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Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy from My Brother, My Brother and Me have recruited their dad Clint for a campaign of high adventure. Join the McElroys as they find their fortune and slay an unconscionable number of ... you know, kobolds or whatever in ... The Adventure Zone..
328 Episodes
The hunters interrogate Backwards Dracula to get important information about the Turbo Cardinal and obtain some help from someone who was here the whole time. Mutt tries for diplomacy. Godwin presses her point. Phileaux collects it all. Additional Music in this Episode: "Blue Feather" by Kevin MacLeod: Dice sounds by Tal M.
The monster hunters must face down threats from both the sea and the air if they have any chance of crossing the lagoon. Phileaux hooks a big one. Godwin takes up the bat. Mutt slugs someone.Dice sounds by Tal M.
The Dracula hunters crack a cold one with a fishman and a basketball as they prepare to cross the Black Lagoon. Phileaux takes a dip. Godwin shotguns it. Mutt gets crafty. Dice sounds by Tal M.
The vampires hunters cause chaos as the negotiations with the Wolfman for Dracula’s location quickly get out of hand. Godwin takes a swing. Mutt meets an icon. Phileaux tries diplomacy. Additional Music in this Episode: "Blue Feather" by Kevin MacLeod:
A chill night at the club turns into a tussle as the vampire hunters run into some hostile were-beings. Godwin kicks back. Phileaux sets a trap. Mutt marks his prey.Additional Music in this Episode: "Celosia" by sawsquarenoise:
It's time for MaxFunDrive! It's TAZ's tenth drive, so there's a lot of bonus content in the back catalog. To help those who might find that overwhelming and to give a sense of what's available we've cut together some clips from past bonus content for you, featuring the first Charlieverse episode, a one-shot DM'd by Matt Mercer from 2020, and our chaotic playthrough of Four Sherlock Holmes and a Vampire (Who Is Also One of the Aforementioned Sherlock Holmes).If you like what you hear, you can become a member at to get access to the full episodes, plus so much more!
The vampire hunters try to sneak around the were-house, but a slew of bad luck means danger for all of them. Mutt takes a leap. Phileaux takes on a new role. Godwin has a groundbreaking idea. Dice sounds by Tal M.
The vampire hunters infiltrate a were-house in order to restore Godwin, but they are anything but welcome.  Mutt gets dealt a flush hand. Phileaux conducts some under-the-counter business. Godwin showcases her assets.Dice sounds by Tal M.
The vampire hunters become monster hunters as they face down a mysterious potion-wielding duo. Mutt goes on a retrieval mission. Phileaux drives home his ideology. Godwin throws a Hail Mary.Dice sounds by Tal M.
The past bites back at Lady Godwin and so the hunters leave the city to find a way to reverse a curse. Phileaux lusts for blood. Godwin lusts for oats. Mutt lusts for teeth. Additional Music in this Episode: "Snow Drop" by Kevin MacLeod: Dice sounds by Tal M.
Their quarry is within reach, but after a strange battle, the vampire hunters discover that they must find a different way to stop him for good. Godwin swings big. Phileaux gets nosey. Mutt gets sniped. Additional Music in this Episode: "I'm a Monster" by Nuno Adelaida: Dice sounds by Tal M.
The vampire hunters fight their way through Frankenstein's lab, but the encounter forces their hand and the party makes some drastic changes. Mutt gets sloppy. Godwin shoots her shot. Phileaux has an out-of-body experience. Additional Music in this Episode: "Children - Our Life" by Nuno Adelaida: Dice sounds by Tal M.
The vampire hunters head into Frankenstein's lab and find many creepy-crawly surprises. Godwin lends a hand. Mutt goes to the dogs. Phileaux pushes some buttons. Additional Music in this Episode: "Sofia 30" by Nuno Adelaida:
The hunters head to Frankenstein's lab, with a quick detour through the magical shopping district. Brother Phileaux bears a cross. Mutt takes care of business. Lady Godwin Makes an entrance.
The Dracula Hunters head into the town of Lumineax to gather information from some familiar faces. Brother Phileaux makes a confession. Lady Godwin tests her strength. Mutt confronts a frenemy. Additional Music in this Episode: "I'm a Monster" by Nuno Adelaida:; and "Kindness" by Edoy:
Dracula has spread chaos in the realm of Angrave for too long, casting a dark shadow over the city of Lumineaux. Can a semi-retired monster hunter, a man of the cloth, and a muscled high-society woman team up to take him down? Additional Music in this Episode: "Trio for Piano Violin and Viola" and "Erik Satie: Gymnopedie No 3" by Kevin MacLeod:; and "Celosia" by sawsquarenoise:;
Tres horny boys arrive in our plane of existence just in time for a convention! But something is amiss and a rogue billionaire threatens to destroy not just one world, but many. Can the heroes gather enough capital for useful battle merch?
Our next season of TAZ will begin on January 11th, with Griffin as GM!
The Babysitters jump through spheres and broods to search for their missing friend, only to find someone they never expected at the center of it all. Kate and Simon get some reps in. Miles and Sebastian turbo-hug it out. Thori goes ham. Special guests Kate Welch: Gabe Hicks: We're playing the Marvel Multiverse RPG: Additional Music in this Episode: “The Unknown” and “Simple Song” by Jar of Flies:; “Unforeseen Consequences (Remastered)” by Techtheist:; “Somethings Out There” by Holizna:; “choice” by Roman:; “When the Wick is Gone” by The Pangolins:; “We must explore” by Moon Toad:; “Embers and Ashes” by Anenon:; “Testing your limits” by Pawel Feszczuk:; “Languid dawn” by Blear Moon:; "Haunts" by Triple5 Here:; “Stay Safe in The Upcoming Storm” by Schemawound:; “Odd Singularity” by 1st Contact:; “Time Flux” by Revolution Void:; "Bye-xx" by Koi-Discovery:; and “Blind Elephant” by Lisa Hammer:  
The Babysitters make their way through a strange swap meet and an elemental enemy to continue their search for Laussa. Sebastian and Miles make a trade. Kate and Simon make a break for it. Thori gets hot under the collar. Special guests Kate Welch: Gabe Hicks: We're playing the Marvel Multiverse RPG: Additional Music in this Episode: The Application of Aleatoricisim in Artificial Sound” by Omniman:; ”Abducted” and “Dancing” by Holizna:; “Over-Soul” by Evan Schaeffer:; “We must explore” and “Boombox City” by Moon Toad:; “Workings”, “Openface”, and “Skalski” by Eaters:; “Sound the Alarms” by Kirk Osamayao:; “Odd Singularity” by 1st Contact:; choice” by Roman:; and “The Unknown” by Jar of Flies:
Comments (1953)

Chrissie Fletcher

Should we be concerned for Krystal with a K? The intro was awesome!

Apr 12th


lady Godwin is giving strong Cornelia Cavendish

Mar 11th

Laura Bogart

I was certain Travis would be rolling a new character this episode. Considering how instantly Clint had to, it would've been funny for Travis to also need to in episode 8

Mar 2nd

Andrew Stockdale

49:05 Pierre may be the best NPC voice since Jenkins

Feb 16th
Reply (1)

PJ Mouse

"A lady with more than a passing resemblance to Glenn Close" but you see I am not thinking of the Glenn Close you think I am

Feb 11th

Amber Laila


Feb 5th

Anna R.C

I thought he just said lady Gaga’s hand

Feb 4th

Dylan Platt

why didn't Griffin just say "this is the Castlevania season"?

Jan 24th
Reply (1)

Purple Vampyr

Not terrible but a somewhat tough listen. Travis seemed to be in a drunk dickish mood. Sucks for Griffin to have to DM that car crash

Jan 23rd


1:21:55 to protect the world from devastation....

Jan 23rd

Ellie Mcmurrin

third listen

Jan 22nd

Benjamin Wigdahl

Justin's was a goof in which he, a magic user, got an OP sword late in the series and threw it on his back and never used it himself. Travis tried to sneak an OP weapon tailored to his strengths in episode 1 in a not funny way. Justin figuring out how to get the Raging Sword of Doom was one of the best moments in Balance.

Jan 19th

Gina Ruzicka


Jan 18th

Laura Bogart

@Dax Wasn't Justin the one who figured out how to get the Sword of Doom+, though?

Jan 16th

Laura Bogart

@Dax Wasn't Justin the one who figured out how to get the Raging etc Sword of Doom, though?

Jan 16th
Reply (1)

Mia Michael

▶ Really Amazing ️You Can Try This➤➤👉

Jan 12th

Dax Stormrider

Adding the "Vicious Crossbow" incident to the list of citations on why Travis is the only Mcelroy that manages to diminish my listening experience to an otherwise spectacular show.

Jan 12th
Reply (3)


the nod to TAZ Balance 42:44 with the ;)

Jan 12th


I was at this one! I'm so happy it's finally published!

Jan 4th


Hell yeah baby

Dec 27th
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