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If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.
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Caffeine is a heck of a drug - at the same time it's both good and bad for you. Learn the good, bad and ugly about this everyday stimulant in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
HPV and You

HPV and You


Human papilloma virus, HPV, is an unusually common bug among humans. Most of the time it’s benign and your body manages to overcome the infection. Sometimes it can linger and cause warts.  But in the worst cases, HPV infections can actually cause cancer.See for privacy information.
Sitzpinklers - men who sit down to pee - is a big thing in Germany, and a handful of other places. And if Josh and Chuck have any say it’ll catch on like wildfire around the world. See for privacy information.
The Puritans in America

The Puritans in America


The founding of New England by the Puritans is quite a story. Today, we dive into who those people were.See for privacy information.
Becoming the first licensed woman physician in America was tough, convincing male surgeons to wash their hands between patients was even tougher. In this classic episode Josh and Chuck pay tribute to a genuine pioneer in medicine and society.See for privacy information.



Salsa is one of the great inventions of the culinary world. Here in the USA it's mainly a vehicle for tortilla chips. In Mexico, it's more like a sauce to add to, well, anything. Get ready to be hungry!See for privacy information.
Short Stuff: Milk Wars

Short Stuff: Milk Wars


If you’re a mobster and you can’t make money off of booze any longer what should you move to next? How about milk?See for privacy information.
Jane Goodall: All Good

Jane Goodall: All Good


There aren’t too many people walking around today who get a pass from the entire world for anything remotely negative they do or say. That’s just how the world receives Jane Goodall, and she’s earned that from a lifetime of building greater human understanding of our animal relatives.See for privacy information.
In this classic episode, we finish revisiting our 2017 tour of the best sights of the ancient world when we get deep into the history of a lighthouse that stood for 1200 years, an unsettling statue of Zeus, the world’s first mausoleum, and Chuck’s favorite, the Colossus of Rhodes!See for privacy information.
Women inventors have always had a tough time, for obvious reasons. So we're here today to pay tribute to those who persevered in the face of the laws and customs that prevented progress. See for privacy information.
While it sounds like something out of a movie, some POWs in WWII really held an Olympics. And it happened more than once. See for privacy information.
How Dopamine Works

How Dopamine Works


Dopamine is perhaps the most talked-about, most misunderstood biochemical in our bodies. It’s linked to not only addiction and depravity, but also focus, motivation, and living a productive life. How can one molecule be so many things to so many people?See for privacy information.
If you've ever worked in a restaurant, you know the feeling that occurs when the health inspector pays a visit. While nerve wracking, it's the best insurance patrons have that their food will be prepared and served in a proper environment. Learn all about how these inspections work, from their past history to current incarnation, in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
When paperboys stopped delivering a couple of very big newspapers in 1899 it was a big deal. Big enough that the two biggest publishers in the world got pretty scared. But did it actually accomplish anything? See for privacy information.
The story of what happened to the car that James Dean crashed.See for privacy information.



Whistling is pretty cool when you think about it because it can mean many things, from simple happy tunes to legit communication. Learn all about this ubiquitous skill today. See for privacy information.
Long before slide rulers and pocket protectors, civilizations across the world used their noggins to build some impressive structures. Almost all have crumbled to ruins over the millennium, but thanks to the earliest tourists, we admire them still today. Explore some of them with Josh and Chuck in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
Wikipedia changed the world. Before it came along, you had to go to the library to get the answers you sought. And you and your friends had to just agree to disagree on facts. And as the internet grew and commercialized, Wikipedia remains free and open.See for privacy information.
Those armrests in the middle of benches aren’t just for your comfort, they’re intended to keep the homeless from laying on them. Cities are filled with these mean-spirited inconveniences. But who’s to say how a person should use a bench?See for privacy information.
In almost every part of the world, in some form or fashion, widows have things harder than they did when their spouses were alive. In some places it means they pay higher taxes, in others it means they’re ostracized to live on the margins of society.See for privacy information.
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Heather Dierlam McDade

Wait! Why do you make the dog sit?!

Jul 21st

Lenora Thorium

What's ironic about America is that, despite what we purport to believe about freedom and individual rights and all that, this country has a rich history of special interest and religious groups trying to force their agenda down everyone else's throat.

Jul 14th
Reply (47)

Tres Bien

Total obfuscation, of purposes and means, perhaps unintentional.

Jul 10th

Lotus 365

Play game Play game like a king

Jul 5th

Amir Norozi

It was fantastic

Jul 3rd

Ingvar Ingvarov

What a braindead hot mess that was. A bunch of talking points straight from tech-bro investment scam presentation. "Wireless freakin' conductive railoads" presented by guy, who doesn't know how gears work(!). As usual, an inch deep, a mile wide stuff hosts don't know anything about.

Jul 1st


went and watched the redub video you mentioned and easy streaming tears laughing. and then I called over every other person in the house that watch it again

Jun 28th

Alex Hardwick

anyone who says they don't want to use Wikipedia has a lack of critical thinking because one Wikipedia is moderated two there are limitations to what you can edit and three every article has a reference page and so you can go to those sources for your bibliography

Jun 20th

Grai Brad

Andre Previn died in 2019

Jun 18th

Regular To

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

Jun 17th


tbh too many ads

Jun 8th

Muhammad Ishtiaque Shaikh

took a long time to dramatize something that USA is an expert in. Google medical experimentation and vivisection in america. what happened in blacksites and still happening at Gitmo, all non islamic empires. what happens in thousands of ORs in Europe and Americas in the name of MAID and Deceased donor transplant organ harvesting isnt very different.

Jun 4th


"Sundown", Josh. Lol.

Jun 2nd

Muhammad Waqas

Watch Here ""

May 30th

Lori C.

sure, they should get to eat reasonable stuff, but shouldn't folks on the outside get to eat the reasonably good stuff, too? sorry, but if prisoners are eating better than the rest of the general public, that's not right either. I can't help but wonder how many were eating on the outside; did it get better by going to prison ? and the argument about their Healthcare... stop. the general population gets crap Healthcare. at best, prisoners should be on the same plane as the general public.

May 22nd


how I suppose to trust the information you've provided when you made a mistake about dopamine and parkinson desease? Parkinson symptoms are related to decreased dopamine, but you said it wrong

May 12th

Sven Janssen

When you say Nazi, you obviously mean the Nationalist Zionist forces of the IOF?

May 5th
Reply (2)

Chelsea Davis

mood rings are literally in every novelty shop I've been sitting by the register 🤣 definitely still a thing for kids

May 1st

Kenneth Russo

This podcast should be required listening before any registered voter in the US heads to the polls in the November 2024 presidential election. Especially pay attention to the “cult of personality” part because it hits slot on with one of the candidates for president!

Apr 29th

Dara Pat

Ireland didn't have a famine it had a mass kill off by starvation at the end of a barrel of a gun

Apr 28th