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The official podcast of T.Rex Arms. Weekly thoughts and conversations between various team members discussing equipment, training, history, politics, and of course, the behind-the-scenes stuff regarding the business and technology of developing and making tactical gear. Produced by Isaac Botkin.
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Larry Correia, multiple Award-Winning and frequent New York Times Bestselling author, has just released a new book on gun rights and you should know about it.  In Defense of the Second Amendment by Larry Correia         Semi-preview of the book from the Monster Hunter Nation blog     Additional article from same     Keep in touch with us here:         
Is it final because it's the last one? SHOT Show was a great place to hear lots of discussion on the most recent egregious ATF rule, one that claims that 10-40m Americans are felons and have been for some time. This podcast has some of the main points, and here are some great resources to learn more.CORRECTION: Early on in the podcast I mentioned the US government selling surplus M1 Garands with a 16.25" barrel, but those were in fact M1 Carbines. The surplus M1 Garands had an 18" barrel, and should also not be confused with M1 Abrams, which usually has at least a 200" barrel. Forgotten Weapon's historical context on the NFA     Open Source Defense Overview    GOA and Guns&Gadgets conversation      The 300 page Rule Itself      Keep in touch with us here:      
Over a year ago, Open Source Defense published an article on Coke, guns, and product value, which was sparked by an old Andy Warhol quote. It was thought-provoking enough that we are still talking about it.As we are gearing up for SHOT show, we are pondering the three biggest lessons that Coca-Cola has for the gun industry, primary in the areas of manufacturing, research, and marketing. Keep in touch with us here:      
Amateurs talk strategy, but professionals talk logistics, according to General Omar Bradley. Manufacturing capability will almost always be the limiting factor OR the driving force behind the adoption of new ideas or invention. Check out this great Forgotten Weapons video for an excellent example of that:Ask Ian: Civil War Tech - Why Didn't It Improve?     Keep in touch with us here:      
Today's conversation dives deeply into the question of Rights. We in the 2A community are quick to bring up our rights, to affirm them as pre-existing, to appeal to them as unlimited... but what exactly are these human rights, how should we talk about them, and how did America's founders define them? Today's guest is Dr. Phillip Kayser, a pastor and theologian who has written extensively on the topic.  The Divine Right of Resistance by Dr. Kayser     Additional materials on Limiting Government     Christianity and the Constitution by Col. John Eidsmoe      Keep in touch with us here:      
It was a long time ago... this morning! Thanks to Gun Owners of America, Isaac was able to be a witness in one of the hearings opposing Ballot Measure 114 in Oregon. This is what it was like.  Read hearing coverage from Oregon Live     Keep in touch with us here:       
Today's conversation is with Jay of PewScience! While PewScience has primarily worked to develop rigorous laboratory testing standards for suppressors and develop a single Suppression Rating for easy comparisons, this chat had less to do with combustion events and pressure waves and more to do with the gun industry in general and the development of the Citizen Defense Industry. You can check out some of Jay's suppressor reviews here, and his podcast here.    Keep in touch with us here:       
In late June, the Supreme Court handed down the Bruen decision, which has already had a significant impact on firearm laws and freedoms across the country. To hear Matt of Fuddbusters talk about this from a legal standpoint, check out this past episode, and for more reading, here are links discussing some of the cases discussed in this episode:Rocky Mountain Gun Owners v. Superior    Andrews v. McCraw      Matter of Rounds    Injunction against NY "Concealed Carry Improvement Act"     Christian v. Nigrelli      U.S. v. Price    Keep in touch with us here:       
Take a peek behind the curtain of our Black Friday Preparations, some of the lessons we've learned, logistical hurdles we've had to overcome, and learn how you can get in on the sale early. Spoiler alert, it's by signing up for the newsletter here:      
Now that it's been a week since the mid-term elections, there's enough data to talk about. However, the big takeaways are more likely lessons from the last few years than the last few days, and some reasons not to have the Red Wave Blues. Keep in touch with us here:      
The more powerful a tool or a weapon is, the easier it is for its users to get lazy when using it.  As more and more tools get automatic features, it gets easier for us to be lulled into a false sense of competence. How can we make the most of these improved capabilities without losing the deliberate skill and planning that previous tools required?             Keep in touch with us here:      
The 21st Century is still the Information Age... but there is so much more information floating around today, and it is so much more accessible, that it's actually hard to find real knowledge, and turn it into usable knowledge that will let you level up your capabilities. How can you overcome the obstacles in order to do that?    Keep in touch with us here:      
So, a bunch of random internet news about old guns, new guns, gun control, and folks from the old gun industry all coalesced into an article on The Daily Beast! Let's find out more about what is happening with the Glock-made AR-15 carbine and our old friend Ryan Busse.The Daily Beast Thinkpiece   The AmmoLand Reporting   Bruce Willis and Tommy Lee Jones also contributed to this episode.   Keep in touch with us here:      
A conversation that ranges from how tech companies are able to qrow so quickly, to why social media companies have adopted certain policies, to what we need next in the gun industry.  Open Source Defense is one of our favorite companies in the Gun Rights space, so we've been looking forward to this conversation with Chuck and Kareem, two of the founders with a long background of work in some of Silicon Valley's biggest companies. OSD does a number of different things behind the scenes, but they also publish a fantastic newsletter that you should be subscribed to.  Chuck is also speaking about Meta's ad and content policies at the SHOT Show University, so you can see him there.   Keep in touch with us here:      
Two weeks ago, we published "Why EVERYONE Needs an AR-15" on Youtube, and it has generated a lot of conversation and commentary. Isaac reads some of those comments, addresses some controversy, and talks about a few important points that didn't actually make it into the video.   Keep in touch with us here:      
After a road trip to the family farm in Iowa, it's time to talk about modern American agriculture, and compare it to the way things used to be. As a bonus, Isaac talks to his kids about the lessons they should be learning from their ancestors' examples.Keep in touch with us here:      
A couple of weeks ago, we shot a YouTube video about the history of firearms technology, with the help of Ethan Yazel from The final video is more about freedom, gun control, and the Assault Weapon Ban of 2022 than flintlocks, but it got us a lot more interested in owning and shooting old-school weapons. This conversation between Isaac and Ethen is a longer deep dive into the world of muzzleloaders, both old and new, and all the folks in the muzzleloading community who are working on developing a lot of more foundational skills.Keep in touch with us here:      
As we learn more about all the new satellite and internet communications technologies coming in the future, perhaps we should go back to the humble handheld GPS devices for certain things. This conversation is about GPS devices, mass surveillance, jamming and spoofing tools, and practical land navigation. Fog Reveal: A location tracking service for law A nearly real-time map of GPS interferenceGarmin eTrex 32x: A super basic handheld GPS with a lot of capabilitiesKeep in touch with us here:      
We launched a brand-new holster today! Actually, it's a bit of a throw-back to a much earlier T.Rex design, but it's also the result of some of our newest processes, equipment, and strategies. It builds on the tooling we made for Sidecar 2.0, but is also the product Ironside Launch Video   Ironside Holster Page    Keep in touch with us here:      
Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes


Last week, our Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which will reduce the impact of inflation by hiring $80 billion dollars' worth of new IRS agents to squeeze more tax revenue out of the people affected by inflation.handIRS Special Agent Recruiting  Terrible IRS CQB training  IRS Audits by DemographicKeep in touch with us here:      
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Chris Raymond

Good stuff! I recently found this quote from former Russian chess master Garry Kasparov--a modern critic of both Russian and American propaganda. I think it flows with what you said about identifying the "what is truth" paradigm instead of merely classifying what categories certain propaganda should be placed in. Kasparov said, "The methodology of fake news isn’t to convince anyone exactly what the truth is, but to make people doubt that the truth exists, or that it can ever be known. People are starting to sense this trend in the free world as well, as Russian disinformation campaigns spread globally and these techniques are adopted. That’s probably why I still see this tweet of mine from December [2016] going around: 'The point of modern propaganda isn't only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth.'"

Mar 14th

Austin Allen

These guys are heroes.

Jun 7th
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