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Author: Rainn Wilson

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Soul Boom is a series of intimate conversations hosted by Rainn Wilson exploring meaningful and inspiring topics that tickle the mind, heart and soul. Never too precious, yet unafraid to touch on the profound, Soul Boom digs into the core of the human experience: creativity, spirituality and psychology. Bringing to the conversation some of the most brilliant and heart-felt artists, thinkers and doers, Soul Boom guides the listener toward transformation on both a personal and societal level. Also, laughs. 

8 Episodes
Rainn sits down with the iconic Serj Tankian, lead vocalist of System of a Down, for a profound exploration of music's transformative power. In this episode of Soul Boom, Serj delves into how music can change hearts, minds, and potentially the world. He shares personal stories and insights on the unique relationship between music, spirituality, and activism, revealing how his own experiences have shaped his views. Don't miss this deep dive into the intersections of art, identity, and global change with one of rock's most distinctive voices. Thank you to our sponsors! Waking Up app (1st month free!): Fetzer Institute: Sign up for our newsletter! SUBSCRIBE to Soul Boom!! Watch our Clips: Watch WISDOM DUMP: Follow us! Instagram: TikTok: Sponsor Soul Boom: Work with Soul Boom: Send Fan Creations, Questions, Comments: Produced by: Kartik Chainani Executive Produced by: Ford Bowers, Samah Tokmachi Spring Green Films Production Supervisor: Mike O'Brien Voicing Change Media Theme Music by: Marcos Moscat
Esteemed author and social scientist Arthur Brooks joins us to delve into the art of living a fulfilling life. Together, he and Rainn Wilson explore practical strategies for achieving happiness, the importance of relationships in personal growth, and the impact of societal values on individual well-being. Arthur Brooks shares insights from his latest research, offering listeners actionable advice on how to thrive in a complex world. Thank you to our sponsors! HOKA: Waking Up app (1st month free!): Fetzer Institute:
Comedian and actor Bobby Lee (Tigerbelly & Bad Friends podcasts) joins Rainn Wilson for a profound conversation exploring spirituality, redemption, and the intricacies of human emotion. Bobby shares candidly about his personal struggles with addiction, the impact of significant life events on his sobriety, and his journey towards spiritual and emotional healing. Bobby discusses the false spiritual experience that performing onstage can often give him. The two delve into how different encounters with certain individuals throughout life can be transformative, offering both Bobby and listeners insights into the power of connection and recovery. This discussion not only highlights the challenges faced by those in the public eye but also illuminates the universal struggles and triumphs that resonate with us all. Thank you to our sponsors! Waking Up app (1st month free!): Fetzer Institute:
Dr. Thema Bryant (therapist, minister, and spoken word artist) and Rainn Wilson give their unique perspective on the duality of faith as both a lifeline and a source of deep trauma for different people. With her background as the former president of the American Psychological Association and her deep involvement in the arts, she explores how her diverse roles enhance her work in mental health and healing. The podcast uncovers Dr. Bryant’s journey to integrating her various talents but also addresses broader issues such as the impact of spirituality on psychological growth and the therapeutic potential of justice and acknowledgment in societal contexts. Thank you to our sponsors! Waking Up app (1st month free!): Fetzer Institute:
Angela Kinsey (The Office, Office Ladies) & Rainn Wilson reunite years after The Office to explore some of life’s biggest questions. The two talk about the recent deaths in their lives and how grief can breed gratitude. They also discuss finding true happiness, the power of mindfulness, and achieving a balanced work-life. Angela shares her unique insights on gratitude's role in personal success and the secrets to maintaining long-lasting friendships. Rainn and Angela also look back on their time on The Office and ponder what Dwight and Angela might be up to today at Schrute Farms, Dunder Mifflin and Beyond! If you or someone you know is struggling, please seek help immediately. Help is available 24/7. CALL 988 Thank you to our sponsors! Waking Up app (1st month free!): Fetzer Institute:
Rainn Wilson chats with social psychologist and author Jonathan Haidt ('The Anxious Generation', 'The Coddling of the American Mind') about the profound impacts of digital technology on society and mental health. They delve into the anxiety, challenges and transformations faced by Gen Z due to smartphones, Tik Tok and Instagram, exploring solutions to mitigate these effects and emphasizing the importance of reconnecting with community and spirituality. This episode offers crucial insights for anyone interested in understanding and improving our digital landscape. Tune in to uncover how we can navigate the complexities of a tech-dominated world and foster healthier, more connected communities.
Rainn sits down with comedian Rick Glassman (Take Your Shoes Off podcast, ABC's Not Dead Yet) to talk about God and spirituality’s place in comedy. Rick also shares how the revelation of his adult diagnosis of autism shed light on his unique approach to communication, both on and offstage. They also talk about mental health, human connection, the art of comedy, and more.
Coming April 9th, join Rainn Wilson as he chats with artists, thinkers and doers about spirituality, mental health, societal transformation and anything else that you can think of that will tickle your mind, heart and soul. New episodes every Tuesday! Subscribe on YouTube for video episodes and bonus content! Follow us! Instagram Tik Tok Sponsor Soul Boom Send Fan Creations, Questions, Comments Produced by: Kartik Chainani Executive Produced by: Ford Bowers, Samah Tokmachi Spring Green Films Production Supervisor: Mike O'Brien Voicing Change Media
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