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TED is a nonprofit devoted to ideas worth spreading. On this video feed, you'll find TED Talks to inspire, intrigue and stir the imagination from some of the world's leading thinkers and doers, speaking from the stage at TED conferences, TEDx events and partner events around the world. This podcast is also available in high-def video and audio-only formats.
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What happens when architecture meets empathy? Through the challenges of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, architect and humanitarian Slava Balbek, who volunteers part-time on the front lines, highlights the importance of designing for dignity when building temporary housing for the people of Ukraine who have lost their homes. A stirring reminder of the healing power of the built environment — and how it can provide comfort amidst chaos.
Theater has the power to transform the most pressing issues of our time from news stories into human stories, says director and playwright Amir Nizar Zuabi. Recounting his work on the journey of Little Amal — a 13-foot puppet symbolizing the refugee experience — Zuabi unveils his newest project: "The Herds," a vast theatrical production of animal puppets that will "migrate" from West Africa to Norway in 2025, aimed at sparking climate change awareness.
"A flourishing democracy next door is a scary thing for an autocrat," says Ukrainian historian Olesya Khromeychuk. Detailing the history of Ukraine's long struggle for sovereignty and freedom — against Russian tsars, communist dictators and now the Kremlin's army — she shares three lessons anybody can use to join the global fight for democracy.
Access to information is the key to unlocking human rights for all, says equality champion Paige Alexander. From educating female entrepreneurs on how to launch life-sustaining businesses to murals, billboards and other creative ways of sharing vital resources, Alexander shares how she and her team at the Carter Center connect people to the information they need — when they need it the most.
Israel and Palestine have grappled with enduring territorial disputes and complex geopolitical tensions across generations. In this profound TED Membership conversation, Palestinian peace activist Ali Abu Awwad and Israeli founder of Ami Dar envision a future built on mutual respect, recognition and nonviolent activism, where both identities coexist harmoniously. Listen for a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the belief that, despite entrenched conflict, a shared commitment to dignity and justice is possible. (This interview, hosted by TED curator Cloe Shasha Brooks, was recorded on February 8, 2024. Visit to access exclusive benefits by becoming a TED Member today.)
Science fiction authors have warned us for decades: division among global leaders can quickly create dystopia. Political economist Zainab Usman thinks present-day power struggles may seriously hinder the world's ability to fight climate change, with similarly disastrous results. She highlights three areas of particular economic concern, urging scholars, business leaders and policymakers to do more to align against the growing threat. (Contains spoilers for "The Three-Body Problem" by Liu Cixin)
"Instead of seeing life's challenges as obstacles, I see them as an obstacle course — a fascinating array of tests that I'm curious to see if I can pass," says community builder Maryam Banikarim. Telling the story of her experience emigrating from Iran as a child, Banikarim shares how her search for belonging led her to realize that community can help each of us overcome life's hurdles.
Chamber music group The Merian Ensemble delight with an evocative, transporting performance of Nicole Chamberlain's "Atalanta" for flute, oboe, bass clarinet, harp and viola.
When it comes to climate solutions, "now is better than new, and time is more important than tech," says scientist Jonathan Foley. He presents a six-part framework to more efficiently address climate change, from better aligning capital with carbon to utilizing affordable solutions that are ready to go now. Learn more about what the data says to do — and how the solutions might be cheaper than we think.
Sometimes, you need to break the rules to innovate — but which ones? Entrepreneurship professor John Mullins shares six counter-conventional mindsets for entrepreneurs looking to think strategically, navigate challenges and change the world.
Our brains are hardwired to crave community and belonging — a tribal instinct that drives politics in the United States, says political strategist Sarah Longwell. She shares what she learned trying to convince people to vote against their political party in a recent election and shows why telling a better story about democracy is key to bridging the ideological divide.
Artist Laetitia Ky has a unique medium: using the hair on her head (and some wire), she creates incredible sculptures of objects, animals, people and more, promoting messages of bodily autonomy and self-acceptance. She shares how she came to create these surprisingly intricate forms and offers a joyful message of creative perseverance.
Are babies oblivious to danger? It's not that simple, says cognitive scientist Shari Liu. Sharing surprising insights (and plenty of baby videos) from studies of early human development, Liu highlights the unexpected ways babies perceive and respond to risky situations — and what these findings could unravel about the inner workings of our minds.
Laprisha Berry Daniels' grandparents left the Southern United States and migrated north to Detroit in the 1950s — a move that could be considered a big "climate change." Now, as a public health social worker, Berry Daniels mines the survival strategies of her grandparents to think about how we can all learn from the past to better prepare for current and future environmental climate change.
Leaders can't be afraid to disrupt the status quo, says pharmaceutical CEO Paul Hudson. In conversation with TED's Lindsay Levin, he shares how AI eliminates "unglamorous work" and speeds up operations while collaborations across competitors can dramatically boost sustainability. Hear some powerful advice for the modern leader — and learn why it's time for businesses to embrace AI.
Urging us to turn away from voices perpetuating harmful stereotypes, gender equality advocate Gary Barker shares three insights on fostering a culture of care, compassion and connection among men. "We are the most wired-to-care species on the planet," he says. "But if you don't use it ... you don't get good at it."
Catching cancer at its earliest stages saves lives. But in a body made up of trillions of cells, how do you spot a small group of rogue cancer cells? Biomedical researcher Hani Goodarzi discusses his lab's discovery of a new class of RNAs that, when paired with emerging AI tools, could help detect cancer earlier, more precisely and even through routine blood work — potentially transforming our understanding of the disease.
Electro-pop artist Buzz unfurls an enchanting, genre-bending performance of three original songs.
The world relies on manufacturing, and manufacturing relies on heat — a massive contributor to global carbon emissions, responsible for a quarter of the world's fossil fuel use. Energy entrepreneur John O'Donnell has figured out a better, cleaner way to generate the heat we need to make the stuff we want. Learn how his team turned simple bricks and iron wire into a powerful, unconventional "heat battery" that could deliver industrial heat at scale without the emissions — and why he thinks electrified industrial heat is the next trillion-dollar industry.
Google's chief diversity officer Melonie D. Parker joins journalist and host of the "TED Tech" podcast Sherrell Dorsey for a conversation on fostering belonging and opportunity in the workplace. Learn more about how companies can sustainably promote diversity, equity and inclusion — and why you should aim to "add in," not "fit in."
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