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We proudly present a one-of-a kind educational program – G.U.T.S. (Get Up To Speed) a course designed for those who already have some knowledge of Spanish but, for whatever reason, feel stuck. Not quite a beginner but not quite ready for the next level either.
From the creators of News in Slow Spanish.
26 Episodes
False beginners? You know more than you think! Cognates, cognates, cognates.
Lesson 1: What came first? The Gender or the Article? Chapter 1: “Ya no hay marcha atrás” — There’s no turning back
Lesson 2: ¿Ser o estar? Deciphering the verbs of being Chapter 2: “Un camino largo y accidentado” — A long and bumpy road
Lesson 3: Nouns are more fun with adjectives! Chapter 3: “Caer en desgracia” — Fall from grace
Lesson 4: It’s just a little conjugation Chapter 4: “Vamos al grano” — Let’s get down to business
Lesson 5: Where the wild things… were Chapter 5: “Recortes de periódico” — Newspaper clippings
Lesson 6: Are you afraid of the dark? Chapter 6: “Me estás tomando el pelo” — You’re pulling my leg
Lesson 7: They sure don’t make ‘em like they used to Chapter 7: “Nace una leyenda” — A legend is born
Lesson 8: Who wore it best? Chapter 8: “Una mentira lleva a otra” — One lie leads to another
Lesson 9: Oh, the places we’ll go! Chapter 9: “Nada que perder” — Nothing to lose
Lesson 10: ¡GOOOOOOOL! Chapter 10: “De nuevo en el camino” — On the road again
Lesson 11: As the stems change Chapter 11: “El fin del mundo” — The end of the world
Lesson 12: A window to the past Chapter 12: “Náufrago” — Castaway
Lesson 13: What do we want? Direct and indirect action! When do we want it? depends on word order Chapter 13: “Flamencos verdes” — Green flamingos
Lesson 14: Chasing perfection Chapter 14: “Todo es belleza” — Everything is beauty
Lesson 15: What the world needs now Chapter 15: “La belleza es todo” — Beauty is everything
Lesson 16: If you build it, they will come Chapter 16: “Invitado de honor” — Guest of honor
Lesson 17: Knock on wood Chapter 17: “Un hombre nuevo” — A new man
Lesson 18: Bitter water Chapter 18: “Relaciones públicas” — Public relations
Lesson 19: Lifestyles of the rich and… reflexive Chapter 19: “Abre los ojos” — Open your eyes
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Marta Wiliams


Feb 5th

mohammad D

how can we get the transcripts?

Nov 6th

Ravi Nair

does the episode have a transcript

Jul 7th
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Preetha Subramanian

This podcast is so underrated! Very entertaining and helpful to brush up on your Spanish! I love the hosts

May 30th