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Get ready for a unique episode with award-winning children's author, illustrator, and kindie musician Sara Ernst!  All of you with little ones need to know about Sara and the beautiful children's books she's written and illustrated as well as all of the darling music she has recorded to help all of us learn in nature and pique our curiosities.  Sara performs two of her enchanting songs in this episode and reminds us of the power of music to help us self-soothe, move, and give us deep feelings. Music is an amazing resource to use throughout childhood. Sara also talks about the process of writing and illustrating children's books, something that is a dream for many. Your kids will love her music!! And with titles like It Comes from a Seed, Constellations, Clouds, Firefly, My Cocoon, and Seasons they will learn things while they listen! Check out Sara and all she has to offer (many free things!) on her website: And on Youtube:
We need to end the corporate takeover of childhood. Dr. Susan Linn always has practical and pertinent information for today's parents. She's an expert on the commercialization of childhood, the values that companies are spreading that cause division in families, and the types of toys that undermine creativity. In a gentle, supportive, and empathetic was Susan helps us find ways to protect our children's intrinsic motivation to play and create. She gives insight into what is going on behind the scenes that is contributing to nagging and guilt.  I have gotten so much out of all three of Dr. Susan Linn's books, all published by The New Press. Her newest, Who's Raising the Kids? Big Tech, Big Business, and the Lives of Children is phenomenal. I was so thankful to get the chance to talk about the things she is continuing to learn as it pertains to the intentions of companies who are taking advantage of our need at times for convenience. Susan was on our podcast earlier this season (season 3, episode 26) talking about the loss of middle childhood (ages 6 - 12). Both episodes are fantastic. They'll leave you with lots to ponder and lots to discuss with friends and family! Check out Susan's brand new book here: Learn more about Dr. Susan Linn here:  
What's it like recording a podcast while frantically getting ready for the news to show up last minute? You'll find out here! LaNissir is highly sought after for her momma skills (she has seven kids plus two puppies) and for her advice on roadschooling, homeschooling, Myers Briggs personality types, leadership, and so much more!  Everyone loves LaNissir and I know you will too. Mamas who are in the early stages with little ones, you will find encouragement here. Mamas who are transitioning to new ages and stages, you will find wisdom and joy here. She reminds all of us to embrace the season that we are in right now. Check out LaNissir's Moms Manual here: Learn more about LaNissir here:
When you have young kids you are in the trenches, living moment by moment and trying to do the best that you can in those early years. And your kids get older, it gets easier physically but you lose the flexibility and wide-open schedules of early childhood. The point is that now is now and there won't ever be a perfect season to adventure with your family.  Jodi Mockabee, author of The Whole & Healthy Family has crafted a lifestyle of adventure for her five children and she joins us to explain the ins and outs but she also covers getting teens outside, the importance of stamina, the benefits of being barefoot, and she also gives some beautiful homeschool advice for those who are in need of that.  You can check out Jodi's new book, The Whole & Healthy Family here: Learn more about Jodi on her amazing website here: Jodi has so much to offer on her site!  
Dr. Nicholas Kardaras is an Ivy League educated psychologist, best-selling author, internationally renowned speaker and an expert on mental health, addiction, and the impacts of our digital age. We spoke last year in season two about his phenomenal book Glow Kids that came out in 2016 where he lays the case that technology is habit-forming. At the time it was ground-breaking and controversial though now it has been established that we live in an "attention economy" and that our devices very much operate like digital slot machines. Launching this week is a brand new book by Kardaras and per usual it is cutting edge and eye-opening. Digital Madness looks at what addictive technology and habituation is doing to our society. You don't want to miss this episode!  There's so much in here I don't even know where to begin. Kardaras is an addiction specialist and he has the answers that we need with the metaverse on the horizon and at a unique time in history when depression is outpacing prescriptions. Digital Madness is a total page turner! Check it out here:
Jon Acuff is paving the way. He's paving the way for his daughters as he just co-wrote a book with them (!) and he's paving the way for us with practical, relatable information that makes our lives better.  In 2021, Jon wrote Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking and he has this way of doling out information that sticks. It slides into your brain and rolls around in there and connects with your other thoughts and helps you make more heartfelt choices. It was an honor and a hoot to get a chance to talk with Jon about parenting topics like helping kids learn their "turn down" techniques for when life has gone haywire, like giving kids time to practice skills during childhood so that they feel prepared for adulthood, like being purposeful and present with today's relationships. We also talk about legos. And queso. And skittles and failure. Jon's daughters, L.E. and McRae wrote a sequel to Soundtracks that's geared for teens called "Your New Playlist" and Jon was their editor.  As a New York Times Bestselling Author and INC Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Jon packs it the good stuff while being entertaining, witty, and memorable through and through. Check out Your New Playlist here: Learn more about Jon, his other books, his courses, and his "All It Takes is a Goal Podcast" here:
Vulnerability, grit, courage, abundance, farming, belonging, how to slow down in a busy culture, embracing change, pushing through, starting fresh, visceral connection, stoking someone else's fire, abundance, and... farming!!!  Lovely topics with a lovely soul... Christine Marie Bailey reminds us through her book and her personal story, that it totally okay to change, and grow, and do something different with your life. We don't have to ask permission. You can find Christine's new book, The Kindred Life here: (it's beautiful and would make a great gift!) You can find Christine at as well as Christine is also on Instagram at @organicstine and @thekindredfarm
Todd Wilson sure does live up the hype. You're gonna laugh and cry your way through this one. Todd helps us answer pertinent questions like: * How to choose relationships when there's so much to do? * How to help you and your children smile more? * How to stop focusing so much on the future? *How to remember what matters amidst the busyness of our world? Learn more about Todd at: and
It's so hard to turn down good opportunities.  In this episode, headed into the back-to-school season we talk about defending the type of family that we want to have. We celebrate children blooming at their own pace. We discuss the often ignored gifts of motherhood and parenting.  Ainsley Arment's newest book, The Wild + Free Family reminds us that if we don't make decisions about our family's values, then society will make it for us. Time is clicking by. This podcast episode will remind you to look at the children you have and celebrate all that they are and all that they are interested in, even when those things aren't what society would deem as awardable. Ainsley is the founder of the Wild + Free movement which includes six books, content bundles, curriculum, meet-up groups, a podcast, conferences, and even a farm village that hosts family camps and more!  Ainsley has such a beautiful way with words. You'll love this episode and her brand new book.  Purchase Wild + Free Family here: Learn more about Wild + Free here: We're so grateful for today's podcast sponsor, Toups and Co Organics. Toups and Co is owned and run by a homeschool mom of four, Emilie Toups. Toups and Co believes people deserve amazing skincare and makeup that works without hormone disrupting toxins. You can find them here: Get 10% off your order with code "1000hours"
Wow! Wow! Wow! I learned SO much from Linda Flanagan's brand new book "Take Back the Game, How Money and Mania are Ruining Kids' Sports, and Why it Matters." Not only did I learn a lot about things like the college admissions process and what's going on behind the scenes, why kids' sports have become such a big deal over the past two decades, the dangers of early sports specialization and more but her book also left me SO much to ponder. Ever since reading the book I've been thinking about how we are presenting adulthood in our home. I've been thinking about the importance of relationship and if the choices we are making regarding our time is supporting quality relationships. I've been thinking about the simple, family times like dinner together that truly matter. And I've been thinking about sibling cohesiveness. Linda has done a masterful job of writing a book that pertains to all parents, whether they are heavily involved in youth sports or not. She touches on our anxiety about the future, about our vulnerabilties, and about our deep-seated search for meaning and significance. Her book is fantastic and this conversation is eye-opening and will leave you with a lot of things to think about. Check out Linda's new book here: You can also find Linda on twitter at @LindaFlanagan2 .
What’s coming and how we should be preparing our children? Ryan Collins, President and CEO of Bethel Tech gives us a solid view into current trends in the job market and what the future may hold. He explains why character traits such as trustworthiness, empathy, brave communication, healthy relationship and community are highly sought after characteristics by employers and he helps us understand why childhood is meant for play. Ryan reminds us that "Play is the impetus for creativity." Screens can come later. In fact, with little or no background in tech at all it takes just nine months to become proficient enough to land a high paying career in a rapidly changing job market. This episode is fascinating. We discuss aligning the future of education with the future of work and Ryan explains how they are doing that right now at Bethel Tech. Bethel Tech is the first and only Christian coding school in the world. Located just over three hours from Silicon Valley, they are getting invited into places like Facebook, IBM, Google and Apple because of the quality of graduates they are churning out. Their brand-new high school program kicks off on September 12, 2022 so make sure you listen in before then! This is an episode for everyone to listen to and pass on because you'll walk away with a lot of insight on today's fast moving labor markets, many of which no longer require a four (or even two) year degree. Bethel Tech provides options for high schoolers, college aged students (think gap year), and career pivoters of any age. Bethel Tech offers what so many need right now and they are also continuing to look into the future to adapt their educational offerings to iterate and to continue to align with the needs of companies. Bethel Tech is offering a $50 tuition reduction off each of their high school courses and $1000 off of their full program to 1000 Hours Outside listeners. Be sure to mention it when you hit the "I'm interested" button. Learn more here:
Sandi Schwartz, author of Finding Ecohappiness joins us to talk about so many things I've never heard of before relating time interacting with nature and our overall wellbeing (both in childhood and adulthood). We discuss the new emerging science of awe, lessons we can learn in the garden, Attention Restoration Theory, and more! We talk about differnet Citizen Science opportunities that are available, blue zones, and why we should all float more :).  Sandi's book is so comprehensive and this podcast episode is as well!  You can learn more about Sandi and ecohappiness here:
Kristen A. Jenson is the founder of Defend Young Minds (formerly Protect Young Minds®) and #1 best-selling author of the Good Pictures Bad Pictures series of read-aloud books, which have translations in 10 languages and are now augmented by a guidebook for professionals which supports child therapists and educators. She is also the executive producer of the Brain Defense: Digital Safety curriculum—a powerful and engaging video-based course for families and educators. Kristen is a positive voice for raising empowered, resilient, screen-smart kids who know how and why to reject pornography. She instills hope and confidence and leaves her audiences with pragmatic advice they can act on immediately to defend young minds. Kristen has raised her strong voice at international conferences and symposiums such as the United Nations Civil Societies Conference and the National Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit. She has testified before the Washington State Senate Law and Justice Committee on the public health crisis of pornography, and she is a trusted guest on a variety of media platforms as she speaks up for defending children from pornography and all forms of sexual exploitation. Join us as we seek to educate ourselves, empower our children, and keep the conversation going! Learn more about Defend Young Minds here: Website:
I think you're going to listen to this one twice. Maybe three times. I cried while editing it and I can hardly believe I got to speak with Kim John Payne a second time.  Payne's newest book, Emotionally Resilient Tweens and Teens launches this week and it left me slack-jawed. Like all of Payne's other books, he covers so many pressing topics in both practical and memorable ways and then, in these conversations, he somehow is able to expound even more.  In just sixty minutes we cover the crucial topic of family being a safe harbor and how as a lot of the structures of the past fall away we have to step up and strengthen the family base camp. We cover bullying - in all forms including online, exclusion, teasing, and more and the ways to coach kids through. Bullying doesn't just affect one child, it affects the entire family. We discuss "turning down the faucet" instead of spending childhood mopping up the spillage.  We talk about rites of passage in other cultures and the ways in which those are related to enduring ongoing social turbulence. Payne shares a secret near the end... and it's a good one.  We had the conversation and I took notes. I listened back to edit it and I took notes. It's just so good. A golden nugget of my parenting years.  The things we can teach our tweens, teens and even younger children about being emotionally resilient will help us as well in our adult lives. There aren't many books I recommend having on your shelves as reference, but this is definitely one.  You can purchase a copy here: Sign up for a free live book launch workshop on Thursday 8/18 at 8:30 ET here: It's free but you have to register. I'll be there too!! Learn more about Kim John Payne and all of his wonderful books here. As Kim says, "Parenting is too important to not enjoy it."
As seen on Good Morning America, Kyana Miner adventures with her family and then helps other families join in by providing all the tips and tricks you need as a parent to follow in the Miner's footsteps.  With concise, bulleted lists Kyana (both on Instagram and her website) walks through the ins and outs and their travels with four young kids, explaining their favorite spots, how long the hikes are, what's near by, and so much more.  As campers, bikers, skiers, and hikers the Miners sure do know how to adventure! Kyana also talks about the powerful sibling bonds they are forming, the benefits of being barefoot, how to deal with fear as a mother and so much more. The Miners are traveling through many National Parks this month, August 2022!! You can follow along on their adventures over on Instagram @blackadventuremom or on Kyana's website:
My lovely friend, Jennifer Pepito wrote an extraodinary and unique book about the lessons we can learn as parents through the read aloud stories we share with our children.  In this episode, we dive straight into so many of the fears we hold of not doing enough, of the baby years, of kids falling being, of being along, and so much more and then the process of finding hope and the answers to many of our fears through the literature that we read. We discuss comparison, habits, and even the power of singing!  You can find Jennifer's new book wherever books are sold but if you purchase here there are some fun freebies: Jennifer is also the founder of The Peaceful Press where she carries beautiful learning resources for children. Learn more here:
Sarah sings us the most beautiful little song in this episode!!! It's SO lovely and heartwarming. Goodness, there is so much in this hour. We talk about rhythm and why it's espeically importat in the early years. We discuss how every seven years we reach a new stage of development - and this occurs throughout our life! We touch on heirloom quality toys, open-ended toys, and the characteristics of traditional toys. We touch on creating our own village because we were never meant to parent in isolation. Music is woven into this epsiode as is the power of being present and the important reminder to set our phones down more when we're with our children. You've gotta listen! There's so much here!  We recorded this is honor of the 20th anniversary of Bella Luna toys and so as president Sarah walks through her three career stages and that is fascinating as well.  All in all, you'll walk away with so much. Happy 20th anniversary, Bella Luna Toys!!! Check them out here: Check out Sarah's blog here: And watch some of Sarah's YouTube videos here:
It's been 15 years since Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone and as Russell York, CEO of Cosmo Technologies puts it we have "blazed past some disturbing mile markers." Many are starting to take another look at the role of technology in our lives and beginning to determine ways to intentionally use it as a tool rather than being the end product that is used by technology as it collects our data, our money, and our time. Through Cosmo Technologies and the JrTrack Kids Smartwatch, Russell York and team are proactively providing solutions that bring back balance by providing desperately needed tech options to parents. Why is there very little middle ground when it comes to technology - especially technology for kids? Why doesn't Apple have a kid's phone? Google? The answer which we discuss in this podcast episode is fairly shocking. This is hard time to be a parent. Thankfully, companies like Cosmo Technologies are making it easier to "Take Back the Neighborhood!" Join us as we discuss the disconnected childhood experience, how to grapple with addictive screen devices, and what option we have as parents to help give our kids more freedom and more memorable and meaningful outdoor play moments. Learn more about the JrTrack 2 Kids GPS smartwatch here: Get 30% off your order with code: "1000HOURS"
Parenting coach, Lindsay Ford encourages all of us to keep taking steps forward because with each new step you're gathering new information and you'll find clarity. Parenting is an ever-changing endeavor and Lindsay helps us sort out many of the pertinent questions and issues such as tantrums, dealing with fear and worry, and why some kids are easier than others.  You can learn more about Lindsay and check out her free parenting class called How to Get Your Kids to Listen Without Yelling, Threats or Bribes at
When kids have adult-directed activities filling every nook and cranny of their childhoods, they lose the ability to be a self-starter. They miss out on key developmental periods where the experiences of simple play help them learn to be creative and adaptable. Kim John Payne (author of Simplicity Parenting and many other books) co-wrote a book called "Beyond Winning: Smart Parenting in a Toxic Sports Environment" with Luis Fernando Llosa and Scott Lancaster and it probably wouldn't have been a book I would've initially picked up but Kim introduced us to Luis and I'm so thankful the path of my life led me to this book. It is filled with rich parenting and life insights. While youth sports culture is sufficiently covered, so are a considerable amount of other topics that are timely and needed for today's parents. We discuss the power of play, boredom, the upcoming job market, the gift of anticipation, peer mentoring, learning for mastery, how to respond to loss and failure, what should define success in childhood and in life, and more! Beyond Winning went right to the top of my list as a favorite parenting book. You can learn more about Luis at Whole Child Sports: You can purchase Beyond Winning (and many other phenomenal books) here: Finally, you can pre-order Luis's newest book with Kim John Payne that releases August 9th, Emotionally Resilient Tweens and Teens here:
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