober Motivation on Instagram: Donate to support the show: Check out the Sober Motivation Merch Shop: Check out SoberLink:  
This week's podcast guest is Chris, who received a constant message while growing up as a kid: 'We don't talk about our problems.' Facing struggles at home, Chris embarked on a search for a sense of belonging. Initially, he found it within the punk music scene and took his first drink at the age of 13. That moment marked his first experience with drinking, getting drunk, and blacking out. From that point on, he never learned to drink any differently throughout his entire life. This is Chris's story, shared on the Sober Motivation Podcast." --------------- Check out Chris on Instagram: Follow Sober Motivation on IG: Download the SoberBuddy App: More info on Soberlink:
Brad Garrett has been sober since 1997. Due to childhood trauma and other factors, he found that he could escape from himself with alcohol and marijuana. Over the years, this addiction progressed, but the bottom never completely fell out. On a vacation trip to Maui, he had an experience that would change the trajectory of his life. Since then, Brad has accomplished some amazing things. This is Brad Garrett’s story on the 'Sober Motivation Podcast. This is a previous episode that we are rerunning.    At the end, I also share my goodbye letter to substances. ------------------ Follow Sober Motivation on Instagram: Check out the SoberBuddy App: More Info on SoberLink:  
In this episode, we have Zac, who found some freedom with alcohol. Alcohol quickly became a close high school friend for Zac when he was struggling with an anxious mind. The more he drank, the more he needed to drink, and this escalated quickly. At 16, his parents intervened after finding alcohol in his vehicle, and he was off to rehab. With so little drinking time under his belt, it didn't make complete sense to quit drinking alcohol. After getting several felony charges for a single car accident while intoxicated, Zac had to take a hard look at his life and choices. This is Zac's story on the Sober Motivation Podcast. ---------- Follow Zac on Instagram Here: Follow SoberMotivation on Instagram here: Download SoberBuddy App: More info on SoberLink:
In this short (12-minute) but powerful episode, I share 11 things I learned from hearing 100 sober stories here on the Sober Motivation Podcast and what I believe to be the most powerful one of the entire process.  Some examples 👇 1. Get connected to support 2. It is never too late to get sober 3. One Day at a time helps 4. Moderation is tough to manage 5. A "Rock Bottom" is not required. I would love to hear what you have learned listening to the podcast. Message me on Instagram @sobermotivation:
In this episode, we have Ashley who had her first drink at 15 and remembers overdrinking and not completely understanding why.  After high school, it was on to college where binge drinking would become the norm and everyone seemed to be doing it so no massive red flags were raised. Ashley moved through life keeping it together but her drinking escalated over the years and she would start having thoughts that she needed to get her drinking under control.  After years of trying to do this and an accident on New Year’s Eve Ashley committed to doing whatever it took to not drink alcohol for 30 days. This is Ashley’s story on the Sober Motivation Podcast. --------------- Follow Ashley on Instagram: Leave a Voicemail: Follow Sober Motivation on Instagram: Download SoberBuddy: More information on Sober Link:  
In this episode, we have Kristen, who had her first drink at 17, and her social anxiety seemed to melt away. After high school, she went off to college where binge drinking was normalized, and the party was always happening. Further down the road, she was prescribed Xanax to help with her anxiety and continued to drink alcohol. At first, she took it as prescribed, but soon found herself running out before she was due for a refill. Her parents are a massive WHY in her sobriety and life today, as they never gave up on supporting her to get the help she needed. With over 900 days of sobriety, this is Kristen’s story on the Sober Motivation Podcast. --------------------- Follow Kristen on Instagram here: Follow Sober Motivation on Instagram here: Check out Sober Buddy App here: More information on SoberLink:    
Abi Feltham grew up learning how to suppress her emotions, a habit that would persist for many years. She never enjoyed school and simply wanted to follow rock bands and party. Throughout her childhood, she never felt like she fit in with her peers, but she had many friends. Her first drink, which she had at the age of 13, made her feel normal, and she felt more connected to the world than ever before. After travelling the world for a decade, she experienced what some might call rock bottom and returned home to the UK. Abi's story is a reminder that no matter where you go, there you are. This is her story on the Sober Motivation Podcast. ------------------ Follow Abi on Instagram: Check out Abi's Journal:  Click HERE Follow Sober Motivation on Instagram: Download Your SoberBuddy App: More information on Soberlink:
In this episode, we welcome Olivia, joining us all the way from Ireland. Olivia shares her experience of growing up in Ireland, where alcohol was considered a rite of passage, and the social pressure to drink was intense. She describes herself as a gray-area drinker, someone who could occasionally take nights off but often found it challenging to stop once she started. Tune in as Olivia recounts her transformative journey that began with a trip abroad and a life-altering panic attack, leading her to a profound realization: that moment marked a change in her relationship with alcohol, a truly divine experience that would forever change her life. This is Olivia’s story on the Sober Motivation podcast. --------------- Follow Olivia on Instagram here: Donate to support the show here: Follow Sober Motivation on Instagram here: Check out SoberLink:  
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amazing story. very insightful and inspirational. thank you Gary.

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