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Original broadcast date: July 30, 2021. This hour, journalist Saleem Reshamwala gives us a tour of surprising people and places — Lima, Nairobi, and prehistoric New Jersey — to inspire new perspectives on travel and cultures.
Musician Jacob Collier is known for his electrifying performances and thoughtful views on art and humanity. This hour, Jacob joins us for a conversation on the sparks that fuel his creative process. Want to share feedback with our team? NPR is conducting a survey to better understand how listeners like you spend time with podcasts. Help us out by completing a short, anonymous survey at - and thanks!
Listen Again: Heartache

Listen Again: Heartache


Original broadcast date: October 1, 2021. When stress, fear or sadness weigh on us, our hearts can suffer — even break. But there are ways to mend our broken hearts. This hour, TED speakers share stories and ideas about soothing heartache. Guests include cardiologist Sandeep Jauhar, law professor Jeannie Suk Gersen, pediatric nurse Hui-wen Sato, and climate activist Knut Ivar Bjørlykhaug. Want to give us feedback? You can take a short, anonymous survey at Tell us what you like, and how we can improve. Thanks!
Humor Us

Humor Us


Humor can lighten the mood. But it can also provoke, cajole, and inspire. This hour, TED speakers share how we can wield humor as a tool across all aspects of our lives. Guests include comedian Marcia Belsky, computer scientist Vinith Misra, behavioral scientist Jennifer Aaker, corporate strategist Naomi Bagdonas and science comedian Kasha Patel.
Original broadcast date: February 5, 2021. We live in an era of instant gratification. But some things--to reach their full potential--simply cannot be rushed. This hour, TED speakers explore what we can learn from ideas ... that take time. Guests include zoologist Lucy Cooke, neuroscientist Matthew Walker, architect Julia Watson, and NASA engineer Nagin Cox.
"Reduce, reuse, recycle." We've heard that for decades - but does it work? This hour, TED speakers reimagine the well-known slogan and reconsider how we think about what we consume and throw away. Guests include right-to-repair advocate Gay Gordon-Byrne, materials scientist Andrew Dent, technologist Jamie Beard and animal scientist Ermias Kebreab.
Original broadcast date: Friday, October 16, 2020. Sound surrounds us, from cacophony even to silence. But depending on how we hear, the world can be a different auditory experience for each of us. This hour, TED speakers explore the science of sound. Guests on the show include NPR All Things Considered host Mary Louise Kelly, neuroscientist Jim Hudspeth, writer Rebecca Knill, and sound designer Dallas Taylor.
MLK Jr., Malcolm X and James Baldwin are household names, but what about their mothers? This hour, author Anna Malaika Tubbs explores how these three women shaped American history.
From workplaces to schools to national governments, leaders everywhere are being called on to solve complex problems with humility and bravery. This hour, we consider what it takes to be a leader. Guests include executive coach Patrice Gordon, organizational psychologist Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, and educator Shabana Basij-Rasikh.
Original broadcast date: July 24, 2020. How do spaces shape the human experience? In what ways do our rooms, homes, and buildings give us meaning and purpose? This hour, TED speakers explore the power of the spaces we make and inhabit.Guests include architect Michael Murphy, musician David Byrne, artist Es Devlin, and architect Siamak Hariri.
Original broadcast date: May 8, 2020. Many of us were taught biological sex is a question of female or male, XX or XY... but it's far more complicated. This hour, TED speakers explore what determines our sex. Guests on the show include artist Emily Quinn, journalist Molly Webster, neuroscientist Lisa Mosconi, and structural biologist Karissa Sanbonmatsu.
Take Care

Take Care


Giving and receiving care—it's a natural part of life. But how do we offer the best possible support for our loved ones? This hour, TED speakers share ideas on reimagining caregiving. Guests include dementia care advocate Yvonne van Amerongen, attorney Diana Adams, inclusion advocate Sara Jones, and comedian Bill Bernat.
Original broadcast date: September 3, 2021. Food is one of life's greatest pleasures, yet many of our food systems are flawed. This hour, TED speakers look to the past to reconnect with what we eat, and the present to reimagine our food future. Guests include forager Alexis Nikole Nelson, chef Sean Sherman, social entrepreneur Jasmine Crowe, and environmental journalist Amanda Little.
In the last century, human life expectancy has doubled. This hour, we talk with writer Steven Johnson on the many breakthroughs that made this possible — and where we go from here.
Original broadcast date: October 30, 2020. False information on the internet makes it harder and harder to know what's true, and the consequences have been devastating. This hour, TED speakers explore ideas around technology and deception. Guests include law professor Danielle Citron, journalist Andrew Marantz, and computer scientist Joy Buolamwini.
What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath


From our planet's underwater caves to its ancient soils, there are entire worlds right beneath our feet. This hour, we explore the subterranean forces that shape our lives above the ground. Guests include cave diver Jill Heinerth, death care advocate Katrina Spade, soil scientist Asmeret Asefaw Berhe, and paleontologist Nizar Ibrahim.
Listen Again: Migration

Listen Again: Migration


Original broadcast date: April 30, 2021. Migration is a part of everyone's history. This hour, TED speakers explore ideas about places we call home — and how these experiences continue to reshape our culture, countries, and species. Guests include bioarchaeologist Carolyn Freiwald, journalist Isabel Wilkerson, comedian Maeve Higgins, and ecologist Sonia Altizer.
Original broadcast date: September 17, 2021. Jason Reynolds is an award-winning author and National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. This hour, Jason speaks with Manoush about reaching kids through stories that let them feel understood.
Work, Play, Rest - Part 3

Work, Play, Rest - Part 3


Rest is so much more than just a good night's sleep. From human hibernation to ASMR to the science of dreams, we explore how to nourish our minds and bodies with different forms of rest. Guests include physiologist Craig Richard, psychologist Dylan Selterman, hibernation researcher Matteo Cerri, and journalist Celeste Headlee.
Work, Play, Rest - Part 2

Work, Play, Rest - Part 2


As kids, play comes naturally. But over time, it gets replaced with work. This hour, TED speakers explore how to reconnect with play—to spark creativity, combat despair, and find our way in the world. Guests include musician Jacob Collier, human rights activist Yana Buhrer Tavanier, and web developer Stuart Duncan.
Comments (516)


This is amazing

Jun 19th


lowered volume of this podcast after hearing this so it so it doesnt grow back in humans..uh oh..listen a minimum volume guys!

May 23rd


awesome! I'm really happy about the fact that people around the world are trying to be against consumerism 🤍

May 20th

Xinquan Li

love npr !

May 19th

Michelle Pegler

Amazing episode! I always wonder about the mothers that raised the male heroes in our history books.

May 15th

Mahdi Olavi

Hello guys I'm Mahdi and I've just Listen to this episode of your podcast, so it was awesome 👌 by the way would you please let me know name of the song that is playing in minute 50th of the episode? Thanks in advance ⚘

May 13th

Delaram Fateminejad

Pretty intresting💙💙

May 6th

Zombie Lover

33:56-end the section with Amanda Palmer really interested me, originally I just had to listen to this and write a reaction essay for school but I really enjoyed this

Apr 19th

Ali Sadeghi Maharluee

As Technology has filled all sides of our lives, these days It is critical to learn more about the platforms; their algorithms and their effects on our decisions. As mentioned in this podcast, it's vital to think about the content before touching the SEND TO ALL icon. I hope it will take place soon.

Mar 21st

Meysam Gagoonani

I had never heard of Asmr before I searched the YouTube for the videos. My personal experience of the videos was very dark! There seems to be some curious, dark associations! Why almost all the asmr "artists" are women? Why are they dressing rather sexy, revealing clothes? Not, surprisingly, I can guess that a great portion of listeners are men! I believe it touches a deeper feeling of the need for intimacy, rather that being "calming and relaxing."

Mar 3rd


it was the most inspiring one... #from_Iran

Feb 24th


Jess… whoever she is, stated that Fed-Ex dealt with a worker shortage while UPS did not throughout the pandemic. You are either completely ignorant or just doesn’t believe in research before you speak. This is outrageous that this would be said on a national broadcast. What a joke…I’ve worked for UPS for going on 8 years. You should be ashamed to put this information out to the public. We’ve been understaffed and over worked throughout the pandemic. Do your frigging research Jess/NPR, this is a joke. Makes me wonder what else you guys falsify or embellish. I’ll unsubscribe gladly.

Feb 17th

Marjan Nabi


Jan 31st

Z Gholami

thanks for such an amazing episode 👍 where can I get transcripts?

Jan 28th


TIL..take every griefing heart matter serious n try to not get overwhelmed because it destroys the heart..laughter therapy perhaps.. confession: i at times remind my father of mental abuse inflicted on me so he can apologize for ONCE but his EGO doesnt allow him to... he gets stressed but refuses to apologize, hurts me even more instead of heal. Lesson: This episode tells me TO NEVER REMIND something sad n stressing like could kill him.

Jan 12th

Shabnam Shadlu

It was awesome.

Dec 25th

michael sichenzia

A fantastic and educational program indeed. It's time for all of us, growers, distributors, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, chefs, and consumers to think about and act on #begoodfood in our day to day lives. This program is a must listen to show for us all.🌾🌿🥦🥬🥑🌽

Dec 12th

Douglas Gallardo Jr

I feel totally bamboozled by this episode and I'm pretty disappointed. This episode isn't about luck, fortune or chance at all past the first speaker. This episode is about racism. Totally misleading title. #clickbait

Dec 1st

Shabnam Shadlu

It was a great episode. Keep up with the work. Thanks a lot. :)

Oct 17th

AhmedAlrady Mohmmed

strees is the most killer

Oct 7th
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