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Author: Gordy Young

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TALK TO GORDY is a twice weekly podcast that features guest interviews with authors, experts and everyday people on topics ranging from pop culture, music, self-help, broadcasting, UFOs and the New Normal.From serious to the frivolous to the boringly mundane, Gordy Young has heard it all. New podcasts are available on Tuesdays and Fridays.
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OK, this is a special episode.I remember the first time I heard John Peterson on the radio. He was doing the morning show on WIBA-FM and this was in the early 80s...this was before Sly took over.Peterson's show caught my ear, because he was doing phone calls and had a very dry wit. He'd push peoples' buttons...and they would push back. He would bring up controversial subjects and go back to the phones in between classic rock cuts.When I finally met him in 1986 he was taking the opening day tour of Fox 47. Christa Lane introduced us, and we hit it off immediately. Eventually, because I was in charge of promotion and marketing, I hired John to do some voice work for the station and we started working even more together. We created Nite Owl Movies, a late night movie show where we would cut in to the film to present commercials and goof around a bit. Fun stuff.We would go on to work together as a radio duo for 92MAD-FM and later, Triple M. We pushed the boundaries of radio and created some memorable moments as well as a little controversy from time to time. Since I moved back to Wisconsin 5 years ago, we've gotten together a handful of times to have coffee and talk about the old days. I called him up the other day to get him on the podcast. That's what you'll hear...just like old times.Mr. Peterson? Enjoy!GordyTo support the show, check out Instacart here: the show (
TV watching is up big time, mostly because of the pandemic, but also because there seems to be unlimited channels of shows you can watch 24/7 wherever you're watching; traditional networks, cable, streaming, satellite or that via that chip that in your head that the aliens planted when they abducted you. You remember that...right?In any case, whenever we're talking TV we're talking to Jackson & Barb Quigley. They have a website called and that's what they do.So, sit back, relax, put your feet up and warm up your remote.Enjoy!GordyHelp Support the TALK TO GORDY's how:Check out Instacart here: - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show (
For those of you that perhaps have exclusively been listening to the TALK TO GORDY podcasts, I also do a Facebook LIVE show every Saturday morning 9AM Central time.I thought I'd put the audio of this morning's Facebook show up, just in case you're inclined to listen in your car or while you're working out or cooking mashed potatoes or whatever you do when you're not watching cat videos or tap dancing penguins.Yes, tap dancing penguins is a thing...or maybe that was just a dream I had after I ate some pizza late at night.In any case, enjoy the audio stream from my Saturday morning Facebook show from this morning...listen to it on your phone while you're trying to drift of to'll do the trick!Enjoy! Support the show (
Harvey Stauffer was born in Chicago in the early 1950s and he's had the blues ever since. Well...I'm not sure when exactly the blues caught up to Harv', but he knows more about the blues than anyone I know. He's been researching it ever since he started hosting the Blues Revue on WVPE-FM radio 37 years ago.He's played in a bunch of bands over the years. When I lived in Indiana from 1994 through 2015 Harvey was the lead singer and front man for the Elwood Splinters Blues Band. I was lucky enough to sit in with that group a bunch of times over the years, and it was a blast every single time.Now, Harvey is in a new blues group called Ol' Harv' and the Blues Katz and they have a performance coming up in October.We also talked about "the summer that wasn't"....the virus kept a lot of musicians on the sidelines this year. And, we remember blues guitarist Bryan Lee, who passed away recently.Keepin' the Blues Alive!Support the show (
This time around I talk to Mark Tully, (or more formally M. Richard Tully) who is the author of "A Man Called Baraboo". The story of Francois Barbeau who was fur trader in the 1700s in the part of Wisconsin now known as Baraboo.Mark has authored 14 books that are all related to the subject of history in one way or another.As an author, he goes by M. Richard Tully, but everyone I know around Baraboo just calls him Tully...and he knows a ton of people around the area!The book is really an in depth look at Francois Barbeau and the city that's known for being the Greatest Place on Earth (with the tip of the hat to the Ringling Brothers) beautiful Baraboo, Wisconsin.Enjoy the show!Support the show (
I called my old friend Tricia Sloma the other day...and like usual, I got her answering machine. I get it. She's fact, she's always busy and it always takes 2 or 3 times for me to get through. After all, she's an Emmy winning reporter. Not only that, she was awarded the prestigious Indiana Journalist of the Year from the Society of Professional Journalists for a series she did on school bus safety. Because of that, she helped to changed some Indiana laws on school bus stop safety.But, we didn't talk about that stuff too much...This was really just a conversation between two old friends. I happened to call her while she was going through a few boxes of things she brought home from the office because they're doing a major remodeling at WNDU-TV, where she's worked for 27 years.So, you get to be a fly on the wall of this talk...this is the real, behind-the-scenes Tricia Sloma, or as she's known affectionately by her co-workers, "Mama Sloma" broadcast partner from 1994-2010. Those were fun times...we had a good time catching up.Lightning in a bottle.Enjoy!Support the show (
I like to interview people...but, occasionally for whatever reason an interview guest may have to re-schedule...that happens!But, the show must go on!So, today this is just me updating you on a couple of changes coming up on Talk to Gordy.One change you may notice is that my Facebook Live show is switching from my personal Facebook page to the all-new Talk to Gordy Facebook page beginning THIS Saturday, September 5th.What else?I'm open to interview guest suggestions....IF you know of someone you'd like to hear me interview on the podcast, shoot me an's the address: gordy@gordyyoung.comor send an actual letter or postcard to: Gordy Young, PO Box 701, Baraboo, WI 53913That's all for now...Thanks for listening,So long!GordySupport the show (
Jackson Quigley watches a TON of TV! He and his wife Barbara have been binge watching shows since before it was a thing....they practically invented it.They have a terrific website for binge watchers at and there's plenty of free info available there...but, be sure to check out the Binge Bible which is the flagship product of their site.Watch for Jackson (along with his wife Barbara) to make a return appearance on the podcast to update us all on whatever shows are soon to premiere as we all get ready for Fall. As Jackson says, "Life's too short to watch bad TV!"Indeed...Enjoy the show!Support the show (
The Pentagon is back in the news with yet another commission being formed perhaps for another report about UFOs...just give us the facts! We CAN handle the truth!Greg Cisko has heard this before and gives us his take. Also, an asteroid could show up just before election day? Should we vote early before we get knocked out of orbit? Should we get our laundry done early that week? Or, is this much ado about nothing?Greg and Gordy ponder space, aliens invading, asteroids heading toward Earth and what else in going on in the universe. Time to light the candle and space out!Support the show (
What's YOUR favorite soft drink?Mine is, and always has been Coco-Cola! It's the original. Hey, it's OK if you prefer Pepsi or Dr. Pepper. I know good people who wake up with Mountain Dew or 7-Up or even some A&W Root Beer...but, those are other drinks for other times.In this show, I talk with Larry Jorgensen, the author of THE COCA-COLA TRAIL.Larry's a lot of fun...and he really knows a lot about the history of Coca-Cola and lots of fun facts about the earlier bottlers of the world's most popular soft drink.Have a Coke and a smile!It's the Real Thing...and I'd like to teach the world to sing, but first I need a Coke!Support the show (
Rev. Bill Harris is a dynamic individual and a man on a mission. He founded the organization People Helping People back in 1998. It's in Baraboo, in the heart of Sauk County, Wisconsin and they also serve the surrounding counties of Juneau, Adams and Columbia Counties.It's the driving force of Bill Harris' personality that makes People Helping People tick. He's an engaging, down to earth guy and when I first met him a few years ago, we hit it right off. He is committed to helping every person in need that he meets. Bill's been there and done that, and continues to focus on the mission that is dear to his heart...People Helping People.Support the show (
Dr. Rob Riley is someone I've known for 25 years. I met him when I worked at WNDU-TV in South Bend, Indiana. He was our guest many times during our weekly "Ask the Doctor" segment. He has since retired, but still keeps up on what's happening in medicine. In this interview, we talk about the effects of Covid-19 on the sports world, entertainment, students going back to school as well as where things stand with finding a vaccine.What have we learned since the pandemic started really spreading around the world 6 months ago?We've learned a lot as it turns out...but, we still have a long way to go.Support the show (
2020 isn't over yet...sure there's a global pandemic, civil unrest, a looming economic crisis and a presidential election right around the corner...but hey, it's not to late for an invasion from outer space...right?Alright, that's probably the least of our worries right now, but perhaps it's a welcome diversion to think about what's out there and what the government may know about it and if there ready to tell us something we don't already know about UFOs.Greg Cisko knows all about UFOs and in this podcast we talk about the latest buzz around the now famous Tic Tac video that the military commented on earlier this year. I'll let Greg explain what that means.Keep checking the never know what may be coming our way next!Support the show (
Podcast was a bit late this time around, apologies. When this happens it's usually something technical, and that was the case today. Usually, I try to get the show recorded the evening before it's released, but technical snafus made that impossible.Coming up on the the coming days UFO expert Greg Cisko will be on the Friday podcast and also on Saturday Facebook Live (10amEastern/9amCentral). If you have ever seen a UFO or have a story to tell or a question to ask, email me at gordy@gordyyoung.comAlso coming to the show soon is lifelong Beatle fan Gina Smith. Gina has the largest and most amazing collection of Beatle memorabilia that I've ever seen...enough to fill a small warehouse. She also contribute a number of never before seen photos of the Fab Four to a Beatle book a couple of years ago.Support the show (
Why are mysterious packages of seeds showing up in mailboxes across America? Where are they coming from? China or outer space? Are UFOs about to arrive to take us off planet Earth? Also, there's a new survey that says Americans aren't very comfortable even thinking about going to large public gatherings like outdoor concerts or sports events...and they won't be for a long time. We'll also give you an update on the Honor Covid-19 Victims pins.Support the show (
I met Regis a couple of times. Once in South Bend and once in Chicago. He couldn't have been nicer. What a personality...what a character...and what a career. He was one of a kind. He loved visiting his alma mater Notre Dame and the folks around South Bend loved having him visit. I was lucky to have a chance to meet him, but each time was only for 5 or 10 minutes...hardly time to get to know a person...he was the real deal, though, and just like he was on TV.We're gonna miss ya, Regis!Support the show (
My cell phone went on the fritz a few days ago...very irritating to be sure, but a minor inconvenience I can deal with. In the scope of things, it's just another bump in the road in these days of modern technology. It'll take a few days to get fixed. Somehow, I'll get by.I usually don't get too serious about things...I find the humor in most situations, and that helps to lighten the load. But these days it's hard to avoid getting serious at times. Covid 19 has killed over 143,000 Americans so far. The news is startling and grim every day. A lot of families are grieving and they are continually reminded of their loss every time they turn on the news.A few days ago I heard from an old friend about her brother who died back in April. She sent me a little joke on my voicemail that her brother used to like to tell and sent another email about the Covid 19 Victim Honor Pin project she's doing to honor her brother Bill. People wonder "what can I do about the virus?". Honor the victims...and hold their families in your heart and in your arms, and never forget those who have died. It's the least we can do.Support the show (
Harvey Stauffer is an old friend...we've known each other for more than 25 years. He's the host of one of the best blues radio shows anywhere, the Blues Revue weekends on WVPE-FM in Elkhart, Indiana. You can hear the live stream Saturdays & Sundays at 1pm Eastern time on their website has been keeping busy with his radio show, but he's also got a new band called Ole Harv' and the Blues Katz. We also talk about musicians struggling to perform during the pandemic. It's a tough time everywhere for live music to be sure.Enjoy the podcast!Support the show (
I've done a bunch of podcasts back in 2011 and another batch back in 2015, and those may still exist somewhere in the vastness of the internet if you troll around a bit. (I wouldn't really expect you to...but, if you find them let me know, I'm sure I probably didn't save them>)So, lots has changed in my life the last few years, especially and podcasting has advanced to the point of being much easier to, I'm back in the game.I'm reaching out to let you know that I'd love to hear from you via the voicemail or email me at and I'll use your messages on the air. I'd love to hear what you and everyone is up to and how you're dealing with the pandemic of 2020. I hope you are safe and, keep in touch!GordySupport the show (
Welcome to Talk to Gordy! It's a podcast hosted by me, Gordy Young. This is the first introductory show where you'll find out what it's all about. Thanks for checking it out.Support the show (
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