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The Ed Mylett Show showcases the greatest peak-performers across all industries in one place, sharing their journey, knowledge and thought leadership. With Ed Mylett and featured guests in almost every industry including business, health, collegiate and professional sports, politics, entrepreneurship, science, and entertainment, you'll find motivation, inspiration and practical steps to help you become the best version of you!
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Get ready for a game-changing episode that tackles one of the most prevalent challenges of our time: engaging in CONVERSATIONS with those who hold different viewpoints. Whether it's POLITICS, RELATIONSHIPS, or MONEY, we've witnessed a decline in CIVILITY, leading to heightened stress, anger, and violence.That’s why this week, I've invited a true expert to the show—a master in the art of fostering RESPECT in our dialogues. Join me in welcoming the phenomenal CHUCK WISNER, author of the groundbreaking book, THE ART OF CONSCIOUS CONVERSATIONS: TRANSFORMING HOW WE TALK, LISTEN, AND INTERACT.Thursdays are typically SOLO episodes but this week’s topic about the art of communication is so important that I’ve enlisted the help of Chuck. It’s still a brief episode packed with transformative skills!Brace yourself for an enlightening conversation that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.The key to exceptional conversations lies in our willingness to embrace TRUTH based on our unique PERSPECTIVES. As we dive into the depths of this subject, we’ll cover: Falling in love with the power of ASKING QUESTIONS driven by genuine CURIOSITYLiberating ourselves from the need for answers and instead fostering a sense of explorationExploring the four types of conversations: STORYTELLING, COLLABORATIVE, CREATIVE, and COMMITMENTEvaluating our TRIGGERS and PATTERNS and their profound influence on our communicationDifferentiating between FACTS and TRUTHS, and the impact it has on our judgmentsUnraveling the connection between our STANDARDS and the judgments we makeCultivating a genuine sense of CARE for others and making them feel heardPaying heed to the powerful language of BODY LANGUAGE Get ready to embark on a transformative journey as we unravel the secrets of conscious communication. 
I think the number one thing most people TRULY want is MORE LOVE and LESS STRESS… but the burning question remains: How do you actually make it happen?Get ready to meet my exceptional guest this week, the remarkable GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR. I've been a fan and follower of his work for a long time, and I'm genuinely thrilled to have him on the show.Gurudev is a true champion of humanity, a spiritual leader, and a peace ambassador. Through his incredible organizations, he has touched the lives of an astounding 500 MILLION people in over 180 countries. His messages couldn't be more timely as he empowers and transforms individuals to tackle personal, local, and global challenges.Our conversation is an absolute rollercoaster, covering an array of mind-blowing topics, including:The role of DOUBT and how it impacts our livesHow to let go of things that no longer serve you and break free from unnecessary baggageGurudev's insights from negotiating peace in global conflictsHow the power of MEDITATION and BREATHING can reshape your daily existenceHow to cultivate and nurture your identityHow to unlocking your hidden potentialHow to find CLARITYHow to have more JOY in lifePeering into the mysteries that lie beyond this life's horizonA thought-provoking discussion on the potential of PSYCHEDELICSLet me tell you, Gurudev is one of the most awe-inspiring individuals I've ever encountered. As you listen closely, get ready to discover powerful insights that will guide you towards greater PEACE and BLISS in your own life.These are the answers we all need in times like these—a compass that will help us navigate the stormy seas and find the serenity we seek. So, join me in this incredible episode and get ready to be transformed!
In this week’s episode of Ed Mylett 2.0 of JUST ME speaking to YOU, I’m going to answer one of the questions I’m asked most often…“How do I begin to ATTRACT WHAT I WANT the GET RID OF THE THINGS I DON’T WANT?”After years of deep study and implementation into my own life, I’m revealing what I’ve learned so YOU can get results.Fist step: You must believe YOU WERE MEANT TO DO SOMETHING GREAT!Next…INTENT, DESIRE and CLARITY matter.When you learn how to focus and master those parts of your life, you will be well on your way to ATTRACTING the things you want and getting rid of the things that do not serve you well, and that’'s what I’m teaching you how to do in this transformative master class.Plus you’ll learn:The powerful role of emotions in shaping your desired outcomesUnveiling the key belief that propels you towards greatnessThe art of living beyond your physical world and controlling your thoughtsCreating a vision infused with urgency and pursuing your dreams fearlesslyExamining the impact of conditioning and environment on your path to successExploring the three integral parts of your being: physical, intellectual, and spiritualJoin me on this episode as we unravel the secrets to attracting what you truly want and shedding the elements that no longer serve you. Get ready for an enlightening journey of self-discovery and transformation!that’s
Get ready to embark on an electrifying journey that will revolutionize your relationship with food and health!In this mind-blowing episode, you’ll learn how to “Eat your way to better health." And who better to guide us than the extraordinary DR. WILLIAM LI—the world's foremost authority on the incredible power of food.Oh and yea , we’re discussing Ozempic and similar injections AND Groundbreaking work on Cancer cells! This is something you have NEVER heard before!Dr. Li is about to unveil the secrets that will rock your understanding of nutrition and well-being. With over 40 FDA-approved breakthroughs under his belt, revolutionizing cancer treatment, cardiovascular health, wound healing, vision restoration, and NYT Bestselling book, his expertise is unparalleled.Brace yourself for this groundbreaking exploration of FOOD AS MEDICINE packed with game-changing insights that will directly impact your health—no matter where you are on your health journey!Prepare to take notes as we uncover:How to EAT your way to healthThe profound effects of EXTREME and FAD DIETING, both the good and the badThe dangers of relying on PRESCRIPTION DRUGS for weight lossA comprehensive exploration of ANGIOGENESIS and its implications for overall healthUnderstanding the critical role of HEALTHY BLOOD VESSELS in maintaining well-beingUncovering how food influences INFLAMMATION within the bodyAn eye-opening discussion on the daily formation of CANCER CELLS in our bodiesThe significance of embracing WHOLE FOODS to optimize healthThe impact of WHITE FAT AND BROWN FAT on our bodiesAND Dr. Li shares his cutting-edge research that will forever reshape your understanding of your body's metabolic processes and the connection between SLEEP, INTERMITTENT FASTING, and your body's ability to unleash its fat-burning superpowers.Dr. Li's groundbreaking insights on HARNESSING THE POWER OF EVERYDAY FOODS will activate your body's hidden potential, unleashing a new era of vitality and long-term health and revolutionize your well-being!
Get ready for an epic episode of Ed Mylett 2.0 of JUST ME speaking to YOU! This week, I’m giving you a masterclass in the ultimate secret to DOMINATING in any endeavor: mastering SELF-DISCIPLINE.In my journey, I've encountered and coached countless individuals who possess incredible talent and natural abilities. And the individuals I admire most are the ones who have harnessed the power of self-discipline. They possess an innate drive to MAXIMIZE their potential and an unwavering commitment to continual improvement.You’re not alone if you struggle with self-discipline. We live in a world filled with constant distractions (Netflix, SportsCenter, social media, etc.) that divert our attention from activities that could make a monumental difference in our lives and creating HABITS that EXPAND our CAPACITY.This week, I’m sharing the ACTIONABLE STEPS on how to overcome these distractions, and master the art of SELF-Discipline.Plus, I'm excited to share one of the most impactful articles I've ever read—something I've carried with me for 25 years.LEARN THE HABITS that will enrich your life!
You can COMPLETELY TRANSFORM your LIFE and it all begins in your MIND! Ready to learn how?Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary life journey of GARRAIN JONES—a man who has experienced exhilarating HIGHS and devastating LOWS like few others.The incredible stories behind his triumphs and tribulations make him one of the most fascinating individuals I've had the pleasure of interviewing. This week, GARRAIN and I are here to share how you can draw invaluable lessons from the adversity he has conquered.From surviving attempted murders to making a name in the modeling industry with Wilhelmina and Ford, serving prison time for drug smuggling, and signing a record deal with the legendary LUDACRIS at DPT/Def Jam, Garrain has experienced a truly remarkable life.But it didn't end there—after living in his car for two years, he found inspiration to publish his bestselling book, CHANGE YOUR MINDSET, CHANGE YOUR LIFE, and become a highly sought-after personal development coach.Get ready to be riveted as Garrain reveals:The life-changing encounter with a homeless manThe importance of embracing STILLNESS and QUIET to reconnect with your inner selfEmbracing a childlike approach to discover true blissHarnessing the power of stored emotions in your body for growthThe transformative effects of pursuing VOLUNTARY DISCOMFORTThe liberation that comes from releasing hate and resentmentExploring the concept of energy transmutationUnveiling the significance of the most vital 5 MINUTES of your dayWe also dive deep into the realm of HEART POWER, exploring how to understand, leverage, and fully embrace your unique GIFTS AND TALENTS.This episode offers a simple yet profound way to CHANGE YOUR MINDSET, aligning your physical and spiritual self to manifest the joy you genuinely deserve.
This week, I'm diving deep into the topic of developing greater SELF-CONFIDENCE—the number one challenge I observe so many people struggling with in their lives and the number 1 requested topic.In just 20 minutes, I will equip you with powerful strategies to OVERCOME DOUBT and CRUSH those destructive negative voices that hold you back.During our time together, we cover a lot of ground, including:The significance of KEEPING PROMISES to yourselfHow even the smallest actions can stack up and elevate your self-worthShifting your focus towards PROCESSES and STANDARDS for lasting confidenceCelebrating your BEST EFFORTS and INTENTIONS rather than solely focusing on outcomesThe impact of VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES and rhythms on your self-confidenceEmbracing self-confidence as an EMOTIONI also delve into the profound role that FAITH plays in building self-confidence. Few things are as empowering as knowing that you have God on your side. When you prioritize serving others based on faith-based principles, you'll discover a deep sense of PEACE and self-confidence.The key to unlocking greater self-confidence lies in transforming your self-perception.Get ready to unlock a treasure trove of tactical strategies that will help you make those necessary changes and become a more confident individual in all areas of your life!
If there's ever been a time when we needed a boost in RESILIENCY, it's now.Let's face it—divorce, health issues, financial crises, and other major challenges can really knock us down, both emotionally and physically. We can't avoid the punches, setbacks, and unexpected losses that leave us feeling devastated for what seems like forever.But here's the smart move: learn how to manage these curveballs with an OPTIMAL RESILIENCE MINDSET.This week, I have the privilege of speaking with the incredible resilience expert, DR. TARYN MARIE. Dr. Marie discovered that resilience was the key to healing and minimizing ongoing trauma. Her work as the founder of the RESILIENCE LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE and author of the NY TIMES best-selling book, THE FIVE PRACTICES OF HIGHLY RESILIENT PEOPLE, has made her a sought-after keynote speaker and a favorite among podcast listeners.Get ready to soak up some wisdom as we explore:Unveiling the true essence of resiliencyHow CHALLENGE, CHANGE, and COMPLEXITY are intertwined with resilienceDebunking the 5 Myths of Resilient PeopleThe power of creating a REVERSE BUCKET LISTNavigating the tricky terrain of vulnerability and overcoming SHAME BIASHarnessing the strength of PRODUCTIVE PERSEVERANCEA deep dive into the world of GRITUncovering the habits and characteristics of resilient individualsRituals that cultivate a RESILIENT LIFEBut that's not all—we also delve into crucial conversations about equipping parents with the tools to raise resilient children and reflecting on the messages our older selves should have imparted to our younger selves.Here's the bottom line: When we embrace vulnerability, thoughtfulness, and perseverance, we equip ourselves with the essential tools to lead resilient lives. Get ready to transform your mindset and unleash your resilience!  
his week I’m going to talk to you about an addiction you’ve probably not spent much time thinking about…ACHIEVEMENT ADDICTION.Just like anything else pushed to an UNHEALTHY EXCESS, achievement addiction has a dark side most people don’t stop to think about in their relentless grind to success.I’ve gone through periods where I’ve become so addicted to success that I’ve forgotten to enjoy my life, delaying my happiness until that “ONE DAY” in the future when I’ve made it…I’ve learned that if you’re not careful, the price of success can suck the life out of all the other BEAUTIFUL PARTS OF YOUR LIFE if you are focused on the WRONG THINGS.In this episode, I’m going to teach you how to EMBRACE your journey to SUCCESS while at the same time experience an abundance of BLISS and HAPPINESS. You CAN achieve both!If you’re like me, you WANT to achieve SUCCESS. And that’s a beautiful thing! Now let me guide you on how to ENJOY THE RIDE as we take the road less traveled.This episode will literally change your life!
On this powerful episode of The Ed Mylett Show, we dive deep into the extraordinary journey of MATT HIGGINS—a true embodiment of the RAGS to RICHES story. Growing up in poverty, Matt defied all odds to become one of America's most brilliant and accomplished businesspeople.Prepare to be inspired as Matt shares the pivotal experiences that shaped his life, humbly positioning himself to impart invaluable wisdom for your own journey. Join us as we uncover the remarkable lessons he's learned and how you can apply them to unleash your full potential.Matt is not only the co-founder and CEO of RSE VENTURES, a highly successful private investment firm he established alongside Stephen M. Ross, the visionary owner of the MIAMI DOLPHINS, but also served as Vice Chairman of the team for an impressive nine years. His groundbreaking book, BURN THE BOATS: TOSS PLAN B OVERBOARD AND UNLEASH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL, is now available and serves as a master class in conquering life's challenges with tactical strategies.During our engaging conversation, we delve into:The transformative power of TAKING CUSTODY of your own life.The vital questions to consider when embarking on significant life changes.How to stop living in the pastHow to harness your DEEPEST FLAWS and transform them into ASTONISHING TRIUMPHS.The importance of embracing discomfortThe true measure of a meaningful lifeAnd unveiling the wisdom of Warren Buffet and the compounding effect of success.And that's not all! We'll also dig deep into Matt's personal journey, including his battle with cancer that you probably haven't heard about. Plus, we'll wrap things up with a raw discussion on mortality and why it's important to remember our limited time on this planet.This conversation with MATT HIGGINS is gonna make you think, challenge your assumptions, and leave you fired up! Trust me, spending an hour on this episode will be one of the best decisions you make. 
Is your IDENTITY strong enough to ACHIEVE your BIG DREAMS?And what is your BIG DREAM? Have you DARED TO IMAGINE how your life would be different after you reached it? GOD puts thoughts like this in your head for a reason, and I’m here to tell you, that dream is a lot closer than you think.In fact, that BIG DREAM is often only one more TRY, one more RELATIONSHIP, one more HABIT, or one more DECISION that separates you from the life you are dreaming of.In this week's episode, I’m teaching you how to:👉🏽 Build a strong identity👉🏽 DECIDE what kind of person you will be👉🏽 Believe in your WORTHINESS👉🏽 Reprogram your mind to seek out your dreams👉🏽 BECOME THE ONE!Will you be THE ONE who changes your family tree for generations to come?It all starts with a single thought. Your BIG DREAM.And this week on The Ed Mylett Show 2.0, I want to help you find that dream so you can start living in more BLISS.Don’t miss this episode!
🚨 Adults Only - I’ve got a great show for you this week, but we’re getting into ADULT TALK on this episode, so if you’ve got young ears/eyes in the room, parental discretion is advised.That’s because, for the first time, we’re talking about SEX and how to have BETTER SEX! I’m sitting down with THE leading doctor of human sexuality, host of the #1 rated podcast SEX WITH EMILY and the author of the upcoming book SMART SEX. Welcome to the show, DR. EMILY MORSE!Everyone wants to have better sex! But if that's the case, why is it so difficult to talk about?! Even for me in this interview I started out with great hesitation on whether or not I should do this podcast. And then I realized this is a conversation we all NEED to have and that it shouldn't be uncomfortable.WE ALL DESERVE TO HAVE PLEASURE IN OUR LIVES and this interview is going to help you get more of it!You’ll learn…👉🏽 How to talk about your deepest desires with your partner👉🏽 How to 🔥 FIRE UP your sex life👉🏽 The shocking truth about orgasms👉🏽 What to do if you’re in a sex slump👉🏽 If self-pleasure helps or harms your sex life👉🏽 And how to make SEX a priorityAnd because I want all of you to start experiencing more pleasure in your lives here's a sneak peek inside the interview: According to the KINSEY INSTITUTE, women are 80% MORE LIKELY to have an ORGASM when they use lube in any kind of sexual situation.🤯Talking about sex isn’t always an easy thing to do, but I hope Emily and I removed several TABOOS so you can communicate better with your partner and find GREATER INTIMACY in your sex life.
THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED That feeling of loneliness you're experiencing, is likely a sign that you're on the right path. This is also your sign that you are NOT alone. Let me tell you why!On this week's episode, I’m going to share my secrets of how to find the COURAGE and ENDURANCE to take THE ROAD TO YOUR BEST LIFE.To paraphrase the great poet Robert Frost, if you want that special life most people only dream about, you must journey down “THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED.”You hear me say all the time that your WILL TO WIN should never be for sale. But living that reality can seem much harder when you’re experiencing loneliness, burnout and failure.So what’s the secret? In this episode I’m bearing it all. You’ll learn how toForget the naysayers…Properly place those who mean well but still doubt you...Fight through fear, rejection, and anxiety…And turn loneliness into FUEL…This journey you are on should excite you, but it’s also a road with A LOT of curves, hazards, and potholes. It can be fearful, intimidating, and lonely at times, but I AM HERE TO GUIDE YOU.Choosing the ROAD LESS TRAVELED was not a mistake.  Although there are no maps or guardrails, it’s an AWESOME experience and it’s about time you started ENJOYING it!
Are you ready to SHARPEN YOUR DEALMAKING SKILLS?This week, you’re going to learn what it takes to achieve more success in closing your deals from a man who is easily the most high-profile and SUCCESSFUL BROKER in the luxury real estate market today.My good friend MAURICIO UMANSKY is the founder of THE AGENCY, a billion-dollar real estate brokerage, and stars in THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS and BUYING BEVERLY HILLS.  His new book, THE DEALMAKER, is a master class in doing business and how you can find success at work and at home.Mauricio has remained GROUNDED through it all, rising from humble beginnings to become the TRUSTED real estate expert for the richest and most famous celebrities in the world.  His stories are fascinating accounts of what it takes to NAVIGATE those challenging and cutthroat waters.In this interview, Mauricio shares his insights on:👉🏽 BALANCE, dividing your time between WORK, FAMILY, and SLEEP👉🏽 His number 1 secret to CLOSING the DEAL👉🏽 How to take advantage of a recession👉🏽 What it takes to be a successful ENTREPRENEUR👉🏽 The good and bad parts of achieving CELEBRITY status👉🏽 The essential need for SELF-ANALYSIS and playing to your strengths👉🏽 Whether being RICH and SUCCESSFUL is really worth itMAURICIO UMANSKY brings a grounded, NO BS dose of COMMON SENSE to this week’s episode.  Not only is he the REAL DEAL in his real estate ventures, but MAURICIO is also the real deal in all parts of his life, too.
How To Master Success

How To Master Success


Listen to the FULL EPISODE of The Ed Mylett Show 2.0 with just me SOLO speaking directly to you! This week I’m answering a burning question I get asked ALL the time.“How do I MASTER a new skill?”Here’s a secret, there are NO FANCY STRATEGIES or long-winded answers. In fact, achieving MASTERY is exactly the opposite or complicated. You don’t need to be exceptionally talented, smart or anything special to become a NATURAL at anything…I’m an average guy with an average IQ and I’ve STILL been able to MASTER new skills throughout my life and in THIS EPISODE I’m sharing my exact process.I’ll make it easy so you too can keep GROWING and adding NEW EXPERIENCES and JOY to your life!In fact, if you’ve seen me learning how to RIDE A HORSE recently, you’re seeing me trying to master something new in real time. (Check out my stories!)All the candy you desire out of life is A LOT CLOSER THAN YOU THINK, and this week I’m taking you through the process of mastery.
If you think you’ve heard everything, Matthew McConaughey has to say… think again! Matthew himself has labeled this THE BEST interview he’s done yet!“Finding your identity is more about a process of elimination so that you end up with more room for the things that feed you…”If you only know him from his work as an actor, you are about to be blown away by the DEPTH and the THOUGHTFULNESS of this week's guest, MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY. @‌officiallymcconaugheyThis is a fascinating MASTERCLASS IN MINDSET with one of the best-known, most loved, and often quoted actors in the world. This interview with  Matthew is simultaneously FUNNY, EASYGOING and also INTENSE and DEEPLY PHILOSOPHICAL. He is a student and a teacher of the human condition, and after our hour together, you’ll have a new appreciation for him as a person way beyond what you’ve seen on the big screen.Matthew’s journey has been remarkable, with EXCLAMATION POINT STORIES you won’t hear anywhere else.  He has spent a lot of time thinking about how his life has unfolded and is genuinely excited to SHARE HIS SECRETS to success and happier life with all of you including:👉🏽 How the science of SATISFACTION leads to the art of LIVING👉🏽 The story of how he got his start in Hollywood with less than a thousand dollars in his pocket👉🏽 The distinction between JOY and HAPPINESS.👉🏽 How to get BETTER RESULTS out of everything you do👉🏽 The difference between being a NICE GUY and a GOOD MAN.You’re going to walk away from this week’s show with a ton of practical advice from one of the all time greats!And I promise you, although Matthew McConaughey is known for many great characters in his acting career, when he speaks the TRUTH as he does here, this may be his most insightful role yet.And if you haven’t already heard, Matthew McConaughey is putting on a LIVE virtual event, THE ART OF LIVIN' on April 24th! Join him and other special guests LIVE for this intimate one time event to create a future you can look forward to. CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO to reserve your FREE seat or visit NOW!
You were BORN TO DO SOMETHING GREAT, and I’m going to let you in on THE BIG SECRET of how you can make that happen.Everyone has HOPES & DREAMS. But too often, we think our PAST, our SHORTCOMINGS, and our IMPERFECTIONS disqualify us from chasing those dreams and from helping others.Nothing could be further from the TRUTH!In fact, it is those imperfections that make you RELATABLE, HUMAN, and SUPREMELY QUALIFIED to do great things in your life and in the lives of others.YOU HAVE IT WITHIN YOU to use your imperfections as a FORCE FOR GOOD in the world.I know what it’s like to live with failure, to be scared, angry, broke, and broken. But after witnessing the miracle of how another person’s imperfections saved my father and changed his life…I know that my imperfections are what QUALIFY ME TO HELP OTHERS…And to help you, too.AND THE SAME HOLDS TRUE FOR YOU!
From the moment you meet him, it is clear that this week’s guest, SAM ACHO, is a force for POSITIVITY and JUSTICE in the world.He is a former NFL player, ESPN analyst, and author, but that doesn’t even begin to describe who Sam is. As you’ll hear, Sam is using his considerable GIFTS and TALENTS to BUILD PEOPLE who can also contribute to making the world a better place.This Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year nominee who was also named by Sporting News as one of the 20 SMARTEST athletes in all of sports, now oversees ATHLETES FOR JUSTICE, an organization he founded that unites athletes to fight injustices around the world while also bringing his Christian messages to audiences at churches, concerts, colleges, and companies all around the world.Sam brings fresh perspectives on people he calls the ARCHITECTS of building others. These architects help others put their lives back together by confronting their insecurities, ultimately leading to the BEST CHOICES that result in the BEST OUTCOMES.This interview will teach you:👉🏽 Why you are the answer to someone’s PRAYERS👉🏽 A hack to IMPROVE your life👉🏽 Why your loneliness may be a good sign👉🏽 The value of constructive criticism👉🏽 How to deal with DISCOURAGEMENT👉🏽 And why there must be more to life than only pursuing the AMERICAN DREAMIt’s been said the greatest thing you can do is to lift up another human being when they are down.Sam Acho is the personification of that sentiment, leading a BLESSED LIFE by helping LIFT UP OTHERS in the most incredible ways.
Welcome to the first episode of The Ed Mylett Show 2.0!I’m excited to spend more time with all of you EVERY THURSDAY. Give me 15 minutes of your time, and I guarantee you’ll walk away with ACTIONABLE tips and strategies to live a life of BLISS and PRODUCTIVITY.This week, we are going BIG right out of the gate.So many of you are SUFFERING in COMFORT and finding more and more ways to simply FEEL better within your current circumstance. In this episode, I’m teaching you how to UNLOCK your MIND from that prison you’re living in and stop SUFFERING all together!YOU HOLD THE KEYS to your FREEDOM. You get there by pursuing your true PURPOSE, PASSION, FAITH, AND ABILITIES.The only question you need to answer is whether you are willing to give the TOTAL COMMITMENT it takes to make the change and CREATE the life you were meant to live.My challenge to you this week is to THROW THE DOORS WIDE OPEN and explore what life has in store for you.CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO and watch today’s episode to learn how or Comment “FREEDOM” and I’ll DM you the direct link!YOU WERE BORN TO DO SOMETHING GREAT.Now go do it…
Are you ready for an epic MENTAL WELLNESS check?I hope so because DR. DREW PINSKY is making a HOUSE CALL this week, and he’s going to dispense some powerful prescriptions on dealing with ailments such as narcissism, addiction, and a lot more.You’re also hear a lot of strategies you can use to help heal yourself so you can lead a more BLISSFUL AND FULFILLING LIFE.Chances are you already know Dr. Drew through his work as an addiction specialist who hosted LOVELINE for more than 30 years. He has also been a regular fixture on television with shows such as DR. DREW ON CALL, LIFECHANGERS, CELEBRITY REHAB WITH DR. DREW, and many others.During this interview, we spend a lot of time talking about NARCISSISM and how to better RECOGNIZE, MANAGE, and LIMIT its IMPACT on your life plus we dive deep into ADDICTION including:👉🏽 Spotting addictive behaviors👉🏽 understanding your addiction to certain types of people (including celebrities)👉🏽 the dangers of LIGHTNING BOLT ATTRACTION👉🏽 how to HEAL from addiction👉🏽 and the GENETICS of addictionWe’re also going to spend time on the HEART AND BRAIN connection and physical things you can do to HEAL EVERY PART OF YOU.This week’s show is all about AWARENESS, which is the first and perhaps most critical part of achieving a higher degree of mental health.Dr. Drew gives you the ANSWERS you need so that you can begin or continue your own HEALING JOURNEY in earnest.
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Yes! Be present, fully. This is a great episode for anyone whose top talent theme is Achiever (Gallup Strengths Finder)! Thank you!!!

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solid episode

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Great wisdom with pure souls in each episode. There is a reason why this show is on the top: inspirational, motivational, eye-opening and much much more! Very good job #Ed_Mylett

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this episode is soo good, anyone trying to attain freedom should listen to this. thank you ed mylett for all your wisdom & knowledge. #freedom #EDMYLETT

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The best and most inspiring interview. Thank you Jesus Christ for these two people and their platform that you have blessed them with .

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Great podcast, so many Takeaways! You had me until the very end... the blatant gender role stereotypes (women stay home and don't work, men are the providers) really turned me off. As a rich white male in America, I'd love to hear you be part of the solution Dean. 😉

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Love this episode ❤️

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