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I am India.Arie / India Arie and SongVersation is a podcast where I choose one of my songs, we listen to it, and I riff on it! Simple as that! #songversationpodcast #indiaarie
21 Episodes
Trigger Warning: This episode contains talk of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Not in TOO much detail, but I DO mention it, AND! AS ALWAYS! LOTS OF  JOY and lots of laugh ! sometimes beauty is born from  of pain. Lets get into it!
We talk about so MANY things regarding this uniquely birthed songs. from Stevie WOnder to Joel Cross. From Baby Blue and surprising a few things about song structure ... and a little shout out for my BIGGEST Fan ... Lets get into it.
In this Unique Episode, I have s conversation with Debra Silverman about MY Astrology chart, focusing on Pluto and Neptune ... you’ll understand when you listen LOL ! To learn more about Debra’s class ➡️ ALSO LINK is in my IG BIO!
In this Episode, I discuss BOTH: What I LOST ~ AND ~ WHAT I GAINED IN 2020 ... It’s a long Episode ~ But 2020 was a WILD YEAR! ... SO, STAY WITH ME ... LOTS TO SAY and I get VERY personal.
In this simple episode, I talk about the questions this era of life is asking me.  And at the VERY end, I have a question for you.
7 days post tour! I’m at a waterfall —processing this life changing #WorthyTour. Getting this out so I can REST, and prepare for what’s NEXT. 💫
SongVersation: Follow the Sun, is about how Stevie Wonder tricked me into seeing my song writing a new way. And we learn together, what the heck this song is about 🤣 🤷🏾‍♀️
Nothing better than Christmas with Friends
How I spent New Years Day 2007 & And Celebrating Cicely Tyson’s birthday ~ and what the two have in common!
I tell the story about the one song that always makes me cry. Heart Break, Healing. David Ryan Harris. Joni Mitchell. Stevie Wonder. And Some how this all comes together for a SongVersation about wisdom and maturity.
Ep. 9 SongVersation: That Magic! ✨ The empowered, powerful, grown and sexy orgin story of my New SINGLE!!! “That Magic” ✨⭐️💫 Yaaaaaaay! Whooohooooo!!!
Ep.8 SongVersation: Ready For Love
The back story behind the song River Rise, depression, Hawaii, retirement, unempowerment, freedom, answered prayer ... lots to tell!
SongVersation: Little Things ~ how this song came to be, and the story around it. Lots to tell!
Q&A Based in Episode 4 SongVersation: I Am Light
Episode 4 of SongVersation. I Riff on the song I Am Light
Part 2 of a Q&A sparked by Episode 1 of SongVersation!
This is Vol 1. (Of2) Q&A about Episode 1 of SongVersation ~ "SongVersation: Worthy" YEEEEEESSSS!
Episode 1 of! SongVersation! A podcast where I choose a song and Riff on it!
PART 2 (of 2) OF SongVersation: Steady Love! Part one got SO GOOD, I NEEDED A PART 2! and THIS is where it get JUICY! CAUSE ... I👏🏾 DEFINE👏🏾 ME👏🏾
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So so so grateful for this song and this podcast is just the cherry on the cake. Thank you India for sharing your story through your songs and making us feel seen in the process. Namaste.

Oct 12th

Gaby Jansen

I love this podcast as an extension of her music and learning more about you as both an artist as on a more personal level. Been listening to India Arie's music for 15 years, since I was 15, and still hoping to see her live one day here in the Netherlands. Still my most favorite artist and always will be, thank you so much for your healing, inspirational and loving music❣🥰

Apr 30th

Patricia Coleman

I share many of your philosophies in life. You quoted Maya Angelou, who said"You teach people how to treat you." This often comes to mind when people attempt to drop in on me without notice. Everyone who knows me well knows I don't like it and will likely refuse to accommodate these visits. Question: Do you think it is wrong of me to refuse to open my door to unannounced visitors or feel unobligated to entertain them? [P.S. They have multiple ways of contacting me in advance - landline, cell phone, email, text, FB, and Messenger.]

Jan 27th

Kinaya Barashango-Khem

My Beloved Sis India. I just listened to episode 1. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for allowing us to feel the inner you. For me this adds to inner healing that is so necessary in this fast moving world. Peace and Blessings x

Aug 13th

⚖ LifeCoachTay

Love 💘 You Queen👑 ♎ GanG!!

Jul 31st
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⚖ LifeCoachTay


Jul 23rd
Reply (1)

DeAndrea Horne

I can't wait to catch up Queen

Jul 10th

Isabelle Isabelle

India. Thank you for this gift!

Jul 7th

Vaun & Kim

She is simply amazing! Two spirits that I look forward to meeting, God and India. lol. I met her this weekend in Chicago. We wore the same colors! Yeah, I shed a tear, lol. I wish I could tell her what she has done for me as a person, as a woman. she has no idea who and what she is! A sister to the the sisterless. a mother to the motherless. Through her words. I get a vision of who God is. One of the most beautifully women I have ever met! I feel her soul!

May 28th

Princess Kimbrough

it's so interesting that you find Break the Shell light hearted because for me it's heavy, it's a punch, is world shaking. "life's gonna hurt but it's meant to be felt" "it's time to peel back all of the layers that you put between who you're meant to be and who you are" ❤️❤️

Jan 20th

Lorraine Green

i just love love this podcast. When is #8 going up?

Sep 19th

Ndongla Adelphe

Thank you very much India 🤗 Sending you Lots of Love from Cameroon

Aug 15th

Netti Carmichael

India I simply adore you❤

Jul 21st

Adaeh QueenB aka Mz Motivation

Queen I appreciate you opening up yourself to the world. Question: what type of guitar was your first to own? What do you recommend for a beginner?

Jun 19th

RL Gipson

You inspired me to start a non-profit for African American females...we are in desperate need of healing

Jun 12th

RL Gipson

You are amazing

Jun 12th

Kayla Lewis

India the podcast worthy was beautiful. It was exactly what i needed to hear. Your words and song truly moved me.

Jun 6th