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Lot of crime this week! Target is closing stores in some cities, Dollar General is getting robbed nightly and a woman named Meatball is crying in jail in Philly. The Writer’s Strike is over and the Jagger kids better get jobs because Mick is leaving them nothing!  
EVERYBODY’S LISTENING TO THIS WEEK’S SUNDAY PAPERS (especially the woman in TX with no arms and legs who cannot shut it off). Baltimore students are failing, monks are sobering up and Pauly Shore may be playing Richard Simmons in a movie!
The Jets break Mike’s heart, Boebert disrupts a musical, Bill Maher disrespects the strike and candidates streaming porn is the new stump speech. 
Delta flight has some diarrhea, The Boss calls in sick, a whorehouse is offering Mormons a discount and it’s the 125th anniversary of the 1st DUI!
Trigger warning: lot of death in today's episode - and not just Mike's jokes about Florida. Another jet ski escape, McConnell’s poker face, and a cow in Nebraska riding shotgun.
This week Trump looks very serious. The Fyre Festival is back and a Chinese man escapes to South Korea on a jet-ski. Also, we say goodbye to a friend of the show.  
Greg is back! We talk about Oprah filming the victims in Hawaii, more biker accidents at the Sturgis rally, Kid Rock drinking Bud Light and the reviews are in on Dennis Gubbins!
Good news, Gubbins is in today. Mike stoically delivers the annual Sturgis injury report, Dennis says goodbye to Robertson & Rodriguez. Who the hell is Lil Tay? Follow Dennis and Mike on Instagram: @DGubs @GibbonsTime
Giuliani is outdoing himself this week claiming he has breasts. Lizzo is sexually harassing and Zuckerberg prepares to lose his fight with Musk. Sadly, the video crashed. This week is audio only, sorry.
We start off funny, talking about syphilis, get funnier talking about Leprosy, bring it down to talk about the transcendent Sinead and then cheer you back up with some Sunday Funnies.  
This week, Bernie Taupin takes a beating, as does an old man in a FLA theatre. Also, Hunter Biden porn, and Lana Del Rey waits tables at a Waffle House.
Phone call with Chaos another Tom O’Neill about the release of a Manson girl. The actors join the writers on the strike line and somebody farts at an RFK event. Larry Nassar gets stabbed and Italy decides it’s OK to grope, as long as it only lasts 10 seconds.
Biden now snorting rails in the White House, FLA Man treats his wife’s lover like a baseball, Britney gets hit one more time and twins are born into a toilet. Plus, what’s going on with Denman?
A meteorologist is threatened for saying it’s getting warm, negative on Affirmative Action, Southwest has people angry, and JizzLane Maxwell is being a Karen in jail. Also Madonna and Costner are in the news along with the new All Drug Olympics in Australia.
There’s nothing funny about the Titanic sub situation. But we still give it a shot. A Mexican restaurant hires a fake priest to get real confessions, Harry and Meghan flop and there’s a new Beatles album?
Just back from watching the US Open golf we tackle a Philly disaster, a Starbucks lawsuit and nasty stories from FLA and Australia.
LIV and PGA forge a deal with the devil. Martha Stewart wants you to drive to an office, NYC is smoky, and a virgin crocodile has a baby. It’s a miracle!
This week, Santino and Bobby Lee call in. We honor 30 years since Bob Fitzsimmons passed and correct the fake news about Target. Trans girl is sued for running too fast, Chick-Fil-A is the new Bud Light and Australia Man continues to challenge Fla Man.
A Family Feud contestant murders his wife, a nun and a bishop break some vows and Elon Musk is implanting chips in people’s heads. Celine Dion is a little stiff but a 100 year old woman gets loose on the TB Rays mound throwing out the 1st pitch.
Toe sucking, Amelia Earhart and Target is the new Bud Light. What are the angriest airports in the country and Australia is the world’s Florida.
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Matt berg

I’ve enjoyed, and I’m sure I will continue to enjoy, comedy from both of you. Unfortunately I don’t think I can continue with the podcast. I just can’t listen to how you both support Joe Biden any longer. He has fucked up at every turn yet you both keep singing his praises. Getting the “vaccine”, experts are saying you can still spread Covid. So it only protects the person getting it. What happened to my body, my choice? I really hope the best for the both of you.

Nov 2nd
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hey mike, two things... I really appreciate your love of bob dylan. I understand. I'm a 63 years old guy and Dylan has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I mean I remember my mom and friends discussing him after Kennedy was murdered. Has been a an amazing thing in life. I love that you give him the respect he deserves. second point just dig the vibe of the show. thanks fitz thanks mike

Sep 1st

Robert Burt

woody Allen is a giant creep

May 5th

My random videos

love this podcart

Aug 6th
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