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S1 E8 Crunch Cereal

S1 E8 Crunch Cereal


Arthur is determined to win the new Crunch Cereal Jingle contest! All he needs is a band…and lyrics…and a melody.
S1 E7 Long Dull Winter

S1 E7 Long Dull Winter


When Arthur and his friends catch a case of the winter blues, they decide that having a holiday to celebrate is the only way to cure it. Since there are no major holidays coming up, they take it upon themselves to create a brand new one!
Francine is upset with Arthur and refuses to speak to him. Being in a fight with your best friend is hard enough, but things take a turn for the worst when they both get locked inside the Elwood City Library for the weekend!
S1 E5 Arthur's New Baby

S1 E5 Arthur's New Baby


Arthur is not excited when his parents announce that they’ll be having another baby. One little sister is more than enough! Will he be able to win Baby Kate over, or will he have another D.W. to contend with?
It’s snowing in Elwood City, and Arthur’s new shoveling business is booming…that is, until Buster tries to get in on the action. Now the friends must compete to be the best shoveler on the block!
Buster receives a box of chocolates in the mail. Who could they be from? He’ll need Arthur’s help to discover who his secret admirer is.
When a group called “Parents Against Weird Stories” try to ban the “Scare-Your-Pants-Off” books, it’s up to Arthur and his friends to save their favorite book series!
S1 E1 Spelling Trubble

S1 E1 Spelling Trubble


Arthur is surprised when he and Brain are chosen to represent Mr. Ratburn’s class in the school-wide spellathon. Arthur didn’t study! How will he be able to compete against the smartest kid in the school and last year’s reigning champ?
Arthur's making his own podcast and is excited to share the news with D.W. and you! Listen to his new series starting October 20th wherever you find podcasts. The Arthur Podcast is produced by GBH Kids and Gen-Z Media.
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Well done 👏 I'm waiting for the next episode 🫠

Jan 11th


Great 👍 👌

Jan 1st
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Mohammad Naghavian

E-n-j-o-y-e-d. Enjoyed it :)

Oct 25th
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