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Steve Jobs sandals sold for $218k, Dylan’s new book sold for $600 (until they found it the autograph was fake), and remember the time Aerosmith and 50 Cent played a Bat Mitzvah for $10m? Podcast is still free! Happy Thanksgiving!
A new bill in TX will let pregnant women use the HOV lane but another one won’t allow a woman to dance (if she was born a man). Donald is dissed by Rupert, Taylor is dissed by Mike and a FLA man has sex with a….    
Twitter has been co-opted by pranksters, Amazon has been taken over by robots and Andy Dick has commandeered power tools from a strangers garage. Meanwhile a sitcom star has upgraded to porn and KFC is excited about the holocaust.
Doped up on OXY after hip surgery Mike shows up and we discuss Julia Roberts connection to MLK, Elon messing with the blue check and James Corden’s sticky fingers.
Kanye loses his Adidas, Meghan Markle feels used and a FLA attorney who opposed helmet laws died. Guess how? Finally, Tom Brady loses everything in his life this week.
This week, we take Ellen down and put Corden up. The Girl Scouts cult is given $84M from MacKenzie Scott, and San Francisco is getting a $1.7M public shitter.
Alex Jones is back on the warpath, in LA Italian is the new Mexican and Massachusetts is named the happiest place in the country. If anger and resentment makes you happy.  
Joe is letting out the potheads, GenZ is too fat for the army, and an NYU professor is chased out of his job by angry students. Oh yeah and Thelma is gay. 
Hurricane Ian is this week’s Florida Man. Biden is seeing dead people, we caught a Russian spy and a dog poops in her owner's mouth.
Spirit Airlines is on the take, turkeys are getting the flu, and Adam Levine douches out. Other bad celebrities this week: Ellen, the actor from “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and of course Tom Brady.
Allegiant Airlines loses a woman’s leg, The Vineyard just got a little more diverse and a truckload of dildos spills on a highway in OKC. Melania is the new Santa, a gay guy is the new Bond, and why Rosie can’t stand Ellen.    
We dissect the unexpected shocking death of the Queen mum, Mike sobs during “Terms of Endearment”, Gavin wears a sweater, and there may be a new Bond. Gay Bond.
2 1/2 years in we take our SECOND vacation week. But in lieu of a full new episode we present to you a 30 minute intro followed by our very first episode from March 10, 2020. Yes- literally the day the lockdown began. Happy Labor Day-  See you next week! Follow Mike Gibbons on Instagram @GibbonsTime Follow Greg Fitzsimmons on Instagram @GregFitzsimmons
What’s Sunday without tales of beastiality, selling limbs on Facebook and Prince Charles trying to bond with the Queen? Also a cancer survivor thanks us for saving his life. It's what we do.    
A couple has sex on a Ferris wheel, AirBnB drops some listings because they were slave shacks in another life, Anne Frank’s Diary is now banned in some TX schools and Greg still hasn’t watched The Rehearsal.
 Salman Rushdie is attacked in the slowest fatwa in history, babies are being dropped at firehouses, Las Vegas is under water but thankfully Steven Seagal is in Ukraine to straighten things out.   
The Brittney Griner defense team falls short of freeing her; hoping for a rebound on appeal. Alex Jones takes his first bath in a long time, Georgians are now listing their fetuses as dependents and we say goodbye to Vin Scully.  
We talk about Mike’s surgery and Greg’s new movie. We cover a big trade in the WNBA, Springsteen cutting ties to the poor and girls twerking and giving out shots on a NYC subway. Happy Anniversary today Erin.
This week we learn that Kylie Jenner is a bad person, some politicians are sent to jail, Greenland is melting and Larry David acts exactly like Larry David. We may have made some jokes about the WNBA as well.
Ivana Trump has died falling down her stairs; documentary coming? Elon Musk’s father is having sex with his stepdaughter, Ricky Martin is having sex with his nephew and a mom’s group thinks Thor is gay. We cover all your submissions for “Better than the original”.
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Matt berg

I’ve enjoyed, and I’m sure I will continue to enjoy, comedy from both of you. Unfortunately I don’t think I can continue with the podcast. I just can’t listen to how you both support Joe Biden any longer. He has fucked up at every turn yet you both keep singing his praises. Getting the “vaccine”, experts are saying you can still spread Covid. So it only protects the person getting it. What happened to my body, my choice? I really hope the best for the both of you.

Nov 2nd
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hey mike, two things... I really appreciate your love of bob dylan. I understand. I'm a 63 years old guy and Dylan has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I mean I remember my mom and friends discussing him after Kennedy was murdered. Has been a an amazing thing in life. I love that you give him the respect he deserves. second point just dig the vibe of the show. thanks fitz thanks mike

Sep 1st

Robert Burt

woody Allen is a giant creep

May 5th

My random videos

love this podcart

Aug 6th
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