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Author: Terry Pluto,

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Description and Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto talks Browns, Cavaliers, Indians and Northeast Ohio college basketball with host David Campbell

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On this week’s show featuring and Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto, and host David Campbell:   - What’s important about what’s going on with Baker Mayfield; - Should Mayfield have pushed back at the booing fans at Sunday’s win? - Why the Ravens are a tough statistical matchup for the Browns; - the convergence of events that has put the Kent State football team in contention for the Mid-American Conference championship; - the Cavs are hanging in there through a rash of injuries; - was Cavs coach J.B. Bickerstaff right to call out NBA referees and demand more respect for his team? Or was he giving them an excuse? - Why Jarrett Allen may be an underappreciated player who’s just right for what the Cavs want to do; - Which player Terry is nervous about the Guardians losing after they set their 40-man roster; - Terry talks about his Faith & You column, and how people are thankful even after having to battle through countless obstacles; - Terry answers some “Hey Terry!” questions about Albert Belle; the state of the Browns locker room; and the “Turkey Trot” that the Browns used to do in the 1980s; - And a “Terry’s Trivia” question about Brandon Weeden’s baseball career.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
On this week’s show: - Why this week has been Kevin Stefanski’s biggest challenge so far as Browns head coach; - Baker Mayfield is as tough as they come, but as banged-up as he is, should he be playing? - What Joe Woods and the coaches might do to get the defense back on track; - How the Browns can get the wide receivers more involved in the offense; - What formula the Cavaliers have used to win games during their surprising start, and how they might try to weather injuries to Collin Sexton and Evan Mobley; - What kind of player Terry would like to see the Guardians bring in this offseason; - Terry talks about his upcoming Faith & You column, which contemplates how people manage grief during a holiday season without a friend or family member who has died; and the issues that arise when that person has been lost to suicide; - Terry answers some “Hey, Terry!” questions about whether the Browns players have lost faith in the coaching staff, and where the Cavs might find scoring for the next few weeks; - And a Terry’s Trivia question about former Browns head coach Eric Mangini.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
On this week’s show, featuring and Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto, and host David Campbell:   - The Browns’ “Paying of the Guards,” as they locked up Wyatt Teller and Joel Bitonio to new deals this week; and why Ray Farmer should get a tip of the hat; - Terry weighs in on what the signings mean, if anything, for extensions for QB Baker Mayfield and DB Denzel Ward; - How will the Browns attack the Patriots defense on Sunday if they are without Nick Chubb, Demetric Felton and Kareem Hunt; - Why this another “biggest game of the year” for the Browns against the Patriots; - How impressive the Cavs have been with their 7-4 record, which is better than Milwaukee, the Lakers and Portland, to name a few; - The Cavs’ upcoming homestand and how they’ll weather being without Collin Sexton, Kevin Love and Lauri Markkanen; - Terry on whether Evan Mobley is special and a transformative player; - Terry gives his early impressions of the Cleveland State men’s basketball team, which played at BYU on Tuesday night and has its home opener Saturday against Ohio; - We discuss Terry’s Faith & You column this week, which is about counting your blessings and appreciating that even when you have it bad, there are people who have it worse than you do; - And Terry answers some “Hey, Terry!” questions from fans and a “Terry’s Trivia” question about Wyatt Teller.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
On this week’s episode featuring and Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto, and host David Campbell:   - Why Browns vs. Steelers is Terry’s most-looked-forward-to Browns game since the opener against the Chiefs; - What was behind D’Ernest Johnson’s breakout game against Denver, 22 carries for 146 yards; - Why the Cavs are starting to build an identity, even though the season is only a handful of games old; - What kind of basketball the Cavs are playing, and what kind of ball they want to play; - The surprising case of Eddie Rosario’s postseason after the Indians traded him to Atlanta; - Terry discusses his upcoming “Faith & You” column about families dealing with dementia; - Terry answers fan questions about whether Kenny Lofton or Omar Vizquel will be in the Hall of Fame someday; and if he’s concerned about the banged-up Browns offensive line; - And this week’s Terry’s Trivia: What’s unique about Cody Allen’s birthday?          See for privacy and opt-out information.
On this week’s new episode of Terry’s Talkin’,’s podcast featuring and Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto, and host David Campbell:   - Terry weighs in on why it was the right call to sit Baker Mayfield and start Case Keenum for Thursday night’s game against the Broncos; - Why the Steelers game on Oct. 31 is the one the Browns should aim to have players return for; - What it could mean for Joe Woods and the defense if they continue to give up big passing plays; - With the Cavs starting their season this week, Terry makes his prediction for what the team’s record will be; - And we lay out the upcoming early-season five-game road trip that could leave the young roster with some questions about how good they can be. - Terry discusses his “Faith & You” column for this week, about when people realize their parents are aging and roles are reversed; - And he answers your Hey, Terry! questions about whether Kevin Stefanski should continue to call the offensive plays, and other topics.  See for privacy and opt-out information. and Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto and host David Campbell talk Cleveland sports. On this week's show:   - Terry on why it’s OK if Baker Mayfield is a good quarterback but not an elite one; - What can be done to help Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr. connect more, especially when the game hangs in the balance; - Why Evan Mobley reminds him of former Cavs Larry Nance Sr. and Hot Rod Williams; - Terry answers Hey, Terry! questions from fans on the Guardians’ Logan Allen (not Logan T. Allen) and Eli Morgan next spring; and whether there will be an MLB work stoppage heading into the 2022 season. - Terry discusses his upcoming Faith & You column about hiking, finding remnants of abandoned old houses and what it represented to him.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
On this week's episode with Terry Pluto and host David Campbell:   - What’s up with Baker Mayfield and what can he do to get right? - What Terry thinks the Browns should do at left tackle with Jedrick Wills Jr. battling his ankle injury and backup Chris Hubbard still hurting; - Terry gives his take on Urban Meyer and what his future might hold with the Jacksonville Jaguars; - Terry’s impressions of the Cavs’ blowout loss Tuesday night in their preseason opener in Chicago; - Why Terry is high on the Guardians in 2022 and what he thinks about their chances of winning 90 games; - Fan questions on Demetric Felton’s punt-return approach and why fans can’t just be happy when the Browns win; - And Terry shares thoughts on his “Faith & You” column and advice from readers about how to better communicate with important people in your life.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
It's a new episode of Terry’s Talkin’,’s new podcast featuring and Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto, and host David Campbell. On this week’s episode: - What it was like to be at the Indians’ final home game on Monday; and what the name change to Guardians means for the future; - Was the Browns defense awesome Sunday, was the Bears offense terrible, or was it a combination of both? - Why the Vikings are going to be tough matchup for the Browns on Sunday afternoon; - Why a buyout for Kevin Love is still on the table, regardless of what you might be hearing; - Hey, Terry! questions from readers, including one about the Guardians’ approach to free agency as the name changes this offseason; - And a Terry’s Trivia question about two Browns connections drafted before Justin Gilbert in 2014.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Welcome to this week's edition of Terry's Talkin', featuring Plain Dealer/ columnist Terry Pluto and host David Campbell. On this week's episode: - The improbable journey of former Indian and fan favorite Jerry Dybzinski; and Terry recalls his days playing against him; - How the Browns beat the Texans, even though they haven’t found a defensive identity yet; - Why Terry thinks Rashard Higgins can make a difference for the next few weeks while Jarvis Landry is sidelined; - Which prospects are catching Terry’s eye and could be wearing a Cleveland Guardians uniform the next couple of years; - With Cavaliers media day approaching Monday, what does the future hold for Kevin Love? - Why Ben Simmons, who may have played his last game for the 76ers, probably isn’t coming to the Cavs; - The importance of realizing that sometimes it’s OK to not say something; - And a Jerry Dybzinski-related trivia question to wrap up the show.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
In this episode of Terry's Talkin', and Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto tackles the following issues with host David Campbell: - What's a fair standard for fans to expect from Baker Mayfield after Sunday's loss to the Chiefs? - What's next for the Browns defense? - Whether the Browns used the right run/pass formula in Kansas City - What the bottom line is on the Browns after their season-opening loss; - Terry breaks down the Indians' recent trades, and what they've gotten in return (hint: They're winning the trades). - Terry answers some "Hey, Terry!" questions from fans, including one on Ben Simmons. - and discusses his Faith & You column about how the COVID pandemic has changed us.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
It's Episode 2 of Terry's Talkin' with Terry Pluto, and Plain Dealer columnist; and host David Campbell. This week: - On a scale of 1-5, how important is the Browns’ season opener at Kansas City anyway? - What it’s like to see a game at Arrowhead Stadium. - How will Joe Woods and the revamped Browns defense approach stopping Patrick Mahomes and the high-powered Chiefs offense? - Terry talks about which Browns players he’s most excited to see in a real game Sunday. - The Indians’ young pitchers are growing up in front of our eyes; Terry has thoughts on what it means for the future. - Forget payroll: Terry wants to discuss how the Indians have come out on top in so many recent trades. - An appreciation of a man who’s in some elite company this season: Jose Ramirez. - It’s slow time in the NBA, which gives us time to ponder whether the Cavs should try to put three 7-footers on the floor at the same time this season. - And, we learn a little something about the 1972 novelty song “Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road,” which Terry admits he saw performed live in Cleveland; and who is the singer’s Grammy-nominated son.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
In this debut episode of the "Terry's Talkin'" podcast, and Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto talks Cleveland sports with host David Campbell. In today's episode: - Terry gives his impression of the Browns' offense, defense and special teams now that the preseason is over, and what position group he thinks has an embarrassment of riches; - We get into the story behind the Cavs' trade of Larry Nance Jr., and how it was something Nance and agent Mark Bartlestein were hoping could happen so he could play on a winner; - We discuss how the Indians might not be competing for a playoff spot, but they are "winning" the 2021 season as they renovate everything from top to bottom in anticipation of a big year in 2022; - Terry talks about experiences he's had with retail and food-service employees, and how we can make a difference by putting ourselves in their shoes when we're waiting for service.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
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