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Every Thursday on Sorry We're Stoned, mother-daughter duo Tish Cyrus and Brandi Cyrus sit down to have candid conversations about anything and everything from current events and Cyrus family stories to advice and design inspiration from the hottest mom in the game. This podcast will provide fans a chance to connect with Mama Tish (aka MT) and Brandi on a personal level. There’s a lot going on in these busy ladies' lives, and on this podcast, nothing is off limits... even getting stoned.
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Coming off her Hollywood Power Lunch, Tish is ready to spill the tea on her trick to getting ready —have Miley Ray Cyrus raid your closet. There’s no one better at putting outfits together and Tish and Brandi are low key jealous. Then in Off Limits, Tish is psyched to learn Succession on HBO is back. She is obsessed with Kieran Culkin and loves the character he plays on the show. But let’s be serious, the casting on that show is insane and everyone is great. During Dear MT, Stoners call in to ask Tish and Brandi about a ton of different topics and the ladies are serving up the advice. We discuss tips on visiting and living in Denver and LA, the best and worst dates Brandi has ever been on, getting emotional at concerts, meaningful holiday gift ideas, and what to do when you’re approached with a new job opportunity but don’t want to leave your current role out of loyalty. Tish says, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Loyalty is important but sometimes you have to be loyal to yourself and the people you love first and foremost. Brandi teaches the Stoners how to play Dirty Santa and reveals that we’re about to drop some Sorry We’re Stoned merch right in time fro the holidays. This is our last episode of the season Stoners! Thank you so much for listening and stay in touch on Facebook and Instagram. We love y’all!
This week, Tish and Brandi are joined by a very special guest - Trace Cyrus! Tish can't get enough of Trace’s girlfriend, Tay! She just graduated from beauty school, and you better believe Tish is going to Tay from now on for her hair extensions (do you know how expensive they are these days?!). Tish's favorite thing about Tay, however, is her attitude - her enthusiasm is contagious. In this week's Dear MT, Trace opens up about his tattoo journey. We learn that Tish brought Trace to get his first tattoo the day after his 18th birthday. However, tattoos are addicting, and once Trace got one, he kept getting more and more done on his own, and Tish was furious! Especially his face tattoos - she absolutely freaked out! It took her years to get used to Trace's tattoos, but now she's obsessed with them! Trace explains how his tattoos effect his entire life. People stare at him everywhere he goes, and he's even pulled over by the cops more frequently because of the way he looks. Trace admits that he tries to be extremely nice and outgoing because it's so easy for people to jump to conclusions and assume he's a bad guy. One of the main reasons Trace decided to live in downtown Nashville is because people aren't as afraid of him and don't give him dirty looks. As hurtful as all of this is, Trace doesn't regret any of his tattoos. In fact, he's planning to fill the few remaining empty spaces on his body with a few more tattoos soon. Tish confesses how she despises the angel wings that cover her back. However, her trainer, Tashe, saw them for the first time recently and thinks they're badass! They're Tish's armor! The moral of the story, Stoners, is don't listen to what other people think or say! You do you. It's easier said than done, but a little weed can help get ya there!
Welcome back stoners! Tish and Brandi are back in Nashville and had a blast at the second weekend of Austin City Limits. The trip was filled with good friends, music, and vintage shopping (turns out every pair of jeans magically fit Tish) and Brandi even found a pair this time around! Tish isn’t the only one loving her quality time with Baby Bear - Brandi’s dog, Astra, is apparently another huge fan. Tish can’t wait for her hang with the one and only Paul McDonald! Stoners, everyone check out Paul's new video for ‘How Long?’ - it’s very trippy! In Off Limits this week, Tish can’t get enough of the Netflix show Doctor Foster and Brandi spills the tea on the new Jake Gyllenhaal Netflix movie, The Guilty. However, there's nothing more exciting for them than the return of Yellowstone, Succession, and Ozark! Then, in this week’s Dear MT, Brandi gives advice on the best ways to start DJing. She has great recs for which software to use and reveals her #1 secret to DJing - "play what people know.” Tish and Brandi also plan to convince Miley to come on the pod by trading SWS merch (that MC helped design...). They also talk essential oils, Brandi being the mediator of the family, and a potential future visit to Italy. That’s all for this week - see you soon, Stoners!
Hitting her groove with her new functional movement routine, Tish is really feeling herself. It’s all about the vibrations people! She has upped her Qigong knowledge and has been loving the positive vibes and energy she’s been feeling lately. Tish and Brandi had the best time at their Cyrus Family Dinner last night, even though they missed Noah, they had a blast spending time with Trace’s fiancé Tay! Between glasses of Strawberry Wine and setting hiking goals, Tish and Brandi give stoners advice on how to deal with toxic friendships — it’s about quality, not quantity! Healthy friendships are nourishing and long-lasting. As we get older who has time to maintain toxic friendships? Tish sure doesn’t… after all, it’s Tizzle Time and she is living her best life. Tish and Brandi give tips on where to buy sophisticated yet reasonably priced new wardrobe pieces — Aritzia! — and they spill the tea on how best to deal with negative future in laws. Also, when a stoner calls in with a question about whether or not she should hookup with a friend while she’s getting over an ex, Brandi has a hot take — go for it! Who better to date than your best friend? That’s all for this week, Stoners. See you next week! Xo
Welcome back, Stoners! This week Tish and Brandi are jumping right into it with some Off-Limits, and Tish has already finished all of Clickbait. As part of her investing in herself and taking her self-care more seriously (which also includes her awesome workouts and a great body work session) she’s allowing herself more time and space for what she loves. And she loves a good thriller. Tish and Brandi dissect the ending, and while Brandi has not yet finished Nine Perfect Strangers, Tish gives her spoiler-free thoughts, and they both can’t wait for some You season 3 to hit our screens. Then, in this week’s Dear MT, Tish talks about having important conversations with your kids and how we can lessen some of the stigma around weed and gives some tips from her career as a Momager, and Brandi and Tish both give their thoughts on restoring self-confidence and dealing with burn out. That’s all for this week, see you next time Stoners!
We’re back Stoners! And Tish and Brandi have both been super busy. Brandi’s been braving some rainy weather and competing, and Stargirl has just graduated to the 20 meter jump! Which is so exciting but also maybe a little terrifying for poor Tish. Meanwhile, Tish is on the go, after getting back from visiting Bear, she went out to Vegas to watch Noah absolutely rock at Life Is Beautiful and now she’s back in LA before it’s off to Austin City Limits next week. Luckily, they’ve still had time to catch up on Paradise and dig into some of the drama and Brandi is loving Clickbait and needs Tish to listen to Kasey Musgrave’s new album immediately. Then, we are joined by certified Enneagram coach and author of The Honest Enneagram, Sarajane Case to learn more about our newest obsession. Sarajane (herself a seven) gives some great insight into Tish and Brandi’s personality types and answers some Stoner questions while also sharing how understanding yourself and your enneagram can change your life. That’s all for this week, don’t forget to leave a five start review and let us know what your favorite part of the episode is! Check out Sarajane @sarajanecase and take the enneagram test for yourself at
This week we have to kick things off with a bit of Paradise, all that drama! Tish is D.E.A.D. Plus, men are trash, the Bachelor producers can be real conniving, and we’re rooting for you Serena! On a much less fun note, Tish and Brandi have watched The White Lotus and didn’t love it, and they still really do not know what is going on with Nine Perfect Strangers (but Bobby Cannavale and Melissa McCarthy? They ship it). Back to reality, the weather in Nash is beautiful and Tish is already so excited to be reunited with baby Bear! Though she did have an absolute blast at BottleRock, enjoying another one of Miley’s killer shows and is looking forward to Life is Beautiful with Noie next. On Dear MT this week, they talk exploring and discovering new career options, some great tips from Stella’s wedding, and have some enneagram updates to share as well (and some enneagram-based dating advice too). See you next time, Stoners!
Brandi is back from a wonderful week soaking up the sun in Cabo and she’s got some hot tips for y’all if you’re planning your dream Mexican vacation (Tish definitely is). We’ve also got some Bachelor in Paradise tea to recap, and Tish is absolutely loving Killing Eve! And even if we still can’t quite figure out what Nine Perfect Strangers is actually about, we’re into it. Then, it’s a guest appearance we’ve all been waiting for — it’s Baby Bear’s very first time on the podcast!! And while he’s maybe a little podcast-shy, it’s still potentially our best cameo ever. Plus, in this week’s Dear MTs, Tish and Brandi discuss why they like to use weed, how to move cross-country, and they share some more insight into their ongoing grieving process and how the family has stuck together through it. Tish also emphasizes the importance of protecting and doing things for yourself and shares how her reintroduction to therapy has been going (definitely lots of tears). Tish also wants to remind everyone to please, please get vaccinated if you can, so we can all protect each other. That’s all for this week! See you next time Stoners!
Welcome back Stoners! The pups have decided to kick things off in a bit of a chaotic fashion this week, which Brandi is *not* here for considering she just got home and she has to be on a flight in 9 hours. Yes, after getting in from some awesome shows in Cleveland, Brandi is right onto the next, and while she’s having a blast, she could definitely use some peace and quiet when she can get it. But Tish has the perfect story to cheer her up, and it’s all about how awesome you Stoners are! When she was hanging with her new best friend Shaun, she came across a Stoner-run business! That’s right, she found some of the cutest jewelry from the most wonderful woman who is a big fan of the show and our wonderful community we’ve created here, where we can talk about anything. And we just love all of you guys so much!! Then, in this week’s off-limits, Tish and Brandi recap the start of the new Bachelor in Paradise season (Tish’s very first!) and give some thoughts on the Nine Perfect Stranger’s premiere. Plus, Dear MT this week features tips on everything from pet-hair clean-up to traveling to furniture shopping and gets us into one of Brandi’s favorite topics, the Enneagram Test! What’s your number, Stoners? Let us know and let us know what you thought of the episode and we’ll see you next week!
With a little wake-and-bake to kick off the morning, Tish and Brandi are looking ahead to upcoming festival season (don’t sleep on Milwaukee!) and already day-dreaming about some luxurious 2022 vacationing coming up. And speaking of, they can’t believe August is already nearly done and 2022 is practically here! Where does the time go? But Brandi is definitely ready for some new fall TV to come out, she still can’t really find much to watch. Tish meanwhile is continuing her path down Bach Nation memory lane and has been watching Jojo’s season of the Bachelorette for the first time, and to be honest, she kind of lives for Chad?? But of course, no one can beat cute little Wells for Tizzle! Then, in this week’s Dear MT, Tish and Brandi give some advice on surviving geographic distance in a relationship, putting up with annoying co-workers, and Tish regales us with the unfortunate tale of that time she took 3 edibles before a flight. Plus, MT has some … interesting Baked Goods for y’all this week, stay safe out there Stoners! Don’t forget to leave us a five-star review and share the episode, we’ll see you next time.
Tish is doing great and feeling great and just cannot get enough of cute little Bear! Plus, she had an absolute blast road-tripping out to surprise Noah in Indiana, and getting to see a few of you super cool Stoners!! The only bad news, there is really nothing out there for her to watch (any suggestions?) and while Brandi’s been trying out some new trashy reality TV, she hasn’t been able to get super into it. The exception: Bach Nation. Tish has flown through Ben Higgins’ season and she gets why it’s a favorite, although she wishes there would have been a ‘phone a friend’ option for him in there somewhere, and this week’s Bachelorette finale had Tizzle and Brandi feeling all the feelings. Then, in Dear MT, Tish talks about her own mushy feelings and how Billy Ray still gives her butterflies. Later, Tish and Brandi discuss loss, boundaries, and how to keep your lost loved ones with you. Love you Stoners, see you next week!
Did y’all catch Lolla? The show was every bit as iconic as Tish said it would be, and now she gives us a behind the scenes look at some of Miley’s preparation, choosing the setlist, and putting it all together. Plus, Brandi breaks down which songs hit the hardest in the crowd (and Tish shouts out her favs, Juicy and Wiz). Then, Brandi tells us about the after-party, one of her favorite shows she’s ever played, and seeing a few Stoners there! The show was unforgettable and everything went perfectly — unfortunately, the same can not be said for the commutes home, first an outdated manual and now mechanical issues?? Tish cannot catch a break in flights lately! But, she’s made it to Nashville and Bear is just getting cuter and cuter by the second! Speaking of Bear, in this week’s Dear MT, Tish talks about how she always knew she wanted a big family (and how she knew she was done after Noah) and the blessing of all the amazing Cyrus extended family. Then, she shares some experiences with the supernatural, including a creepy encounter in London and some heart-warming reminders that the ones we love are never truly gone. We love you Stoners! See you next time.
This week, all of Brandi’s travels are finally starting to catch up to her (and ok, the several shots of tequila last night probably didn’t help) and she’s exhausted. But she can’t just turn down free shots, ok?? But Astra-girl has got all the energy in the world and is ready to play, and speaking of Astra, after doing a DNA test, Brandi’s been tracking down some of her doggy relatives online and they are all so cute!! Just not as cute as Astra! Meanwhile, Tish would love to figure out what the heck is going on in Bean’s DNA, the little weirdo, and Samuel too, but right now she is too busy hanging with some new friends and prepping for the greatest Lollapalooza show you’ll ever see! Plus, they break down that crazy Men Tell All from the Bachelorette and while Tish and Brandi can’t quite figure out what was going on with Katie, they’re loving Michael and are already hoping we’ve found our next Bachelor. Brandi also gives us some insight into another Bachelor Nation couple, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick, spilling how right they were for each other from the very beginning. And Tish herself knows a thing or two about love at first sight, from her own life and also her parents whirlwind love story that she shares with the Stoners. Then in this week’s Dear MT, Brandi talks her career in music and how she first got into DJing while Tish dishes on her least favorite interior design trends of the moment and gives some High Design advice, plus they discuss how the family keeps in touch and stays so close. That’s all for this one, don’t forget to subscribe, share, and leave us a 5 star review and we’ll see you next week Stoners!
Brandi’s just got back to Nashville after a long flight, and she’s ready to talk all things Bachelor and Dr. Death. And this week we have guests on that are actually not Cyrus family members! The Shrink Chicks are all about positivity and sticky note reminders, and Tish mentions Miley happens to be a fan as well! She has sticky notes just about everywhere, on her coffee pot, fridge, etc. They serve as positive reminders for MC to be grateful, to make a smoothie, to work out. Tish, Brandi and our guests highly recommend! But Tish wonders if the post-its could just be a bit more aesthetically pleasing. Tish also opens up about her struggles with working out and eating well and The Shrink Chicks say that there’s no one size fits all lifestyle that works for everyone. It’s all about figuring out what works for you, what’s doable and setting realistic goals. Big goals can feel overwhelming and sometimes stop people from pursuing their dreams in the first place, so the Shrink Chicks recommend breaking up a dream into achievable daily stepping stones you can actually achieve. It’s not actually success that gives people self-esteem, it’s mastery.The group discusses the pros and cons of social media and theorize that we don’t necessarily have a super healthy relationship with social media or the internet, because it evolved so quickly that our brains haven’t been able to keep up. When Tish was in high school, there weren’t even cell phones! Brandi asks The Shrink Chicks about the stigma around therapy and what’s the best way to approach it if you’re new to it. Hot tip, make sure you click with your therapist. Emmalee and Jennifer reveal the reason why they became therapists in the first place was because they had terrible experiences with their own therapists, and they thought uh, we would do it better than this! Tish reveals she’s scared to start therapy because what if she doesn’t like the therapist? She hates hurting people’s feelings! Hope you enjoyed this episode. See you next week Stoners!
It’s back to work for Tizzle this week, and she’s excited to get to see everyone in person. Plus, things have really been going great for HopeTown — Stoners, the magic of venting to you may just have turned Tish’s Hollywood Adventures around! Brandi is really feeling the positive vibes of summer ’21 too, so psyched to be back playing shows and maybe even with some fun up her sleeve for Lollapalooza weekend. But right now, she’s just constantly getting rained on in Nashville, and while Tish is so glad to be back in Cali, she is making sure to FaceTime baby Bear every single day (they have some great conversations)! Plus, Brandi talks Virgin River and the irresistible appeal of a beautiful small town in the country while Tish lays out her Bachelorette rankings for the week. Then, in Dear MT, Tish gives all the low-down on fillers of every kind, how it feels, what to look out for, how to do what’s right for your face, and opens up about her breast reduction surgery for the first time. She shares her past struggles, the tough recovery process, and how completely life-changing the whole thing has been. Miley makes an iconic background cameo to send us off and we’ll see you next week, Stoners!
How was your holiday weekend, Stoners?? Tish is finally back home sweet home in good old Cali and the dogs are so excited to see her, they just can’t take it! Tish is happy to be back, although she tells us how she almost didn’t make it after a missing flight manual, a delayed delivery from Atlanta, and FAA guidelines left her stranded in the airport. But, practicing gratitude, Tish is so happy she got to bond with her awesome seat-mate and she ended up getting a stunning fireworks show on her way out. Brandi went to a good old-fashioned house party and she and Astra had an absolute blast. Also, with so much TV going off air for the summer, Tish has discovered a strange, but surprisingly great, French Netflix drama and she’s finally revisiting one of the greatest Bachelor seasons of all time, starring none other than our good friends Ben Higgins and Olivia Caridi. And in this week’s Dear MT, Tish and Brandi get into a wide variety of important topics, giving advice on prioritizing your future goals, healing from the loss of a pet, standing up for yourself and your right to be heard, and meeting people and making friends in an unfamiliar place. And then they bring it full-circle discussing the power of good will, good love, and the universe itself. Don’t forget to share this episode, make sure you’re subscribed, and we’ll see you next week Stoners!
This week, Tish is learning about communicating and confrontation from a place of love while Brandi is just trying to figure out *what* these people have been feeding her dogs while she’s been gone (their farts have never been worse). Speaking of, Brandi has been busy! She’s hopping all over the place for work as more venues open up and it’s honestly been a little overwhelming, but a ton of fun. Tish is scared of the avalanche of work potentially waiting for her back in LA, but Brandi emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries and protecting yourself. Then, they discuss some of the big Bachelorette show-downs this week and Braison hops on to share his thoughts on the show and his pre-approved topics to cry about on national TV. Braison also shares what it’s been like to be a new Dad, especially when most of his work buddies don’t seem to understand what a baby even is, and muses on some of the generational differences in co-parenting and fatherhood. Also, he tells us how they picked the name Bear, and some of the other runners-up, and how he and Stella met and got together! That’s all for this week Stoners, see you next time!
Tish is absolutely on Cloud 9 after spending another week in the company of wonderful baby Bear! Although his mama Stella is not loving the whole waking-up-every-two-hours thing, she could definitely use more sleep — yet another reason on Brandi’s list for never having kids. But Braison’s first Father’s Day was an awesome time — the whole Cyrus clan got together, rode dirt bikes, and smoked weed (they’re not really the croquet type). Plus, Tish and Brandi are buzzing over the amazing Cruel Summer finale and are ready to dissect all the newcomers on this season of the Bachelorette. Brandi’s loving Physical on Apple TV+ and Tish is here to sing the praises of 90’s Country Music Ladies (literally). Then, on Dear MT Tish and Brandi tackle how to navigate a variety of living situations, including moving back in with your parents and a best friend wanting to move in with you, and share their thoughts on the best states to visit for a Great American tour vacation. Also, Tish shares her tips on finding the perfect pair of vintage jeans and she’s got some other awesome Baked Goods to share with the Stoners. That’s all for this week! Don’t forget to leave us a 5 star review and pick up your Sorry We’re Stoned mug at
Stoners, Bear Cyrus has arrived!! The family is ecstatic and Tish is spending practically every waking moment cuddling him, he’s just the sweetest little thing! They already have a super special bond, but jury’s still out on what Grandma T is going to be called, any suggestions Stoners? And Brandi loves the little one so much, although she thinks she’ll stick with puppies for herself. Then, the ladies catch up on some of the great TV they’ve been watching, including finally discussing the Mare of Easttown finale and breaking down that Cruel Summer twist. Finally in some Dear MTs, the pair discuss why men are dumb (and high school boyfriends are extremely overrated,) the best mementos to keep for a new baby, and some of their favorite things to do and spots to hit in town. And they’re already dreaming up their perfect vacation for next year when international travel starts opening up. That’s all for this week Stoners! Don’t forget to leave us a 5 star review and pick up your Sorry We’re Stoned mug at, see you all next week!
This week, Tish has some questions right away, because Trace can’t stop talking about ‘Delta 8’ a weed-like thing, but that is sold in Tennessee?? With the help of good old Google, Tish and Brandi take us through a mini stoner educational session on some of the new stuff out there and they even call Trace and make him bring them some Delta 8 (for science!!) Speaking of, Trace and Tay are coming in from working out and they are looking great, Tay is just working it! While Mat Boy Magic, who also pops by, is not doing so great considering he’s got the absolute worst sun burn we’ve ever seen (and a tragic float tube tan line). Plus, Tish has finally discovered Good Trouble, Brandi’s all about Yellowstone and Luke Grimes, and Tish has got some baked goods to share too! Then in Dear MT, Tish and Brandi discuss staying single and owning your future, Tish shares part of what made her adoption story so special, and the ladies give out some high design tips. Don’t forget to leave a review and pick up your Sorry We’re Stoned mug from our store! See you next time Stoners!
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