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Author: Kendra Henderson

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Meet Kendra. She's a 35-year-old divorced mom of five, and her life is every bit as chaotic as you’d expect. Growing up with a therapist for a mom, tying the knot at 21, and giving life to 5 kids on 10 years, Kendra's life took a tumultuous turn through a journey of soul-searching, separation, divorce, and dating. Despite feeling underqualified, she's overexperienced and here to share her stories. Listen weekly to learn from them, laugh at them, or simply feel a little less alone. You’re listening to “Summer of Me.”
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In the latest episode of "The Summer of Me," Kendra let you into the chaotic world of her time bird nesting. Exploring the tumultuous journey of separation and co-parenting, sharing the rollercoaster of emotions and challenges she faced during her unconventional family arrangement. From drowning in the throes of May to navigating the complexities of living out of a suitcase for a year, Kendra candidly reveals the highs and lows of this so-called “bird nesting.” With a touch of her raw honesty and a sprinkle of humor, step into the whirlwind of a story and embrace the chaos. TIMESTAMPS: [00:00:00] - What is Bird Nesting? [00:05:30] - Decision to Separate and Need for Space [00:10:00] - Explaining Bird Nesting to Kids [00:15:00] - Pros and Cons of Bird Nesting [00:20:00] - Setting Boundaries and Financial Considerations [00:23:00] - What Life Looks Like Without Each Other LINKS: Follow Kendra on Instagram: Subscribe on YouTube:
Welcome to the first session of “Group Therapy” with a special guest, Nitro Nana, Kendra’s mom, who is a therapist with expertise in grief and loss. They discuss the concept of grief as the expression of love after a loss, and the stages of grief, and finding meaning. Nana emphasizes the importance of allowing oneself to feel and process grief without rushing the process. They also dive into how to discuss grief with children, emphasizing the need for honesty and age-appropriate explanations. Making meaning out of grief is a crucial step, whether it's through honoring the memory of a loved one or finding positives in a difficult situation like divorce. Nana provides valuable insights and her best tips on coping with grief. Tune in for an episode full of a compassionate informative discussion on navigating grief and loss in various aspects of life. If you’re in need of grief resources go to or Psychology Today to find a grief therapist. TIMESTAMPS: [00:00:00] - What is Bird Nesting? [00:05:30] - Decision to Separate and Need for Space [00:10:00] - Explaining Bird Nesting to Kids [00:15:00] - Pros and Cons of Bird Nesting [00:20:00] - Setting Boundaries and Financial Considerations [00:23:00] - What Life Looks Like Without Each Other   LINKS: Follow Kendra on Instagram: Subscribe on YouTube:
It’s a struggle many of us know too well: Mom Guilt. From feeling like she's blowing up her kids' lives to navigating the complexities of co-parenting, Kendra opens up about the challenges of feeling like she's not doing enough. The pressure to be a “perfect parent” is real and can contribute to feelings of inadequacy, but how can that be managed? Kendra shares her tips for self-compassion, self-care, and setting boundaries, and how that can lead to setting a good example and feeling a little more positive. Doing these things will help you show up as the best version of yourself. Do it for yourself, AND for your kids.    TIMESTAMPS: [00:00:00] Intro. [00:01:19] Mom guilt is so real. [00:03:49] Anxiety as a mom. [00:08:30] The importance of self-care. [00:09:32] Setting equal parenting expectations. [00:13:24] Self-compassion and forgiveness. [00:16:04] Setting expectations with kids. [00:20:37] Guilt in taking time for self-care. [00:22:02] Parenting Balance and remembering to prioritize yourself.   LINKS: Follow Kendra on Instagram: Subscribe on YouTube:
The dynamic duo takes on the Podcast! Kendra and her bestie Jess, spill the tea on the art of adult friendships. From sharing stories of their own wild adventures to dishing out advice on how to find your ride-or-die, these two fabulous friends bring the heat. They emphasize the importance of being your authentic self, reaching out, and being brave in building connections. With a sprinkle of pranks, heartfelt moments, and a whole lot of laughter, this episode is a delightful reminder that true friendships are built on intention, vulnerability, and a whole lot of fun. So grab your bestie, pour a glass of champagne, and tune in for some friendship wisdom and a whole lot of laughs! Cheers to friendship goals and living life feral! 🥂👯‍♀️ TIMESTAMPS: {00:00:00} - Welcome to a Chat with Jess {00:03:40} - Building Friendships: Meeting and Connecting {00:09:24} - Being Vulnerable and Addressing Disagreements {00:17:14} - Keeping Inner Circle Small but Open {00:30:44} - Having Fun and Being Feral {00:31:52} - Going Through Challenges Together {00:35:12} - Pranks and Fun Moments {00:37:34} - Importance of Intention and Effort in Friendship LINKS: Follow Kendra on Instagram: Follow Jess on Instagram: Subscribe on YouTube:
In this episode of The Summer of Me, Kendra discusses the common desire for someone to just make those hard life decisions for us. She delves into the concept of the cliff analogy in relationships: visualizing a Grand Canyon-style drop when things go awry with the goal of staying in the meadow, even when small steps can push us closer to the edge. Kendra shares her personal experiences and emphasizes the need to navigate through decisions on our own as no one can make choices for us. If you're struggling, this episode will help face the challenge of decision-making and the realization that we are in control of our own decisions.    TIMESTAMPS: [00:00:23] Can Somebody Please Just Tell Me What To Do? [00:02:29] Relationship cliff concept. [00:05:16] Prioritizing self-care in relationships. [00:07:22] Mother-daughter relationship dynamics. [00:11:54] Communication in marriage challenges. [00:15:16] Meeting needs in relationships. [00:19:19] Choosing yourself in tough decisions. [00:21:55] Trusting your intuition in relationships. [00:27:27] Choosing Yourself Over Others.   LINKS: Follow Kendra on Instagram: Subscribe on YouTube:  
Lonely, I am so Lonely

Lonely, I am so Lonely


This week, Kendra dives into a common topic whether you’re in a relationship or single: loneliness. She shares how even though she was married and had 5 kids, ultimately she still going through life on her own. What did she do to overcome these feelings? What advice can Kendra give? Has she been singing the Akon song incorrectly the entire time? You bet. Listen to episode 4 to hear how Kendra deals with the challenging emotion head on, and hopefully you won’t feel so alone. TIMESTAMPS: [00:00:02] Experiencing loneliness. [00:09:11] Feeling isolated in motherhood. [00:13:24] The cheeseburger that broke it all. [00:16:23] Seeking freedom. [00:21:18] Loneliness in marriage. [00:23:38] Loneliness and connection. [00:28:44] Investing in fulfilling relationships. LINKS: Follow Kendra on Instagram: Subscribe on YouTube:
It’s episode 3, and Kendra isn’t holding back. The tea is hot, but is it truly worth spilling? Kendra sits down this week to talk all things gossip, and how it never ends up being as secretive as you think. She shares her experiences of getting into hot water, talking about her relationship with people she thought were trustworthy, and how it affected everyone involved. Trying to get crazy on a Thursday? Take a sip every time you hear her say “the tea.” All jokes aside, join Kendra in another honest episode of the Summer of Me. TIMESTAMPS:  [00:00:44] The tea and gossip culture. [00:03:56] The temptation to share. [00:07:27] Establish boundaries.  [00:10:26] Oversharing and seeking validation. [00:12:55] The importance of therapy. [00:18:37] Avoiding unnecessary gossip. [00:20:45] Learning from others' experiences. LINKS: Follow Kendra on Instagram: Subscribe on YouTube:
Who The Hell Am I?

Who The Hell Am I?


In episode 2 of "The Summer of Me," Kendra explains Who the Hell she is, in the rhetoric and literal sense! She reflects on her journey of self-discovery, realizing that for years she defined herself by her roles as a mother and business owner, but struggled to find her true identity. It takes some work, but eventually, you’ll find the importance of understanding oneself beyond societal roles and how to uncover your true self. Get to know your girl Kendra, and yourself, in the second episode of, “Summer of Me!" Questions to ask yourself: What am I interested in that I haven't tried? What are my strengths and talents? What am I passionate about? What are my personal values? What do I like to make/create? What are my moral and spiritual beliefs? What topics make me the most angry? What do I enjoy doing for fun? What do I want to be remembered for? [00:00:13] Who Am I? [00:06:26] Trying new things after divorce. [00:08:21] Reinventing yourself and self-discovery. [00:11:54] Questions for self-discovery. [00:14:43] Embracing individuality and self-expression. [00:17:15] Self-discovery through tattoo stories. [00:21:37] Exploring different dinner options. [00:23:22] Finding expanders in your life. Follow Kendra on Instagram: Subscribe on YouTube:
Meet Kendra! A single mom of five navigating life after divorce. In the first episode of "Summer of Me,” Kendra opens up with raw honesty and humor, about her journey embracing co-parenting with her ex-husband to finding solace in her beloved dog. Through her experiences, Kendra aims to impact women's lives by sharing her mistakes and triumphs, creating a platform for connection and understanding. Tune in to hear Kendra's refreshing and candid take on motherhood, relationships, and the pursuit of self-discovery in Nashville, Tennessee on her debut Podcast “Summer of Me.” Time Stamps: [00:00:53] Life as a Divorced Mom. [00:05:05] Feeling unfulfilled. [00:09:05] Rediscovering Identity and Potential. [00:11:32] The eternal summer of me. [00:16:05] Second chance at life. [00:19:05] Choosing yourself after divorce. [00:23:30] Discovering self-identity and hobbies. [00:24:34] Support through life's challenges. Follow Kendra on Instagram: Subscribe on YouTube:
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