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Do you want to live a healthier and more robust life? The key to living a full, healthy, and joyous life lies within the foods we eat—and our relationship to them. Because health isn’t accurately measured by the circumference of your waist or how much you can bench press- true vitality is measured by how you feel, not just physically but deep within.

Olympic medalist Dotsie Bausch alongside Baywatch actress and certified health coach, Alexandra Paul, take listeners of all ages on a journey to optimal health and stamina through plant based eating.

Dotsie and Alexandra, who both fought back from severe food addictions in their twenties, interview expert nutritionists, pro athletes, innovative thought leaders, physicians and plant-based celebrities. Through their stories, you’ll learn how to optimize your health and pave a path for a more meaningful life.

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There’s a little bit of everything in this show. We’ve got TWO soccer stars and we chat about vegan food, breast cancer, athletic performance, gender equality in sport, and so much more. Both play for the Orlando Pride professional women’s soccer team, but when they’re not on the field, Ali Riley and Toni Pressley star in their own vegan cooking show—Girls Gone Veg. From sumptuous mac and cheese to protein pancakes, these girls know how to cook! Listen to this episode then head over to their YouTube cooking series to make one of their approachable yet mouthwatering vegan recipes!  What we discuss in this episode:   - Why they lean toward plant-based and how it makes them feel   - Evolution of the plant-based diet in high-performance sports   - Toni’s experience with breast cancer   - What Toni and Ali eat in a day   - Follow Ali @rileythree and Toni @tonideion   - Gender equality in sport   - Healthy vegan travel foods   - Girls Gone Veg: and @wearegirlsgoneveg on Instagram   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
No matter what your relationship to food is, we all live in a world manipulated by an addiction business model. We’re constantly confronted with ads for foods that have been designed to make us want more, and it began when the tobacco industry started buying up brands like Nabisco and Kraft Foods. Dr. Joan Ifland is an expert in processed food addiction, and her research is both eye-opening and appalling. This is a gripping conversation about the intersections of human behavior, evolution, and modern-day consumer habits.  What we discuss in this episode:   - The how the addiction business model applies to food   - How we get addicted to foods   - The overlap between tobacco and food    - How to tell if you are addicted to certain foods   - Immersion recovery and practical tips to feel better   - Joan analyzes Dotsie’s relationship with food in a group setting   - Follow Joan on Instagram @foodaddictionreset   - Joan’s website    - Food Addiction Education Facebook Group   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
Rip Esselstyn is a world record holder, former pro triathlete, best-selling author, firefighter, and founder of Plant-Strong—an organization helping people lead healthier lives through plant-based nutrition. After a career as a pro athlete, Rip transitioned to firefighting at the Engine 2 firehouse in Austin, Texas. It was there that after a friendly competition, he realized one of his co-workers was on the brink of major health issues. As the son of the prolific Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Rip couldn’t just stand by. He set up the firefighters with plant-based food and the results were astonishingly positive. Since then, Rip created the Engine 2 Diet and the Plant-Strong program to help more people thrive. Rip is one of the most charismatic guests we’ve had on this show and we are so excited to share this episode with you. Enjoy!    What we discuss in this episode:   - Apps: Cruelty Cutter, HappyCow, Bunny Free, epi App   - The firefighter lifestyle and Rip’s experience in the firehouse   - The recovery benefits of a plant-based diet   - Why nutrition matters more as you age   - Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s influence on his son, Rip   - The specifics of the Engine2 Diet.    - Plantstrong website and Immersion programs   - Follow Rip on Instagram @ripesselstyn   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
Tricia Nelson is here to heal your hunger. She developed an unhealthy relationship with food and alcohol early on, and by college, she was 50 pounds overweight. Dieting, exercise, 12-step, and even eating disorder therapy failed to offer long-term solutions. Finally, she realized she didn’t have a food problem—she had an emotional problem. Now recovered, Tricia has the experience and the research to help others heal their emotional eating. This conversation is raw but hopeful, and while it won’t cure an eating disorder, it will set you on the right path.    What we discuss in this episode:   - In-depth account of Tricia’s struggles with food   - Imposter syndrome   - Common traits of emotional eaters   - The difference between emotional eating and food addiction   - Practical tips to better your relationship with food   - Eating habits quiz   - Tricia’s book, Heal Your Hunger   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
3.5 percent. That’s the tipping point for change. Wayne Hsiung is an expert in social movement, and he’s a massive proponent of getting the animal rights movement to that crucial number. Wayne started out as a corporate attorney and swiftly realized that more was needed to move the needle. The world needs a political shift. He co-founded Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) to change the system and inspire other activists to continue his work. Wayne is known for staging open rescues and documenting atrocious slaughterhouses and feedlots, and his footage has been captured by the mainstream media and garnered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. If you’re passionate about social change—whether it has to do with animal or human rights—Wayne’s knowledge will hit home.    What we discuss in this episode:   - Growing up as a first    - The psychology behind how we view animals and America’s dissociation from food    - The Rule of 3.5%   - Changing systems versus individuals   - People are defined by what other people think   - The importance of policy change   - Action items animal advocates can take   - How “far” to go in making others uncomfortable   - Direct Action Everywhere   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
What makes a great leader? An effective leader? A leader that not only enables the company to succeed, but the people who drive it? Businessman Tom Gartland lays it out for us. As the former president of Avis Budget Group and author of the new book, “Lead with Heart,” Tom offers a compassionate crash course in effective leadership—and it starts with getting personal. During this conversation, Dotsie opens up about her own struggles with leadership, and Tom shares select stories from his past where he chose to get vulnerable at work. We don’t all have to be leaders, but it’s essential that we understand each other to create positive working relationships. Listen in on your next lunch break.    What we discuss in this episode:   - Dotsie’s own struggles with leadership   - The Caliper Assessment   - How to communicate a sense of urgency among employees   - How to open up about personal issues with staff   - How to let someone go from a company   - How to navigate conflict   - Tom’s thoughts on working from home   - Tom’s book “Lead with Heart.”   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
How can two people cohabitate in a 320-square foot studio apartment and only produce one mason jar’s worth of trash each year? Shia Su is here to explain because she’s done it. Author behind the blog Wasteland Rebel and new book “Zero Waste,” Shia is all about “turtle speed power” and taking micro-steps toward living with a little less trash in our daily lives. She’s creative, fun, and personable—an absolute delight to have on the show. Shia makes conscious living fun. Even if zero-waste isn’t your jam, you’ll get a kick out of what Shia has to say. Her gregarious personality is infectious and you might just find yourself buying package-less soap after this episode!    What we discuss in this episode:   - How to start decreasing your waste   - How waste hurts the planet   - The emergence of zero-waste shops   - How to avoid plastic when purchasing produce   - What to pack for the day to live more zero-waste   - How to declutter   - Zero-waste replacements for common items such as floss, tampons, and Q-tips   - Recycling 101   - Shia’s book: Zero Waste: Simple Life Hacks to Drastically Reduce Your Trash   - The Guppyfriend washing bag   - Follow Shia on Instagram @_wastelandrebel_   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
If anyone can take a highly complicated subject such as nutrigenomics and whittle it down to layman’s terms while still incorporating robust scientific knowledge, it’s our guest today. Dr. Yael Joffe is an incredibly accomplished nutrigenomicist who has not only worked with the best in the field but advanced the topic into the modern-day. In this episode, she explains how genes are expressed through food choices and what can and cannot be changed. It’s a truly fascinating conversation that will leave you with actionable steps to take to improve your daily life.    What we discuss in this episode:   - Open cold water swimming   - Nutrigenomics explained   - How genes determine how our body reacts to the world around us   - Genetics versus lifestyle   - The power of raw cruciferous vegetables   - The range of the “optimum” diet   - The issue with at-home genetic testing   - Dr. Yale’s company, 3x4 Genetics   - Dr. Yale’s preferred supplement company, Cell Logic   - Dotsie’s Stray Dog blog post   - Use code liquidgold for 20% off LOCA dairy-free queso   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
Dr. Nicole Moshfegh always knew she wanted to be a psychologist, but it wasn’t until she got into the profession that she started to specialize in sleep. Dr. M is a licensed clinical sleep psychologist and literally wrote the book on sleep, aptly titled, “The Book of Sleep.” She emphasizes habit change before turning to medication, and she is full of helpful tips anyone can do during the day and at night to fall and stay asleep. Whether you experience insomnia or just feel like you could improve the quality of your sleep, this episode is a must-listen. Grab a comfy blanket and settle in for a good night’s sleep.    What we discuss in this episode:   - How sleep affects multiple factors in our lives   - Why it gets harder to sleep as we age   - What triggers insomnia and how to counter it   - When to use melatonin   - How exercise, jet lag, shift work, alcohol, and caffeine affect sleep   - Visit Dr. M’s website   - Follow her on Instagram @drnicolem   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
Ernest Freeberg is an author and US history professor specializing in the 19th and early 20th centuries. His latest work—A Traitor to His Species: Henry Bergh and the Animal Rights Movement—tells the fascinating story of how one man started a movement. He didn’t just educate the public about cruelty to animals—he made sure animal cruelty laws were enforced. During this conversation, Freeberg gives us the most captivating history lesson we’ve ever had. Sit back and listen—no note-taking required.    What we discuss in this episode:   - The history of the animal rights movement in America   - Why Ernest was drawn to this topic   - How animal protection paved the way for women and child abuse   - Bergh’s connection with P.T. Barnum   - How public perspective began to shift regarding animals as individuals, not property   - Ernest’s book, A Traitor to His Species: Henry Bergh and the Birth of the Animal Rights Movement   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
Breast surgeons often don’t rise to celebrity fame, but Dr. Kristi Funk gained celeb-worthy attention as both Angelina Jolie and Sheryl Crow’s breast cancer surgeon. Dr. Funk has infectious positive energy and over two decades of experience in this field. She’s a firm believer in taking control of your health through nutrition and lifestyle, but she’s also incredibly well-versed in the research and science behind this disease. We had her on to chat about her book, Breasts: The Owner’s Manual, confusion about soy, the benefits of a plant-based diet, hormones, and more. Check out the bullet points below to continue to connect with Dr. Funk and her life-saving work.     What we discuss in this episode:   - How she discovered that a plant-based diet could help prevent cancer   - Breast cancer by the numbers    - Deep dive into revolutionary cancer studies   - Dismantling soy and cancer myths with science   - Cancer-fighting foods   - Bioidentical hormones for menopause   - Cancer-kicking PowWow Podcast   - Dr. Funk’s book, Breast: The Owner’s Manual   - Cancer-Kicking! Summit:   - Follow her on Instagram @drkristifunk   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
Kathy Freston is the vegan spokesperson, Gene Stone is a ghost-writer for humane causes, both are best-selling authors. What happens when they decide to put their brilliance together? A new book—72 Reasons to Be Vegan. Both Kathy and Gene have been on the show before (episodes 83 and 100, respectively), so we dedicated this episode to catch up and chat exclusively about the book. With 72 reasons, there was plenty to talk about. Meant to be an advocacy tool for those already eating a plant-based, we were delighted by the book’s fun-loving nature and fact-based evidence. From dismantling the vegan stigma to what’s really wrong with eggs, Kathy and Gene prove there are plenty of reasons to be vegan.    What we discuss in this episode:   - Why Kathy and Gene partnered for the book   - 72 Reasons to Be Vegan    - The skyrocketing vegan food market and our favorite vegan products   - Chicken farming and the egg industry   - Personal vegan stories    - JUST Egg   - Follow Kathy @KathyFreston and Gene @genestone2022   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
Gene Baur is a pioneer in the farm sanctuary movement. He began his work in the eighties and eventually developed bicoastal farm animal rescues that save over 1,000 animals a year. Farm Sanctuary does more than just rescue, though. The multi-pronged organization is working on systematic change to find solutions that will not only improve animal welfare but eventually put an end to factory farming. In this episode, Gene enlightens us on the origins of Farm Sanctuary, shares heartwarming stories of animals he has saved, discusses progress and challenges within the animal welfare movement, and admits that the movement needs to do a better job of diversifying its leadership and audience. It’s a well-rounded hour that will keep your attention from start to finish.    What we discuss in this episode:   - The origins of Farm Sanctuary   - How the veal industry is born out of the dairy industry   - The role farm sanctuaries play in public education   - Common diseases found on factory farms   - Issues with “grass-fed” and “organic” animals   - Diet and privilege, the whiteness of the animal rights movement   - Government money funneled into animal agriculture   - Gene’s books: Farm Sanctuary and Living the Farm Sanctuary Life   - Learn more at or follow Gene @genebaur   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
Dr. Reshma Shah is a pediatrician, author, and mom who champions healthy food relationships and a plant-based diet. Our conversation spans a number of topics relating to both kids and adults including the 2020 revised US Dietary Guidelines, parenting modeling behavior, family meals, inflammation, and of course, her latest book, Nourish. Dr. Shah is a delight and makes for an educational yet inviting conversation. Enjoy!   What we discuss in this episode:   - Dr. Shaw’s take the revised US Dietary Guidelines   - Parenting vegan kids   - Nutrition for children with ADHD   - The importance of prioritizing family meals   - Modeling behavior and healthy habits at the table   - Nutrition education in medical school   - Easy and delicious meal ideas   - Her latest book, Nourish   - Follow Dr. Shaw on Instagram @reshmashah   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
Karyn Calabrese isn’t your typical raw foodist. She built a vegan restaurant empire in Chicago—the first raw vegan restaurant in the country, in fact—and gained fame both through her food and her holistic approach to wellness. At 74-years-young, she maintains her youthful vigor and appearance. She’s not going to tell you to go raw overnight or drop everything and start a juice cleanse. Karyn is all about evolution and progress, not perfection. Even the raw skeptics will finish this episode with an open mind. It’s fun, informative, and opens the door to a healthier way of living.    What we discuss in this episode:   - Gradual habit change   - Benefits of raw food and juicing   - How to take challenges as a way to evolve and grow   - Dr. Ann Wigmore, an early advocate of the raw food movement   - Definition and importance of detoxing    - The delicious variety of raw food   - Karyn’s health and wellness tips   - Karyn’s books, Soak Your Nuts   - Karyn’s website   - Follow Karyn on Instagram @karyncalabrese   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
It’s not often you come across a person who has graced the front cover of Men's Fitness magazine, and it’s even rarer when that exceptionally chiseled person happens to be vegan. In fact, today’s guest, Nimai Delgado, is the only one. Nimai is a former IFBB Pro in the Men’s Physique category, but there’s more to him than just muscles. Raised in a Hari Krishna farming community in the South until he was eight years old, Nimai is insightful, compassionate, and surprisingly relatable. He’s garnered nearly one million followers through his multiple Instagram accounts and uses his fame to teach others about the health benefits of a vegan diet. If it can power his kind of mass, it can certainly sustain the average human. This conversation roams from protein myths to ahimsa, public relationship break-ups to nutrition tips. Go for a walk, get to the gym, or start doing squats—you’ll want to be active when you listen to this show.    What we discuss in this episode:   - Nimai’s relationship with protein and the misconception around macronutrients   - Standard bodybuilding nutrition versus Nimai’s plant-based routine   - Growing up in a Hari Krishna community in the South and the concept of ahimsa   - His very public breakup during the pandemic    - Fitness and nutrition tips for the everyday person    - Finding your “WHY”   - Nimai’s Buddha Bowl recipe   -   - Vedge Nutrition and the role of supplements   - Follow Nimai on Instagram @nimai_delgado   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
Dr. Scott Stoll, MD, has a unique perspective when it comes to the medical profession. He views doctors as salespeople. Most can sell you on a prescription or procedure in under ten minutes. He’s selling his patients on prevention. Dr. Stoll advocates for a whole food, plant-based diet to both prevent and reverse common ailments that dramatically affect his patients’ quality of life. Optimum health isn’t a gamble—for the large part, it’s determined by what you put into your body. As he says, “You have to fight with every bite. Every bite matters.” This conversation dives into a number of topics from his plant-based origin story to working with Team USA bobsled athletes, transformative patient stories to hopeful progress being made in medical education. Dr. Stoll is a wealth of resources, and we were honored to spend over an hour chatting with him.    What we discuss in this episode:   - How food can guide our health   - Lack of nutrition education in medical school   - How doctors can inspire hope and lasting change   - Religion and eating patterns   - What to eat while recovering from COVID19   - Transformative patient stories    - Team USA Bobsledding and nutrition   - Dr. Stoll’s book, Alive!   - The Plantrician Project   - The Rodale Institute   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
Can you prevent Alzheimers, or are some of us powerless to stop it? Neurologists Ayesha and Dean Sherzai believe you can, and it all comes down to lifestyle. In this episode, the power couple defines preventative neurology so we all can take the necessary steps to avoid crippling diseases such as stroke, Alzheimers, and dementia. And they’re not talking Sudoku puzzles—the foods we eat have an immense power over the health and longevity of our brain. Fortunately, there’s no need to take notes—all of this information and more is available in their new book, The 30-Day Alzheimer’s Solution. Let’s all do what we can to help ourselves and others live full, healthy lives.    What we discuss in this episode:   - Empowering Afghani women with medical education   - Preventative neurology—how to prevent diseases of the brain with lifestyle   - Defining stroke, dementia, and Alhztimers    - Habit change and culture change   - What does a healthy diet look like?    - Ketogenic diets and neurological diseases   - The importance of exercise   - Their new book, The 30 Day Alzheimer’s Solution   - Their podcast, Brain Health and Beyond   - Follow them on Instagram @sherzaimd   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
Buckle up, this conversation is an exhilarating, hour-long ride with plenty of twists and turns to make you think. Evanna Lynch is widely known for her portrayal of Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter film series, but today, we get to know Evanna as a person, not her childhood character. She’s a kind but powerful animal activist, eating disorder survivor, podcast host, stage/film actress, and soon-to-be author. Yes, we open with Harry Potter talk, but we also dive into her teenage struggles with anorexia, the idea of perfection, manifestation, cruelty-free beauty, the abundance of veganism, and more. Listen in and lift up your day.    What we discuss in this episode:   - Evanna’s experience as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter film series   - How the Harry Potter books helped her through her eating disorder.    - The cowardly pursuit of perfection   - The realities of animal testing for beauty   - Her work with Save the Asian Elephants   - The power of manifestation     - Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer     - Free the Animals by Ingrid Newkirk   - Kinder Beauty Box subscription   - Cruelty-free website Logical Harmony   - Evanna’s podcast, The Chickpeeps   - Follow Evanna on Instagram @msevylynch   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
The sunglasses are coming off. Pro poker player Danieal Negreanu is unapologetically transparent from his game strategy to his vegan diet. He’s won over $42 million in two decades of poker playing, and he’s not even close to folding. Daniel made the switch first to a vegetarian and eventually to a vegan diet in his early twenties when his casino lifestyle started to catch up with him. He claims the way he eats now gives him the focus and stamina to endure twelve to fourteen-hour games and multi-day tournaments. He also challenges others to shift their perspective about eating animals—why do we love dogs and eat cows? From psychology to poker strategy, Las Vegas eats to travel foods, this conversion is a delight.   What we discuss in this episode:   - The importance of making a gradual transition to plant-based   - How he started playing poker at 16 years old    - Fundamentals and strategy of poker   - Changing perspectives around the “traditional” way of eating   - What he eats to stay energized and alert during long games   - GTFO It’s Vegan online market   - HappyCow app   - Melanie Joy’s book, Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube -   - Facebook -   - Instagram -   - Twitter -   - Website -
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Deepak Singh

awesome podcast guys. Loved every bit of it. I've also done a similar post on the topic

Jun 18th

Amalia Zimmerman

Amazing first episode. It's fun, informative, eye opening and engaging. I am so excited for more episodes to drop!

Feb 11th
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