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The employees of Poppy's Place take on their first, unexpected heist. Montrose dabbles in PR, Beef causes some chaos, Emerich reconnects with an old friend.Opening monologue performed by Autumn Seavey Hicks: music in this episode: “Something’s Not Right Here” by Kirk Osamayao:; “Voyageur” by Monkey Warhol:; and “Motorcycle Scene” by Pablo Perez:
It’s a new game and a new world. Welcome to Steeplechase, the immersive theme park experience from the Dentonic Company. On the surface, everything is perfect for the guests to live out their fantasies – but that’s only on the surface. Justin GMs his first game, Blades in the Dark ( Meet the new characters and learn the cutthroat rules of the game - and of the park.
This week we’re answering some questions about The Adventure Zone: Ethersea, as well as talking a bit about our next two (!) projects.To learn more about Urban Shadows: learn more about Blades in the Dark:
FinaleZoox, Devo, and Amber discover the secrets of their world and others as they plan for the new futures they’ve created, as well as the future of Founder’s Wake.Addition music in this episode: “Space Ambiance” by Alexander Nakarada; “Evermore” by Kai Engel; "Piano" by Szegvari; and “Nostalgic Piano” by Rafael Krux 
Benefactor's Folly: Part Five Cracks have formed in the firmament. Past, Present and Future collide, and the Coriolis crew stands at the inflection point. Amber battles an immortal foe. Devo ends the cycle. Zoox transcends form. Addition music in this episode: “Now You Are Here” by Sergey Cheremisinov; “Beneath Dark Clouds” by The Pangolins; “Boom” by Jason Shaw on Audionautix; “Aisles” by Jahzzar; “Ambient Dream” and “Haunted by the Past” by Malictus Music; and “July” by Kai Engel
Benefactor's Folly: Part FourA draconic coral construct poses the greatest challenge the crew of the Coriolis has ever faced. A long dormant god confronts those who refuse to bend the knee. Friends become foes.Addition music in this episode: “Now You Are Here” and “Dybbuk’s White Eyes” by Sergey Cheremisinov
Benefactor's Folly: Part Three The Coriolis crew, with Kodira in tow, infiltrate the coral tower to destroy the infernal machine at its peak. Amber is revered. Devo hums a potent tune. Zoox makes a sacred promise. Addition music in this episode: “Now You Are Here” by Sergey Cheremisinov; “Time Travel is Possible” and “A Life Without Pain” by Schemawound; “Redemption” by Scott Holmes Music; and “Make it Till Dawn” by Andrew Wardlaw
Benefactor's Folly: Part Two The Coriolis responds to an ear-splitting hail seemingly received from a familiar adversary. The Benefactor's ruse is revealed, and only Zoox, Devo, Amber and Kodira can stop it. A trio of archnemeses make their final stand. Additional music in this episode: “Not to Notice” and “Dark Planet” by Andrew kn; “The Redemption in Her Arms, The Light At the End of Her Tunnel” and “Time Travel is Possible” by Schemawound; and “Box Cutter“ and “Time is Ticking” by Scott Holmes Music  
Benefactor's Folly: Part One The crew of the Coriolis, with Ballaster Kodira in tow, set off to hunt down Benefactor Orlean before his plans come to fruition. As is so often the case, they get thoroughly distracted along the way. Additional music in this episode: “Minus” by Nctrnm; and “In Silence” by Andrew kn
Tensions are high after a spirited argument at the Cloaca. A shadowy figure on the periphery of the Coriolis' view steps into the light, and reveals something that kinda resembles the truth. Also: Shopping!Additional music in this episode: “Amber” by Drake Stafford; ”Siste Viator” and "Murmuration of Birds" by Jahzzar; “Sonata E Minor” by Vivaldi, performed by Rafel; "Time to Move and Motivate" by Jonah Dempcy; and "Lurking in the Shadows" by Scott Holmes Music
It’s MaxFunDrive! To celebrate, let’s dive into The The Adventure Zone Zone: Ethersea edition. We’re answering a whole bunch of your questions about character inspo, worldbuilding, and more.
CW: Implied suicide by poison.The Coriolis returns from its latest explosive outing, and its crew begins investigating the death of a Founder’s Wake icon. Needless to say, their search for justice rubs some people the wrong way.Additional music in this episode: “Labyrinth” by Sergey Cheremisinov; “Sonata E Minor” by Vivaldi, performed by Rafel; ”Lulluby” and “Owls” by Jahzzar; and "Beneath the Dark Clouds" by The Pangolins
The Menagerie: Part Six The Coriolis crew race to save the animals from a sinking ship. Amber takes up arms against the hunters. Zoox tests his communication skills. Devo gets some unexpected news. Additional music in this episode: "Mantra" by Jahzzar; "Dybbuk's White Eyes" by Sergey Cheremisinov; and "Ambient V-X" by ROZKOL
The Menagerie: Part Five Team Coriolis deals with the aftermath of a rash and explosive decision. Zoox sifts through the wreckage. Amber gives ‘em the runaround. Devo confronts the man behind the curtain. Additional music in this episode: "Aisles" by Jahzzar;  "Blato" by Shay Brahem and Fachhochschule Dortmundand; and "Ambient V-X" and "Chewing Devil Grass" by ROZKOL
The Menagerie: Part FourThe crew of the Coriolis has become just as endangered as the animals they've been tasked with recovering. Amber saddles up. Devo unmasks a mastermind. Zoox causes some collateral damage.Additional music in this episode: "PULL" by Nctrnm; "Blato" by Shay Brahem and Fachhochschule Dortmundand; and "Ambient V-X" by ROZKOL
The Menagerie: Part Three Devo, Zoox and Amber infiltrate the headquarters of the Crescendo, separately, and with varying levels of success. Devo goes undercover. Zoox boards a familiar vessel. Amber has an unexpected run-in with the wildlife.Additional music in this episode: "Beneath the Dark Clouds" by The Pangolins; "PULL" by Nctrnm; and “Late Jazz Piano" by Szegvari
The Menagerie: Part TwoThe Coriolis crew investigates the high-profile bovine burglary they've been tasked with solving, bringing them into dangers both interpersonal and spectral.Additional music in this episode: "Big Room" by Jesse Spillane;  "Owls" by Jahzzar; and "Beneath the Dark Clouds" by The Pangolins 
The Menagerie: Part OneAfter a period of enjoying their newfound infamy, the crew of the Coriolis take on a mission to recover rare animals which have gone missing.Additional music in this episode: “Through the Wormhole” by Dilating Times; and “Comatose” by Kai Engel
Cambria's Call: Part Nine Zoox, Devo and Amber finally go toe-to-toe with an ancient, evolutionary force, leaning on an uneasy alliance with The Biggest Baby to do so.Additional music in this episode: “Release the Hybrids” by Bryan Teoh; and “Around the Mountain” by Spinning Clocks
Cambria's Call: Part Eight Following an unexpected encounter with Amber's sworn foe, the Coriolis arrives at Cambria's deep sea dwelling. Devo, Amber and Zoox whip up an unconventionally stealthy plan of attack.Additional music in this episode: “A Month of Dust” by Schemawound; and “Harbor” by Kai Engel
Comments (1830)

Estelle Hopper

Love the Jethro Tull reference.

Sep 22nd


The scene right after Ned is left alone at the shop filled me with such horror, jfc

Sep 13th

Ian Murdoch

"heuyr.. why are ur nanners so stickey..." *click*

Aug 23rd

Ian haubner

ok but why would there definitely be a bucket next to a cow dragon, yet the bucket cannot actually hold the vote dragon milk? I mean what are we supposed to believe, that there is some special magic way to milk a cow dragon that our heroes never learned? BALDERDASH, I SAY!

Aug 19th

Collin Smith

the writing on this is incredible. This whole series was one of the best works of media ever

Aug 18th

Isabel Dawes

20:00 for later

Aug 16th

Lyle Mata


Aug 10th

Ian Murdoch

I'm loving the added sound effects way more than I thought I would, they add something else

Aug 9th

Ian Murdoch

Amber's long intimidation run was fucking terrifying. That's the sort of thing I'm imagining when I roll a nat 20.

Aug 5th

holt russell

honestly feels like nothing mattered.

Aug 2nd

Ian Murdoch

this was the most DnD session of all the DnD sessions the McElroys have done and it is glorious

Jul 29th

Ian Murdoch

can we talk about how Stern was fully prepared to just single handedly delve into battle with the forces of evil with only a baseball bat. kinda adorable

Jul 26th

holt russell

I think it's bad that griffin forgot about skelly the skeletal dragon

Jul 25th

Ian Murdoch

I want to know how far in advance Griffin planned for Deputy Dewy.. to be Deputy Dew-y.

Jul 22nd

Ian Murdoch

52:37 my résumé

Jul 21st

Ian Murdoch

a hundred and twenty(?) episodes, and this is the best cliffhanger Griffin has ever done.

Jul 19th

Jordan Semrow

G mb ' x. vg. L b l vb. Ovv v. Cvvllpr Ll. L L (. B pllll luv b

Jul 17th

Logan James


Jul 15th

Travis Bates

oh hey it has contours to my hands, it even has a red button on th-

Jul 14th
Reply (1)

Ian Murdoch

Not knowing that the McElroys are from west Virginia.. I thought Pigeon getting the state flower right was just Griffin going bonkers with research

Jul 13th
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