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Author: Omar Zenhom

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Awarded Best of iTunes, The $100 MBA Show is a podcast where you simply get better at business with our practical business lessons for the real world. These no fluff episodes are packed with only the pure business building training you want.

Omar Zenhom (@TheOmarZenhom) shares some of the best lessons, concepts, examples and insights from inside The $100 MBA training and community. Omar also calls upon some of the industry's top experts as guest teachers on the show. Again, no backstories or promotions, just solid business lessons from the best in the game.
2309 Episodes
It’s time to start hiring. Every once in a while, the stars align to make great talent more available and accessible to small businesses. And you don’t need the world’s biggest budget to get the best hires. Sometimes, it’s all about timing. A few forces have come to bear on the jobs market. Yes, unemployment […] The post MBA2278 Why Now is The Best Time To Hire + Free Ride Friday appeared first on The $100 MBA.
As they say, “Success leaves clues.” And few companies have left more clues behind than Apple — even for small businesses. You don’t have to be a giant to make these moves. You just have to dare. After all, Apple was a startup once, too. Today, we break down a few key things that Apple […] The post MBA2277 Ideas You Can Steal From Apple appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Setting your first price for your first product can feel…scary. But most new entrepreneurs err on the wrong side of the equation, undervaluing their product or service in a way that can backfire — badly. It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’ve got a listener with a new software product. But what should it cost? A common […] The post MBA2276 Q&A Wednesday: How do I price my first product? appeared first on The $100 MBA.
A personal touch can set your business apart — even when there’s no chance you’ll be able to do it for everyone. So why do new businesses avoid strategies that don’t scale…even while they’re still small? Sometimes, there’s a such thing as being too efficient, even in business. It’s the inverse of the old saying, […] The post MBA2275 5 Sales Strategies That Don’t Scale appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Sometimes, it’s not the brand that’s the star of the show — it’s the community. As today’s special guest explains, an intentionally fostered community can be as valuable an asset as your product! Yes, you read that right. When it comes to everything from marketing to your company’s valuation, a well-planned and managed community can […] The post MBA2274 Extended Interview: Tom Ross – How to Build a Thriving Online Community appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Ever wonder how we make your favorite bite-sized business podcast? Wonder no more! Today, we share the exact setup in our home “studio” where we record almost every episode. That’s right — we record this professional-quality podcast at home. And so can you. We’ll share the tools we use to get consistent quality of sound, […] The post MBA2273 My Podcasting Recording Setup + Free Ride Friday appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Firing people is never fun, unless you’re the kind of boss who someone is better off not working for. But firing people is almost inevitable, especially as your team and business grows. Better to be prepared! Today, we take a hard look at this hard — but necessary — task. Besides the obvious cringe-worthiness of […] The post MBA2272 Why It’s So Hard To Fire Someone & How To Do It The Right Way appeared first on The $100 MBA.
To borrow a quote from a book title, “What got you here won’t get you there.” It’s normal for new businesses to hit a plateau after a period of initial growth. But how do you…y’know, move past it? It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’ve got a listener with exactly that problem. Plateaus can happen for any […] The post MBA2271 Q&A Wednesday: I’m stuck! My business is not growing. What do I do? appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Yikes. The collapse of SVB is one of the biggest stories in business, as depositors, investors, and investees react to what can only be described as a full-blown disaster. But what can you learn from it? You don’t have to be in Silicon Valley to take a lesson from all this. We won’t be analyzing […] The post MBA2270 Lessons Learned From Silicon Valley Bank’s Failure appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Love the Hustle’s email? Now they have a podcast. Break down biz headlines in 10 min – and how it affects you. Plus random fun bits like Bob Ross thing. Fun, informative. Ep about free stuff, and why people go so crazy for it and why it’s a great biz strategy. Here’s a crazy idea: […] The post MBA2269 Bonus Episode: You’re going to love The Hustle Daily Show appeared first on The $100 MBA.
We’ve learned a ton about business in Japan, and how the country offers incredible opportunities for small business (including Western ones). Now, it’s time to take the first concrete steps. So what do we do? Today, we put our Ja-plan into action.  We’re making a few small — but important — moves to introduce ourselves […] The post MBA2268 The Business of Japan P4: How I’m Tapping Into a 5.6 Trillion-Dollar Economy appeared first on The $100 MBA.
“What got you here won’t get you there,” as the saying goes. And while a good blog is still a powerful marketing tool, one thing we can finally put to bed forever is the Comments section.  Today, we explain why — and what you can do instead. We all remember the early days of blogging, […] The post MBA2267 Why Blog Comments Are Dead + Free Ride Friday appeared first on The $100 MBA.
When you buy someone a gift, what does that buy you? Do customers, partners, and others see it as an investment in your relationship, or an unasked-for transaction? Or worse, an attempted bribe? It all depends on how you give. Today, we discuss the art of the business gift. If it’s overly transactional, or impersonal, […] The post MBA2266 Do Gifts Work in Business? appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Times are tough. Inflation, continuing supply chain issues, and price gouging are on the rise. Recessions are natural and inevitable — but should you wait them out before starting your own business? Spoiler alert: no. It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’ve got a listener with a great business idea. But they’re worried about the timing. Is […] The post MBA2265 Q&A Wednesday: Is a recession a bad time to start a business? appeared first on The $100 MBA.
The customer is always right — except when they’re not. It’s time to stop clinging to customers who aren’t serving your business, just like they’d quit your business if it wasn’t working for them. Seriously. As providers of products and services, we’re often primed to bend over backwards for our customers. But when a customer […] The post MBA2264 Why You Need to Fire Your Customers appeared first on The $100 MBA.
We’ve been hanging out in Japan, learning a whole new perspective on business. Now, it’s time to explore how you can get in on the action — by actually doing business with or inside Japan. Yes, this is possible. And it’s a very good idea. Today, we explore various ways non-Japanese businesses have forged ties […] The post MBA2263 The Business of Japan P3: East Meets West- Business at Its Best appeared first on The $100 MBA.
The wrong approach: “I should do my best to make sure there’s always enough of my product/service for everyone who wants to buy it.” The right approach: “I should run out of stuff. Often.” Yes, this is tough to wrap your head around, especially if you’re new to business. But remember that value is defined […] The post MBA2262 How and Why You Should Always Sell Out + Free Ride Friday appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Let’s cut to the chase: what’s the best way to get people to buy your thing? Today, we offer 3 answers, based on our experience. These funnels work best for us — and they might for you, too. We’ll lay out exactly how to build and manage each of these funnels, with our own products […] The post MBA2261 The 3 Most Effective Sales Funnels appeared first on The $100 MBA.
You can’t sell your product or service if you can’t sell yourself. Confidence in branding is everything. But does that mean you have to be…full of yourself? Can you persuade without playing the peacock? After all, in a noisy market, the loudest voice often wins. It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’re helping one listener learn how […] The post MBA2260 Q&A Wednesday: Do I need to brag to be an effective marketer? appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Goals are hard. A goal, however, is more attainable. So how can you narrow your focus to something big and all-encompassing that’ll have the greatest impact on your business? And should you? It all comes down to a single number. There’s no shortage of business metrics you can track (and no shortage of products and […] The post MBA2259 How to Simplify Your Growth to One Number appeared first on The $100 MBA.
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Most awaited topic and thank you for bringing it up🔥❤️🙂

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Aug 10th

Robert Curtis

Omar and Nicole! Just like you 'love it, love it, love it' when it comes to one of your favorite services and sponsors, I love it, love it, love it when it comes to your show! Always great nuggets of actionable wisdom helping me with my hustle, and relaxation recharge, too. Love the book recommendations, guest spots, and question episodes as well. It all helps me keep it real, feel like I'm not alone with my internet biz, and to grow. Love you guys, and thanks for doing what you do!

Dec 27th

Austin Peek

Good Stuff. I listen all the time. Impressive how you're able to come up with all the different topics & your wife's editing is on point! Think it might be the best produced business one I've heard. Keep up the good work! Now if I can only find a wife that edits like yours...

Mar 9th

Santos Lopez

the team both of you make is positively AMAZING and it shows in this enlightening podcast. I'm so grateful for the time and effort give to each nugget. thank you for the direction on creating my rough draft to my Business!

Aug 15th
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