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The official podcast of T.Rex Arms. Weekly thoughts and conversations between various team members discussing equipment, training, history, politics, and of course, the behind-the-scenes stuff regarding the business and technology of developing and making tactical gear. Produced by Isaac Botkin.
183 Episodes
When New Mexico's Governor banned firearm carry in Albuquerque last week in a sweeping executive action, she admitted that crime would not be affected by it, she bragged that the constitution forbade it, and she complained that law enforcement wouldn't uphold it. So why do it?Stay connected to us here:          
Deeper analysis of the conflict in Tennessee over gun rights reveals some deeper problems. The ideological differences and separations between our different political tribes has made even basic conversations really difficult. Fortunately, there is a way out.       Check out our final Special Session recap here:          Stay connected to us here:         
Tennessee's Special Session didn't have quite as many as protestors as planned, but there is still a lot of drama going on internally! We've got news, fun stories from behind the scenes, and lessons for other states who are going to experience this same drama soon.See the video here:     Stay connected to us here:        
The Tennessee Special Session is just wrapping up its second day. We've got an interview with Jody Barrett, the infamous 7th courageous rep, clips of moral outrage from people who aren't into solutions, and more.  See the video here:     Stay connected to us here:       
We're doing livestreams on YouTube again, because even as we speak, Tennessee Lawmakers are discussing various "public safety" measures that include various forms of gun control, including Red Flag Laws. We will be doing daily shows for a while to show you what is happening, and why you should pay attention, whether you live in Tennessee or not.             See the video here:          Stay connected to us here:       
We are 178 episodes in, and it's time for you guys to chime in and let us know what YOU want from this podcast!    Quick update on all the action that is unfolding here in Tennessee: Next week, gun control advocates from all over America will converge on Nashville to push for new weapon confiscation laws. We have a powerful new tool that will help you counteract legislators in just a couple of clicks.     You should weigh in on this debate, regardless of where you live, because Tennessee is just the front line in a nation-wide push for Red Flag laws, and what happens here will affect you.        Stay connected to us here:       
The tech world is highly focused on "disruptive" technology, especially in places like Silicon Valley, where that focus is largely business. But technology has the ability to disrupt far more than just the economy, and there are four big technological advances on the horizon that you need to start thinking about right now.     Stay connected to us here:       
With only a few weeks until the Governor of Tennessee calls a special session so he can try to pressure the legislators to pass a Red Flag law, you should check out our latest YouTube video "Everything Wrong with Red Flag Laws," sign up for the  and watch what happens next.       Stay connected to us here:       
A surprisingly animated Instagram conversation sparks some thoughts about the last 40 years of homeschooling and the last 150 years of government schooling. Stay connected to us here:       
Take control of your own data, don't just rely on other people to preserve it for you, and share the information that should not be lost.  The Official T.REX ARMS 3D Scan Library      The New Radio Scan Files       From       and Great Plains Creations       The server shutdown at InfluxDB         SOF magazine at      Stay connected to us here:       
We just released all the of 3D scans of all of the firearms and weapon lights that we have used to develop holsters for the last 5 years. We also released a bunch of new Sidecar files and a nylon pattern that you can sew at home. Now let's talk about why. The Official T.REX ARMS 3D Scan Library     Sidecar Spine System Files      The Sidecar Dual Wield Adapter     The all-new Sidecar Extender     Chemlight Holder Pattern files       Stay connected to us here:       
Commercial drone pilot Nathan Wood stopped by the shop for a conversation describing how he has been able to serve his community and adjacent counties in a dedicated drone department.   Check the department out here ( to learn more about how it works and what it does a regular basis. It's a pretty fascinating way to serve others, build skills and capabilities, and get to know your community, so we'll be spending some more time discussing it in the future.   Stay connected to us here:       
Isaac has a new hairbrained metaphor for talking about communication, moral standards, and community involvement. It involves cardinal directions and land navigation! Stay connected to us here:       
Scott from Nocturnality Gear is in the shop to talk night vision. We're talking about how he got into using, building, and selling the gear, the overall state of the industry, and why fudds may be one step ahead of the tacticool dudes.           Instagram : NocturnalityGear        Website :         Stay connected to us here:       
USC, the world's premiere film school, just released instructions on how to more responsibly show firearms and firearm usage in movies and television. What have they decreed? What are they trying to accomplish? Where did they get their ideas?     Trigger Warning: The full guide from the USC   The Reload: Article on the sources of the USC's talking points   Shooting  Straight: The main Everytown article they cited     Accidental Gun Deaths: Better charts and citations      Keep in touch with us here:      
We believe there's a clear need to grow the large and fuzzy online "Gun Community" in order to educate and inspire people to take their 2A responsibilities more seriously. But we also believe that one of those responsibilities is to build very small, very defined local communities. Let's talk identity and authority.           Keep in touch with us here:      
We are all familiar with how to identify the building blocks of certain physical skills, but what about other important foundational stuff? Keep in touch with us here:         
A continuation of the conversation with Dr. Phillip Kayser, a pastor and theologian who has written extensively on the topic of rights, history, and resistance to tyranny. We talk through the concept of limited government, and the justification of the first 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights. The Divine Right of Resistance by Dr. Kayser      Additional materials on Limiting Government       The Book That Made Your World by Vishal Mangalwadi    The Founder's Constitution (online version | paperback)     The Citizen's Rule Book     Keep in touch with us here:      
There's a lot of big talk about gun control, but as it is generally discussed it is literally impossible, for three main reasons. Firstly, privately-owned weapons are unbelievably numerous; secondly, modern firearms are really easy to make with modern tools; and thirdly, private firearms ownership is still deeply ingrained in American culture. Let's dig into the ramifications of this... Weaponsman's best guess on total US firearms           OSD 219: Technically possible but culturally unthinkable                 Keep in touch with us here:         
Isaac and Vlad begin discussing the many practical applications of SDR radios and the new ruggedized SDR-STK from Terminal Armament, but they quickly end up talking about the more philosophical ramifications of decentralized communications equipment, building for the future, and the need to take control of our technology.  Check out Terminal Armament on YouTube and Instagram       Read More about SDR Radios here         Keep in touch with us here:         
Comments (2)

Chris Raymond

Good stuff! I recently found this quote from former Russian chess master Garry Kasparov--a modern critic of both Russian and American propaganda. I think it flows with what you said about identifying the "what is truth" paradigm instead of merely classifying what categories certain propaganda should be placed in. Kasparov said, "The methodology of fake news isn’t to convince anyone exactly what the truth is, but to make people doubt that the truth exists, or that it can ever be known. People are starting to sense this trend in the free world as well, as Russian disinformation campaigns spread globally and these techniques are adopted. That’s probably why I still see this tweet of mine from December [2016] going around: 'The point of modern propaganda isn't only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth.'"

Mar 14th

Austin Allen

These guys are heroes.

Jun 7th
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