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Straight from the Horse Doctor's Mouth

Author: Dr. Erica Lacher and Justin Long

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Equine veterinarian Dr. Erica Lacher and show host Justin Long discuss horse healthcare, and proper care and maintenance. Whether your horse is an athlete or a lawn ornament, you'll learn something that will help you be a better horse parent!
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In this episode, Dr. Erica Lacher and show host Justin Long discuss the lameness scale that veterinarians use to identify lameness issues in horses. 
In the pilot episode, Dr. Erica Lacher talks with host Justin Long about things a new horse owner needs to know before and after getting a horse. She shares tips and information that even seasoned horse owners may not know, and covers everything from pre-purchase exams and nutrition to vaccines and dental care. For more information, check out
S1E2 The Colic Episode

S1E2 The Colic Episode


In this episode, Dr. Erica Lacher and Justin Long take a close-up look at colic. Dr. Lacher explains the various types of colic, the symptoms to watch out for, and how they're treated. They'll also discuss various myths regarding the treatment of colics, and explain what's true and what's not. This episode is a must for every horse owner. To find the blogs referenced by Dr. Lacher in this episode, click here and type "colic" into the search bar beside the magnifying glass.
On this episode, Dr. Lacher and Justin Long take an in-depth look at equine vaccines. Learn why they have to be given so frequently, why they're so fragile, and why it's so necessary to protect your horses.
S1E4 Fat Horse Facts

S1E4 Fat Horse Facts


In this episode, Dr. Erica Lacher and host Justin Long discuss the perils of keeping too much weight on horses. From insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome to laminitis and Cushings/PPID, a young fat horse can turn into an extremely unhealthy senior horse with a shortened lifespan.
In Episode 5, Dr. Lacher and Justin Long take a close look at horse eyes. Dr. Lacher explains the difference between infections, such as bacteria and fungus, and chronic problems, like Uveitis and IMMK. They go over treatment options, prevention techniques, and some handy how-to advice. Every horse owner needs to be able to recognize eye problems, and this podcast is a great resource for helping them react appropriately and timely, which could save their horse's eye.
S1E6 Rescue Horses

S1E6 Rescue Horses


This week Dr. Lacher and Justin Long interview Kathy Pennenga about the group of 15 horses that she rescued. They discuss the vast amount of work and money involved in getting these horses adopted to good homes.
Dr. Lacher talks to Dr. Machtinger, an entomologist from Penn State, about managing flies in and around the barn. They discuss prevention, traps, sprays, and more! You can find Dr. Machtinger at
In this episode, Dr. Lacher breaks down the complicated world of equine lameness. She goes over various treatment options, and the ups and downs that come with them, to try to help horse owners understand the seriousness of both lameness and treatments, and why it's important to manage it properly.
EPM hysteria is sweeping the nation! Before you start spending a thousand dollars a month treating your horse for it, take a half hour to learn the facts about EPM, and why your horse most likely doesn't have it. 
Dr. Lacher discusses things that make horses itch, why it happens, and what horse owners can do about it. Gnats are the number one offender, but she explains how allergy testing can help us pinpoint other allergies that we can control, which makes the gnat allergic horse more comfortable. She also discusses new options that are on the horizon for horse owners, and how they will change the game.
In this episode, Dr. Lacher and Justin Long discuss senior horses, and the common ailments that you should plan to defend against. Included topics are dental care, PPID/Cushings, and lameness. Preventative care is the overall theme. This is a great episode for people with horses of all ages, not just seniors, because the care that you provide for your two-year-old will impact their quality of life as a 20 year old.
On this episode, Dr. Devon Vurgason joins the conversation and discusses the many challenges of getting mares pregnant. She explains why age and body condition are such a big deal, and goes over some of the more common problems that occur in breeding. If you are hoping to breed your mare at any point in her life, don't miss out on this fact-filled podcast. 
S1E13 Stomach Ulcers

S1E13 Stomach Ulcers


In this episode, Dr. Lacher and show host Justin Long discuss stomach ulcers in horses. Learn about the different kinds of ulcers, signs your horse might have them, how to treat them, and how to prevent them.
In this episode, Dr. Lacher and show host Justin Long discuss support boots, protective boots, shipping boots, and leg wraps. Learn what works, what doesn't, and why!
Dr. Lacher takes a deep dive into hay and feed analysis, and discusses how to provide your horse with the best forage and grain combo to get them through the cold weather. This is a great nutrition breakdown for all horse owners, so that you know what supplements your horse really needs, or doesn't need!
S1E16 Joint Injections

S1E16 Joint Injections


In this episode, Dr. Lacher and Justin Long discuss joint injections, including steroids, hyaluronic acid, IRAP, PRP, Stem Cells, and Pro-Stride. They talk about the appropriate uses of each one, what they do, and what the risks are. 
In this episode, Dr. Lacher and Justin Long discuss donkeys, and how they differ from horses. From diet and exercise to farrier care and deworming, there are a lot of things you need to know to provide the care your donkey needs, and it's not always the same care your horse needs!
Dr. Lacher and Justin Long discuss how de-worming has changed in recent years due to increasing drug resistance among parasites. Learn what works and what doesn't, and how you can take the best care of your horse without contributing to the problem of drug resistance.
Dr. Lacher and Justin Long discuss joint infections, and why they are deadlier than most other injuries a horse can have. They also discuss Teddy Bear Highway, a horse that fell off a trailer on the interstate recently, and how his knee joint was treated, and what the complications and risks were with his injuries. 
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