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Hosted by Ian Reeder, General Manager at Tech 2U ( Ian delivers expert advice and tips (with the occasional guest) on all things IT including security solutions, networking, computer solutions, artificial intelligence and much more.

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This week we go over some EV news including a wrongful death lawsuit against Tesla for a driver killed while using “Autopilot,” and show you a new $10,000 Chinese made car that might be sold in the US. We also have a follow up on the AT&T data breach, what they are and aren’t telling their customers and how to get free credit monitoring if you were impacted by this breach. Finally, we go over more massive data breaches involving TV manufacturers.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Scary tech news:AT&T’s data breach of over 70 million customers, how it can impact you, and what you can do to help protect yourself.Google issued another critical security update for Chrome. I go over this update and why it’s so important to keep this and other software updated.AI topics:I show a video of a “parkour” robot that uses AI to learn how to find people trapped in collapsed buildings.Open AI has a new voice cloning tool that’s “too good to release to the public.”The White house laid out AI Guidelines, we go through some of the main points and how they could impact us.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
This week I go over some demonstrations of AI generated music that we made using We made 4 completely unique songs that we demo on the show.  I also go over the pending EU regulations against Alphabet, Meta and Apple. Finally, I go over a recently revealed big allowing hackers access to over 3 Million hotel rooms using card access keys and a bug that allowed a hacker to take full control of a Tesla in 30 seconds. - IanSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
We discuss the impending Tik Tok ban and why it’s happening. The EU has yet another consumer protection pact and this time it’s protecting people from AI: things like scanning your face in public without your knowledge.  The FTC is cracking down on fake antivirus programs, we’ll go over what they are and how to avoid them.  And of course we can’t go more than one week without another massive data breach: Roku, as popular TV maker has had over 15,000 accounts breached, likely as a result of the “Mother of all breaches” we just saw last month.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Today is all about AI and we have some wild topics: Microsoft Copilot goes off the rails and wishes death on a user! Another AI voice scam leads to another victim paying a ransom for a false kidnapping, vending machines are scanning your face and marketing to you without your knowledge and to top it all off, the US military is about to start using AI piloted fighter drones. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
We’re discussing how companies are using your content on social media without your knowledge to improve AI tools.We’ll review “SORA,” OpenAI’s new AI video generation tool, how incredible it is and some immediate implications on different industries (more job losses to AI)Wyze, a very popular consumer surveillance camera maker had a security breach allowing users to see images from random other user’s cameras on Friday last week (Including yours truly). I’ll go over this breach and alternative home surveillance options that have better reputations for security.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
This week we discuss a new form of credit card fraud and how to avoid it. We also go over the benefits of using “tap to pay” with your Apple or Android devices and why you should be using it whenever possible. We also discuss a computer being sold online with scam software build into the PC and how to avoid those computers and scams. We also review a recorded video of from a customer being scammed by the company who is supposed to be providing warranty repairs for his TV. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
This week we’re going over a variety of common scams: calls from the DHS about illegal packages, calls from the IRS about Tax penalties, crypto Scams from AI celebrities, Employment scams: fake online postings luring information from job seekers, and more.  We also discuss chatbots being used in place of human relationships and the brand new Apple Vision Pro.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
What is “Cloud Data Backups,” are they safe, and how to use them.Massive data breach with millions of people impacted and how to protect yourself.Apple’s new security updates that all of us can benefit from.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Extensions for your browser (chrome, Firefox, etc): what they are, why they’re useful and how to install them.  Deepfakes of Celebrities “endorsing” products are scams which have become highly effective; how to avoid them.Microsoft is adding an AI key to keyboards: what it does and how to use it. CES (consumer electronics show) starts on Tuesday this week and I’ll discuss a couple of new technologies that are being revealed See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Google Voice – What is it, and why you should use it. Google was watching you while you incognito! Airtag stalking could be coming to an end LG Revealed an AI robot for your homeSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Tech 2U Tuesdays - Episode 14 - December 19th 2023See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
“Beeper” a company that allowed users to send iMessages with Android phones went live on Tuesday last week, Apple killed it Friday. A lot of drama has gone down since thenGoogle is releasing their competitor to ChatGPT: GeminiA man in Sacramento was arrested with 5,000 stolen gift cards – I’ll explain why this matters to anyone buying gift cards.China is ramping up cyber attacksLOGOfail Firmware attackLawsuit against amazon going forward after approved by judge – they’re being sold for selling a camera hidden in a clothes hangerSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Google’s new AI spam detection tool ” RETVec (Resilient & Efficient Text Vectorizer)How this will help us filter spam emails better than ever Deepfake porn is getting worse  Showing a demo of an AI voice translator hitting the market soon (it’s a video of me speaking multiple languages that are AI generated)Serial killer stopped by automated license plate readerGoing over privacy concerns and how this is likely to become more common (think Minority Report)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
-Google is about to delete thousands of Gmail accounts that aren’t actively being used.-Fear Mongering & misinformation on TikTok is scaring people about an iPhone feature – I’ll show the video and then correct her idiotic comments.-Digital Car Key (“phone keys”) are a standard in new cars – how that can impact your car shopping.-Car theft via Relay attacks, allowing someone to steal your car from your driveway in seconds, are getting a lot worse. I’ll Show surveillance video of two attacks, and explain how they work and preventing them. -More auto manufacturers charging monthly subscriptions for features-Follow up on OpenAI/Chat GPT – The CEO is back and the potentially concerning reason for his initial removal from the board.-The Pentagon is pushing forward with AI See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Apple is adding RCS to MessagingSam Altman, CEO of OpenAI was ousted by his board – this news is changing nearly every hourAI Tool can identify heart attacks risk up to 10 years in advanceHow to find out if you’re actually getting a good deal on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.Fake Products and Scams are rampant this time of year; what to look out for.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Right-to-Repair – New California law is going to consumers a lot of money repairing their own electronicsLooking for a phone for your kid? How to lock it down and protect them.Life 360 – Is it safe? Are there better options?Washington Court rules that auto makers can read your text messages, and they are.Discuss RAM’s 2025 RAMCHARGER – an electric pickup truck with a built in gas generatorSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
- YouTube's ad blocker changes are pushing people to uninstall ad blockers, causing virus', scams, etc. to increase a lot. I have solutions.- Review of Apple's new MacBook and why it's going to change things for many of us- Functional speaking robots are... here?- Facebook and Instagram are starting to charge for ad free experience in EU, likely coming to the US.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Ian goes through all the different attack points that most people could experience in any day.  Things like how I can easily get in your garage, copy your credit card, get into your home network and see what you’re doing, etc, things from serious physical threats to identity theft See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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