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Born and raised in East Los Angeles and forged in the fires of adversity, cookbook author Chef Babette Davis burst onto the culinary scene with her renowned vegan restaurant Stuff I Eat in Inglewood, California, where the soul food platter is one of the many, many must-try dishes. An ageless paragon of fitness and vibrant health, Chef Babette has legions of social media followers who love seeing her posts of this incredibly fit 71-year-old working out or cooking or even in a bikini. If she’s not preparing delicious dishes in the kitchen of her restaurant, teaching cooking classes, or hosting the competition cooking show Peeled, you’ll find her running stairs all around Los Angeles. Always inspiring. Always funny. Always real. Here are our favorite quotes from Chef Babette in this episode that you don’t want to miss:  “My quality of life when I’m 93 needs to be as awesome as it is today. I am on no medication. I can stand up, put my shoe and my sock on, and balance myself through the entire process, and I can tie it while I’m balancing myself.”  “The human body is incredibly intelligent and responds to the love you give it, or not. And I personally don’t think it’s ever too late to love it.” “Since it’s your human journey, I don’t care how old you are. Since it’s your journey, nobody, nobody, is gonna have the quality of life for you but you, and it’s up to you.”   What we discuss in this episode: How Chef Babette became vegan and how it transformed her health. How timing, when she eats certain foods, has proven beneficial for her. How the books Fit for Life and Mucusless Diet Healing System changed her life. Why she does a juice cleanse three times a year. Her journey from catering in a parking lot to opening her incredibly successful restaurant, Stuff I Eat. How she went from having to convince a predominantly meat-eating community to try her wonderful healthy food, to now having a thriving restaurant with plentiful regular patrons.  Lifestyle choices that keep her healthy and her advice to others on how they can be their best selves and attain longevity.   Resources:  Her exciting new show, Peeled The dishes she most recommends to eat like her. Chef Babette’s book: Cash In On Cashews: 50 plus Desserts using One Nut Check out Chef Babette on Instagram   Connect with Switch4Good SUPPORT SWITCH4GOOD ★☆★ JOIN OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP ★☆★ ★☆★ SWITCH4GOOD WEBSITE ★☆★ ★☆★ ONLINE STORE ★☆★ ★☆★ FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM ★☆★ ★☆★ LIKE US ON FACEBOOK ★☆★ ★☆★ FOLLOW US ON TWITTER ★☆★ ★☆★ DOWNLOAD THE ABILLION APP ★☆★
Rip Esselstyn is a world record holder, former pro triathlete, best-selling author, firefighter, and founder of Plant-Strong—an organization helping people lead healthier lives through plant-based nutrition. After a career as a pro athlete, Rip transitioned to firefighting at the Engine 2 firehouse in Austin, Texas. It was there that after a friendly competition, he realized one of his co-workers was on the brink of major health issues. As the son of the prolific Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Rip couldn’t just stand by. He set up the firefighters with plant-based food and the results were astonishingly positive. Since then, Rip created the Engine 2 Diet and the Plant-Strong program to help more people thrive. Rip is one of the most charismatic guests we’ve had on this show and we are so excited to share this episode with you. Enjoy!    What we discuss in this episode: Apps: Cruelty Cutter, HappyCow, Bunny Free, epi App The firefighter lifestyle and Rip’s experience in the firehouse The recovery benefits of a plant-based diet Why nutrition matters more as you age Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s influence on his son, Rip The specifics of the Engine2 Diet.  Plant strong website and Immersion programs Follow Rip on Instagram @ripesselstyn   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
Julie Piatt, a.k.a. “SriMati,” is a mystic, yogi, musician, artist, chef, author, and healer. She is also the mother of 4 children and finds the divine in all experiences in life, beautiful and challenging alike.  Julie has created over 300 plant-based recipes for a series of bestselling cookbooks and is the author of the plant-based cheese bible, “This Cheese Is Nuts!”. She also co-authored the internationally acclaimed books “The Plantpower Way” and ``The Plantpower Way; Italia” with her husband, Rich Roll.  Julie is known for her "NOT" cheese and created SriMu NOT Cheese to bring delicious plant-based flavors into our kitchens. In this episode, we get to talk to her about healthy living, spiritual development, and of course, plant-based cheese! “In my experience, life is full of challenges and initiations as we go through the human life of becoming. From my perspective, we are all from the one breath, and we came individuated into these different life forms to experience a life of all different flavors to return back to the one breath.” - Julie Piatt   What we discussed: How spirituality has driven Julie’s life  How yoga is a “shelter from the storm”  Religion vs spirituality  Are some people more spiritual than others?  How to fall back in love with ourselves  How Julie met her husband, Rich, and learned how to accept him exactly how he was at that moment Julie’s plant-based cheese line    Resources:  Connect with Julie:    Connect with Switch4Good   YouTube -   Facebook -   Podcast Chat Group -   Instagram -   Twitter -   Website -  
Our guest today, Nidhi Gupta, was born and raised in India, but her passion for helping people took her on an expansive journey. After 16 years of rigorous medical training across two continents, she has offered her dream job in 2018 as an attending physician at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, in Nashville.  As a physician, she saw the severe consequences of wireless mobile devices being overused by her patients. She noticed obesity, sleep disorders, and mental health issues, and realized that she was unable to truly help them until she empowered them with knowledge about wireless mobile device overuse and strategies to mitigate the addictive habits that come along with them. Nidhi Gupta eventually bravely resigned from her dream job and launched Phreedom (Ungrip Devices. Grip Life). Over the last 2 years, the initiative has become an international educational platform touching the lives of her patients as well as various communities, schools, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, technologists, and more. She sure is making changes in a world where we are addicted to our smartphones and usually unaware of the problems that they create in our lives! “I don’t think it is normal for us to hide behind our phones when we get into an elevator and pretend to be busy just to avoid making eye contact. I don’t think it is normal to base our own sense of acceptance and self-esteem on how many people like our posts or follow us on social media. My message is that this is not normal.” -  Nidhi Gupta   What we discussed:  Why Nidhi started with this important work in the first place Can cell phone addiction be as powerful as drug addiction?  Why do we check phone notifications so often even when we know there are none there? The difference between pleasure and joy  How social media affects anxiety and depression  What cellphone dermatitis is  How we can find a life/technology balance   Resources:   Connect with Switch4Good   YouTube -   Facebook -   Podcast Chat Group -   Instagram -   Twitter -   Website -
We’re coming to you with a dynamic guest: Dani Taylor is a vegan figure competitor and champion. That’s right, she’s a bodybuilder built from pure plants! She’s incredibly healthy and strong now, but she grew up eating a diet that consisted primarily of processed foods and little produce. She reached 210 pounds at 16 years old, but then switched to a plant-based diet at 17 and began to lose weight and take her health into her own hands. She eventually found strength training and began to learn more about food. And she only went up from there! Flash forward to today, and she is the co-founder of and, which is a nonprofit organization of strength-based vegan athletes who compete together to raise awareness for veganism and money for rescued animals at farm sanctuaries. Talk about combining your passions together to make positive change! Dani is a Certified Personal Trainer with the AFAA, Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition with Cornell University and the T. Colin Campbell Foundation, and is Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified. She loves to work with women who have always been too nervous to lift weights and dives into that topic on today’s show. Listen to this episode to learn more about this powerhouse, Dani Taylor! “I always try to encourage people to appreciate where their body is at right now, even if it is not ultimately where they want to end up. I promise that there are some really good things about what your body is doing for you, right now, even if you don’t love how it looks.” -  Dani Taylor   What we discussed:  Why Dani went vegetarian and then vegan  How Dani got into weight lifting and exercising  What it was like in the fitness world being vegan when there were few known vegan bodybuilders to look up to  How much protein is too much protein?  How to deal with disordered eating while focusing on and building your body with specific fitness goals  Why women aren’t as likely to weight lift, and what they need to know about weight lifting  Dani’s thoughts on fasting What PCOS is, and how does it affect Dani? Dani’s view on “cheat meals/days”   Resources:   Connect with Switch4Good   YouTube -   Facebook -   Podcast Chat Group -   Instagram -   Twitter -   Website -
In today’s episode, we’re switching things up a bit and coming to you with a mother/daughter team. It’s likely that you’ve heard of the Esselstyns before, as they are powerful leaders in the plant-based movement. Ann Esselstyn is a creative and energetic advocate for a whole-foods plant-based diet and way of life. She specializes in inventing recipes that have helped countless people prevent and reverse heart diseases. She shares powerful ways to shop, cook, and get even the most spectacle eaters to dive into the plant-based world. As if that’s not enough, Ann is the author of the recipe section of Dr. Esselstyn’s bestselling book, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, and co-author of The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook with her daughter, Jane Esselstyn. Jane has also worked as an educator for 20+ years. She started teaching sex ed to middle school kids and has promoted growth and learning in the fields of science, outdoors, and health education. This mom of three brings clarity and humor to conversations that can be difficult for kids and parents alike.  The work that they do now is a combination of their unique experiences and passions that they have for living a healthy and vibrant life. They also have a new book out, called Be A Plant-Based Woman Warrior, which we get to discuss with these plant-based powerhouses on the show!    What we discussed: The radical family history & how they came to plant-based eating Eating disorders & plant-based eating  What “living fierce” means How the vagina benefits from eating plants  Why their new cookbook is so unique  Tips for people new to cooking with plants    Resources: Click on this link to download the abillion app - Learn more about Jane and buy the book: Learn more about Ann:   Connect with Switch4Good   YouTube -   Facebook -   Podcast Chat Group -   Instagram -   Twitter -   Website -
Here at Switch4Good, we are all about embracing change, so for today’s episode, we are ‘switching’ things up on the podcast. Instead of having an expert on our show to inspire all of you in the audience, we’re bringing our inspirational audience onto the show. In this episode, we interview three lovely podcast listeners about their inspiring transformational journeys that they’ve all bravely undertaken. Today you’ll hear from Jess McKay, someone who has found a way to combine his love of puppets and animal rights in a positive way. You’ll also hear from Mary Cline, a woman who proves that change is possible at any stage of life. Lastly, we sit down with Jim Stark, a man who followed the Standard American diet and ended up with Standard American Health issues. We talk to him about his healing journey through plant-based foods and a willingness to change.  We know that you will walk away from today’s episode simply inspired. And a reminder that you, our audience, inspire us every single day!    What we discuss:  Why feathers used in puppets are a co-product of the meat industry and not a by-product How Jess has impacted the puppet-making industry for the better Why Mary went plant-based during the pandemic while in her 60’s How a plant-based diet helped with Mary’s migraines  How Mary upholds her boundaries around food ethics during outings   Why Jim adopted a plant-based diet  How Jim learned to build up satisfying, plant-based meals over time   Resources: Sign Jess’s petition - Click on this link to download the abillion app -   Connect with Switch4Good   YouTube -   Facebook -   Podcast Chat Group -   Instagram -   Twitter -   Website -
KRS Edstrom M.S. is a nationally syndicated author, advice columnist, lecturer, and radio host. You may have seen her in publications such as USA Today, Los Angeles Times, or even the Wall Street Journal. It’s more likely, though, that you’ve heard Dotsie mention KRS on the podcast, as KRS has worked with Dotsie on an emotional level for years now as her therapist.  KRS is a meditative guide that doesn’t work off of a pre-made template. She holds a master’s degree in Health Science and has studied academic and alternative methods of healing for over 20 years. Throughout the years she has overcome alcoholism, agoraphobia, and eating disorders. She’s highly empathetic and tunes into the emotions and feelings that her client is experiencing during their sessions to work through them and process them in a healthy way.  In this episode, KRS does a special mediation with Alexandra to release some blocked energy and guides listeners to do the same. KRS reminds us that although it can be hard to face our unwanted emotions, the act of doing so is so important!   “All addictions are under the same roof and, physiology aside, we use them for escaping discomfort and pains at all costs.” - KRS Edstrom   What we discussed:  What an “empath” is How to protect yourself as an empath Why self-honesty is such a large part of the healing journey  A special meditation with KRS and Alexandra    Resources: Ask KRS at  Contact KRS at  Click on this link to download the abillion app -     Connect with Switch4Good   YouTube -   Facebook -   Podcast Chat Group -   Instagram -   Twitter -   Website -
Today we are excited to welcome Susan Peirce Thompson Ph.D., back to the show again. For those who need a refresher, Susan is an expert in the psychology of eating and has shared so much with us about the science behind food addiction and addiction in general. Susan is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester, the President of the Institute for Sustainable Weight Loss, and the CEO of Bright Line Eating Solutions.  On top of that, Susan is a successful published author. We learned about her first book Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin and Free on episode 10, but now Susan is back at it again with her newest book, ReZoom. In this episode we discuss different sections of her book, what it means to be addicted to food, the difference between eating disorders and food addiction, why food addiction is the hardest addiction to break, and more. “Can a food addict healthily enjoy eating and around their food? Absolutely. When you are in recovery and start thinking of food in a healthy frame, you realize that we are using it in ways that are not the right tool for the job.” - Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson   What we discussed:  What it means to be addicted to food What happens when you develop leptin resistance  Eating disorders vs food addiction  Why food addiction is the hardest to break  How to stick with a food plan once you have one in place Why keeping your food whole, simple, and real food is so important  What a “habit stack” is  Can a food addict ever find joy around eating and food again?  Susan’s new book, ReZoom    Resources: Use code SWITCH for 25% off your order at Click on this link to download the abillion app -   Connect with Switch4Good   YouTube -   Facebook -   Podcast Chat Group -   Instagram -   Twitter -   Website -  
Breast surgeons often don’t rise to celebrity fame, but Dr. Kristi Funk gained celeb-worthy attention as both Angelina Jolie and Sheryl Crow’s breast cancer surgeons. Dr. Funk has infectious positive energy and over two decades of experience in this field. She’s a firm believer in taking control of your health through nutrition and lifestyle, but she’s also incredibly well-versed in the research and science behind this disease. We had her on to chat about her book, Breasts: The Owner’s Manual, confusion about soy, the benefits of a plant-based diet, hormones, and more. Check out the bullet points below to continue to connect with Dr. Funk and her life-saving work.     What we discuss in this episode:   - How she discovered that a plant-based diet could help prevent cancer   - Breast cancer by the numbers    - Deep dive into revolutionary cancer studies   - Dismantling soy and cancer myths with science   - Cancer-fighting foods   - Bioidentical hormones for menopause   - Cancer-kicking PowWow Podcast   - Dr. Funk’s book, Breast: The Owner’s Manual   - Cancer-Kicking! Summit:   - Follow her on Instagram @drkristifunk   - Use code SWITCH for 25% off your order at   - Click on this link to download the abillion app -   Connect with Switch4Good   YouTube -   Facebook -   Podcast Chat Group -   Instagram -   Twitter -   Website -
Our podcast guest today is a speaker, life coach, vegan, published author, personal trainer, body-builder, and peaceful change-maker. Monk Coleman joins us today to share some of the love-based wisdom he’s learned through a transformative healing journey.  Monk grew up with a single parent and little resources, and he coped with life’s challenges and the painful emotions that come from them by relying on alcohol and drugs. After struggling for years, Joe chose a path of meditation and empathy, and we know that you will learn a lot from his inspiring story. Join us in today’s episode to learn how humans are “programmed” starting at birth, why generational trauma is real and powerful, and how being present through meditation can change your life! “The more I healed, the more compassion I started to develop within myself. And the love that I always wanted from outside sources, I was starting to get from myself. Nothing outside of me could give me what I was searching for.” - Monk Coleman   What we discussed: How humans are “programmed” starting at birth  Monk’s beginnings and how religion affected him Why Monk started to depend on alcohol Why generational trauma is real and powerful   The power of being present & how meditation changed Monk’s life What Kundalini is and Monk’s introduction to it  Why Monk made the switch and went vegan  What Monk eats in a day    Resources: Use code SWITCH for 25% off your order at Click on this link to download the abillion app -   Connect with Switch4Good   YouTube -   Facebook -   Podcast Chat Group -   Instagram -   Twitter -   Website -
Our guest today is a successful businesswoman, a strategic consultant in the plant-based business arena, and a keen investor. Elysabeth Alfano began her career working with Fortune 500 before running her own international business. Armed with knowledge from Northwestern University and the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Elysabeth made a name for herself by working with big brands such as IBM-Europe and The Kellogg Company in Brand Management.  Over the years her path has turned its course in a plant-based direction, and today she is the founder of Plant-Powered Consulting and co-founder of VegTech. Join us as we speak to her about how she recently made history through a first-of-its-kind plant-based ETF, what investing in a plant-based future means for the stock market, and impact investing.  “Our current [food] system is inefficient. If we used our resources better, we could address the problem at hand. And that problem is that we are tasked with making more food that is more nutritious, in a shorter amount of time, using fewer resources, that cause less harm. We have to make that implementation now.” - Elysabeth Alfano   What we discussed:  What an ETF is and how history was made recently through the world’s first plant-based ETF  How inflation affects plant-based products  Why investing in plant-based is the future and what that means for the stock market Elysabeth’s journey to veganism  What is impact investing and can the average person do it?  What to know about the label “plant-based” when it comes to investing  Why shipping live and dead animals is cruel and a bad business equation  What big companies are moving in plant-based directions   Resources: Connect with Elysabeth on LinkedIn – Listen to the Plant-Based Business Hour -   Connect with Switch4Good   YouTube -   Facebook -   Podcast Chat Group -   Instagram -   Twitter -   Website -   Use code SWITCH for 25% off your order at   Click on this link to download the abillion app -  
In today’s episode, we get to spend time with Wayne Pacelle, one of the leading contemporary animal rights advocates in the world. He is a graduate of Yale University, founder of Animal Wellness Action, and has led efforts to pass 1,500 state laws for animals, more than 100 federal laws and amendments, 30 ballot initiatives, and 500 corporate agreements.  If that’s not impressive enough, in his free time he wrote two books, both New York Times best-sellers, titled The Bond: Our Kinship with Animals, Our Call to Defend Them and The Humane Economy: How Innovators and Enlightened Consumers Are Transforming the Lives of Animals. Both Alexandra and Dotsie have worked with Wayne on a variety of animal issues, from the Kangaroos are Not Shoes global campaign to the current work Switch4Good and Wayne’s organization, Animal Wellness Action, are partnering on to bring soy milk into U.S. public schools.  In today’s episode with Wayne, we discuss exactly how and why Wayne started taking action to protect animals at a young age, why passing laws that protect animals is important, if focusing on “animal welfare” is worth it, and more. You don’t want to miss this action-packed episode! “I would rather have millions of imperfect people being active for animals, rather than a couple thousand ‘perfect’ people working for animals. We all should be doing the best we can. But I also don’t want this [vegan movement] to be a club.” - Wayne Pacelle   What we discuss: Why Wayne thinks that our social drive includes nonhuman animals  How he started taking action for animals at a young age through direct action  Why protecting animals through policy and law is so important and powerful  Should we be focusing on “animal welfare”?  Why storytelling, when it comes to individual animal lives, is so powerful  The effectiveness of using animal testing for cosmetics and drugs    Resources:  Animal Wellness Action - Wayne’s Books -   Connect with Switch4Good   YouTube -   Facebook -   Podcast Chat Group -   Instagram -   Twitter -   Website -   Use code SWITCH for 25% off your order at   Click on this link to download the abillion app -  
Our guest today, Ocean Robbins, has been a change-maker from a young age and shares his story with us on this episode. His journey began when he was born in a 1-room log cabin, miles away from other people in the middle of the forest in British Columbia, Canada. He watched his family grow most of the food they consumed and lived on less than $500 a year. He eventually moved to California where he was schooled at home and started his first business called “Ocean’s Bakery” at just 11 years old. His creativity didn’t stop there when, at just 16 years old, he founded Youth for Environmental Sanity, known by its acronym YES!.  Fast forward to today and Ocean is co-founder & CEO of the 750,000-member Food Revolution Network. He is also the author of the bestselling book 31-Day Food Revolution: Heal Your Body, Feel Great, and Transform Your World.  He is the executive producer of the documentary The Need To Grow.  On today’s show Ocean talks to us about what it is like raising autistic kids, the science behind the powerful practice of gratitude, why curiosity is so healthy, why our soil is in a state of emergency, and more. Join us for this powerful, honest, and enlightening conversation!  “Curiosity is one of the most powerful forces of the universe. We equate not knowing something with weakness. But if you don’t know something, then you have the opportunity to learn something. And if you can learn something, that is life in action.” - Ocean Robbins   What we discuss: Ocean’s experience raising autistic kids  The science of gratitude and how it increases your probability of positive experiences  Why curiosity is so powerful  What a healthy education system looks like  How climate change and food production are related  Why our soil is so poisoned and how it hurts us all   How to make sustainable and healthy food choices  What’s the deal with organic produce?    Resources:  Connect with Ocean - Food Revolution Network -   Connect with Switch4Good   YouTube -   Facebook -   Podcast Chat Group -   Instagram -   Twitter -   Website -   Use code SWITCH for 25% off your order at   Click on this link to download the abillion app -
Our guest today, Desiree Nielsen, is a registered plant-based dietitian and national bestselling author. Her practice focus is chronic digestive and inflammatory diseases, and she helps her clients heal with plant-based approaches that lead to optimal health.  You may have already heard of Desiree through The Allsorts Podcast, one of her books, or one of her articles in USA Today or Mind-Body Great. She now has her third book out, Good for Your Gut, which we get to discuss in this episode. It is both a cookbook and a great guide to learning more about how to have a healthy digestive system. Her practical, light-hearted approach to her work draws in listeners, readers, and clients from all over the world. Join us today to experience that first-hand!  “How we feed our gut microbiome determines what kind of a microbiome we have. And that determines the type of communication happening in our immune system. Our gut microbiome can actually help promote appropriate inflammatory responses.” - Desiree Nielsen   What we discuss: Why Desiree stopped eating animals and went fully vegan  The plant-based mythology taught to dietitians The truth about plant proteins What you need to know about keeping inflammatory responses healthy  Gut health in Canada and the USA  What IBS is and how it functions  What “FODMAP” is and why it is so important to know about when it comes to your diet  The gut and brain connection  How skipping meals can lead to bloating  What 3 foods we should be eating each and every day  Do we really need to fear grains when it comes to digestive health?  What’s up with probiotics?    Resources:  Desiree on Instagram -   Connect with Switch4Good   YouTube -   Facebook -   Podcast Chat Group -   Instagram -   Twitter -   Website -   Use code SWITCH for 25% off your order at   Click on this link to download the abillion app -  
We are so excited to have cardiologist, Dr. Columbus Batiste, on the show to have a well-rounded and deep discussion on healthy living. Years ago he embarked on a crusade to educate and empower his patients to take control of their lives, and his passion and knowledge have expanded throughout communities all over the country. After watching his father suffer from diabetes, Dr. Batiste went plant-based and launched the Integrative Cardiovascular Disease Program in California. Now that’s what we call “taking action!” His sole goal is to educate so that “each one can teach one” about the power of healthy plant-based foods.  This soon-to-be author, activist, cardiologist, and nonprofit cofounder invites us all to become a part of the Healthy Heart Nation and talks to us about the best diet for a healthy heart, silent heart attacks, and the Slave Food Project, and more.    “You don’t have to wait for perfection. You don’t have wait to have all of the knowledge available to you. You don’t have to wait to have everything aligned in your life to start perusing health. Just start. There is power in small steps.”  - Dr. Columbus Batiste    What we discuss: Why Dr. Batiste gave up eating meat, dairy, and highly processed foods  Why his father’s illnesses impacted him so much  What it was like helping his first patient transform their health through food What S.E.L.F.I.S.H. means  What heart disease is The silent heart attack  Which diet is best for a healthy heart  Is oil good or bad for you? What is the scoop on the drug Lipitor?  Why your DNA is not your destiny What the goal of the Slave Food Project is    Links:    -    -   -   Connect with Switch4Good   - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Podcast Chat Group -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   Website -   Use code SWITCH for 25% off your order at   Click on this link to download the abillion app -
Our podcast guest today has taken her love of healthy food, and her expertise in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and combined them to help people navigate their sexual health. Christine DeLozier is an acupuncturist and herbalist with her own private practice helping males, females, and of all orientations and identities have better sex!  She started off treating her acupuncture patients for back pain, neck pain, and headaches. But when someone asked her if she could help with stronger erections, she rose to the challenge and has never looked back.   In today’s show, we discuss what “great sex” really is, how our diet affects our sexual health, and why being kind lovers is so important in today’s world. Christine also shares some juicy tips with us on how to give great oral sex without getting fatigued, explains how exercise affects our sex lives, and answers all of Dotsie and Alexandra’s pressing sex questions.  Come along with us and our guest, the author of Diet for Great Sex, for this fun and enlightening podcast episode.     “I think people should read up on female pleasure. If you want to be a kind lover, read a book about it. Learn the basics. Learn about females in general. Ask simple questions like, ‘Do you like this?’, or ‘Does this feel better?’” - Christine DeLozier   What we discussed:  - The results of Alexandra’s cholesterol test  - Why Christine started helping people with sexual health as a “passion project”  - What “great sex” really is - How diet affects sexual health - Why nitrate-rich foods are so important for sexual health and pleasure  - What foods to avoid for sexual health  - Why consuming potassium is so important and how to get enough  - How exercise affects our sex lives  - Why being kind lovers is so important  - How to give great oral sex and not get fatigued   Links:    - Buy Diet for Great Sex -   - Christine on Instagram -   -    Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Podcast Chat Group -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -   - Use code SWITCH for 25% off your order at   - Purality B12 Deal: to buy one B12 and get one free plus 35% off the rest of Purality’s products. 
We’re guilty of only showing one side of our co-host, Alexandra Paul. We tout her as the remarkable Baywatch star, but her accolades stretch far beyond this mega-hit and far beyond the screen. She’s a humanitarian, animal activist, and Ironwoman. She lives her values every single day, and she’s even received awards for her selfless efforts in the animal rights and human overpopulation movements. We chat about behind-the-scenes at Baywatch, Alexandra’s struggle and recovery from bulimia, getting arrested during peaceful protests, and the very real problem of human overpopulation. Listen in and get to know our wonderful co-host a little bit better.   What we discuss in this episode:   - Alexandra’s front-line activism and getting arrested for the cause   - Working as an actress without compromising her values   - Her struggle and recovery from a binge eating disorder   - Her work on human overpopulation and promoting smaller, happier families   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -
Our podcast guest, New York Times bestselling author Dr. Louann Brizendine, joins us on the Switch4Good podcast to talk about why males and females communicate and process emotions differently. In this episode, Dr. Louann talks to Dotsie and Alexandra about her books, The Male Brain and The Female Brain, and how they have helped readers navigate relationships with their partners, spouses, friends, and family members around the world. Dr. Brizendine founded the Woman’s Mood and Hormone Clinic at UCSF, and then went on to write another book called The Upgrade, which explains how the female brain gets “upgraded” in midlife. She believes that this time in a female’s life brings more clarity and a laser-like sense of purpose if you know how to tap into it.  Join us today to discuss how to harness that new “upgraded” brain power, and navigate relationships with life-long partners, hormones, depression, menopause, and more.  “There is a 2:1 ratio when it comes to depression in women over men. And I felt like, that is not fair. What is up with that? Then I realized, that in childhood, the depression ratio is only 1:1, male to female. At age 13 or 14, it goes up in females. The menstrual cycle starts, and the hormones start.”  - Dr. Louann Brizendine   What we discuss in this episode:   - Dotsie reads an excerpt from her book about falling in love with her husband    - The main differences in male and female brains   - How hormones impact males and females differently    - How one person can’t fulfill all of our needs   - How our expectations, unchecked, can hurt our partners    - Why females are twice as likely to be depressed    - Why menopause and post-menopause can be a transformative time in your life   - Why men are hesitant to live vegan    - Learn more about “The Upgrade” -   - Dr. Brizendine’s website -   Connect with Switch4Good   - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Podcast Chat Group -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -    - Website -   - Use code SWITCH for 25% off your order at   - Purality B12 Deal: to buy one B12 and get one free plus 35% off the rest of Purality’s products. 
Dr. Hana Kahleova is the Director of Clinical Research at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. You may remember her from episode 93, and we were so thrilled to have her back on the show! Her can-do attitude is positively empowering. On this show, we talk about diabetes and what insulin resistance is, in addition to other topics like brown fat vs white fat, weight gain as we age, the benefits of intermittent fasting, the pros and cons of the keto diet, and more. Dr. Hana shows us (and proves to us through various studies) that we have more control over our health than we think through our diet and lifestyle alone.   What we discuss:   - Dotsie’s powerful work with congress and Dr. Milton Mills   - What insulin resistance is    - The differences in brown fat vs white fat    - How sugar affects diabetes    - Weight gain as we age and how much control we have over it   - Study results testing 2 meals a day vs 6 meals a day    - The health benefits of intermitted fasting    - The pros and cons of putting the body in ketosis    - What ‘endometriosis’ is and what the studies have to say about it   - How diet affects severe COVID 19   - The endometriosis study by PCRM -   - Join the upcoming endometriosis study -   Connect with Switch4Good   - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Podcast Chat Group -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -   - Use code SWITCH for 25% off your order at   - Purality B12 Deal: to buy one B12 and get one free plus 35% off the rest of Purality’s products. 
Comments (2)

Deepak Singh

awesome podcast guys. Loved every bit of it. I've also done a similar post on the topic

Jun 18th

Amalia Zimmerman

Amazing first episode. It's fun, informative, eye opening and engaging. I am so excited for more episodes to drop!

Feb 11th
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